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How To Structure A Coaching Intake Form?

Coaching is a powerful tool for change. It helps people find new ways of thinking, feeling, and behaving. The intake form is a key part of coaching. A coaching intake form is a document that helps you collect information from potential clients. It would be best if you asked them questions about their needs and concerns so that you can better understand them. 

How To Structure A Coaching Intake Form? coaching intake form structure

A good way to start the coaching process is to create a coaching intake form. This document you will use to collect information from your prospective clients. It is a very simple document, but the information you collect in this form will help you coach your employee effectively. This post explains how to structure an effective coaching intake form that will help your clients get the most from their coaching experience.

What Exactly is a Coaching Intake Form?

A coaching intake form is a detailed document that includes all the information needed to get a student a private coaching session with you. This includes your name, email address, phone number, and the student’s name. 

It also briefly describes what they want to achieve and the desired timeframe. The type of questions in a Coaching Intake Form is:

  • Your client’s complete name.
  • Billing information.
  • Email address/phone number they would like to be used for communication.
  • Any other administrative info you need from your clients for your process?

How to Structure a Coaching Intake Form?

Coaching Intake Forms are a very important part of your business. They help you to communicate with your clients, and they help you to establish trust between you and your clients. They are also a great way to document what you do for your clients. Many coaches will send a Coaching Intake Form to their clients at the beginning of their sessions. 

These forms can include all the administrative information about your business and your services. For example, you can ask your clients for their names, billing information, email address, phone number, etc. After you collect this information, you can use it to create your Coaching Intake Form. You can also use the information you collected to create a Client Charter. 

The following is a step-by-step guide to structuring an intake form. This form is designed to help you make sense of the information you have collected from your client and to guide you in asking the right questions to get the information you need.

Step 1 – Identifying Personal Information to Gather

When you need to fill out an intake form, you first need to identify the type of information you will need to gather about yourself. This can include names, address, phone number, and email address. 

You will need to collect information about your personal life and gather information about the problems that you are having. It is very important to write down everything you want to discuss. This is so that you can focus on your problems and get through them. 

It is also important to remember that the more information you put down on the intake form, the more chance you have of getting the help you need, and important to remember that you should always follow the instructions you are given.

Step 2 – Determining Questions to Ask

The most important thing about a coaching intake form is that it should be structured. A well-structured coaching intake form will help the coach understand the client’s needs. This is the second step of structuring a coaching intake form. This step aims to determine the questions that will be asked during the intake interview. 

The coach will be able to determine the questions that need to be answered. This will help the coach to get to know the client. The coach will be able to see the client’s strengths and weaknesses. You can use this information to create goals that will help the client achieve success and ask the coach the questions listed on the coaching intake form. This will help you to determine the goals that will be set. 

Step 3 – Choosing the Right Format

The coaching intake form is the first thing clients see when contacting you. It is the first impression that they have of you and your business. The first step is to choose the right format for your intake form.

The first thing to consider is your goal. Do you want to build a list of prospects or attract more traffic to your site? The answer will determine the type of form you need.

For example, if you want to build a list, you should opt for a simple HTML form with only one field. If you are interested in attracting more traffic, you will need a more robust form with multiple fields, including contact information, questions about your coaching style and goals, and a sign-up button.

In addition, you will need to decide whether you want to collect email addresses or not. Email forms are usually better for building a list because you can add your opt-in page to your email to incentivize your clients to join.

You can also customize your form to fit the look and feel of your website. You will need to decide whether you want a traditional or modern look. For a modern look, you can use a form builder like WordPress or Wix to make the process easier.


If you’re thinking of becoming a coach, you’ll need to complete a coaching intake form. It’s a great way to start a conversation with someone, but it’s also a chance to learn about them.

You can use this information to determine whether you’re a good fit for each other and set up a more comfortable coaching environment. As with any interview, the key is to be clear about what you’re looking for. Be sure to mention what you expect in your coaching program and what their expectations are.

Frequently asked questions

What Types of Questions Should I Include in My Coaching Intake Form?

The intake form is the first step in setting up a coaching relationship. It’s the foundation on which your relationship is built. You want to be thoughtful and thorough in your responses to these questions, so that you can get to know each other and set the stage for your coaching experience. Here are some questions to consider for your intake form:
1.How would you describe your personality type?
2.Are there any special interests you have?
3.Do you have any personal or professional challenges you are facing right now?
4.Have you ever had a professional coach before?
5.How much do you value your health?
6.How would you describe your sleeping habits?
7.What is your primary motivation for getting coaching?
8.How did you hear about me?
9.What is your ideal length of coaching sessions?
10.What are your goals or intentions with your life?
11.What do you hope to accomplish with coaching?
12.What are your expectations for our relationship?
13.What are your expectations for the coaching relationship?
14.How would you describe your overall health?
15.What do you think your biggest challenge is?
16.What is your greatest strength?
17.What is your greatest weakness?

How Long Should a Coaching Intake Form Be?

The length of the coaching intake form depends on the details of the program you have chosen, the frequency of your coaching sessions, and your own preferences. A typical coaching intake form should have at least 2 pages, and you should consider adding more pages if your needs change.

Should I Ask Open-Ended or Closed-Ended Questions on My Coaching Intake Form?

It really depends. Sometimes, open-ended questions can help you understand things better, while closed-ended questions can also provide good information. So, it depends on what you want to learn about yourself, and what the coaching sessions are going to help you with.

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