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Top 10 Books Every Coach Should Read on Coaching Certifications

Becoming a coach is a journey that takes a lot of effort and training. You will have to go through a phase of personal reflection to become a real mentor.

 Coaches have to pass a certification course to become a coach, but many other great resources can help you in this journey.

Top 10 Books Every Coach Should Read on Coaching Certifications Coaching Certifications

You can grow and develop your coaching skills by reading books on coaching certifications. Here are the ten essential books on coaching that all aspiring coaches should read. 

Top 10 Books Every Coach Should Read on Coaching Certifications

Becoming a coach is a journey that takes a lot of effort and training. You will have to go through a phase of personal reflection to become a real mentor. 

Coaches have to pass a certification course to become a coach, but many other great resources can help you in this journey. 

You can grow and develop your coaching skills by reading books on coaching certifications. Here are the ten essential books on coaching that all aspiring coaches should read. 

1. Barking up the right tree by Eric Barker

Barking Up the Right Tree by Eric Barker throws light on the secrets to success. It teaches the readers how to achieve success and balance in different areas of life. 

The latest in the book highlights the scientific research and guides readers to achieve success using those methods. His book is focused on how to “find work-life balance using the strategy of Genghis Khan. 

A wide portion of the book is also focused on the errors of Albert Einstein. The readers can also get a little lesson from Spider-Man” by reading this book. 

The book also guides you to lower your stress level and become more focused on your work. If you lack self-love, you will not be able to achieve success. 

The book teaches that you should increase the level of self-love in yourself. You will be able to grow in life and move towards the path of success and happiness by following the tips given in this book. 

Mr. Barkers also teaches that improving themselves through entertaining sources can help them focus on their work with all their heart and soul. 

This book is recommended to all people who want to become successful in life. The book will be helpful for the coaches who want to improve their skills as a coach. People aged 16 and above will enjoy this book a lot.

2. You’re It by Alan Watts

The book teaches us that the Universe is playing hide and seek with us. We have to discover our paths to gain success in life. 

The book takes us to a fantasy land where we climb a path that will lead us to paradise. Now you have to get the answer to all questions, and we find a mirror when we reach the top. 

After reaching the top, we get involved in a cosmic game and discover our authentic selves. Alan Watts reveals that everything that we are seeking can be achieved by self-meditation. 

We can achieve self–improvement by adopting spiritual practices. The legendary philosopher talks about the drama that exists in our life. 

We must keep a clear mind to add joy and happiness to our lives. It would be best if you had a mirror to see your face, and in this same way, you must reflect on yourself to find your true nature. 

You must hold the spiritual-looking glass and penetrate inside your mind. You should find out the truths in your life and discover the great wisdom that will light up your life. The Universe is always expressing the delightful mystery in your life. 

The book highlights modern myths and explores Japanese poetry’s subtle beauty. Alan Watts gives an important lesson to all the readers about living their lives in perfection. 

3. Co-Active Coaching by Kimsey-House, Sandahl, Whitworth

Co-Active Coaching is one of the best books for all coaches. It is a guiding light for all the new coaches who are looking forward to becoming great teachers in the future. 

The book includes all the valuable information from the past three decades and lists down all the tricks to become an expert coach. 

Coaching has evolved in the past years. The book authors are the core thought-leaders and have helped coaches to walk through the path of light. The book is a backbone for all the coaches enrolled in coaching studies. 

This book is described as “the bible of coaching guides”. The book Co-Active Coaching digs deep into the deep philosophy of becoming a skilled coach. 

It teaches all the coaches that becoming a coach is a vital process, and you need to have a holistic approach. The book includes exercises to improve skills as a coach. 

The book defines that to become a real coach, you have to focus on listening, intuition, and curiosity. It will help you to delve into the principles of becoming a successful coach. 

4. The Will Power Instinct By Kelly McGonigal

The Will Power Instinct by Kelly McGonigal explains the science behind self-control. He also describes how this self-control leads to health and happiness. 

It can enhance the productivity of the coach in a lot of ways. Kelly is a health psychologist and has years of experience with her students. They struggled to make the right choices and didn’t have sufficient willpower to grow.

According to her, many students believe that willpower brings them down. However, she is open to talking about what science says about willpower. Thinking about all these things, she created a book called the will power Instinct. 

This book continues to be a part of the course at the University of Stanford. Since the time of release, this course has become a hit.

The willpower instinct lays a good foundation and insights from various popular subjects. It has got some inspiration from Psychology, medicine, and even neuroscience. 

