How to get coaching clients fast [2021-22 edition]

 Sai Blackbyrn/ 7th September 2021

Success and failure of a new coaching business can depend largely on your ability to get coaching clients fast, and most coaches fail in doing that.

Are you struggling to find clients for your coaching business? Are you a neophyte looking for popularizing your business or someone who wants to attract new clients at a rapid speed?

If yes, then probably you have spent enough time on agonizing over – “how to get coaching clients fast?”

This is absolutely not that easy. It demands a perfect blend of robust networking skills, marketing strategies, unique selling proposition and successful habits of a world-class coach.

Gaining clients fast will help you towards building a six-figure coaching business and establishing yourself as an expert coach.

You cannot simply tell your clients- “Hey, avail my package and it will make you so and so…”. Conveying the significance of your brand and convincing the client is an art that you need to master.

So, how would you do that?

No worries, given below are some really crucial points which when put to practice will elevate your chances of getting coaching clients at a phenomenal pace.

Let’s have a look!

Top ways to get coaching clients fast

1. Choose a specialized niche to get coaching clients fast

If you are not getting enough clients that’s probably because you are trying to target a wide range of audience.

You might be thinking that this will help you to increase your client-base but that seldom happens.

Imagine that a client is looking for a relationship coach primarily to solve his dating issues.

Would he consider a specialist dating coach or a generic coach who handles all types under “Relations”?

Do you understand what I am trying to convey?

You need to assert that you are an expert in a particular niche to attract maximum clients. In an attempt to target all, you would be left with none.

2. Gain trust

Trust act as the lubricant of an efficient marketing strategy.

If you can call and meet your client right now, it means that you have gained his/her trust.

You need to understand that as a coach you should have a deep insight into the psychology of your client. You must make your client realize that your counseling will solve his/her problems.

So, if you are planning to right away start by explaining your client about your packages, price, coaching sessions, etc. Stop that right now!

Building a bond with your client so that he/she can communicate with you comfortably is the need of the hour. And trust me you would not even have to struggle to have him/her then. No calls, no emails.

This will happen automatically. Also, this very client will propagate your services to others and that’s where you achieve triumph in trust!

3. Be clear about your motive

Now, this is what you need to be very very careful about!

Branding yourself simply as a “life coach” or “business coach” is just not enough.

You have to be very clear of what value you are going to add to your clients’ lives.

People don’t buy a university degree or certification, they buy a promise of getting more knowledgeable and employable.

Similarly, no one wants generic lessons or pieces of advice. What your clients are looking for is TRANSFORMATION. They will pay you to get a better version of themselves.

Your job is to turn your client into an awesome person. This is only possible when you have a clear motive and roadmap in your mind.

Make him/her the hero of your story and eventually, he/she will become the driving force for fetching new clients. The below picture explains this well.

man and woman holding hands on street
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4. Help first and get paid next

Of course, a lot of people think that they can get coaching clients fast by investing minimum money and efforts.

Let me tell you that this is a short-term vision.

I managed to gain the trust and earn maximum clients through my webinars, blogs and other free educational content. That’s how I established myself as a valuable resource and attracted high-end paying clients.

Meet Elizabeth Rider, who started as a blogger and then slowly turned her blog into a business. Thereafter, she started taking one-to-one coaching sessions. Now she has built a 7-Figure Health & Wellness Business through her online courses.

No one will trust you blindly, they need a reason. The pool of that extra free help will build that.

Augment the pool with lots of blogs, webinars, seminars, one-to-one consultation. This will also give you a chance to exhibit your personality. Keep the language simple and educational content interesting.

At the end of the educational content offer “More help” which can be by inviting them to a seminar or personal meeting etc.

If your clients find this free help valuable, none can stop them from taking a step forward and choosing you over your competitors.

5. Be clear with your target audience

You have to be crystal-clear about your target audience.

The next step is to identify what they want from you. Rather than merely thinking what your audience may want you should actually know what they want.

grayscale photo of people sitting on chair
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Fix your audience. Find a group and then take feedback through polls, survey, etc. to understand their needs.

Thereafter, align your business accordingly.

I have seen many coaches who struggle for months to get clients because either they didn’t know what they were creating or who they were creating for.

6. Ask the right type of questions

If you want to know how to get coaching clients fast then you must learn the art of asking the right questions to your client.

If you are clear about what results your clients are expecting then you can easily frame the right coaching questions.

The right set of coaching questions will help you to manage your client’s expectations well.

Avoid solution-oriented questions. For instance- “Shouldn’t you”, “Can’t you”, “Don’t you think”…these all look as if the coach is trying to steer coachee towards what he thinks is the correct answer.

