How To Become a Relationship Coach (And Help Couples Succeed)

Relationship coaching! Ah, this brings back some fond memories.

I started out in my journey as a coach by being a relationship coach. If you are not aware of this, I had a dating company. SaiFai Dating, which helped men and women from around the world to meet, converse and date the partners of their dreams.

I can speak from experience here, it is one of the most empowering feelings in the world when you see your clients make lasting and fulfilling relationships.

The pinnacle of this feeling was when I attended the wedding of one of my students who met his wife through my dating program. That was truly surreal to watch.

In this article, I am going to explain, how to become a relationship expert and what you need to do in order to become one.

This guide will help you answer all those questions. So, put on your seat belt, and let the ride begin!

What is a relationship coach?

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So how do you define a relationship coach?

“Relationships” can come in many forms. It could be intimate, family, friends and professional. It can come in any form and it can affect us in different ways.
Fortunately, this is something that we can all relate to, we have all been in bad relationships at one point in our lives.
It could be a relationshi with your parents, your friends or coworkers. God knows we have all been in some sort of a bad intimate relationship with our partners and our ex-partners.
A relationship coach helps guide us through this storm and help us find the path to more meaningful and powerful relationships.

What does a relationship coach do?

There are a lot of things that a relationship coach can do. Let’s go through them one-by-one.

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• Address a client’s goals and challenges:

As with anything, the starting block of transformation has to be from inside someone’s head. You need to talk to your clients and find out what is their goal regarding their relationships and what are the challenges that they are facing. You will notice that most of these challenges are self-inflicted. As a relationship coach, you can give them a trusty confidant with whom they can communicate and address their fears regarding relationships.

• Navigate through obstacles:

Many people already formed assumptions inside their head. When it comes to men who are not getting any dates, they assume that that is because they are undateable and unattractive. With women, this seems to have a far worse effect, as women who are still single at a marrying age think that they are going to die alone because in their minds, they are flawed. Most often than not, those are just a self-inflicted obstacles. As a relationship coach, you can help them identify the fact that they are their biggest enemies, and once they realize that, they can find healthy relationships.

• Set healthy relationship parameters:

Some of your clients might be seeking your help because they are being exploited in a relationship. It is very common to see relationships where someone is being exploited (sexually, monetarily, etc.) in exchange for company and intimacy. The sad part about this is that even though they know that they are being exploited they go ahead with it anyway because they feel that that is the only way they will ever get intimacy. Your job, as a relationship coach, is to make them stop this behavior and realize that they are helping nobody by doing this. Healthy relationship parameters are of paramount importance for self-growth.

• Help them be honest with themselves:

Most of your clients will be suffering from extreme self-delusion. They may be deluded into thinking that they are not worthy of being in healthy relationships. Or that the negative relationships they are in is actually good for them, or they may be deluded into thinking that they can only attract negative relationships. Your job as a relationship coach is to tear all these down and help them face facts by being honest with themselves.

Why do people hire a relationship coach?

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Every single day you live to find your purpose. If you are one of those lucky few who has found it then good for you, but for the rest, most of life is finding a purpose whilst grinding away in the jobs that they don’t want, or living in houses they hate.

For most people life can be pretty tiring and the only thing that they have which gives them some sort of respite from a punishing daily schedule is their relationships.

It’s either that embrace from a lover, or that kiss from your mother, or that time you spent chatting with your friends. It’s the little things in relationships that give our life vigor and drive. But some people don’t have that, that special connection with another human being. Imagine how claustrophobic and alone their lives are.

Imagine coming home from work to a loveless house, or having Christmas dinner all by yourself, lonesome because the relationship you have with your family is not meaningful enough to warrant spending special occasions with you. Imagine sitting alone on a Saturday night because you haven’t been able to make any friends and the only one you have to spend time with is Netflix.

Imagine that isolation.

That is the reason why people are finally reaching out to relationship coaches. People have realized how important it is for them to have fulfilling relationships. People realize that it is okay now to ask for help to build better relationships.

Good relationships are something we all strive for. They can provide love, support, happiness, friendship, advice, and guidance. However, if they break down they can cause problems and upset – it is during these times that relationship advice is sought.

There might be many reasons why people seek out relationship advice. It can be any type of relationship that is in trouble. 

If I were to just summarize it in one line, people hire relationship coaches because they want to be happy.

What’s the difference between couple’s counseling and relationship coaching?

Couple’s counseling is a specialized form of relationship coaching. A couples coach focuses primarily on couples, who more often than not, are married. The idea is to work on everything that has gone wrong with their relationship in the past and to help them build a better tomorrow, either together or on their own.

Relationship coaching focuses, not just on, who are going through marriage problems, but it focuses on ALL the types of relationships that one may form in their lives. Any and all forms of relationships.
This is the biggest point of distinction between the two.

What are the essential skills required of a relationship coach?

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Relationships are certainly the most important part of our lives. They bring so much meaning and contentment to us and to those around us. We gain happiness from the positive relationships we have built in our lives and at the end of the day, those are all that would matter.

So in order for us to gain the skills to develop such relationships, we need the right coach with the right skills. So, if you’re looking for the best relationship coach, make sure they have these skills:

• Empathy

One of the most important skills a relationship coach should have is empathy. They teach you how to be empathetic and this helps you achieve your ideal relationship through care and understanding of other people’s feelings.
A good relationship coach can teach you this essential life skill which you can use to avoid repeated arguments. Being empathetic is when you understand how your actions affect your relationship with other people. Relationship coaches also teach you how to interpret another person’s emotions and understand why they could be feeling the way they’re feeling, so you can sort out why you are feeling a certain way towards them as well.

