How to Become an Excellent Self-care Coach [2023 Edition]

A self-care coach is someone who can give structure and stability to clients’ lives. An expert coach helps people know their worth and motivates them to make time for themselves.

Don’t you think it is getting harder to take care of health and well-being in this digitally connected world?

Isn’t it getting difficult to understand personal needs and manage them well?

As per my experiences, I have observed that when people run their business or manage family, they often fall into unhealthy habits. A lot of people work late at night, skip workouts, eat unhealthily, and fall in a harmful trap.

Have you ever helped someone to come out of the trap of unhealthy habits?

Have you ever helped someone to keep themselves structured and stable mentally and physically?

Do you promote having a structured and stable lifestyle?


Then you can become a successful self-care coach. This article will guide you to know more about self-care coaches.

Are you ready? Let’s get started.

Who is a self-care coach?

The term self-care is broad and covers the treatment of the mind, body, and spirit. People who

do such treatment are known as self-care coaches.

According to the research, it shows that practicing a self-care routine would reduce stress. It can give happiness to people. It can even cure physical ailments. The self-care coach treats people with kindness and empathy. The coaching helps in clearing the mind of negativity.

Generally, a daily self-care coach provides a routine. It involves putting some time aside just for oneself. Everyone will have a different opinion and an idea of what empowers them. The self-care coach gives the freedom to pursue things that a person likes. These are activities that provide a feeling of fulfillment.

A lot of people are new to self-care coaching. They may hesitate but there is nothing to worry about.

The self-care coach will give the right direction to become your best self. There are many ways

through which, a person can get the right self-care coaching. A lot of self-care coaches have blogs, books, or even free starter kits. People can take advantage of these things to learn as much as they can about them

The self-care coach primarily focuses on making people aware of taking care of themselves so that they can live a structured and stable life.

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How is a self-care coach different from a health coach?

A self-care coach helps his or her clients build ways in which they can take care of personal wellness.

A self-care coach focuses on different areas and not just health. The different areas include physical, mental, emotional, social, environmental, occupational, intellectual, and financial well-being.

A self-care coach empowers the mind, body, and soul. Such coaches deal with the routine activities of a person. He or she thus helps in boosting confidence in a person. They remind people of their needs which they have ignored. A self-care coach works on the quality of life.

On the other hand, a health coach focuses on physical and mental health. He or she is a professional who tries to improve the health of his clients. It includes changing behavior and encouraging healthy eating habits. A coach forms various health care plans for his clients. This way they make clients concentrate on their fitness.

Selfcare coaches focus on the overall wellbeing of clients whereas health coaches focus on the physical wellbeing of clients.

Who are your prospective clients as a self-care coach?

As a coach, you may find a lot of people who hesitate to focus on themselves first. A lot of people worry about what others will think. They overlook their own needs. Hence, these people are the clients of a self-care coach. These include:


Most of the women work round the clock and ignore self-care. You must have seen how they are unable to give time to themselves. They keep on working and remain in stress. As a self-care coach, you can guide them on how to treat themselves right. As a coach, you can help them prioritize their personal needs.


Teachers and parents always tell students to study. But in this race of getting the first rank, students forget to enjoy life. As a self-care coach, you can approach various schools. As a coach, you can guide students on how to manage themselves in the worst times. They can become more fit at an emotional level.

Wellness centers

A lot of people visit wellness centers for mental and physical fitness. As a self-care coach, you can get a large number of clients in wellness centers. As a coach, you can guide them on how to stay creative. People should be real with themselves. They ignore their limitations. As a coach, you can guide them to challenge their limitations.

Senior citizens

Senior citizens feel that they have retired and so do not need any self-care. But they also need help from a self-care coach. Why? This is because they need direction and guidance. They think about their family more than themselves. With self-care coaching, they can keep themselves strong. It would make them feel freer.

Single or divorced

Self-care is also related to self-love. A lot of people who are single feel nobody loves them. A lot of people who face failed marriages also feel the same. These people stop taking care of themselves. It affects them emotionally. A lot of them become depressed or have negative thoughts. As a self-care coach, you can show them the importance of taking care and loving themselves.

In this digital era, a lot of people need a self-care coach to remind them of the importance of self-care and self-love. A lot of people are only running after money, career, or love. A self-coach can make clients realize their real worth.

