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Coaching CRM: Delenta

A platform designed to help coaches run a more profitable business is called Delenta. It has marketing, invoicing, and client relationship management tools, as well as a client-facing portal and convenient smartphone apps.

Coaching CRM: Delenta Delenta Coaching CRM

You can create your own client portals or use their existing client portals to manage your clients. Also, connect with your clients via their easy-to-use app. It allows you to send messages to your clients, update them on their sessions, and see their progress. 

With these features, you can easily communicate with your clients and ensure that you are reaching them at the right time. Using Delenta you can also create invoices for your clients. 

In this article, we will talk about Coaching CRM: Delenta. This is a very powerful tool that can help you in improving your client relations.

What is Delenta?

A coaching platform is an online business that provides coaches with tools and resources to help them run their businesses more efficiently. There are many coaching platforms out there, but only a few of them are well-designed and easy to use. Delenta is one of those platforms. 

Delenta offers marketing, invoicing, and client relationship management tools, among others, plus a client-facing portal and convenient smartphone apps.

In addition to these features, Delenta also has a mobile app called Coach Mobile. It makes it easy for coaches to manage their clients, coach them, communicate with them, and collect payments on the go. 

It also allows them to take payments through credit cards and PayPal. The app works on Android and iOS devices. It also allows coaches to create custom reports for their clients.

Delenta was founded by a team of coaches and entrepreneurs who wanted to help coaches run their businesses more efficiently.

How Delenta works?

Delenta is a tool that coaches and mentors can use to quickly build their businesses. It is an all-in-one coaching platform that allows coaches and mentors to present their skills professionally, capture leads, publish their availability, track their payments and progress, and much more. 

With Delenta, coaches and mentors can create an online profile, upload their curriculum, write their blogs, capture leads, and much more. They can also easily share the content they create with their clients. With Delenta, coaches and mentors can easily track their progress and make adjustments to their marketing strategies as needed.

Delenta is an easy-to-use tool that allows you to create your own coaching platform. It will help you get started quickly and scale your business. You can make money by selling your services or products through Delenta.

Key features

Managing your clients, providing a smooth user experience, and maximizing your efficiency as a coach are just some of the things Delenta is about. It’s the perfect option for you if you want to spend more time helping people and less time grappling with your business.

If you’re looking for the most innovative feature that you can find in this coaching platform, check out this one:

Client dashboard

Delenta’s client dashboard is great if you’re focused on what your clients like.This coaching management software provides clients with a space that they can use to check how they are doing – just as you can check on your end. Clients will get a whole range of benefits from this dashboard, and it’s a great way to boost their engagement.

Calendar and booking software

Getting organized for an appointment with a client or a prospective client is a huge task for a coach. You aren’t using your time efficiently if you are constantly emailing clients back and forth to schedule and reschedule appointments. 

This all-inclusive service gives you online booking software that lets you and your clients determine when an appointment should happen without having to send 5 emails back and forth. It makes your time more productive and improves your service by sending automated reminders so your clients show up.

Customizable landing pages

You can use Delenta to create landing pages. It is possible to put together a landing page with very little time, effort, or know-how. As a coach, your landing pages need to look great because they are often the first thing that a prospective client will see, so you need to use them intentionally. Your site looks professional and makes clients want to work with you if you put everything you need on it.

Automated invoicing

This isn’t the best use of your time if you find that you spend a lot of time writing, sending, and following up on invoices. Delenta can automate this admin task for you, and many coaches end up wasting time on it.

It will automate your invoices and billing systems so you don’t have to keep following up, and it integrates both Stripe and PayPal so you have options about how to pay. It allows clients to set up regular payments on their own so they don’t have to remember to pay you.


Before you buy a plan, you can get a 40-day free trial to see if it works for you. You will get live support to help you work out issues.

Cost of Delenta

  • The starting price is $29 per month with 1 gigabyte of storage, 5 clients, and 5 Prospects portals.
  • 20 clients and 20 Prospect portals are included in the price of Pro, which is $49 per month.
  • Premium costs $79 per month and includes 100 gigabytes of storage, unlimited clients, and Prospect portals.


Integration is one of the things that Delenta does best, and it pulls together all kinds of software. If your business is all in one place and you aren’t operating in fifty different tabs at the same time, you’re doing something right. It is possible to manage all your client interactions more simply with Delenta.

New features are constantly being added to customer service and it is excellent. The number of no-shows has been reduced by automated reminders, which improves the customer experience.


There is no option to make the landing page feel like your own website, which makes it hard for some coaches to use this feature.

When handling multiple time zones, Delenta doesn’t offer support, so you will have to calculate sessions on your own, which introduces room for error on both sides. This is a small issue if you don’t like working in military time.

Sometimes, there are problems with integration, and you may find that certain kinds of software won’t work together.


We hope this article helps you to know details in Coaching CRM: Delenta. Delenta is all about managing your clients, making sure that they have an incredible experience when working with you, and maximizing your efficiency as a coach. 

If you want to spend more time helping people and less time struggling with your business, it’s the perfect choice for you.

Making your life easier by getting a computer to do the heavy work for you is a focus of Delenta. It handles appointment management and can be used to track which parts of your business are working well.

Frequently asked questions

What is Delenta used for?

Delenta is an online platform for coaches, consultants, and mentors to manage and scale their practice. It’s easy to use because it’s been designed with the tech reluctant in mind.

Is Delenta free?

If you want to grow your online coaching business, this is the time to do it. Dedicated support along the way with an extended 40-day free trial of Delenta is what you’ll need.

Who is Delenta best for?

Delenta is a single solution that allows coaches and mentors to manage their coaching or mentoring business online, which makes it simple for them to take their business to the next level.

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