Interview Coaching- You Can Help People Get Hired For Their Dream Job

To say that we live in an extremely competitive world is a gross understatement. Every day more and more job openings are coming up, however, the competition for those limited seats is so extreme, that it hardly makes a difference.

Imagine going through the grind of college and being bogged down by immense college loan debts only to find out that no matter how qualified someone is; they are not always guaranteed a job.

So, keeping this in mind, having an extra edge over the competition never hurts. This is where you, as an Interview Coach, can help people out.

What Is An Interview Coach?

As an interview coach, you can help train the people so that they can get the strategies required to give a successful interview. An interview coach has the experience needed to truly nail and seal the deal when it comes to interviews.

What Does An Interview Coach Do?

An interview coach takes in people who are not confident about their interview skills and gives them the tools required to ace every kind of interview. Their work, however, is not just dependent on skill transference and building.

A majority part of their work is also dependent on mindset management. One of the most critical roles that they play is to help understand their clients that they are indeed worthy enough to nail any and all interviews.

Why Do People Hire An Interview Coach?

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As an interview coach, you can help improve your client’s chances of getting a job by an exponential amount.  So, what are some of the reasons that someone may hire you?

  • They get nervous: If you are new to the game, then it is natural for anyone to feel nervous before an interview. An interview coach will sit down with them and run through various interview scenarios time and time again. With sustained practise, they will eventually get over their fear and nervousness.
  • They can never nail their interviews: This is a very common problem. A lot of the times people don’t get the jobs even if they have the qualifications required. It usually happens because of certain mistakes they tend to make time and time again whilst giving their interview. Working with an interview coach can easily iron them out.
  • Giving an interview after ages: Usually, when someone wants to change their careers or job after nearly a decade they are so out of touch with the current interview trends that they tend to get lost. An interview coach will help ease the transition for them.
  • Dealing with skeletons in the closet: Someone with a questionable work background may find it difficult to get work. A history of getting fired or having poor educational qualifications looks very bad on the resume. An interview coach can help you circumvent around those potholes.
  • Dream job. Getting interview ready for your dream job can be immensely intimidating. As an interview coach, you can not only help them calm their nerves but also give them the tools needed to nail their interviews and land their dream jobs.

What Are The Essential Skills Required For An Interview Coach?

So, this leads to the question. What are the skills needed to become an interview coach? Let’s go through them one-by-one.

#1 Understanding what the employer wants

One of the most critical mistakes that most interviewees make is the lack of connection with the employer’s needs. Many times they go into the interview with the “me mindset”. The entirety of their resume and all of their answers are all about who they are and what they can do. The employers don’t care about that, all they care about is what they can do for them. This is a critical difference which unfortunately most people don’t get.

As an interview coach, you can help your clients identify the needs of their employers and tweak their resume and answers to satisfy their needs.

#2 The different types of interviews

One thing most naive newcomers don’t understand is that there are different kinds of interviews and each of them has their own set of rules.

While in the traditional face-to-face interview you have to emphasize your body language quite a bit, this same skill will not serve you that well in a telephonic interview. As an interview coach, you can teach your clients how to be their best self in all kinds of interviews.

#3 How to dress for an interview

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Each company has its own unique work culture. While the traditional suit and tie dress is always a classic their maybe certain companies where it may seem out of place in their work culture.

A company which promotes a youthful vibe may actually prefer you to dress up in t-shirt and jeans for their interview. As an interview coach, you can help your client research the company and understand its philosophy which will, in turn, help them dress up congruently to their work culture.

#4 How to use proper positive language

It really is staggering how much power mere words can have. A perfectly qualified interviewee may get rejected simply because of their use of self-defeating words. One of the most critical things that you can help your clients understand is that words have power, they have to realise this simple fact. If they want to portray themselves as powerful and desirable, they will have to use words which are powerful and desirable. It will be your job, as an interview coach, to teach them what those words and phrases are.

#5 Body Language

Body language is everything.

