The Ultimate Guide to Intimacy Coaching: Get Clients Fast [2023 Edition]

Intimacy coaching establishes the core of intimacy. Intimacy is an essential thing for all humans.

As social beings; we want a close relationship with another social being.

Intimacy is more than sexual interaction. It means to have openness, caring, sharing and being close with your partner.

Intimacy is essential to maintain a healthy life. It keeps the bond between two people healthy. Intimacy coaching guides people to be intimate with their partner.

If you are aspiring to start an intimacy coaching practice, you should know how all this works. Let’s start with elaborating ‘Intimacy Coaching’.

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What is intimacy coaching?

Intimacy coaching guides people to feel safer and comfortable with their other half. In a relationship, comfort is a priority, along with intimacy.

A lot of people grow to become distant from society because of their past experiences. They feel uncomfortable getting closer and intimate as an adult due to a traumatic past.

As a coach, you should guide these people to come close with their partners by building trust. This will help them experience comfort emotionally.

There are different kinds of intimacy that you can coach people on – physical, emotional, spiritual, intellectual, experiential, sexual, conflict and creative intimacy.

Check out the article 7 types of intimacy in a relationship to know more.

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How can you make your clients comfortable through intimacy coaching?

The main aim of intimacy coaching is to make people comfortable. As a coach, you need to follow a few steps to achieve that.

I have explained a few steps below which you can apply in your intimacy coaching programs.

Help your clients accept their attachment wounds through the process of intimacy coaching

Attachment wound is an emotional wound in a relationship. A lot of people have the issue of attachment because of the past emotional wound.

Emotional wound arises from intrusive, absent or inconsistent relationships.

As a coach, you can help your clients heal the attachment wound in a relationship. Provide them non-judgmental support which can heal generational trauma.

Give your clients tools for handling emotions through the practice of intimacy coaching

A lot of people who are conscious of their emotions have trouble getting into the comfort zone with their partner. This can happen when a person feels detached from the body and mind.

When clients are conscious of their thoughts, they cannot share certain emotions and sensations.

You can teach your clients a few tools like-movement, breath-work, and play that helps to relax the body and mind.

Teach your clients to acknowledge their feelings through the steps of intimacy coaching

To have a good intimate relationship, one must be able to share feelings with their partner. But, we need to acknowledge the feelings first. A lot of adults think it is shameful to feel things.

Through intimacy coaching, teach your clients to notice and observe the feeling first. Then, help them experiment with their emotional range among themselves.

Help your clients develop sexual intimacy through the process of intimacy coaching

Intimacy coaching can help your clients to develop sexual intimacy in many possible ways. You can direct your clients to explore the various kind of self-touch.

As an intimacy coach, help your clients explore sensations of different textures and sounds. Make sure everything is under the boundaries and doesn’t violate any personal space.

As a coach, you can consensually offer your clients to touch back to gain the complete experience and feel of touch.

Moreover, try to make your clients overcome the internalized shame and to acknowledge their desires. After knowing your clients’ turn-ons and desires, you can help them become more comfortable.

The intimacy coaching process can also help them become confident in any intimate scenario. The most important part of this therapy is conversing about the sexual needs of the client.

Build emotional intimacy in your clients through the tools of intimacy coaching

Most of us confuse intimacy with mere sexual intimacy. Sexual intimacy is essential, but you cannot deny the importance of emotional intimacy.

As an intimacy coach, you should not only focus on sexual intimacy but also counsel on emotional intimacy.

It is necessary to experience emotional intimacy before clients indulge in sexual intimacy.

To build an emotional bond, guide your clients to express feelings with their partners. This can even include appreciating their partners. Also, ask them to share their deepest fears with their partners.

People have the fear that if they show the unacceptable side, their partner might reject them. But, this is where the issue of intimacy roots in. The more you have to hide, the less you are close with your partner.

As a coach, I teach my clients to be less defensive about their shortcomings. One must accept their shortcomings; this helps them come close to people.

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How is intimacy coaching different from relationship coaching?

Do you know the difference between intimacy coaching and relationship coaching?

Let’s focus on what is relationship coaching. Here a coach guides the clients to be more stable in a relationship and the couples can achieve their goals in a relationship.

A relationship coach helps clients to develop their communication skills with their partners. Good communication skill solves the problem between two people.

The relationship fails if the couple does not communicate well. So, guide your clients to communicate their problems.

A relationship coach helps to develop the skills to have a better relationship. This focuses on the basic needs to have a stable relationship. But intimacy coaching helps the client to explore themselves as individuals.

An intimacy coach helps the client acknowledge the deepest secrets of the body and mind. Intimacy coaching is far more about an individual than a couple.

As an intimacy coach, you can help your clients to be more intimate with their respective partners.

Helping your clients on their relationship problems is a different sector.

A relationship coach helps clients to be more stable and committed in a relationship.

As an intimacy coach, you can help your clients acknowledge and explore their intimate selves.

Top skills required to start an intimacy coaching business

Intimacy coaching helps people strengthen the connection between them and other social beings.

As a coach, you can guide clients to gain confidence in exploring their sexualities and satisfying sex life.