• Ability to Create Long Term Solutions

A good coach will ensure that people have a long term strategy to solve their relationship troubles. There is no point in quick fixes as the problem can arise again as quickly as it disappeared. Great planning, strategy, and discipline to follow the same are encouraged by a good relationship coach.

• Self – Awareness and Reflection

A good relationship coach gives people an insight into themselves thereby allowing them to see the cracks in the relationship. This helps people look at their problems more objectively and react better in situations of stress. Relationship coaches enable people to think freely from bias and prejudice thereby nurturing their relationships.

• Create Goals and Recognize Obstacles

An important skill for coaches to have is to see potential areas of improvement in relationships and help people work on them. They do this by helping people set up goals and find the purpose of the relationship. They then create a roadmap for the client to follow by using positive reinforcement to help people in areas of improvement.
A relationship coach helps in solving any setbacks or obstacles the client might face by rewiring their thought processes, thereby giving them a stress – free relationship.

• Art of Forming Connections

A good relationship coach masters the art of forming connections with people and can help with many problems surrounding the relationship. It can be fixing any kind of relationship with your family, your husband/wife, friends and work colleagues, anyone who is important to you.

• Lifestyle Changes

The coach needs to emphasize the importance of strong relationships and a steady lifestyle to sustain them. In the process, they help you change many parameters about yourself including career focus, taking care of your health and leading an overall balanced lifestyle.

All the right skills with the right relationship coach can help you learn how to trust, love, get intimate and develop great life-long connections which you will cherish forever!

Relationship coach salary: How much is it?

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You might be wondering how much do relationship coaches make. Well, the salary of a relationship coach varies based on many things such as the type of clients the coach has, location, specialty area of interest, number of years of experience, number of clients, demand for the coach and scale of business the coach may be running.

According to the online job website, SimplyHired, the average salary for life and relationship coaches is $68,000. According to Forbes magazine, some of the fastest career paths happen to be those of professional coaches with 20% of the 10,000 registered coaches earning six figure incomes!

Do I need a relationship coaching certification?

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No, you don’t have to be certified to be a relationship coach!

But being trained in behavioral psychology, coaching techniques, counseling skills and modern research on cognitive behavior can definitely go a long way in getting clients on board. 

 If you are planning to undergo a relationship coach training, you may gain some useful methods you could use in your business, but remember that certifications offer no guarantee of success.

Certification processes are created with the idea of evaluating your coaching skills and creating parameters or benchmarks to help you improve. Being a certified relationship specialist is not what will really get you the clients you want, but ultimately what matters is how much knowledge you have about relationships, and how committed you are to helping your clients achieve their goals for happy and meaningful relationships.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to help people improve mentally, physically and personally? And imagine doing this while living the life of your dreams in a career that gives you all the happiness in the world!

No matter what profession you are in right now, whether you’re an executive, close to retirement, or even a stay at home parent, by becoming a relationship coach, you can help the people overcome challenges and achieve lasting results.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a relationship coach?

A relationship coach is a person who helps people with their relationships in order to create a happier and healthier relationship. They help couples learn how to communicate more effectively, manage negative emotions, and improve their communication skills.

They also help people with things that go beyond romantic relationships such as family or friend relationships. Their experience in counseling enables them to support people when they are going through difficult life changes such as divorce or the death of a loved one.

What does a relationship coach do?

A relationship coach is a person who helps people understand and improve their relationships. They usually help couples to develop better communication skills and find solutions to their conflicts.
A coach might encourage the couple to practice the skills that they learn through role-playing, feedback, or watching videos of others in similar situations. They also provide guidance on how to deal with conflict when it arises.

What are the essential skills required for a relationship coach?

A relationship coach primarily needs to have the ability to empathize with their client’s problems. They need to be good listeners, helpful advisors, and confidantes.
They also need to have an understanding of the psychology of relationships. The more experience they have in this field, the better they will be at solving complex relational problems like infidelity or intimacy issues.

Why do we need a relationship coach?

If you are in a relationship, then you must have at least wondered about how your partner feels about you. The reason is that the world has changed significantly for relationships. You must understand that there are many things that can go wrong if the relationship fails. One of them is the matter of children, which is something that needs to be taken care of for the sake of one’s future.
This is where a professional comes to help us with their expertise and knowledge on relationships. It is important to know all aspects of what goes into building strong relationships, not just how it works on paper or what our partners tell us. A good relationship coach will help you see your partner’s perspective and show ways to strengthen your partnership through mindfulness and mindfulness exercises to help grow your marriage or long-term commitment together.

How to become a relationship coach?

Relationship coaching is a growing field. It is characterized by one-on-one guidance and advice about relationships, love, dating, and marriage. For many individuals this is a natural career choice; they are already comfortable with the subject matter of relationships and enjoy helping others navigate the complicated world of love.
Basically, it’s important to know that coaching isn’t just about listening to clients vent or offer advice. You also have to be able to demonstrate empathy, validate feelings, assign tasks, set goals, and help people get unstuck in their lives. Basically it takes more than just listening skills you need.

How much does a relationship coach cost?

Relationship coaches can charge anywhere from $35 or less for a session to more than $150 for a session.
The prices are usually determined by the coach’s experience, type of coaching, and the geographic location where they are located.
Some relationship coaches will also agree to offer their services at discounted rates for clients who demonstrate financial need.


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