Core traits of a self-care coach

All coaches have certain common traits. Below are some of the major qualities which a self-care coach possesses:

Implement your preachings

As a self-care coach, practice what you preach. The client takes you as a reference point. Thus, a client will stay confident if you as a coach also follow the same. They will follow your actions more than your words. So, practice what you expect your clients to follow. This will motivate your clients better than just giving instructions.

Define self-criticism positively

A lot of people think before they take any action. They analyze their actions before executing them. This is self-criticism which people practice. Coaches encourage this but a self-care coach is an expert in not turning it into self-sabotage. A coach has the quality to show that mistakes are natural. It helps in forming constructive self-criticism.

Stay neutral

This is a tough thing but an expert coach knows it well. He or she remains unbiased and handles things with calmness. They treat coaching as the client’s journey. Hence, a coach communicates by being neutral in mind.

Be friendly and firm

Clients approach self-care experts because they cannot take steps on their own. They are in certain fear or confusion. A friendly self-care coach can help them out and build confidence in the clients. He or she advises the essential steps required. It helps to avoid inertia between the coach and the client.

The coach prepares ground rules before starting the sessions. This way they remain firm and supportive to the clients. A self-care coach defines their role very well. It removes the discomfort among clients and makes things smooth.

Give freedom to the clients

A self-care coach does not take the burden of client problems. Clients indeed come to coach for positive changes. But a great coach does not push his viewpoints on his clients. Instead, a self-care coach makes the client realize what is best for them. Next, they move on the path of improvement on their own.

A coach is always there to guide when a client needs them. Hence, a coach avoids taking responsibility for the client. He or she sets the client free.

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Have good questioning skills

Self-care coaching sessions are driven by the client. This is because they are the ones who know what they want the best. As a self-care coach, you can interrogate the client before moving ahead. These can be in the form of open-ended questions. The questions start with what, why, where, and so on. This gives clients a chance to open up. Once the answers are clear, strategies can be planned for the clients.

Understand the client’s need

Before showing the client the direction, the self-care coach does the analysis. They understand if the client is ready for it or not. Also, they find how beneficial a particular path can be for clients. For a coach, it is important to find out what is bothering clients. Depending on it, a coach provides solutions.

All the above traits are very important for a self-care coach as these can help you be an expert in self-care coaching.

Benefits of having a good self-care coach

The self-care coach can turn the lives of people in many ways. People who have stuck in their life can get great guidance.

Here are some of the benefits of a self-care coach.

Creates self-awareness among clients

Once people have a self-care coach they would become more aware of themselves. They will understand their strengths and capacities. They learn more about who they are, their values, and their beliefs. This in return opens an opportunity for self-improvement.

Several ways are available to manage depression, stress, challenges in life. But a self-care coach is the one who could help to get a start. Initially, it might seem difficult but then clients have to go with the flow. So, as a self-care coach, you can guide your clients and create awareness.

Gives direction to the life of clients

As a self-care coach, you can help clients to take charge and redirect their life. Everyone has their own goals which they want to achieve. So first set the goals properly. As a coach, you can help your clients to eliminate the distraction and direct their life. You can tell your clients what to do to reach his/her end goal.

As a coach, you can make things easier instead of burdening your clients with different goals. You can also improve the skills and things that your clients are good at. This will help your clients to get better and make progress.

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Increase the focus of clients

To get an improved sense of direction, a self-care coach would help in multitasking and prioritize things easily. As a self-care coach, you can guide your clients to get the improved focus that can help achieve deadlines.

As a coach, you can help your clients reduce distractions which can help them to be more efficient.

Digital marketing strategies for self-care coach to get clients fast

How can coaches get more clients? This is the question every self-care coach wants to know.

There is no one particular tool. But in today’s digital age it is easy to get clients fast. There are various digital marketing strategies that one can adopt.

Below are some of the strategies which you can choose:

Start a blog

Blogging is the ongoing trend to build relationships. This is the best way a coach can show his or her expertise. As a coach, you can start a blog and write on topics that are related to self-care. The information should appeal to prospective clients. Such blogs can increase conversion rates.

The blogging audience will trust you more if there is quality content. It helps in building an audience. There are high chances of generating new clients for coaching. You can get more traffic by posting the article on GrowthHackers, Inbound, Reddit. Another option is to send emails to your networks. These are the people who would be interested in reading your blog.

