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 Sai Blackbyrn/ 10th June 2021

Coaching podcast is a handy digital audio file of coaching training programs.

It is an excellent tool to educate and inspire your clients.

I am sure, you know coaching podcasts are gaining momentum because of its reach and benefits.

So, have you given a thought to start your coaching podcast?

Are you an excellent speaker?

Do people love to listen to you? Can they listen to you for hours?

Do you want to up your game in the coaching industry?

Yes? Then you can develop your coaching podcasts.

But, are you wondering how will you do it?

Don’t worry.

This article will prove to be a quick guide for you. I am sure it will bring out the hidden podcaster in you.

As a professional coach, I can say that you will gain a lot from podcasts. At the same time, it will benefit your clients too.

As a coach, you know that your job is to motivate, encourage and inspire your clients to thrive for the best. You can act as inspiration in their lives. Your motivation can help them reach their highest potential and credibility.

You have the potential to encourage your clients to achieve all their dreams. Being in this profession needs a lot of patience to observe and cooperate with your clients.

So, don’t you think coaching podcasts can be the right fit?

A coaching podcast can simplify your coaching job. An ideal coaching podcast can help teach your clients better and fast. But, this requires you to have the perfect skills.

Coaching podcasts play a key role in developing your online client base. It is considered to be an important tool to connect to clients. This can reap huge benefits in the long run.

By now I think you are inspired to record your first coaching podcast, right?

Wait, don’t be in a hurry.

Let’s dig in more and understand the basics.

What is a coaching podcast?

The term Podcast is coined from the terms iPod and Broadcast. It refers to digital audio or video files that can be downloaded by anyone for listening.

A coaching podcast is a webcast or a Vlog by professional and successful coaches. It helps and guides coaches who are beginners.

It is a series of audio or video files that your clients can download to listen to.

Coaches can learn from professional coaches on how to guide their clients better. You can become one of the best coaches by following coaching podcasts.

Coaching podcasts can prove to be beneficial if you have a huge subscriber base. Try to create interesting coaching podcasts and offer to your clients.

If you are in the coaching business, coaching podcasts can be beneficial for you. I learned many tips and secrets from the best professionals in the field. You will get a great insight into this field.

I get to know about various experiences that the professionals face. There is much valuable information that you can gain through coaching podcasts.

You will get to know about the secrets and tips behind their success. You will also get to know about the things and tricks that did not work for them. You will also get to learn how to avoid making mistakes.

Along with this, you will also get free resources in this field. You got to have some patience to learn from podcasts. Then, carry forward those resources to your potential clients.

How can a coaching podcast help your coaching business?

I have to admit that due to digitization, clients are leaning more on blogs and podcasts.

Coaching podcast has become a more accessible way to improve your coaching business. You can no longer ignore coaching podcasts.

Here are some great ways coaching podcasts helps your coaching business:

Serves as best lead generation tool

Coaching podcasts serve as the best lead generation strategy. You can market more than email marketing, search engine optimization or press release.

If your podcast is informative then it will increase your clients. Many people will buy your services based on the recommendations.

As per my research, podcasts have a considerable role to play in this kind of recommendation. If you can publish a podcast with great content, you can attract many followers and listeners.

If your listeners find your content interesting it will benefit your coaching business. But for that, you have to make the listeners subscribe to your channel.

Coaching podcast is a great tool to market your coaching business.

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Save time through coaching podcasts

You can jazz up your business with the audio content. I arrange seminars and sessions through my coaching podcasts.

Podcasts also help to stay connected with your audience as email does. But podcast has its advantages. It is spamming free; your clients can download and listen without wasting any time. This makes your content far more portable. Clients can reach it without any hassle.

Coaching podcast helps to reach more clients in less time. As your client base increases you can cater more people through coaching podcasts at the same time. This way you can definitely save your precious time.

Increase revenue through coaching podcasts

Promoting products through coaching podcasts does not turn your audiences off. You need to stay away from making boring content.

No audience will object against any product promotion. So you can add a little advertisement for your product to increase sales.

I have experienced a significant increase in my revenues through my coaching podcasts.

Demonstrate expertise through coaching podcasts

If you want to start your podcast, then make the content real and not fancy. I always share a few tips and secrets with my clients on how I have gained success. This helps them to connect with me.

You can use your coaching podcast to share your thoughts and experience in the field of coaching.