Encourage the coachees to think more deeply and insightfully with questions such as- “What is that?”, “Can you describe me more?” etc.

Not only asking the right question is important but framing it well is equally important.

Suppose you are a fitness coach. Now rather than asking- “Do you like your body?” You should frame it as- “ When you stand in front of the mirror, are you happy with the way you look?”

7. Effective Marketing is the key

One of the best answers to your question- “How to get coaching clients fast?” is through efficient MARKETING STRATEGIES.

Probably your coaching services have not been able to reach the audience at large. Time to create some buzz!

When I say “Marketing”, I mean a seamless mixture of both organic and paid marketing.

Though organic marketing is what you should focus on to build a value coaching business rather than a vanity coaching business.

Organic marketing is the best way to build permanent pathways to your business to attract clients naturally by the value you provide.

If you can drive your customers with organic marketing then this coupled with paid marketing will skyrocket your growth. You can employ some great organic marketing strategies to get clients fast. These are:

1. Guest blogging

2. Social Media

3. Podcasting

4. Email Marketing

5. Online Communities

Additionally, connect your marketing strategies to your sales funnel. Create as many communication channels as possible to make it extremely hard for anyone to leave without extracting value.

Also, invite people to benefit from the different opportunities to connect them further down the funnel.

For instance, if Facebook ads are at the top of your funnel, let your clients also know how else they can connect with you, like through webinars, PDFs, guides. etc.

A snap shot of our Sony FS7 cinema camera system from our film set, while producing a documentary series for the Holocaust Center for Humanities. Here we are interviewing a local high school about their experience with some of the Center’s teaching materials.
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8. Use video to attract clients

Videos are a great way to attract your clients towards your coaching business. Featuring yourself in the video will lend credibility to your practice. You need not be fancy but just authentic.

A short video will help you to show potential clients how they can benefit from your service. This will resonate with the potential prospects to convert them into paying customers.

9. Network with other coaches

The one whom you consider your enemy can be your supreme assistance to get coaching clients fast.

Yes, your competitors will always try to have an edge and surpass you in the coaching business but not all are that way.

You may find some synergies and by leveraging them well you can benefit each other’s business.

Neither you nor your competitor is covering every aspect of the coaching business. You may refer clients to each other and that’s how both of you can grow.

You can even join a local networking group. It’s a win-win situation since what’s your weakness can be your competitor’s strength and what he/she loathes, you may love!

10. Branding

If you want to get coaching clients fast then you need to know about your brand and how to convey it the best.

Your target branding statement should clearly delineate two things:

1. Who is your ideal client?

2. What you can do for them?

Along with this, it should also answer for the reader “So what?” and “Why you?”.

You need to identify and differentiate your value so that your audience can recognize you easily.

For instance, if your target clients are high-powered executives, your branding statement has to revolve around how you can help them beat the competition.

You must incorporate this branding statement into all of your marketing collateral, from your website to LinkedIn to your association profiles.

11. Become a coach that you want to hire

Another reason that you are not getting clients is that you are following the wrong approach.

If you want to attract the ideal clients then first you need to become a coach that you would have dreamt for.

Think from the perspective of a client now. If you were seeking guidance what would you have accepted out of your coach? Which questions? What approach? How many sessions per week? What ingredients in your package? Pricing? etc.

12. Group Coaching

To earn coaching clients fast you must know how to master the art of Group Coaching. Live engagement is always powerful.

people holding shoulders sitting on wall
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Group coaching comes with an additional advantage of peer-learning.

Remember that groups can also be engaged in-person, via telephone bridge line or by webinar.

13. Optimize your social media group engagement

To get clients fast you need to build a solid digital presence. You need to participate where your clients thrive. Today most of them devote a maximum of their time on social media.

Thus optimizing your social media group engagement has become a necessity. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. provide a wonderful way to turn your potential prospects into paying customers.

Social Media Facebook
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Create FB and Insta pages. Join groups where your target audience can be found. Give answers and build the loyalty of your brand.

Leverage the elegant features of the platforms to get at the right place and target the exact customers you want.

Through consistency, content planning and diligent followup you can reach to a wide range of audience and exhibit the benefit of your business to get them paying.

14. Use your current database

So, you have a strong existing database of people who didn’t respond to you earlier. Now you are scared whether there would be a positive response this time.

I understand you don’t want to sound pushy but things change every day.

There is a great probability that your prospect has not yet solved the problem and he/she may realize that there is a great need of a professional coach like you.

This can be one of the easiest ways for you. Just pick up the phone and call each of the numbers in your list.

Say something similar to, “Hi, this is (your name). We spoke a while back and you wanted to achieve (result). I was wondering how you’ve been getting on since then and if there’s anything I can help you with…”.

