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Top 10 Best Work-Life Balance Coach Certifications

How many hours do you spend on the job? Do you bring office work at home? Do you not find time for your family? If yes, you need to maintain a work-life balance. In this fast-paced age, the workplace has gained more importance as earning is necessary to fulfill the needs. In the race of earning, people often find little time for family; friends circle is shortened, and work-life is pressurized.

Top 10 Best Work-Life Balance Coach Certifications Work-Life Balance Coach Certifications

In the recent decade, Work-life balance coaching has gained attention globally. So, work-life balance coach certifications can create bright prospects for a career.

Before moving to the top Work-life balance coach certifications, it is necessary to get an introduction to work-life balance and its benefits.

In Brief : Top 10 Best Work-Life Balance Coach Certifications
  • Training Certification From Work-Life Balance Experts – This certification provides trainers with a 5-step curriculum, covering time management, work-life balance, leadership, and stress management, fostering job satisfaction.
  • Certified Work-Life Strategist (CWS) Credential – The CWS credentials focus on wellness, life skills, and career management, emphasizing living, learning, and working; it supports certification advertisement.
  • Coaching For Balance – Co-Active Training Institute – A 4-week online course by the Catalyst Training Institute teaches inclusive leadership for work-life balance, covering flexible work environments.
  • Real Balance Global Wellness – This certified program transforms lifestyles by enhancing fitness, wellness, and health through behavioral psychology, motivational skills, coaching competencies, and integrated cultural.
  • A Matter Of Balance – Coach Training – CAPCOG – An 8-week coaching program for older adults addresses falling concerns, improves physical activity, and seeks volunteer coaches; aims to reduce fall risks and enhance physical balance and strength.
  • Work-Life Balance – Training & Coaching – Exclusive to Netherlands residents, this program focuses on stress-free work environments, conscious choices, dynamic use of abilities, talents, skills, stress management, and burnout understanding in each session.
  • Work-Life Balance Academy Coaching – A 12-week coaching program leading to a meaningful, happier, and stress-free lifestyle by recognizing strengths, overcoming setbacks, sustaining work momentum, and developing a healthy mindset.
  • Whole Person Life Coaching – This coaching covers all aspects of life, guiding clients to move away from memories, enhance existing skills, and create a harmonized life, aiming to increase overall life and job satisfaction.
  • Executive Coaching Certification – Mentor Coach offers executive coaching certification, focusing on building relationships between trained coaches and executives to accomplish business goals.
  • Executive Coaching Certification – Quality Mind – Quality Mind offers executive coaching services designed for c-suite executives to manage work stress, maintain equilibrium between job and personal life.

What is work-life balance coaching?

Work-life balance refers to the ability of an individual to manage work-life and non-work life. In simpler words, work-life balance is an idea to manage personal, social, and professional aspects of life with satisfaction and wellness.

Work-balance coaching helps people to maintain harmony between work and personal life. Though jobs play an important role in our lives, several other things need our attention. Many people spend more hours in the workplace while others spend more time enjoying life events. Work-life balance coaching trains a person to manage time among workplace family, friends, and social events.

What are the benefits of work-life balance coaching?

Work-life balance coaching is not limited to time management only. A professional coach can guide the client to lead a peaceful life without stress. Further, Work-life balance coaching can alleviate self-doubts and help to lead a successful professional and personal life. We have listed out some top benefits of Work-life balance coaching:

  •  Maintains work-life balance

Work-life balance coaching trains an individual to set professional and personal life goals. Individuals can set priorities to achieve short or long-term goals. It may include self-care, self-awareness, values, and much more. 

Consequently, work-life balance coaching sessions help the professionals to get more job satisfaction. Thus, individuals can maintain a balanced life between work and home.

  • Reduces stress

In the United States, workplace stress is one of the biggest causes of death. A great number of Americans are overwhelmed with the office workload. Work-life balance coaching helps an individual to create personal choices. For instance, when you are overloaded with several projects at a time, you can refuse to take on more work. People often consider that doing more and more work is the only choice in the workplace. Workplace coaching changes the mindset and helps the individual to remove stress stimulus. Furthermore, when you prioritize the work, it becomes easy to manage it all.