If your content is good and has excellent teaching material, you can earn many clients.

You can offer your clients information

Your podcast can be the best way for your clients to get information. This will also attract clients from various places to use your services.

The podcast is more used because the client or audience can download or listen to it on the go.

Podcasting has always been the best way to gain more audience as it is free, and there is no extra cost.

If you offer advice and tips to the clients, it will jazz up your content.

Showcase the coaching skill through coaching podcasts

You can showcase your coaching skills to your audience, through your coaching podcasts. This will improve your business of coaching.

Share coaching tips and suggestions that can benefit your clients. Tips and suggestions will attract more clients to subscribe to your coaching podcasts.

Podcasting has helped me to reach a large scale audience and encourage them as well. You do not have to pay for any advertising cost or any other extra costs.

The cost of the enrollment will become cheaper

Once you start with good content, you can get a lot of clients.

Many clients buy coaching products because they are a regular listener of podcasts.

The coaching podcast makes my clients familiar with my views and thoughts. So, when they contact me, they can relate to me at the same level.

You can skip the complimentary session. This will decrease the enrollment cost, and your income will increase.

Promote through coaching podcasts

Your podcast will promote you. Thus, you can indulge yourself in other areas of your business. You can focus more on your coaching clients. Your podcast will gain you more and more subscribers that will result in new clients. You can then promote other areas of your business.

Top podcast directories to publish your coaching podcasts

Once you create your podcast, the next question that will bother you is where to publish your podcast?

A great podcast needs a good platform to reach a massive scale of audience. iTunes has been the most popular platform to publish your podcast.

The podcast directories also allow you to submit the podcast so that clients can reach you. There are around five good directories and sites to publish your podcast.

But for a beginner, you can start off on all these five directories. Then choose which directories are getting you more audience. In these directories, people can search you by your name or title and description of the podcast.

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iTunes is the most used platform to listen to the podcast. People use it all over the world.

To publish your podcast on this platform, you need to register yourself or get an iTunes account. It only takes a few days to get your account listed and started.

So what are you waiting for? Try the platform today.

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A significant number of people worldwide use Spotify. It has recently opened up its platform for podcasts. After the Apple iTunes, it is the second-best destination to publish your podcasts. Spotify will also let you reach the younger generation.

Google Play Music

After iTunes and Spotify, Google Play Music is the third most popular platform. And it also showcases your podcasts in the search results if you list yourself on the Google Play Music.

This platform is comparatively new. But, Google is a giant company and you will not want to miss this opportunity. They have their stats and subscriber data, which allows you to get an idea of your subscribers.


Stitcher is another most popular directories used for publishing and listening to podcasts. It has over 8 million registered users and has over 65,000 podcasts.

It has a vast audience base, and you can publish your podcast there. They have their stats for listens, listening time, active users per month and many more.


TuneIn is another most used platform and is a podcast app and directory. This app is compatible with almost every device and platform. You can publish your podcast here as well.

Other than these five you can also publish your podcast on- Podcasts.Alltop. iPodder, Digital Podcast, Blubrry, Spreaker are other podcasting platforms. These are also some top directories. Try to publish your podcast on more platforms as this will help you to get more clients.

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Top coaching podcasts- must listen for coaches

Every business owner needs to interact with clients. As of now the basic need for the coaching field is to interact with more and more clients. This will help coaches to connect to their clients. Every client that you get, will have a different background. You have to coach them as per their requirements.

People now rely on the internet to learn new things. This is where podcasts have become more critical.

By listening to a good podcast, you can stay updated with relevant fields and industries. You can enhance your knowledge by listening to experts in this field. This will help you gain a better experience in your coaching career.

Given below is a list of podcasts that can help you improve your coaching skills.

Lead to Win coaching podcast

Lead to Win podcast is by the viral New York Times bestselling writer Michael Hyatt. He is new in this field but has achieved a vast audience in a short period. This podcast has seen to be improving day by day.

His enthusiasm and encouragement have gained him many listeners. He covers important topics such as how to cope with stress. Also, how you can achieve your professional and personal goals and much more. These are useful for any professionals belonging to any industry or field. You can check his 40 episodes of podcasts.

The coaching life coaching podcast

The coaching life coaching podcast roots from the great experiences of Phil Goddard. For people hearing his name for the first time needs to know he is a speaker, writer, and coach. He has helped people all over the world to achieve success.

