[Case Study] How To 4x Your Coaching Fees In 12 Months

Today we have with us Sandra Hamilton, she is a successful coach from Jamaica. She is a superstar at progressing when it comes to clients, Joint ventures partners and she’s got tons of exposure as well.

About Sandra Hamilton

[Case Study] How To 4x Your Coaching Fees In 12 Months

Sandra Hamilton is a life coach, certified Rapid Transformational Therapist ©RTT, motivational speaker, educator, retreat leader, change agent, and community developer, She helps professionals who are grieving because of death, loss, abuse, or suicidal ideation by holding them safely and carefully as they work through the issues surrounding their pain.

Dr. Sandra Hamilton aka Dr. H earned her doctorate in Educational Leadership from Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota, her Masters in Gender and Development as well as Public Administration from the University of the West Indies, Mona, and her Bachelors in Human Ecology from the University of Technology.

She trained in Rapid Transformational Therapy with Marisa Peer.

Below are the excerpts from the Interview

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1) Tell us a little bit about what made you decide to become a coach?
  • I did not decide to become a coach, people assumed. So there was absolutely no aspiration there what I wanted to be and what I was doing is hosting retreats and when I saw mentors in that field all said you’re doing the wrong thing. This is what you should be doing, this is who you are so that’s how I became a coach.
2) Tell us a little bit about what you were doing prior to running the retreats?
  • I come from education. I’ve worked from kindergarten to university so when I left I was running a master’s of education program for in-service teachers. So my passion has always been to find the golden people and look how I can lift them up and that’s what I was doing.
  • When I transitioned into coaching I was working with women, I’ve seen how abused they were dealing with even while working full-time, studying almost full-time that was a huge burden to carry, and then on top of that to see abuse in a myriad of ways been heaped and it was hard for me to see so I started doing the retreats out of that just giving these women and a few men a weekend where they could let their hair down speak about their problems get some peace and resolution and go back to work so it started from there.
3) “What if it doesn’t work out” Did any of those kinds of fears come up for you?
  • I never had this kind of fear. I literally resigned, I jumped off and what I did was to do what I had been telling other people to do. I said believe in yourself.
  • People would say to me we can’t afford to come and study with you and I would say make that first step and the rest would fall into place. 
  • I began to feel frustrated in my job and I have ADHD tendencies so I took my own advice and I literally jumped off, developed my wings on the way down so there was no fear but there was also no choice as to whether I would succeed or not because I did not have a backup plan I do not recommend this to people but I didn’t.
4) During your journey there must have been some pretty intense fears which came up tell us a little bit about that?
  • My sister-in-law asked me when I said I was going to Quit the job and be a coach she said coach what, because my assumption was you go you do this coach training, and everything works and that’s the first time that I had a doubt.
  • I left my job on really good terms and I told them this is what I am going to do and the most senior person said to me that’s great because I need a life coach but in terms of specializing that didn’t occur. 
  • So when the question was asked I was flabbergasted. What do you mean by who, when, what. Am I going to coach and that’s the first time that the doubt came but I pressed forward saying okay I will figure it out.
5) Was there any part of that journey where you thought about giving up?
  • Yes because they did come and ask me to take this senior position as a president of the college so there was that temptation and I resisted that.
  • Then my father got seriously ill his sickness really drained me. he had cancer of the liver and it was a difficult time and at that point, I had no money left in the bank and our house was up for foreclosure but my father did say to me you do what you do the best stop looking for solutions when the answer is within you.
  • My family objected and said go find yourself a job and my sister said to me.
  • I did decide to take the practical side of me to go back to work which I did but I didn’t drop the coaching and my father’s advice “when you go back to work if you decide that’s what you need to do give a hundred percent to yourself rather than to somebody else” that was his advice so yes there were times when practically it made sense to go back I am actually still in that job but planning on moving on
6) What happened to you then in the last year as a Coach give us kind of a rundown of what happened?
  • I’m going to say confidence in a weird way, it was the validation that yes I’m good enough. I knew that but there’s a way of knowing it theoretically and then there’s a way that it’s infused in your body so I will say you and your team infused that belief in me that yes you are doing the right thing, this niche that I have chosen which is to work with women who are abused is difficult. What is really essential is if we’re looking at lifting humanity. Women of 50 or more of the world to live in that population to where they are believing in themselves happened within a month of joining Accelerator. 
