Wellness Coaching: How To Become A Wellness Coach

This article will be an in depth guide giving you all the information you need to be a successful wellness coach

What is a wellness coach?

A wellness coach is somewhere between a healthcare professional and a fitness trainer. Wellness coaches take their clients from where they are to where they want to be via a carefully planned strategy.

What does a wellness coach do?

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A wellness coach uses psychology behavioral change and strategies to take a client through various obstacles slowly and surely. The idea is to guide them along to their health goals by carefully guiding them through.

By taking them through these obstacles, they empower their clients and help them realize that they are strong enough to make change happen in their lives.

Why people hire a wellness coach?

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Most health care advisors and fitness trainers usually just tell people what to do and expect them to get it done. Telling someone what to do is not really the best way to go about things.

More of than not people have obstacles in their path, most of which are because of limiting beliefs and doubts. What you, as a wellness coach, is to slowly work with these people on each of these doubts.

You can slowly erase all these obstacles that are stopping them from reaching their health and physical wellness goals.

Should you become a wellness coach?

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Are you the person who all your friends turn to when they want to lose weight but they are struggling to follow their diets? Are you the person who all your friends turn to for help whenever they are struggling to go to the gym?

Do you feel happy when someone you know makes a positive change in their lifestyle through exercise and clean eating? If all these are true, then you definitely have what it takes to become a wellness coach.

What is the difference between life coaching and wellness coaching?

Wellness coaching is a more specialized form of life coaching. It focuses only on the wellness and health aspect of a person. The business creation for both though is very similar and you can learn more about it when you scroll down and check my free webinar.

What essential skills do you need to be a successful wellness coach?


The first thing that you need to be a wellness coach is an abundance of patience. Sometimes your clients can get very frustrating to work with. Sometimes they can get extremely self-destructive. To deal with this you need to have plenty of patience.


Most of your clients will be in a very bad spot self-esteem and confidence wise. You should not come out as condescending here by sympathizing with them. What they need from you is empathy.

Put yourself in their shoes and understand what ails them and where they are coming from. Just the fact that you are putting in so much effort will show them that you truly care about them.


Usually, your clients are going through such self-destructive phases and not following instructions because of self-imposed limiting beliefs. All they want is someone who will listen to them and help them overcome these limits.

Ability to strategize

You must have the knack of working with every little problem that your client may face and you must have the ability to come up with a strategy to help them overcome each and every one of them.

Giving feedback

Whenever your clients stray and don’t follow your instruction, you must not hold back on the “rod”. When it is required you must not hold back on your feedback and blunt assessment. Sometimes what your clients need is a healthy dose reality. Do not deprive them of that.

Having business acumen

No matter how good a wellness coach you are, if you do not have a coaching business in place you won’t be getting a steady flow of clients. Most coaches hate this because this is so far outside their comfort zone.

If you want to know how you can build a high-value coaching business from scratch just scroll down and check out my free webinar.

How much is a wellness coach salary?

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Payscale did an interesting study on wellness coach salaries. Let me give you the numbers:

The average hourly wage of a wellness coach is $18.39 per hour.

Total annual pay varies from $23,405 to $68,184.

Just imagine that. Imagine changing lives all around you and helping people meet their fitness goals and not getting paid as much as you deserve!

That’s an absolute travesty in my opinion.

The way I see it, it solely depends on two factors:

  • Not having a coaching business in place.
  • Not getting high ticket clients.

I will expand on both of these later, so hang tight.

Do you need wellness coach certification?

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Short answer? No.

Of course, it boosts your credibility with clients to have certification from a legitimate ICF approved Institute but it doesn’t really matter in the wrong run.

The only way that accreditation can help you is by showing you how a coaching business works, which is super valuable.

But, do you want to know how a coaching business works or do you want to get your hands on templates which can help you create your coaching business from scratch….for absolutely free?

No, I am not kidding; why don’t you check my free webinar out below?

But before you do so, I want to ask you something.

Are you ready to become a successful wellness coach?