He became a coach after working in the corporate sector for two decades. He discusses coaching and also offers his experience of coaching. He releases a new episode every two weeks. But there are already 45 podcasts you can listen to.

Excellent Executive Coaching podcast

Dr. Katrina Burrus is the host of Excellent Executive Coaching podcast. She is a certified coach of the International Coaching Federation of Switzerland. She is an adjunct professor on leadership matters in many universities.

She discusses main coaching issues and helps other beginners to cope up in this field. She also shares strategies and offers guidance.

The optimized geek coaching podcast

The optimized geek coaching podcast is by the very popular Stephan Spencer. He is an author and SEO expert. He focuses on providing geeks and tech enthusiasts the best tips on how to manage time and optimize life. He has over 150 episodes.

Do you need certification to develop a coaching podcast?

You will feel that you need a certification to start a coaching podcast. Our society has developed in such a way that we cannot pursue any career without a certification.

But coaching podcasts do not need any certification. Even though you can seek some, but they prove to become more and more unnecessary. Here are some reasons to motivate my statement –

Clients will hire an active coach

By doing the work by yourself, you will improve more and more in your field. You will get a great outcome, and the best thing will be that it won’t be as per any curriculum.

This will also help you improve your mental and physical health. Your clients will connect better with you as you can indulge in their best and worst stages. This is far more important than any certification.

Your coaching podcast will be unique

Sometimes, certification makes the coaching teachings mechanical. Coaching podcast without certification can be unique as it will include your experiences and your exclusive tips and tricks.

Your experiences will help you to heal the unresolved matters of your clients.

Your certificate won’t teach you how to become a pro

No certification in the world guides any individual to become a pro. You might have the inner talent to become a pro. You might not know how to control and manage a business but your experiences will make you an expert.

You have to make your clients believe that they can enjoy your coaching. You have to work on your business without any doubt.

There is no way that you can work casually and earn money. You cannot gain motivation through any certification. It is you who needs to focus on your motivation and aim. No one else can do that for you.

Top skills required to develop the best coaching podcast

To start coaching podcast of your own, you need to have some excellent skills. Here are some skills listed below that can help you gain an audience and become a pro at coaching podcasts.

A strong talent to build coaching podcast

You must have a great talent to build an interesting podcast. If you do not have great talent, it is less likely that you can gain an audience.

Also, to become a pro coaching podcaster, you need skills that you can carry forward to your clients. There is no way that you can flourish in this field without great talent.

Talent to hold the audience

You should have great ability and knowledge on how to keep a group of audiences interested in your podcast. Audiences will not listen to your podcast if you have a dull and monotonous tone.

You need to work on that if you are not much of an orator.

Good content developer to develop coaching podcasts

You should know how to create great content. If you create content that is boring, it will instantly turn off your audience.

People do not stay hooked up to boring materials. You should integrate it with tips, personal experiences, secrets and much more.

People get hooked more to life experiences. It is from experiences, they learn what they should avoid while they are in this field.

How can you monetize your coaching podcast?

If you want to make coaching podcasts in a professional way, you need to find ways of earning revenue through it. You must monetize your podcast. As per me, direct monetizing happens when you start selling your podcast. Here are some ways that you can use to make money through your podcasts.


The obvious way is to ask people to contribute some amount of money to monetize your podcast. Many followers will put in some money on your podcast. There are many ways that you can ask for money. Some great platforms are there online for this purpose.


This is the most common way to make money from your podcast. You need to set a deal with a sponsor who is ready to invest in your content. The payment by sponsors will depend on the number of subscribers who listen to your podcasts.

Sponsors can really help you improve your game in coaching podcasts reach. They also benefit from your coaching clients. So, it is a win-win situation for both.

Sell premium episodes

Once you know that a group of audience likes your podcasts, then start selling each episode for premium. There is a lot of chance that these audiences are likely to pay for your events.

You need to create some content that is only available through purchases. It can be anything, but interesting that the audience will pay for it voluntarily.

Coaching podcast can become a great way of income in many ways. You need to put it into the right use. You can inspire a lot of people without knowing it. It brings you closer to your clients.

This field has proven to be the best by experts. Start, today by listening to some podcasts and then try your luck making one. There is never much harm in trying new things.

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