[Case Study] Starting a 6-Figure Coaching Business at the age of 75

Today we have with us Ann Moir Bussy, she is a successful coach from Australia and a Best Selling Author.

Ann opens up about her coaching journey and how she has become a successful coach at the age of 78.


About Ann Moir Bussy

[Case Study] Starting a 6-Figure Coaching Business at the age of 75 online coaching certification

As she approached mid-life over 20 years ago, she struggled to find her way. It was akin to being lost as what had guided her in the first half of life did not seem so relevant and yet she could not see what would lead her through the afternoon of life. She had to leave behind what was no longer useful and take a courageous step into the unknown. And then what wondrous horizons awaited.

She now works with women approaching and taking this journey. Many women have told her that they fear loss of control, uncertainty, blocked by beliefs that no longer serve them and unsure of who they really are.

Entering the alchemical mid-life kitchen and putting all these fears into the blender is the beginning of a transformation. It is the way to discovering one’s own voice, the unsung song within, and the beauty in all aspects of one’s life and becoming a conscious, empowered woman, and she invites you to take this journey too. The world needs this feminine wisdom and power. As Carl Jung said, “The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you really are”.

Below are the excerpts from the interview

1) Why did you become a coach? Was it something you have aspired for?
  • Since I grew up in an altruistic family and culture and also that my father was a prisoner of war, we always wanted to help others less fortunate than us. Well since the inception, I started out as a trained missionary and then as a teacher but as I felt that I’m meant to do more, I’ve trained as a coach and never looked back.
2) How old were you when you decided to take up coaching?
  • I was at my late 40s when I started training as a coach.
  • Since teaching was a difficult job and I’ve had enough of it and wanted to help others individually, in small groups, I became a full-time counselor coach.
3) Since having been a teacher before a coach, have you ever had multiple jobs at the same time?
  • Well, when I quit my full-time job as a teacher, I had to quit my job as a missionary as well.
  • I had to search for a place to live and one to work, I did little part-time jobs and also a bit of teaching in university.
  • Gradually I worked myself up to become a full-time counselor coach in my business.
  • Initially, it wasn’t successful as I never knew about setting up a business as I’ve been a missionary.
  • Thus, it took a while for my business to get going.
4) What were your biggest fears in the journey of being a successful coach?
  • Being a missionary, setting up a business was quite difficult.
  • Being a woman, voicing out my ideas in a patriarchal society was hard.
  • Technicalities that a business required was not in my knowledge.
5) Are these fears still present after being an established coach?
  • No, these fears aren’t present anymore.
  • Since being a coach, I’ve learned to embrace these fears and take risks.
  • Since starting out as a coach in midlife has been an unknown terrain for me.
  • But with some support, I’ve overcome this fear and am quite confident now for facing future risks and challenges.
 6) Did you ever think of giving up on coaching after facing hardships in this sphere?
  • I’ve thought of doing so only in the last few years.
  • Though I’ve worked as a full-time university professor which helped me to sustain myself and the things that I did like supporting indigenous people in remote parts of Australia.
  • Finally, after leaving my teaching job, I sought to become a full-time coach.
  • I got in a state of turmoil after I failed to set up my business for lacking the basic knowledge.
  • Finally, a member of your team encouraged and gave me the tools that I required to get my business going and since then I haven’t looked back.
7) What impact did becoming a coach create in your life?
  • I am earning a handsome amount now that will help me further in life.
  • I’ve learned now to set up joint venture partners.
  • At present, I’ve ten partners and they’ve supported me in the programs I run and I do the same as well.
  • As I’m reaching out to many people now, I’m running podcasts and am voicing my ideas.
  • I’ve got 21 new clients in the last month. 
  • I’m now more confident than ever.
8) Well I’m happy that you’ve brought about a change in everyone’s lives.
  • I’m happy to have been in touch with people of many countries and cultures and the richness they bring in.
  • looking back I see that a single step can open us to a variety of opportunities.
9) What is the secret behind a successful coach and being that way?
  • Well, mind, body, and spirit integration is necessary.
  • I try to maintain my fitness.
  • I also do Qigong, which is”vital energy cultivation” or “mastery of your energy”. It gets me started for my day.
  • I set and list my priorities according to the day it is and plan the day accordingly.
  • Lastly showing gratitude for everything that has happened in life.
10) What can you advise to people who like you aspire to become a coach but are afraid to do so?
  • Take the first step as I did.
  • Listen to your inner self and ignore those who don’t believe in you.
  • Find a supportive community for yourself.
11) How has your experience been with Accelerator?
  • It was a very liberating experience.
  • Accelerator encouraged me and showed me to set up my own business, unlike others.
  • It set up our business website, contact joint venture partners and other technical processes that I had no idea about.
  • Women have predetermined roles and thus they don’t get time for themselves but through Accelerator I got to have a private coach with whom I get a learn a lot, helps with my programs and struggles as well.
12) Did Sai’s guidance help you in any way?
  • Sai was amazing and he always challenged me with tasks.
  • He is supportive always and his programs help us to take the steps that we need.
  • He is always available and always on working into developing new programs that help us in many ways.
  • He has got a great sense of humor as well.
13) What do you coach and how you help people?
  • I work with people on personal development, on grief or loss, life coaching, relationship counseling, things that people go through in life in general. 
  • The biggest age group that focus is women in their midlife.
  • I’ve got a program, “Alchemy in the midlife kitchen” which I run online with these women but it’s also attracting the attention of people from other age groups as well.
  • I’ve got another program, “Conscious Aging” for women who are aged to help them realize that they’ve something to do in this stage of their life as well.
14) In spite of being an established coach,  you are still developing new programs. Is the “conscious aging” program your next goal?
  • It is. I want to develop programs for midlife women even more.
  • I want to make a program to help women with their body, mind, and spirit integration. So, they can learn to live in their present and live to the fullest.
  • To help create a balance between masculine and feminine. And how to make women develop their own inner feminine leadership and be a light in a world for others.
15) How can people get in touch with you?


Take the first step and seize the moment as the opportunity presents itself and thus you can be your best self.

Put simply, you show your clients real results, and you’ll get an endless stream of clients wanting the same results.



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