[Case Study] Creating A Coaching Business with Over 566,986 Followers

Today we have with us Nadine Zeinoun, sharing her story of building half a million followers through emotional intelligence.

About Nadine Zeinoun

[Case Study] Creating A Coaching Business with Over 566,986 Followers

After extensive managerial experience in the corporate pharmaceutical sector, She is now a partner and General Manager of Accompleash SARL, a coaching & consulting company that services the pharmaceutical and non-pharmaceutical industry in Lebanon.  This leadership role & previous roles, allow her to better identify with other’s leadership needs in order to better support them.

She currently holds a CMC (Certified MentorCoach), a CEC (Certified Executive Coach) from Mentorcoach USA, and a PCC (Professional Certified Coach) accreditation from the International Coach Federation. She is also certified on different psychometric tools such as EQi 2.0, one of the leading assessment tools for Emotional Intelligence and TMSDi Team Assessment Tools. In addition, She has currently enrolled in a Certification Program on “Conversational Intelligence” with the author and writer of Conversational Intelligence Judith Glaser. All these certifications and credentials from highly esteemed organizations allow her to provide clients with many tools to help further develop their communication and leadership skills.

Below are the excerpts from the interview

1) Please tell us more about you and your coaching journey?
  • I am from Lebanon, I live very close to the capital Beirut. I have been here most of my life.
  • I work with corporate managers and my specialty is helping them develop Emotional Intelligence skills.
  • I do this to help them address creating a good culture for their Team, A Culture that is based on happiness, harmony, compassion, engagement, and high commitment where people there are ready to kill their leader for their organisation and their team.
2) Why did you become a Coach?
  • I grew up in a Civil War in Lebanon, at the age of 2 it started and continued until I got into college, Everything I knew as a child was war, saw people always in conflict, hatred, people taking sides, polarization.
  • I saw how politics separated them, even families used to fight over political views, they never talked to each other. It created all tension among them and all of them really touched me.
  • Since I was a little girl I dreamed of changing this world by creating harmony and bringing people together rather than getting them against each other.
  • So the love of coaching grew in as I was a kid but I didn’t discover it early on.
  • I joined the pharmaceutical industry and I was managing Sales, Marketing, and Brand but I still hadn’t understood that my mission was coaching.
  • I had a really nice time learning about the corporate world, about business and marketing experience which helped to develop my personality.
  • But things changed when I had to leave the corporate world and the real reflection started. So I opened my own company and I realized that I love training people, love helping people develop and I saw its a skill which I already had and I did it so naturally.
  • I was able to hold a group and help them understand the process and apply concepts but this wasn’t enough. I just didn’t want to teach only sales and pharmaceutical reps. I wanted more.
  • So I went into Emotional Intelligence and my life changed because I realised How amazing sets of skills those are and how they can help people to lead in a very human and compassionate way that creates harmony, this is something I always wanted to do since I was a little girl. 
  • That’s how I decided I want to be a coach who works with Emotional Intelligence.
3) How long have you been coaching?
  • I started coaching 9 years ago in 2012 but I got certified with Emotional Intelligence in the year 2013.
4)  Since you also have an edge because of the emotional intelligence part, when you talk about success. So how does that come into play when you are there as a coach?
  • Yes. It does especially with corporate clients because I work with organisations and now they have very good awareness about emotional intelligence and they really want their leaders to be an emotional intelligence leader, that’s when they start searching on Linked In and my name pops up because I am one of the few who is specialised in Emotional Intelligence.
  • I consider myself different because I lived with myself, I have worked on my own emotional intelligence, I wasn’t very emotionally intelligent before, I have lived that journey.
  • I feel I can help others hence I added something extra which is Conversational Intelligence. It’s an addition to Emotional Intelligence and it’s very unique I don’t think anyone is certified on this in my region.
  • It adds value to emotional intelligence and both complement each other, It really helps me with corporate culture.
5) What were your biggest fears in the journey of being a successful coach.
  • Switching my full-fledged profession to a completely new territory I had no idea about.
  • I’ll be able to help people with my coaching of emotional intelligence. 
  • If I’m going to get success or not.
6) How did you manage to overcome your fears?
  • Initially, I was all by myself since not many people knew about Emotional Intelligence so no one could really help me.
  •  Later on, my friends and my husband helped me a lot to overcome those fears.
7) What were the obstacles /roadblocks you had to experience during your journey?
  • The doubt if I am going to succeed in this coaching business.
  • The fear of rejection especially when I had to do the marketing of myself.
8) How coaching has impacted your overall life?
  • Coaching has dramatically changed me who I am the person today.
  • It has made me see my priorities & who I want to be in this world.
  • It helped me see things in a much bigger way, has made me calmer, and to connect with people deeply.
9) Do you have any daily rituals which you started after your transition?
  • I wake up very early.
  • I keep 1 hour for myself only.
  • During this 1 hour, I read books, write journals, or meditate.
  • I pray every day.
10) What is that banner you have in your background?
  • It’s a banner of a non-profit organisation called “VIA” value in action which helps discover and use their strength in life.
  • I have it here because every client who comes into this room needs to do the VIA survey because I want them to know their strength before they start any coaching with me. So this is something very important for me in my coaching.
11) What advice would you give to the coaches who want to become full time coach but are scared to take the plunge due to a full time job.

My advice would be :

  • Don’t let your fear limit you.
  • Don’t be limited , use your courage to drive you forward.
  • Always think about what change you want to bring into this world and focus on that.
  • If you focus on your purpose it’s gonna defeat the fear and allow you to move forward.
12) In your 8-9 years of coaching, How has the accelerator helped you on your coaching journey? 

Accelerator has brought the major change in my life :

  • Sai made me realise How to make business in a human way & In a way that aligns my values and my coaching.
  • He taught me things about online coaching business which I had no idea about like How to contact people,look for JV and get information.
  • I managed to find my niche because of the accelerator, in fact, the accelerator gave me the tool to create my niche.
13) What does your coaching program accomplish for your clients?
  • My program supports or helps the managers to become self-aware, more aware of their team.
  • It gives them a tool required to create a team that is fully engaged, high performing who are ready to take any initiative for the sake of the team or the organisation as a whole.
14) How long did it take to create your program?
  • With the constant support of the team I managed to set up my program in 3 weeks.
15) What is the next step for you/where do you want to go from here?
  • I see myself as a global Inspiration.
  • I see myself as someone who can inspire people to be resilient.
  • I don’t just want to inspire only managers but everyone.
  • Not sure how am I gonna get there but the 1st step is Accelerator.
16) How can people contact you?

Linked In: CoachNadineZeinoun

Instagram: CoachNadineZeinoun

Website: www.CoachNadineZeinoun.com

Youtube: CoachNadineZeinoun

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