Offer something of supreme value at the end of the call along with an invitation for a face-to-face meeting to discuss further.

15. Handle the sales consultation properly (big mistakes to avoid)

You might be committing some big mistakes without even realizing the same. Consultation is the time when you should be making 80% of your sales and converting the prospects into paying clients.

However, avoid being too reserve.

You cannot simply hope that the client will take out his/her credit card and pay you. You need to build some authority. Make an offer for the prospect to become a paying client otherwise, you will hurt your own business.

Additionally, learn to command on premium prices otherwise you will die each day.

Give your client confidence in you and your services.

Don’t ask questions like “ How many sessions per week, are you comfortable with?” or “Which program do you think will be the best for you?”

Who is the expert here? YOU!

Thus take decisions during the consultation based on your professional experience.

16. Be consistent in nurturing your contacts

Nurturing your contact might feel useless in the beginning but you are unaware of how advantageous it can be for getting clients shortly.

Belinda MJ Brown, Equanimity Executive, LLC shares how she has been sending out a monthly newsletter for five years even if English was her third language. She has been learning it since 2007 and though the writing is a challenge she is committed to providing valuable content each month.

She emphasizes that it helps her to be in touch with people and exhibit her expertise. That’s how she regularly convert readers into clients and receive referrals from it.

So, the major takeaway is that don’t underestimate the power of your existing contacts.

17. Spend time where your potential clients are

The best and most efficient way to attract clients is to find the places where they are most likely to spend their time. Hang out with them and let them know about your coaching business.

Make them realize how your coaching can create a difference in their lives. You can go for organization meetups, speak at public platforms, give presentations, etc.

Just get out among your customers and make them aware of your importance.

18. Leverage your experience

If you are targeting a specific audience and even then you are finding it difficult to get clients then probably you need to leverage your experience.

The commonality in experience works. Corporate leaders want to work with executive coaches that have experience the in the corporate sector.

Likeways, find out what level of expertise and experience you hold in your respective niche.

After that answer this question- “ What experience do you possess in common with your target audience?”

19. Turn people away

This might feel quite counter-intuitive but you need to learn how to attract your ideal coaching clients.

Turn the wrong prospect away who doesn’t seem to fit your coaching. Trust me every time you do this, three of the right people will show up!

20. Refine your elevator pitch

Your elevator pitch should be crisp and precise. Don’t overload information to make it complex for your audience to understand.

Come up with a concise way to of describing how will you help your clients.

For instance, have a look at this.

“I help {kind of person}

to {action/benefit}

so that they can {brighter future/more inspiring benefit}.”

Also, learn how to write an impressive coaching bio to attract high-end clients.

5 Ways of finding coaching client fast

After the above discussion, you might have got a holistic idea on how to get coaching clients fast.

Finding clients for your coaching business is absolutely not difficult if you ask yourself the 5 Ws first. By applying the below steps you can quickly convert your prospects into paying clients soon.

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  1. WHO are your ideal clients?

The more you know about your ideal clients the better you can find them and gain their attention. Ask yourself who is your ideal client? Male or female? What age? Where does he reside? etc. Try to envision who are your ideal clients. This will help you to find them down the road.

  1. WHAT do they want to achieve?

Try to focus on what your ideal clients want to achieve. Do they want growth in the business career? Or do they want to overcome the hurdles in their business? This will help you to tailor your marketing strategies- Ads, blogs, website, etc.- to those looking for your services.

  1. WHEN are they ready?

You need to identify when will your coaching fit in their schedule. Also, some clients want a quick process while others desire a slow and steady one. Understanding their time frames is important. This will help you to build the right coaching planning and strategy.

  1. WHY do they want a coach?

You must be able to to help your clients navigate the issues where you and your coaching sessions will benefit them. Then find out how you can solve the issues and bring it on the table. This will help you to emphasize your value to the clients.

  1. WHERE can they be found?

Now since you have gathered enough information about your client and a perfect roadmap of how to proceed, its time to finally look for your clients. Make the use of online platforms, corporate and networking events. Always be aware of where your potential prospects hang out. Be present there either physically or through your marketing and advertisements.

Addition – HOW is your coaching different?

There are a lot of coaches in your niche. What makes you unique? Do you have some strategies, metrics, tools, that have produced remarkable results? If you are trying to follow the “fake it till you make it” approach, that won’t work. Get trained properly. Sharpen your knowledge, skills, and expertise and then you will see that coachees will crave for you.

Bonus- Get a competitive edge

Get a coaching community and learn from the best to become the best. Master new and trending coaching strategy to grow your coaching business with sales and marketing practices.


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