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The Definitive Guide

Welcome to the definitive guide to Ho’oponopono. My guide will provide you with all the necessary information to incorporate the unique technique of Ho’oponopono effectively into your coaching practice.

So if you want to:

  • Understand and master the concept behind Ho’oponopono
  • Identify its benefits, uses, and limitations
  • Expertly execute it to help your clients
  • And make it a powerful tool in your coaching practice
Ho’oponopono: The Definitive Guide Ho''oponopono

Then you will love reading this comprehensive guide.

Let’s dive right in.

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Ho’oponopono: The Definitive Guide Ho''oponopono

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The Fundamentals

In the first chapter of this definitive guide,
I will be covering the very basics of the Ho’oponopono, which will help you get a better grasp of the ancient and powerful practice..

The fundamentals include the definition of the tool and its etymology, its origin and ancient roots in Hawaiian culture, and the original philosophy behind the practice.

Ho’oponopono: The Definitive Guide Ho''oponopono

I will also be delving into the three minds of humankind, developed by Hawaiin psychology scholars.


What is the practice of Ho’oponopono?

Ho’oponopono, which roughly translates to ‘to make things right’, is an ancient Hawaiian practice of healing through forgiveness.

With a focus on reconciliation, pardoning, repentance, confession and, most importantly, acceptance, it advocates taking complete responsibility for the self and its environment.

The word comes from the participle ho’o (to make), which is converted into a verb when used with the noun pono (right). The double usage of pono in Ho’oponopono is symbolic of making things right twice over, i.e. with the self and others.

“Ho’oponopono means to cause to make right, to put things back into balance again,” explains Kumu Sabra Kauka, Hawaiian historian, educator, and activist, in the video below.

Where does it come from?

The healing practice of Ho’oponopono has its roots in Ancient Hawaii, which dates back to the period before the unification of the Kingdom of Hawaii in 1810.

The word ‘Ho’oponopono’ was not used back then, but the oral histories recorded from contemporary elders suggest that the same practice was used to resolve disputes between families.

Ho’oponopono in the Huna Culture

Huna, which means ‘secret’ in Hawaiian, is an age-old discipline of healing, enlightenment, energy and empowerment.

Ho’oponopono is an essential part of the Huna wisdom, wherein it’s important to resolve internal and external conflicts in order to move forward with one’s life.

The Original Philosophy

Ancient Hawaiians believed that breaking spiritual laws would cause illness in the person or family. Ho’oponopono, therefore, was originally meant to undo the wrongs in a person’s life, so that no harm would fall upon the self and the loved ones.

In its traditional practice, Ho’oponopono was conducted in the following scenarios-:

  • Family feuds, in the presence of both the disputing parties (typically extended family members). Such situations were usually mediated with the help of a kahuna lapa’au or a shaman.
  • To remove curses, and do away with dark forces. 
  • To clear the negative energies from conflicted land after bloody battles, which the people believed were filled with dark spirits.

The Three Minds of Humankind

Long before Sigmund Freud introduced the conscious and subconscious mind to the world of psychology, scholars in Hawaiian psychology had developed the concept of the three minds of humankind – The Conscious Mind (Uhane), Unconscious Mind (Unihipili), and Higher Conscious Mind (Aumakua).

They believed that these three minds were interconnected via Mana, the life-sustaining force of living creatures. Instead of a direct communication route between the Conscious Mind and the Higher Conscious Mind, the system states that the two can communicate with each other through two complex ways.

In the first method, the Unconscious mind acts as an indirect path, connecting the two extremes by allowing the transmission of Mana. In the second method, the Conscious Mind passes the messages to the Higher Conscious Mind by accessing Mana directly. Practices such as meditation allow people to alter their consciousness to achieve this interconnection.

By connecting our three minds, we become aware of our innermost residual energies, which can then be cleared up by the healing practice of Ho’oponopono.



The Power of Ho’oponopono in Various Walks of Life

Ho’oponopono has been hailed as a powerful tool by therapists and healing practitioners for countless years, and is a tool that life coaches too can benefit from incorporating into their practice.

In this chapter, I will chart out the areas of life that it can help deal with, and why it has proven to be such a beneficial and effective practice.