  • Get more productive and creative

A work-Life balance coach helps to lead a productive life. People often compromise happiness, desires, and choices. Work-Life balance coaching instigates productivity in professional life as well as personal life. You can think more creatively to make refreshing memories. Individuals always have the choice to crave enjoyment and fun outside the workplace.

  • Develops effective communication

Work-Life balance coaching improves communication skills. Effective communication can improve the quality of work. It also helps to convey your point of view to your fellow workers and management. Similarly, you can develop bonded relationships outside the workplace. Everyone has the power to speak up. You can relieve stressors that are built due to poor communication.

  • Develop resilience

A Work-life balance coach helps the leaders to develop resilience. Leaders need to develop more stress tolerance behavior. It often happens that managers are stressed out and pressurize the team to increase productivity. Managers and professionals need to adapt to the changes and unfavorable circumstances. So, resilience triggers create job satisfaction as well as a life satisfaction environment.

 Work-life balance coaching plays a vital role in the growth and productivity of an organization. Employees can understand the importance of teamwork as well as individual performance.

Top Ten Coaching Certifications for Becoming a Work-Life Balance Coach

1. Training Certification from Work-Life Balance Experts

Work-life balance experts train the trainers to deliver the best coaching services. Trainers are guided to schedule a 5-step curriculum i.e.

  • Time management
  • Work-Life balance
  • Leadership/ management
  • Stress management

Employees and managers can get job satisfaction, reducing the burnout rate. Further, they can accomplish personal and professional goals and enjoyable work life.

Training Certification from Work-Life Balance Experts provides technical support as well. It may include:

  • Monthly educational newsletter for all participants
  • E-postcards to teach tools and skills dynamically
  • E-mail communication templates to have effective communication with the organization
  • Course Data for the utilization of employee and group
  • Slides to use during training the executives and teams

Additionally, coaching certificate participants can also get a license to use course data. The platform allows a 2 -2 ½ day certification training with the assistance of the master trainer.

On the whole, Work-life is the ideal platform to train the coaches. It offers online sessions as well. 

2. Certified Work-Life Strategist (CWS) Credential

The students of Certified Work-life Strategist (CWS) credentials help the employees to achieve wellness, life skills, and career management. With a CWS credential, you need to upgrade the following areas of the clients:

  • Living: It includes the awareness of self-care and well-being. Clients can learn from coaches to develop resilience, hope, and equilibrium between work and life.  
  • Learning: Clients learn to develop new technical skills and functioning skills in the work-life.
  • Working: Coaches guide the clients to communicate well. The purpose is to navigate professional goals and achieve success in career life.

CWS credentials support the advertisement of your certification. Further, you can add this credential to your resume. CWS credential includes two types of courses:

CWS Fast Track program – Get trained by the master in Work-life balance

CWS Self-study Application – you can submit your samples and our coaches will assess your work for better guidance.

Certification of CWS provides complete study material and resource material. You can become a master trainer with CWS credentials.  

3. Coaching for Balance – Co-Active Training Institute

Work-Life balance is often considered impossible. Catalyst training institute has made it possible with the help of coaches. The institute teaches inclusive leadership for a productive and healthy work environment. You will learn:

  • How to maintain a flexible work environment and work-life integration
  • The method to identify the barriers and problems to enhancing the work-life balance
  • How to become a dynamic leader with the Inclusive leadership behavior

Besides, this online course helps managers and individuals to polish their leadership skills. The duration of Coaching for balance is 4 weeks. Get enrolled to improve life satisfaction and job satisfaction. 

4. Real Balance Global Wellness

Real balance Global Wellness is a certified program that transforms an individual lifestyle. It helps to enhance the client’s fitness, wellness, and health. Students enrolled in the Real balance wellness certification program learn:

  • The behavioral psychology
  • Motivational skills
  • Coaching competencies
  • Integrated cultural support 

Coaches can transform the lives of clients using discrete knowledge and professional skills. The wellness coaching 360°™ model enables healthcare professionals and trainers to make positive changes in life. When you are fit mentally and physically, you can develop resilience against stress. 

5. A Matter of Balance – Coach Training – CAPCOG

 Area Agency on Aging of Capital Area Program (AAACAP) has launched matter-of-balance coaching for older adults. The goal of this certified program is to help old age people with falling concerns. Further, it also features activities that will increase the physical activity of adults.