When you read the book, it is easy to realize what is will power? Or how it can impact our life? Why does it matter? There are no doubt readers that understand a lot from it.

It is easy to have a happy and productive life when you have self-control. Will power is action from the mind and doesn’t have to be a virtue. 

It is a brain function that humans can control if they wish to. You are the only one who can control your emotions and actions. However, it doesn’t mean you can overdo it, as excess willpower is terrible too.

5. 10% Happier by Dan Harris

10% happier by Dan Harris is an inspirational course for the coaches. He has brilliantly explained the benefits of meditation and how it awakens the soul. 

When he had a panic attack, Dan realized it was about time to accept new changes. As he has been a non-believer nearly all his life, he took time to become a part of a bizarre adventure.

His life has been a combination of a self-guru, brain scientist, and pastor. Additionally, he could realize that his happiness lies within what he wants to do or what could be his asset. It has been a source of problems and challenges to deal with everything in his life.

At some point, he made some foolish decisions, but he could understand what he wanted in life at another time. Finally, he understood how essential listening to the inner voice is. 

There are many ways in which you can meditate and push your life for the better. It all made him believe that nothing is impossible or useless.

Meditation is a tool that can help you do better, whether it is your health or anything else. 10% happier is a book that will make you realize how meditation can improve your daily life. 

You can take a ride and reach out for the neuroscience and spiritual scene. It will give a proper idea of how to live your life successfully without any burdens. Jeff Warren, who is a teacher and a friend of Dan, made it clear how meditation can make your life smooth. The myths around why you shouldn’t meditate  also became clear.

6. Making Habits, Breaking Habits By Jeremy Dean

Do you want to incorporate a new habit in your life? Is it going to the gym or reading a book? Or is it how you want a new musical instrument? 

Whenever you start something new, you don’t need to force yourself. Instead, there must be a passion for trying something new automatically. If you want to find answers to everything, start reading ‘Making Habits, Breaking Habits. 

It gives a comprehensive idea of how you need to make your mind a lot more powerful than before.

Even though we all believe that everything is in our control, it is not like that. There are many things that we do without any decision-making. 

Psychologist Jeremy Dean has put his life and soul into finding the true answer. Why is it so hard for us to eat an apple a day and break our hold habit? 

It is challenging to take charge of your mind and start doing something you don’t want to do naturally.

Making Habits, Breaking Habits  is written in a witty manner and helps us grasp many things. Behavior is complex, and people cannot control themselves in this matter. 

There is no way to bend your old habits and go for the new ones instantly. It is not easy to bend your rules, thoughts, and activities in daily life. Such books are a gem and will help you reflect on your life and how it can turn out to be better. 

Readers can get fascinating information on how they can change their habits. Jeremy has put in all the ingredients in this complex subject and convinces us innovatively.

7. The Life Coaching Handbook by Curly Martin

The Life coaching handbook By Curly Martin reveals what coaching life is all about. No matter how many coaching certifications you have, it is important to have some good coaching experience. 

Once you read this complete guide, you can understand how to coach yourself and others better. It also sheds light on how you can attain easy practice for coaching. The life coaching Handbook is a gem that is rare to find. 

This book covers an NLP-Based technique that consists of many topics. You will not be surprised to know that it is a complete book for the coaches

It is also an excellent book for NLP practitioners, managers, and professionals if this isn’t enough. The councilors and others can learn a lot from it.

Curly Martin is a professional coach and author. She is a trainer and an NLP master practitioner. The way she has written this book gives us an idea about her experience with coaching. 

As he has been coaching for around twenty years, many people look up to him. Celebrities, CEO, and directors have been her clients. You can use this book to have a good introduction to life coaching.

It is easy to paint a comprehensive and clear picture and gain some theory along with it. This book covers a wide range of coaching experiences that everyone can learn from. 

If you want to learn what life coaching is or plan to become one yourself, this book has it all. If you’re going to build a life coaching business, there is a lot you can learn from this complete book.

8. Coaching for Performance by Sir John Whitmore

By Sir John Whitmore, Coaching for performance is the ultimate book for coaches and leaders. It is also helpful for leaders, professionals, and managers. 

Reading this book will be beneficial whenever you think about being productive at work. This book has become an international seller, and its popularity will only increase in the future. 

It features an influential ‘Grow Model’ and has become essential for coaching professionals. You need to bring the best within yourself, as this is the only thing that leads to success. 

This book emphasizes how you need to grow and drive productivity. The coaching culture has to be meaningful to grow at a wide range at the right time.