In today’s world, women want to have a fairytale romance, whereas men aspire to grow on their adult movie diet.

In both ways, both of the group stays more in the world of fantasy than in reality.

Some people believe that they are not good at sex or intimacy if they are not able to make love like the movies. This is where your role as an intimacy coach gets the importance.

You have to guide your clients to have a healthy relationship and sex life. Make them learn emotional as well as physical connection.

Intimacy coaches are in demand because relationships are getting bitter and inexpressive.

People cannot express their desire to their partners. This is where you will play a vital role as an intimacy coach.

You will be helping your clients out to let them be aware of their wishes, needs, desires and wants. You will be a guide for them to discover their hidden attractions.

As a coach, you need to discover why the fire is getting dimmed in your client’s relationship. Then you have to work in the sectors that your clients need help.

The skills that are important for an intimacy coach are as follows –

Have the right attitude and vibe for your intimacy coaching business

If you want your clients to connect to you then build the right attitude.

Clients feel comfortable if you have the right attitude and vibe. This can be the first step in getting them to express their desires.

Be non-judgmental and a good listener so that clients can share all their problems. Build confidence in your clients that can help them overcome their problems.

Teach your clients to be with their partners in a completely new way

As a coach, understand the present situation of your clients and suggest new ways to connect with their partners.

You have to teach them the art of being with their partners in a completely new way.

Suggest your clients spend time on a vacation or on hobbies where they can spend more time together. This will help your clients build the lost intimacy in your clients.

Ask your clients to cultivate a new set of love, support, and care. These are completely necessary for your clients to feel connected with their partners.

Be bold and crystal clear in your intimacy coaching business

Running an intimacy coaching business is not an easy job. As an intimacy coach, you have to be bold to experiment with new solutions for your clients.

You should be crystal clear in explaining your perspective to your clients. This way your clients will understand the situation better and work accordingly.

Have a good command of social aptitude and human psychology

As a coach, you will not need any certification for this, but a good experience. Your experience will help you understand your clients well.

Good command of social aptitude and human psychology can help you connect better to your clients.

Develop trust and confidence in your clients by supporting and motivating your clients.

You have to convince your client the fact that intimacy is a skill and they can learn it.

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Who are the prospective clients of an intimacy coaching business?

Before you start intimacy coaching, research who can be your prospective clients. I have added my list that you can have a look.

Teach couples to discover the source of love through intimacy coaching

Most of the couples nowadays need intimacy coaching to feel gratified and honored. Married or unmarried, some face the missing spark after the initial years of intimacy.

In contrast, some find it difficult to come close in the initial years of their relationship. These couples can be your target audience.

As a coach, you can guide them to restore ways to discover the source of love and sexual desires.

You can help them to see the better side as well as teach them how to acknowledge and explore their sexual desires.

Help women to preserve their sexual appetite through intimacy coaching

Women make all things their priority but tend to lose pleasure in them. They feel that their desires are remaining unfulfilled and this is a fact.

Women having these issues tend to lose their female libido. They start using medicines to increase their sexual drive to fulfill their desire. These women can be your prospective clients.

They need a detailed analysis of the reasons that are responsible for the loss of sexual drives. You might have to discuss with them how you will be helping them to preserve their sexual appetite.

Acknowledge their sexual drive and connect with their bodies. In this process, you will also be helping them to develop their self-esteem.

Guide men to find bliss in their lives through intimacy coaching

The problems with men are more straightforward. They tend to lose their confidence in sex; they find issues with erection. Given their nature; some men are introverts about this.

A lot of men cannot express their sexual desires to their respective partners.

You will find some clients that cause trouble to their partners without knowledge. They hurt their partners while they are trying to get intimate with them.

As an intimacy coach, you can help men to understand the skills and techniques to win their partners.

Without caring much about their experience and age, you will have to guide them to turn them in great lovers. Help them find bliss and peace in their respective love lives.

Understand the hidden desires of gender-queer through intimacy coaching

This sector of the client needs guidance as an intimacy coach the most. Gender-queer are individuals whose aspiration seldom stays unrecognized and unacknowledged.

As an intimacy coach, you need to understand the hidden desires of their bodies. You must know that even this sector of clients may be unaware of the attractions.

You have to give them the extra love, care, and support that no one else has provided.

There is a chance that you can expertise in this field. Yes, you can become a gender-queer intimacy coach specialist. This can be a significant step to establish your presence in this field.

Assist same-gender to acknowledge alternative lifestyle through intimacy coaching

There is a section of people in our society that like having sex with the same gender. They can be your prospective clients as well.

You can guide them as well to identify their hidden desires and help them to fulfill their desires.

You can guide them with your intimacy coaching skills to achieve their desires in a better way. You have to make them discover their hidden attractions.

Make them acknowledge those desires and then help them fulfill it.

Do you need certification to set up an intimacy coaching venture?

No. Not at all! You do not need to have any certification to become an intimacy coach. I have cleared this query far ago.

The only thing that you need to become an intimacy coach is passion and experience.