Yes, you are, you have read this entire article and that shows me that you are serious about taking this next step.

However, this is where I have to be a little on the nose with you.

Here are the facts and these are the hard cold facts. This is an interesting study which was done by “smallbiztrends” about small business and ventures that were started in 2011.

  • 4% of those made it to the second year.
  • 3% of that made it to the third year.
  • 9% of that number made it to the fourth year.
  • 3% then made it to the fifth year.

Just think about those numbers.

Basically, if 2000 businesses started in 2011 only 2 made it to the third year! That’s staggering!

So what am I getting at?

Numbers don’t lie, the fact of the matter is that most of you who are reading this article right now will fail as coaches.

In fact, the chances that you are even going to last a year is doubtful at best.

If that scares you (and it should), let me give you some good news:

Most of these ventures fail because the people in charge have no idea at all what they are doing. They get motivated and fired up to start their own ventures and they end up failing because they have no strategy.

Here are the reasons why most coaches will fail in creating a proper business.

Obviously, there are more reasons but these are the primary ones:

Reasons #1: They do not know where to begin

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Let’s start with the most obvious one right off the back. Most coaches may not be the most astute of businessmen.

The fact remains, that no matter how well trained you are as a coach you may not have a single idea as to how to create a business.

I had a friend once, he was one of the most brilliant dating coaches I have ever seen. I have seen him make the shyest of guys have the courage to and talk to a woman. I always thought he was going to make it big.

Unfortunately, it didn’t happen. He just did not have the mindset required to make it as a coach. “You don’t understand Sai, I am not here to make money, I just want men to meet the women of their dreams. It is not about money for me!”

Well, 2 years later he quit coaching and is currently working in his dad’s departmental store.

Guess how many men he is helping nowadays to meet their dream women…0.

In you journey you will meet many coaches like this, chances are you are like them as well. And I completely understand where they are coming from. Of course, you don’t want to waste your time creating a “business”.

In fact, there is a chance that you think of making money from your coaching as a “bad thing”.

This is a very naïve attitude to have. When it comes to your wellness coaching, the first thing that you need to do is to have a mindset change.

Repeat this after me:

“I won’t think of my coaching as a hobby, I will think of it as a business.”

Just this small shift is all that you need to manifest a great coaching business.

The moment you think of your coaching as a business you will start paying attention to the details, which in the long run, will help you become a great coach.

If you do not make this shift, then you will end up sitting in your dad’s departmental store instead of touching and improving the lives of people around you.

Reason #2: They are ignorant about the technology involved

This is another stumbling block for most coaches. They just simply don’t know about the technology involved in the business creation.

And in the process of learning everything from scratch, they get muddled up and often times they quit.

Trust me, I resonate SO much with this.

When I was creating my dating business I was lost in the amount of technology that I had to learn.

I had to learn how to code to design my website, I had to create my own logos, and let’s not even begin with the email funnels that I had to set up.

Somewhere along the way, whilst I was tearing out the last remaining hair on forehead, I said to myself, “Every single business has a model they can follow, why don’t coaches have a similar model.”

Why do I have to learn the basics of HTML 5 just so I can teach a man or a woman how to get the love of their lives?

That made no sense to me and the deeper I got into it, the more this thought solidified in me.

Why do coaches have to model people in other professions to build their business? Why don’t they have something that specifically caters to them?

Why do I have to learn anything from the scratch that is not relevant to my coaching at all? Why can’t I simply use a template that I can model?

Why do coaches have to go through so many “trial and errors” when it comes to their business and risk losing so much time and money? Why can’t they follow a simple formula and replicate a successful coaching business?

I spent 1 WHOLE year learning the ins and outs of the technological side of the business, and I not the dullest tool in the shed. Why can’t coaches have something which drastically cuts down this education time?

After a lot of tweaking, I finally found the solution.. and I will tell about it a bit later.

Reason #3: They get a barrage of low-value clients

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Grant Cardone said something that resonated a lot with me. I don’t remember the exact words but it goes something like this:

The quality of the clients that you will get is directly proportional to the client experience.

