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The Top Habit Coaches

The Top Habit Coaches Habit Coach  / 13th October 2022

A Habit Coach is a professional who helps people make lasting changes in their lives. Rather than simply offering advice or telling people what to do, a Habit Coach uses a proven process to help clients identify their goals, overcome obstacles, and establish new habits. The Habit coaching process begins with an initial consultation, during which the Habit Coach will assess the client’s needs and develop a customized plan.

The Top Habit Coaches Habit Coach

From there, the Habit Coach will meet with the client on a regular basis to provide support and accountability. The Habit Coach will also help the client identify potential pitfalls and create a contingency plan for overcoming them. By working with a Habit Coach, clients can make lasting changes that improve their health, relationships, and overall well-being. A habit coach will guide you in making the necessary changes in your life that will help you improve your life and the lives of your loved ones. They will help you create habits and routines that will lead you to a better, happier place. They will offer you the techniques and personal empowerment that you need to make the changes in your life.

Each Habit coach, each with their unique style tries to help the clients and asked them what’s extraordinary about their coaching and what has endorsed their massive success.

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Gabriela is a professionally certified life coach with extensive training in NLP methodology. She specialises in the science of habit building because she believes that consistent habits are life changing. She recently moved from the UK to Switzerland to live with her husband. In her free time she loves to hike the nearby mountains and read by the fireplace.

The Top Habit Coaches Habit Coach

Her favourite books are “Atomic Habits” by James clear and “Tiny Habits” by B.J. Fogg.

Brenda Bomgardner

I became a therapist to help people become free from struggling with unnecessary pain, and I became a coach to help those same people and others take their relationships, careers and overall quality of life to a higher level. I’ve experienced a lot of unnecessary suffering in my life, and it’s challenging to see other people struggling when I know that there are ways to find relief, peace, and joy and to cultivate a life that is in line with their inherent values.

The Top Habit Coaches Habit Coach

As a therapist and life coach, it’s highly rewarding to see people create peace and fulfillment in their lives. I also firmly believe that when we start experiencing more joy and taking better care of ourselves, we inevitably start taking better care of our relationships and communities, which has a ripple effect out into the bigger, broader world. More peace in the world literally begins at home—in the choices we make, in the values we align with, and in our very hearts.

Eva Gruber

I learnt about my scanner-personality, as Leonardo da Vinci was! We have tons of interests in various topics. We create numerous ideas and turn many into work or leisure-time activities. Our many talents and precious qualities grow, as we build on diverse knowledge and expertise. We create our careers, innovate in between branches, and speak the language of many!

The Top Habit Coaches Habit Coach

Kristen Manieri

I specialize in:

  • habit-building
  • stress reduction
  • productivity and efficiency
  • time and energy management
  • mindset
  • navigating change
  • focus and flow
  • pulsing work and rest
  • systems for better work
  • gaining clarity
The Top Habit Coaches Habit Coach

Sandy Robinson

I’m Co-Founder, along with my husband Brian Robinson, of the life transforming health coaching company LEANWell, and host of The Hashimoto’s Connection podcast. I help women transform their body and lifestyle by teaching simple and effective habits to live, move, eat, and think healthy!

The Top Habit Coaches Habit Coach

I specialize in working with women with Hashimoto’s Disease and provide unique support through my SIMPLE SIX AIP Program, a six week hands-on program to find freedom from your autoimmune symptoms through the Autoimmune Protocol.


There you have it, you’ve just read about the industry’s top Habit coaches.

What has been your biggest takeaway from this?

Let me know in the comment section below.

It’s massively inspiring to see these coaches achieving so much; living a life of abundance and freedom while making a positive contribution to the lives of countless people. 

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