I am pretty sure that you are already aware of this, but most of the communication that human beings take part in is non-verbal. So, all those carefully crafted sentences and phrases that your prospects have planned out beforehand can be absolutely useless IF:

  1. They do not deliver them properly.
  2. They do not have the body language congruent to those powerful statements.

As an interview coach, you can help them understand the significance of their body language and help them present themselves in a way that is instantly desirable.

#6 How to answer various questions

A lot of interviews have certain “trap” and “trick” questions which most interviewees fall for again and again. These questions have been specifically designed to filter away candidates. As an interview coach you can help your clients know which questions they are, when to expect these questions, and, most importantly, HOW to answer these questions.

Career Coaching Vs Interview Coaching

So what is the difference between career coaching and interview coaching?

While career coaches can teach their clients how to give interviews, it is just one of the many facets of their coaching. A career coach can help their clients identify what their “calling in life” is and how to best approach their careers.

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An interview coach, on the other hand, is all about specialization.

They specialize in interviews and how to give powerful interviews that leave an indelible impact.

The difference between the two just lies squarely on specialization.

So, to put it simply, while all career coaches can give interview coaching, not all interview coaches are career coaches

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Is An Interview Coach?

A lot of people in high-pressure jobs like management or finance turn to interview coaching to make sure they are fully prepared for the pressure of interviews.
The best coaches in the industry will help you feel more confident about your interview within an hour.
Interview coaches help with things like grooming, preparing, and perfecting interview skills. They can also help you find a new job if that is what you are looking for.

What Does An Interview Coach Do?

An Interview coach helps their clients to prepare for job interviews. They can be a great help if you are not confident about your interview skills or if you don’t know what the employer expects from you.
Interview coaches provide a mock interview experience with a real person before the actual interview day. Some coaches specialize in specific industries and topics, while some do not.

What Are The Essential Skills Required For An Interview Coach?

An Interview Coach is equipped with skills that can help them coach an interviewee. An interviewer needs to be patient, encouraging, supportive, and knowledgeable about the skills needed for the job.
Interview coaching is an art form that requires patience, empathy, and care for both the interviewer and interviewee. The next time you are interviewing for a position; remember to not only think of your own skillset but also what type of person you want to work with.

How to become an interview coach?

Interview coaches are people who help you prepare for your interview. They typically work with you to identify your strengths and weaknesses, and then provide strategies for how to effectively communicate those strengths during an interview.
But it’s not just about what they do. Interview coaches also need to be qualified in the following areas:

· Previous experience as an interviewer, interviewer trainer, or HR professional
· A graduate degree or equivalent professional certification in human resources or organizational development;
· Excellent verbal communication skills;
· A commitment to lifelong learning;
· Strong interpersonal skills (especially when interviewing people);
· A desire to help others succeed.

How do I find an interview coach?

Finding a good interview coach is not an easy task. There are a lot of coaches out there who can’t do the job.
There are three main steps to finding the best coach for you:
1) Make a list of what you need from your coach and compare that to what your potential coaches offer.
2) Review their coaching philosophy and experience. It’s important that the person you’re considering will be able to understand where you’re coming from and help you get where you want to go.
3) Make sure they have the time to work with you on an ongoing basis, or at least for a limited duration, so they can provide feedback on interviews as needed.

Difference between career coaching and interview coaching?

Career coaching is the process of helping individuals explore their personal and professional goals. It concentrates on developing skills needed to achieve these goals, as well as helping them identify what they need to do in order to achieve these goals.
Interview coaching concentrates more on preparing for interviews and networking opportunities. This type of coaching can include rehearsing responses for common interview questions, refining the individual’s professional resume, or perfecting their interviewing skills with mock interviews.
This is a very interesting question because both career coaching and interview coaching are vastly different entities – one focuses mainly on the future outlook while the other focuses on the present moment. Interview coaches are usually involved at specific points of time when an individual shows expressed interest in a certain job opportunity or when they want to change careers altogether whereas career coaches are usually.




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