If you want to guide other people to have a better and beautiful life with their partners, you can start right away. Yes, you can start today itself!

You need real skills to understand the problems. You also need the ability to analyze the problem and sort the best answers to your clients.

Your personality, attitude and the vibe around you will speak for you as an intimacy coach. This will help you to earn a far well-paying client base.

In case you are not confident then you can go for certification. It can guide you to set your intimacy coaching venture.

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How much can you earn from your intimacy coaching business?

You must keep in mind that it is not always sunshine and rainbows while starting any venture. You might have to start advising for free or do it in a far more less fee.

Keep in mind that you are not doing this to only earn money or for love and passion. But to increase your experience in this field.

Coaching experience will help you become an expert and give you the confidence to take more and more clients to guide.

After you establish a specific style of coaching, set a unique program for your clients.

You can start by setting the fee to be minimal. Maintain that rate for some time and then increase it to a high level.

You can change that rate from per day to per session.

Some professionals even do this on an hourly rate. Some also host a seminar and charge the fee according to per lesson. Other coaches set their prices per week.

The fee that you want to set depends on you. If you notice the rise in the number of clients, you can set a higher amount of fees.

Lower the price, if you see that there is a scarcity in the name of clients.

In these fields, your earnings grow by your reputation. It is on you to understand what value you bring to the session, and then you can charge your clients.

Your clients will be paying for the results, wisdom and the brand you have. Your success stories will attract more and more clients to you.

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Top marketing strategies to get coaching clients fast for your intimacy coaching business

If you are thinking of starting this business, let me tell you it will not be easy. You may not get clients in the initial phase. You will have to attract them first.

Here are some top strategies to get coaching clients fast for your business –

Go digital and market your intimacy coaching business

Digital marketing can boost your business drastically. Connect to your clients globally by going digital. Are you wondering how to go digital? Then follow these steps-

Build an intimacy coaching business website

Develop a website for your business. Put all the details related to your intimacy coaching business on your website.

Make it attractive and informative so that clients can connect to you.

Create informative blogs for your audience to help them deal with their problems.

Blogs create a connection with the readers and this will eventually help you to get new clients.

Market your intimacy coaching business on all social media platforms

Build your business page and groups on all social media platforms. Share posts, blogs, and videos related to intimacy coaching on your page and groups.

Engage your social media audiences through questions, competitions, and surveys. This will develop huge social media following which can generate new clients for you.

Give intimacy coaching classes for free

First, find ways to help people out with their intimacy. You can start by speaking to some groups. You can take the help of webinars.

The more you will be helping out people, the more you will get famous. Once you get recognized, you can charge your clients a fee.

Ask perfect questions to your clients in your intimacy coaching programs

To be clear of the real problems of your respective clients, you need to ask clarifying questions to them. Have a clear listening process that will help you understand your clients.

Manage the hope and the power of your coaching together.

Create videos on intimacy coaching tips and tricks to attract more clients

You can take the help of videos, advertisements to attract more and more clients. Be genuine, being fancy will not help much.

You can make a video showcasing the benefits of your coaching.

Also share tips and tricks of intimacy coaching that can help your clients to connect.

Develop intimacy coaching podcasts

Coaching podcasts can create a client base for you that loves podcasts. You have to create audio files on intimacy coaching and share it on different podcast directories.

The podcast industry is growing magnificently and this can create a huge market for your business.

Build a network with other coaches

There are sure to be competitors in every business. But, competitors are not equal to enemies.

You can connect to other coaches to know their strategies and coaching method. This will also help you gain a lot of experience in your field.

These are some tips and techniques that can come in handy if you are aspiring to become an intimacy coach. Helping out people in need is a good deed.

Always keep in mind that the scope in this field is huge! You can earn money as well as some great experience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is intimacy coaching?

Intimacy coaching is a form of counseling designed to help couples improve their relationship. Intimacy coaching focuses on creating stronger, more fulfilling relationships by identifying the core issues that interfere with building intimacy and creating lasting communication skills.

What does an intimacy coach do?

An intimacy coach will help you enhance your relationships and improve your romantic experiences. Coaches will help you get in touch with your sexuality, work on your lovemaking techniques, and help you find the partner of your dreams. An intimacy coach that you can trust is someone that can help you get the best out of your relationship and improve your love life.

What does it take to be an intimacy coach?

Intimacy coach provides guidance on sexual skills and intimacy in a short time period. Since you are providing guidance for a short time you have to learn about the topic, develop a rapport with the client, and solve their problems. You can check out various places and forums to learn more about intimacy coaching.

How much does an intimacy coach make?

It is difficult to predict the salary of an intimacy coach as it depends on several factors. It is not as simple as calculating an hourly wage, because the job of an intimacy coach is not limited to coaching. It involves other responsibilities like training, performing, and marketing. In addition, factors like experience, location, and size of the company you work for also affect your income. On average, they can make $205 an hour.

Do you need certification to set up intimacy coaching?

No you don’t need certification to set up intimacy coaching. Setting up intimacy coaching is a very easy process. All you need is to set up your personal website, register yourself as a coach on coaching websites and market your coaching services.

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