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How Much Does it Cost to Start a Coaching Business?

To start a coaching business planning is very important. The main element of your planning part should be budgeting. This is how this article will help you in starting your own coaching business. 

Here we will talk about the startup cost and need for pre-financing when it comes to coaching business. For your convenience, we have further broken down the expenses regarding the coaching business covering from startup costs to cloud storage. 

How Much Does it Cost to Start a Coaching Business? start a coaching business

Other categories like software expenses, social media scheduling, office space expenses, etc will also be discussed here. At the end of the article, we will specifically highlight the cost of starting an online coaching business

Last but not the least, we will analyze if hiring a coach before starting a coaching business is worth it or not.

In Brief : How Much Does It Cost To Start A Coaching Business?
  • Startup Costs – Initial expenses for starting a coaching business, including insurance, permits, marketing, and utilities. Cost: Avg $22,173 (Min $62, Max $38,061).
  • Business Formation Fees – Fees for legal entity formation, encompassing a patent, lawyer fees, trademark, permit, license fees, small business insurance, and business structure setup. Costs: Patent: Avg $15,000 (Min $5,000, Max $15,000).
  • Software Expenses – Costs for software tools and services, covering file hosting, email marketing, accounting, CRM, internal communication, project management, design programs, IT support, payroll software, and social media management. Costs: File Hosting Service: Avg $299 (Min $0, Max $299).
  • Office Space Expenses – Costs for office space, including rent, utility cost, and WiFi/internet. Costs: Rent: Avg $50 (Min $0, Max $5,750).
  • Employee & Freelancer Costs – Costs for employee and freelancer payments, encompassing payroll cost and fees, employee hiring expenses, and employee rewards. Costs: Payroll Cost and Fees: Avg $250 (Min $150, Max $250).
  • Domain Name And Website Costs – Costs for domain selection, website creation, and maintenance, including hosting, domain name, business email hosting, website builder, web designer, and website & live chat tool. Costs: Website Hosting Costs: Avg $300 (Min $0, Max $300).
  • Limited Liability Company (LLC) Cost – Cost for establishing an LLC in the US for liability protection. Cost: Avg $3,000 (Min $1,500, Max $3,000).
  • Social Media Scheduling – Expenses for running the coaching business on social media, including packages, tools, and management experts. Cost: Avg $5,000 (Min $399, Max $5,000).
  • Invoicing And Accounting – Costs for maintaining transaction records, including receipts and invoicing. Cost: Avg $25 (Min $0, Max $25).
  • Cloud Storage – Expenses related to storing coaching business data on the Internet. Cost: Avg $5 (Min $0, Max $5).

Why is it Necessary to Finance Before Starting a Coaching Business? 

The record value of the US coaching industry has touched 13 billion dollars (How to Start a Financial Coaching Business). Starting a valuable business definitely requires good investment. This includes investment both in terms of time and finances. 

This means that it is necessary to finance prior to starting your coaching business. Let’s see why this financing is important.  

  • Setting a Competitive Cost 

You have to set a price when offering coaching services to the people. Financing will help you figure out how much financial investment is going into your business. This way you can decide the price you will be offering your services at, after keeping your profit margin.  

  • Paying the Taxes 

Running a business not just means profit, it is followed by some extra expenses as well. One of these is the taxes that you have to pay to the government when you own a business. 

Financing will help you with knowing more about your business taxes in advance for better business stability. 

  • Stocking Up the Inventory  

Of course, you have to keep your inventory well-stocked before you launch your business. For this money is very important. Pre-business financing will let you decide your inventory stock, your sales goals, and service versatility.

Cost To Start A Coaching Business

By 2022 the coaching business is expected to top 1.3 billion dollars, with more than 53000 life coaches globally (How to Start a Life Coaching Business). The cost to start a coaching business can range somewhere between $62 to $38,061 (Start a Life Coaching Business). 

This makes the average coaching business startup cost to be $22,173 (Start a Life Coaching Business). Different expenses are considered in deciding the overall cost of your coaching business. These include the startup costs, the business formation fees, software expenses, office space expenses, employee and freelancer costs. 

Moreover, domain name and website cost, Limited Liability Company (LLC) cost, social media scheduling, invoicing and accounting, and cloud storage expenses are also to be considered.                                   

1. Startup Costs  

The startup cost includes expenses covering insurance, payroll, research, permits, office supplies, marketing, utilities, and licensing.  

2. Business Formation Fees  

It includes the fee required for turning your newly started business into a distinct legal entity.  

A Patent 

Lawyer Fees 


Permit and License Fees 

Small Business Insurance 

Set up business: LLC & Corporations  

3. Software Expenses  

These include the expenses related to the equipment, services, and tools used for running software.  

File Hosting Service 

Email marketing tool 

Accounting & Invoicing Software 

CRM Software 

Internal Communication Tool

Project Management Software 

Design Programs & Software

IT Support 

Payroll Software 

Social Media Management Tools 

4. Office Space Expenses 

Office space expenses include the cost of the building rent and utility bills. 


Utility Cost 

WiFi and Internet  

5. Employee & Freelancer Costs 

This cost covers the expenditure that you have to pay to your employees and freelancers, including their salary, bonuses, etc. 

Payroll Cost and Fees 

Employee Hiring Expenses  

Employee Rewards  

6. Domain Name and Website Costs  

Choosing a competitive domain and creating a competitive website requires skills and research. Hiring a professional website designer would be best in this case. 

His service fee, costs for website and domain tools, etc are included in the domain name and website costs. 

Website Hosting Costs  

Domain Name 

Business Email Hosting Service 

Website Builder 

Web Designer 

Website & Live Chat Tool 

7. Limited Liability Company (LLC) Cost 

This includes the cost for the corporate structure established in the US which saves the owners from being personally liable to the company liabilities and debts.  

8. Social Media Scheduling  

Expenses for running your coaching business on social media, buying packages, tools, and social media management experts are included in social media scheduling costs. 

9. Invoicing and Accounting  

The cost for the maintenance of transaction records between a seller and buyer, like receipts, is included in the invoicing and accounting expenses.  

10. Cloud Storage  

Expenses related to the storage of your coaching business data on the Internet are included in the cloud storage cost. 

  • Average Cost: $5
  • Minimum Value: $0 
  • Maximum Value: $5 


How Much Does it Cost to Start an Online Coaching Business?

Starting an online coaching business is way more affordable than starting a physical coaching business. Coaches in the US can make $30000 to $40000 yearly, making an average of $37000 (How Much Does it Cost to Start a Life Coaching Business). 

To start an online coaching business the average cost remains between $5000 and $15000 (How to Start a Life Coaching Business). It also covers some on-time costs like:

  • Laptop or computer  
  • Initial training and certification  
  • Website design  
  • Smartphone  
  • Headset  
  • Domain name registration

Yes, it is recommended to hire a business coach before starting a coaching business. Business coaches help you with identifying your blind spots in the business, be your compass for better business directions, and unlock your self-imposed limits. 

Moreover, a business coach also offers unbiased third-party insights, navigates business challenges, meets the goals, and benefits your business approach with his experience.


This was all about the total setup cost for starting a coaching business. Before you start, make sure you plan your finances, set a budget, and run your business accordingly. 

Note down the expenses regarding each category separately to keep a better record of your expenses.

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