That is so true and an absolutely profound statement. If you get bad clients then they are going to have a bad experience with you, simple as that.

Coaches, in their sheer desperation, sign up anyone and everyone for their courses.

As a result, they sign up clients who:

  • Are low value.
  • Are not particularly suited for their coaching.
  • Constantly haggle on prices and don’t respect your coaching.
  • Give no or (even worse) garbage testimonials.
  • Do not retain your services or, if they do, try to haggle you for lower continuation fees.
  • Do not bring in any clients via referral.

And here is the best bit, it is not their fault. It is your fault for signing them on in the first place.

When I was a dating coach, I was selling my coaching for a staggering sum of….*drumrolls* .. $50 per client.

And even then, I was signing up such rubbish clients that they would constantly haggle my price down to $20.

You know the sad part?

I was so desperate for money that I would actually agree with their terms.

Guess what happened after that?

Clients like these tend to haggle with you over every little thing. “No you are not doing enough, I want more.”

It is a constant tiring battle which sucks the fun out of coaching.

But like I said, in this aspect… the ball is completely in your court. I will tell you the solution a little bit later.

Reason #4: They can’t maximize time with their clients

Even if you do get a lot of clients, you do not know how to manage them properly. In the beginning when I just started.Coach LLC and was getting a steady flow of clients, I quickly found that I was facing a problem.

I have grown up with the idea of how “one-on-one coaching is the holy grail of coaching”. If you get a lot of one-on-one coaching clients then you have made it as a coach.Turns out, like all things, this idea quickly became outdated.

Turns out, like all things, this idea quickly became outdated.

We were getting so many clients that it was getting impossible to manage for my head coaches and I.

This is what we were all facing:

  • We were using up all our time on one-on-one client calls and didn’t have any time to spend on the other parts of our business.
  • Almost 90% of the queries that our clients had were repetitive. Basically, they were all asking the same questions.
  • We were losing out on expanding other parts of our coaching businesses because we were spending so much time on our calls.

So, that’s when I had a brain wave.

This one single solution not only gave my head coaches and I a lot of space where we could work on other aspects, it gave our clients infinitely more value than what they were getting earlier.

I am going to tell you, but, first, I want you to sit back and think right now for a bit.

These are all the major problems that most coaches face while building their business, how many of these can you resonate with?

I know that I resonated with each and everyone of them in various parts of my coaching journey.

I had to work a lot, put in the hustle, go through many long and tiring days to get over all of these.

One thing that always grated me was the sheer lack of support I got from external sources. Why wasn’t there any easy-to-follow guide out there which could help me in my journey?

Why wasn’t anyone talking about helping coaches out in each of these predicaments and those who were, why were they being needlessly complicated?

That was when I made a promise to myself.

No matter what happens, I am going to create a guide and an easy-to-follow-and-model template that coaches, from any niche, can use to create their own coaching business, model.

And that is exactly what I plan to do with my free webinar:

How Your Coaching Business Can Let You Live The Lifestyle Of Your Dreams

With the webinar, I aim to solve all the problems that we have discussed earlier. Let’s go through them one-by-one.

Solution #1: Giving you a place where you can begin

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In the webinar, you will learn the 5 pillars of building your own coaching business from scratch.

Like I said, coaches don’t have anything that they can model business creation wise.

In the webinar, I will tell you the simple pillars that you can inculcate and model to create your own inspiring coaching business.

The best part about this is how versatile it is.

I have tested these out with coaches from niches as diverse as dating, business, holistic healing and every single one of them were able to create a successful business from following the pillars.

Just to give you an idea, the businesses that my clients have created following the five pillars are worth more than $850,000 today combined.

Solution #2: Taking the technology away from you

One of the best parts about this webinar is I will teach you exactly how you can create your business without falling in the rabbit hole of learning all the technology by yourself.

I know this might sound like something fantastical to you.

“You are telling me that I can make a coaching business without having to learn every little thing by myself?”

That is exactly what I am telling you.

