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The Top Wellness coaches

The Top Wellness Coaches wellness coaches  / 9th February 2022

Wellness coaches are health and life coaches that focus on wellness. Typically, wellness coaches are certified in holistic wellness, nutrition, and alternative medicine. A Wellness Coach will work with you to help you make attainable goals for feeling better, eating better, and losing weight. They will help you work through the emotional and psychological side of change so that you can make lasting changes in your health, weight, and wellness. 

The Top Wellness Coaches wellness coaches

A wellness coach will help you focus on your “why” for making these changes. A wellness coach will also offer sound advice about how to structure your food and eating habits so that you can make lasting changes in your health, weight, and wellness.

Each wellness coaches, each with their distinctive style trying to help the clients gain overall wellness, and asked them what’s extraordinary about their coaching and what has endorsed their massive success.

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Tameika is passionate about health, wellness, and traveling. Since losing 90 pounds, 15 years ago, she has devoted her time to helping others achieve the happiness she has found on her health journey. She is a Canadian-born certified personal trainer turned international wellness entrepreneur, life-by-design advocate, and the proud Co-Founder of The Whole Experience – a platform dedicated to helping women create a sustainable healthy lifestyle while building community.

The Top Wellness Coaches wellness coaches

Ruth Morgan

Born in Broken Hill, NSW (1963), Ruth is a divorced, mother of three children living in Sydney, Australia. Her recreational wellness includes renovating/decorating, making her unique brand of essential oil and soy wax candles, and contemporary singing (She would like to professionally record one day). She loves to walk, garden, grow herbs/fruit/vegetables, cook, spend time in nature and explore & enjoy new inspiring places and experiences in her downtime.

The Top Wellness Coaches wellness coaches

Nutritionally she enjoys a gluten-free, dairy-free pescetarian diet and is mindful of the daily macro & micronutrients that I consume. She is a down-to-earth & grounded Taurean and ‘Nurturer’ Archetype with Hyper-Achiever & Stickler saboteurs running her show! The one word that describes everything she aspires to in life is ‘Quality’!

Traci Fisher

Traci Fisher is the CEO of The Wellness Coach. She has worked with executive leaders in all fields, connecting and aligning their health with greater levels of leadership performance for over 15 years. Traci began learning about health and leadership at the United States Military Academy at West Point. She played on the Women’s Soccer Team and was commissioned as an Aviation Officer in 1991.

The Top Wellness Coaches wellness coaches

She served in the Army as a helicopter pilot, became a master fitness trainer and continued to play soccer on the Army Ranger Team. After the Army, she became a mother of three, a prayer chaplain and began her journey into fitness and health with her first fitness company in Washington D.C. Traci understands how high pressures, demanding roles and competing interests can take their toll on personal health. She is on a mission to assist leaders manifest their optimal health, energy and performance, and certified both as a Health and Wellness Coach and fitness professional in several modalities. Traci combines her expertise in mind and body to help leaders address specific health goals AND simultaneously develop a mindset that will sustain action for long-term transformation. After creating the Wellbeingness® Model, specifically to take leaders through a scientifically based, concise and clear process to develop both mindset and health, Traci has combined leadership and wellness to give teams a new approach to health, leadership and outstanding personal, professional and organizational performance.

Priya Grover

A health and wellness holistic coach, who believe in creating a Joyful, Peaceful & a Loving world by transforming human’s life and consciousness through Classical Hatha Yoga and Meditation. A certified advance level yoga and well-being coach by Isha Sadhguru Foundation. Priya has completed Hatha Yoga teacher training by completing 1750 hours of intense program & got equipped to offer over 130 different teaching modules and programs.

The Top Wellness Coaches wellness coaches

Her teachings are designed for different settings & audiences, customized to suit participants aspirations & health/life situations such as anxiety, stress, anger, sleep, addiction, peace, diet, strengthening muscles & body. Being a person with positive attitude who learns, grows & challenges herself in every area of life.

Laura Edwards

Laura is a wellness coach and mum of three girls. She has always been passionate about health and wellbeing, but over the years she has increasingly realized that wellness is a very holistic concept. Wellness now means to be a balance in your physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing because all aspects of your life – including your career, home environment, and relationships – impact your wellbeing.