If we talk about a meaningful coaching culture, it is all about having a good relationship among employees and companies. Both need to work together and pave the way to success. 

Sir John Whitmore is a pioneer of coaching and the epitome of success. He is an inspiration for consultants and market leaders in coaching. This book is comprehensive and puts in all the effort to talk about every aspect of successful coaching.

You need to revolutionize the current scenario and achieve great results for the coaching culture. It is important to go with the flow and incorporate some new practices. 

The new coaching dialogues and glossary will only strengthen the learning. It is crucial to have a meaningful relationship with employees, or companies cannot succeed. 

Organizations must measure all the advantages they can gain from professional coaching. All these things remain helpful for the benefit of coaching professionals.

9. Effective Coaching by Myles Downey

Myles Downey gives a comprehensive idea for coaching at the workplace. He states how important it is for the manager and coach to extract the best for their team. 

They need to implement new ideas and thoughts while respecting the team’s choice. He has become one of the best business coaches in Europe and has a lot of experience in dealing with challenges.

Myles Downey has been a successful coach and continues to reach new heights. He is a teacher and consultant within an international organization. 

If you want to get into the coaching business, this book is helpful. His experience will guide you very well while using your skills for the better.

You will understand what works in this business or what doesn’t. You will get a wide range of exercises and stories in this book. You can also get a lot of conversations and experience regarding the coaching business. 

This book emphasizes how everything is under the control of a coach. A revised edition of this book deals with the same topic. You will get to understand a lot of realities that revolve around coaching organizations and the teams working there.

10. Art of Coaching By Jenny Bird

The Art of Coaching by Jenny Bird will give you a new insight into coaching. It will open up new ideas and widen your horizon in many ways. 

This book has a clear vision that will open up new possibilities for the coaches. You can change yourself for the better and adapt new ideas within your coaching. It is wise to practice your thoughts and ideas in your reality.

Prominent and highly qualified coaches write the art of coaching. This book is creative and comprehensive, while coaches can use these ideas for their betterment. It involves an emphasis on leadership and supervision qualities. 

You need to be wise to make good decisions at the right time. Once you read this book, you get a wide range of contexts. The idea behind this book becomes even clear when you see all the contexts relating to leadership and supervision.

It is a combination of brand new ideas and original images. Some classic models are also included to make the learning and development process clearer. 

Jenny Bird has created the Art of Coaching with many valuable and informational resources. Coaches can get a quick reference and learn everything fast and instant. 

The theoretical base is very strong, while the overall text is full of inspirational thoughts and ideas. 

The Art of coaching is valuable for those who want to start with the coaching. They can learn new ideas and develop themselves for the better.

Are Books on Coaching Certifications Worth it?

If you read books on coaching certification, there are a lot of benefits you can gain.

1. Gain valuable knowledge

When you read a book on coaching, it will give you valuable knowledge about coaching.

Most of the books written by well-known authors deal with every corner of coaching. You can incorporate the same ideas while coaching.

2. Improves your focus

The books on coaching will help you concentrate on your work for a long time. It is essential for your growth and success in coaching. 

When you focus on something without distraction, it is the key to success. While learning the skills from these books, you can use those ideas in real life.

3. Improves your communication skill

If you want to get into coaching, you must first learn to improve your communication skill. 

One of the significant benefits of reading a coaching book is that it will help you communicate in a better manner. It will help you understand your team or students for the better.

4. Growing potential and purpose

The pioneers of coaching have written comprehensive coaching books based on their experience. 

You can learn more about coaching as a management style. It will not only transform your workspace but offer new growth potential and purpose.

5. Learn how coaching works

The authors of coaching books have revealed some prominent approaches for coaching. 

A long and comprehensive reading will make you familiar with this profession. You will know ways to deal with it. In short, the reader will get an overview of coaching.

Which Coaching Certification is the Best?

Here are some best coaching certifications:

1. Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching

The institute for professional excellence in coaching is one of the best certifications. It offers comprehensive education and three different certifications.

2. Institute for coaching professional training certification

The institute for coaching training professional certification is a comprehensive program. 

It revolves around the coaching style and how you can gain from it.

3. Coach U-core Essentials program

Coach U offers a comprehensive idea behind coaching. This program will help you expand and refine your business. This course will be an ideal choice if you look to change your career for the better.


We have reviewed the Top 10 books on coaching certification that every coach must read. You can learn a lot from them and broaden your horizon in many ways. It has now become easy to find your preferred coaching certification!

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