Publish an eBook

A lot of coaches have published eBooks. Ebooks can create value for your prospective clients. They can overcome their challenges after reading it. Also, these days people prefer reading online. This is the reason, ebooks can give you a good client base.

As a coach, you can start by giving an ebook for free or share a sample. A self-care coach can publish ebooks on topics like finding yourself in between your busy life. This way you can attract more clients.

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Build an online network through LinkedIn

It is important to create an online network. You should complete a LinkedIn profile. There should be updated information about you. Also, you must share the work samples. This includes any seminar which you have attended.

The purpose of LinkedIn is to connect with more people. You can share your website, blogs, or any other content directly to your LinkedIn news feed. You can join LinkedIn groups wherein your feed is shared. These groups are from different industries. Hence, it is a great opportunity to find prospective clients. You can help someone who needs your guidance or answer their queries. During this process, you can find the right clients.

Create a presentation

There are various online platforms like SlideShare and Speaker Deck. Here you can upload your presentations. It is important to create an engaging presentation. This will bring in traffic, social shares, and new leads.

Twitter search helps find real-time tweets. These are from various people who need help from a coach. There are different keywords to find such tweets as- hiring a self-care coach or looking for a self-care coach. Many even use hashtags as #needacoach.

You can try different search phrases. During this process, you’ll discover some great potential clients and projects. Warble is the auto tool which helps in sending the right client in your inbox.

Send emails to lost clients

Lost clients are those who have approached you before but are not in touch. You can approach them again and maybe they can give you some new references. The best way is to send them emails or update them through social media. You can show them what you are doing currently.

Try a few of the above marketing strategies and see your client base growing.

How much can a self-care coach earn?

There isn’t a specific data as to how much a self-care coach earns. But, to know something precise it’s important to know about the dynamics behind earning.

According to reports, the hourly wage for self-care coaches ranges from $71.39 to $75.29 per hour. Almost 67% of self-care coach wages currently range between $13 to $34 per hour across the United States. The average pay range for self-care varies greatly near about $21 per hour. This suggests there might be many opportunities for advancement and increased pay based on skill level, location, and years of experience.

According to the findings of the International coaching federation(ICF), the average comes between $11,000 and $114,500 per year.

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The coaching industry is increasing day by day.

So let’s take a look at some market realities. The statistics of earning as a self-care coach depends on terms of what can be expected to earn as a coach.

There are certain claims that the self-care coaching industry has crossed the 1 billion dollar mark.

– The International Coach Federation boasts 53,300 members. The growth is steady

– The average income for self-care coaches ranges from $27,100 to $73,100 annually. Also, some can charge more than $100,000 annually.

– Growth projections for the self-care coaching industry are at an estimated 5.9%. This would take revenues to $1.34 billion by 2025.

– 92% of self-care coaches remain active in the field.

– More and more corporations are hiring self-care coaches instead of mental health counselors.

– Self-care coaches remain unregulated. There is no requirement for state licensing. This shows the freedom of practice, but also raises concerns about quality.

– Many executive self-care coaches earn a handsome salary too. Salaries start at $150 and can go up to $350 per hour for most coaches.

The self-care coaching industry is growing at a very high pace. A lot of people need coaches for self-care. You can become a great self-care coach by understanding what people want. As a coach, you can try the above ways and build your coaching career.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a self care coach?

A self-care coach is someone who can give structure and stability to clients’ lives. An expert coach helps people know their worth and motivates them to make time for themselves.

What does a self care coach do?

A self-care coach is someone who can give structure and stability to clients’ lives. An expert coach helps people know their worth and motivates them to make time for themselves.

What makes an excellent self care coach?

Below are some of the major qualities which a self-care coach possesses:
Implement Your Preachings
Define Self-Criticism Positively
Stay Neutral
Be Friendly And Firm
Give Freedom To The Clients

How do I become a self-care expert?

You don’t need certification to become a self-care expert. All you need is the passion and motivation to start. As you gain more experience and knowledge, you will climb up the ladder of success.

How much can a self-care coach earn?

According to reports, the hourly wage for self-care coaches ranges from $71.39 to $75.29 per hour. Almost 67% of self-care coach wages currently range between $13 to $34 per hour across the United States. The average pay range for self-care varies greatly near about $21 per hour.

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