The Top Wellness Coaches wellness coaches

After completing a B Commerce (Marketing and Management) at the University of Sydney and becoming a member of the Golden Key International Honour Society and President of the University Marketing Society, she studied nutrition through Australasian College of Natural Therapies, group fitness training through the Australian Institute of Fitness, and she is a qualified Life and Business Coach. As a business leader in the not-for-profit sector, she has managed and mentored large teams of purpose-driven individuals to help them get clarity on their values, goals, and strengths; and improve employee engagement and alignment to the business vision. She met her life partner 15 years ago after they had both transitioned from corporate careers to the not-for-profit sector, and together they have created a beautiful, values-driven life with their 3 young girls aged 3, 6, and 8. They lived in Hawaii after having their first and second child, so the Hawaiian principles of ‘Mana’ and ‘Kala’ resonate deeply with them. Her hope now is to share some of the tools and wisdom that have been passed down to her in order to help you achieve your dreams and live a more fulfilling life.

Megan McGrath

Megan is passionate about supporting and empowering busy women towards achieving a healthy, balanced and fulfilling life. Women today are hardworking, high achieving, awesome, capable, loving amazing humans but they are also time-poor, overcommitted, and exhausted. She provides health and lifestyle solutions for busy women. She is a wife, a mother of three, and a friend to many.

The Top Wellness Coaches wellness coaches

She is also a wellness ambassador, fitness freak, fashion lover, and inspiration junkie. Her health and wellbeing are a priority for her and working towards being the best version of ‘her’ is a commitment that she made to herself every day. She has enjoyed a stimulating career and to many on the outside, they would probably say she had her game together.

Camilla Thompson

Camilla Thompson ‘The Wellness Coach’ Living a healthy life, respecting your body, and treating yourself how you deserve to be treated will result in happiness, wellbeing, and loving your body. Her job, as The Wellness Coach is to help and guide you to achieve health and wellness through learning easy to follow life lessons. After years of studying Psychology, Life Coaching, Nutrition, and Health & Wellness Coaching it’s time to impart some of what she has learned to others and spread the love.

The Top Wellness Coaches wellness coaches

Balancing the scales and moderation will be the key takeaway from everything she posts, blog, and talk about. There will never be lectures on what’s right and wrong, just helpful advice on how to pick yourself up when you slip up and how to try to maintain a healthy balanced approach to wellness.


Ruth is an accredited coach, meditation teacher, and yoga teacher with a difference. She brings the science and research of public health, psychology and health sociology, and the wellbeing practices of meditation, wellness coaching, and yoga together to create a holistic view of health in the workplace. I have created courses and programs that bring individuals to a healthier, more thriving state of wellbeing.

The Top Wellness Coaches wellness coaches

Positive wellbeing and good health are more than just the absence of disease. “Wellness” as a concept moves the focus from the negative state of disease, through the middle state of zero, and into the thriving state of wellbeing. Research now shows that it is possible to foster and enhance a true state of wellness through your own practices, choices, actions, and environment.


In 1991, with a Biology degree, Honours, and personal training qualifications under her belt, she wasn’t sure whether to pursue nature or human health. She dabbled in both until 1994 when a business partner and she started a little environmental company, Outback Ecology Services, that grew to a 40-strong team by 2007. As a Director and General Manager of the company, she had my fingers in many pies, building business systems, products, and teams…..but was burnt out.

The Top Wellness Coaches wellness coaches

Sasha Layton

Sasha is vibrant, healthier, and happier than ever at 40 years old. Having been immersed in the corporate world for over 15 years, in late 2010 I was struck stress-related stress-related illness called Guttate Psoriasis, where he was hospitalized and had to undergo UV light therapy for 6 months.

The Top Wellness Coaches wellness coaches

The daily practice of asana (physical yoga postures), making big changes to my lifestyle with nutrition, stress reduction techniques, switching to natural products, reassessing my career, and finding a loving supportive partner (who is now my husband), all helped hugely in my recovery. It was this transformative experience and through the support of my regular yoga teacher/mentor at the time, that she decided to undertake my first 200hr yoga teacher training.


There you have it, you’ve just read about the industry’s top wellness coaches.

What has been your biggest takeaway from this?

Let me know in the comment section below.

It’s massively inspiring to see these coaches achieving so much; living a life of abundance and freedom while making a positive contribution in the lives of countless people. 

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