And when you hear the solution, it is going to be so very obvious to you.

So, just come to the free webinar and I am going to tell you all that you have to do to ensure that your business grows by itself.

Solution #3: Getting a steady flow of high-ticket clients

The secret behind creating a successful coaching business lies in the quality of clients that you are getting.

In fact, that is the secret of any business.

Some brands come right off the bat and tell you whether you are worthy of them or not.

While Lotus became insanely popular because of James Bond, their tagline carried that air of exclusivity as well.

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“For the few who know the difference.”

They are saying straight up and that not everyone deserves a lotus.

And while that may sound arrogant, the point is, they are vetting the people who are going to eventually own one.

Same goes with your coaching.

You don’t just take in anyone for the sake of signing up clients.

You must vet clients and sign in only the ones that deserve to be in your program. These are the people who want your coaching and understand its true value.

In my free webinar, I will tell you how you can get clients like these on auto-pilot. I call them high-ticket clients.

Oh btw, high-ticket clients are the ones that give you at least $5000 for your services.

And no, if you follow my strategy getting them won’t be a mere pipe dream.

Solution #4: The natural evolution of one-on-one coaching

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The solution for the problems that we were facing because of the impossible number of one-on-one calls was a very straightforward one.

Why not combine all these calls into one mega Q&A session?

This sounds so obvious, right? But the execution is where the trick lies.

In the free webinar, I am going to tell how you can pull off weekly Q&A sessions with your clients without any hitches, in a way that they gain more value than they would have earlier in one-one-one sessions.

The advantages of holding one Q&A session over multiple one-on-one calls are these:

  • You are going to save a lot of time which you can utilize in various other parts of your coaching business.
  • Your clients are going to get more value because of the variety of questions that all of them are going to ask.
  • This is going to increase interactions between your clients which is going to help them in their journey, also this will be beneficial for you as well because this will strengthen your community.
  • This will also be a fun group activity for your clients which will increase client satisfaction.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a wellness coach?

The general belief is that the role of wellness coaches is to help people with their health, but there are many other areas that need to be addressed in order for someone to be healthy.

A wellness coach does not just focus on one person’s physical health, but they assist individuals in achieving total body well-being. They can help people with personal growth and development, relationships, career advancement, and mental & emotional healing.

The job of a wellness coach typically involves lifestyle coaching which could include nutrition counseling or behavioral changes for an individual or group.

What does a wellness coach do?

The role of a wellness coach can be difficult to understand. It’s not like the role of a personal trainer, where you can see the physical changes and results immediately. A wellness coach won’t be able to give you a six-pack, but they will help you get on your way by providing guidance and motivation on your journey.

Bodybuilders and personal trainers will focus primarily on the physical aspect of maintaining wellness: weightlifting and cardio exercises, respectively. A wellness coach will help their clients take care of their minds as well as their bodies. They may provide guidance in other areas such as budgeting or relationships that can affect mental wellbeing, or suggest other avenues for self-improvement such as meditation or journaling.

How to become a wellness coach?

People who become wellness coaches share a common goal: to make the world a better place. That may mean getting people to be more active, or healthier, or less stressed.

What does it take to become a wellness coach? Usually, there are three steps:

I- Finding out what you want to do and why you want to do it

II- Getting the skills and knowledge that will help you reach your goals

III- Making sure that your goals are realistic and achievable for your lifestyle

Is a wellness coach the same as a health coach?

A wellness coach will help you to take charge of your life and manage your stress, while a health coach will work with you on things like diet and exercise.

Many people think that the two are the same, but there is more to it than that.

There are many similarities between the two professions – both coaches encourage their clients to take responsibility for their own well-being. However, wellness coaches focus on cultivating peace of mind and mental fitness, whereas health coaches focus on physical fitness.

How much does a wellness coach make?

The average salary of a wellness coach is $60000.

The average salary of a wellness coach can range from $60000 to as much as $80000. But it’s not all about money for these individuals. The job provides them with the opportunity to help people live healthier and happier lives.