  • I doubled my rates and I have since doubled them again but all the things that happened It was the belief in myself and my own value and that I am a gift and to recognize that I am a gift I’m not going to say priceless I am not but it’s a gift that I did not even realize the value of what I had and so even before I joined the program people would say oh you’re doing so much on a retreat charge ten thousand and my head was so ridiculous because it came naturally to me what I’ve been doing so being here has shifted that so I now recognize that what I do naturally is the gate and is what I should be charging for so that whole belief piece has shifted integrally.
7) Tell us a little bit about the partnerships that you managed to get 15 joint venture partners to promote, you were collaborating with other celebrity coaches, were you turning down these collaborations because of a lack of time?
  • Where I’m looking at one is just following instructions which you’re brilliant at doing even though I am very resistant to follow instructions which I did it’s the truth I’m like why do I have to do it this way I tell you I’m ADHD that I understand people’s pain because I’m so resistant I want to do everything so differently so what the program has done is given me those steps to follow which I have resisted but I’ve gone back to.
  • With the JV’s the first person I reached out to, her list was 10 000. and she’s in movies in the states so she has an audience. I need that confidence because quite often people see us as we’re really successful but that’s what you see on the outside, inside there’s that niggling thought that we’re not that good enough because we tend to see our own faults much more than anybody else sees them so that was fantastic and then.
  • I was invited on to podcast and I will say that this is all online this is not in Jamaica but through England through Australia and then I began to be invited to giveaways and I think you had said that people usually need an email list of 2000. I’m like I have no email list this is not where I was going when you were starting the giveaways. So now I have a list of people who want me on giveaways and I’ve had to say no because I’m not able to service those clients at this point and I needed to take time to breathe and make sure that then I’m delivering quality so I’ve been invited on quite a number of giveaways even though they knew and I told them I have no list like sales so right now my list is one thousand five hundred and thirty-seven.
8) Tell us a little bit about one of your JV partners in the states who said she loved what you did so much that she was going to do the marketing everything for a retreat and you were just going to show up and do your thing?
  • She’s from New York and she reached out and invited me to do an interview on her radio station which I did and then we’re chatting and she says oh I see you do retreats and we start talking and she said okay the next retreat you do will be for me.
  • She said don’t worry about it you do your thing I will get the people to you don’t have to just show up tell me how much you want to pay and that’s it, I will organize everything.
  • I agreed to her proposal and now the retreat will be in February.
9) Tell us a little bit about your experience with Accelerator and with the team?
  • It’s like a foundation for me, A real WOW experience. 
  • I will say this is not the first program I’ve been in and I’ve done so many trying to figure out who I am and what I do and what I have to offer so this for me was a real wow experience. 
  • I think speaking with you Sai & Jorge is so personable that you feel is you’re not a number but that you matter, the validation belief in me as I said if that wasn’t there I don’t think I would have doubled my price.
  • It gave me a system even though I objected to it that put the steps in place and then holding me accountable for that.
  • There is logic even to those of us who are illogical, that needs to be followed in the program, therefore, I had to follow the steps that taught me a level of discipline that I don’t think I would have had that have been way more scattered so the discipline and the accountability and just the concept of running an online business.
10) What would you say to somebody that’s on the fence right there they’re kind of seeing whether they want to sign up for accelerator or not what advice would you give them?

  • I’m honestly going to say Do it and if you’re in a job and wondering then do it while you’re working I am currently still working I did tell them I do the job for two years then leave I am at that point. So jump in and do it and the staff is phenomenal.
  • This month and we are only halfway through the month I’ve earned from coaching the same as at least more than because we’re only halfway through the month than I would have in my full-time job so if the question is can you do both things it’s definitely a Yes, the program allows you to work at your own pace.
11) How Can People Contact You?

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DrSandraRHamilton

Instagram: Confidencebuilderhamilton

Website: https://drhtheconfidencebuilder.com


You always have to Believe in yourself and not let your confidence fade.

Obstacles will come but you have to challenge yourself and push yourself until the very end and that’s the only way you’ll succeed.

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