The duration of the coaching program is 8 weeks. 1-2 hour session is conducted weekly. The purpose is to prepare the older adults for risks, reduce the risk to fall, and improve their physical activity. Consequently, it enhances the physical balance and strength of the adults. The program seeks volunteer coaches that can play a positive role in society. 

6. Work-Life Balance – Training & Coaching

Work-Life balance training and coaching allow the individuals to work in a stress-free environment and achieve tranquility and balance in life. The program is limited to the Netherland residents only.  Coaches and trainers can earn:

  • How to work effectively
  • How to make conscious choices at work and non-work places
  • Dynamic use of abilities, talents, and skills
  • Stress management and understanding the burnout

Longer time stress can affect personal and professional life both. Work-life balance trainers can inspire you in each session. The sessions are optimistic and fill energy among the clients. Each session carries some themes like hybrid working, time management, and discussion of work stress. 

7. Work-Life Balance Academy Coaching

Work-Life Balance Academy Coaching aims at leading a meaningful, happier, and stress-free lifestyle.  Coaches at the academy help the client to recognize their strengths and potential. A life coach helps individuals to accomplish personal and professional goals.

Work-Life balance Academy coaching helps the clients to overcome setbacks, sustain work momentum, increase their self-confidence, improve communication in the society and develop a healthy mindset. The duration of the coaching classes is 12 weeks. You will find dramatic transformation in your thinking style and lifestyle. 

8. Whole Person Life Coaching

Whole person life coaching covers all aspects of an individual’s life. coaches and trainers learn to discover new meanings and happiness in life. A whole person’s life caching guides the clients to:

  • Move away from memories and create yourself in a newer way
  • Improve the skills and techniques you already have
  • Enhance the abilities to upgrade personal and professional aspects of life
  • Create a harmonized life
  • Increase life satisfaction and job satisfaction

Whole life balance coaching comes up with a unique idea. The trainers have to work more deeply with clients to improve all aspects of an individual’s life.

 9. Executive Coaching Certification

Mentor coach offers executive coaching certification. Executive coaching helps to build relationships between the client (who is in a managerial role) and the trained coach. Executive coaching certification helps the trainers to meet the demands of the client. Credential coaches work in distinction with executives to accomplish the business goals. 

Companies and entrepreneurs often hire executive coaches to enhance their communication skills and improve the creativity and innovation in the organizational culture. Mentor coaching educates the executives and helps to manage personal life and work-life in a better way.

10. Executive Coaching Certification – Quality Mind

Executive coaching is designed for c-suite executives. Executives are strictly under observation in the upper and lower hierarchy of an organization. Many executives come without experience to fill the vacancy.  

Quality mind offers executive coaching services. The coaches work with the executives, discuss the matters at hand and offer the solution plan to come out of work stress. Further, executive coaching also allows the executives to maintain equilibrium between job and personal life. However, Quality mind institute does not offer university degrees, certificates, and credentials.

What are the career prospects of someone with a work-life balance coach certification?

Work-life balance coach certification is in greater demand by the organizations and corporate sector. Executives and employees have been facing work pressure and stress. It surely affects workplace performance and collaboration. Organizations regularly need to train their employees to foster creativity and growth.

Here are the some of the prospects of the Work-Life balance coaching:

·         Career coaching

·         Executive coaching

·         Retirement coaching

·         Weight and body image coaching

·         Work/life balance coaching

·         Relationship coaching

·         Time management coaching

Skills needed for becoming a work-life balance coach

Work-life balance coaching demands the general knowledge of the business, workplace, personal, and social events. “Life coaches” have to cover all aspects of the individual and guide the matter. So, all work-life balance coaches need to know certain skills like:

  • Communication skills

A work-life balance coach has to interact with people from all walks of life. So, it is necessary to develop sharp communication skills. Clear and effective communication is the core of coaching.

  • Positive personality

A coach needs to be self-assured. Self-awareness and positive thinking make the ideal personality of a coach. 

  • Teaching skills

A coach needs to develop work-worthy teaching skills. Coaches have to guide and demonstrate the solutions. Coaches can convey their point of view more clearly.

  • Research skills

The urge to get more knowledge keeps the Work-life balance coach updated. Furthermore, coaches can become more dynamic and motivated with their research skills.

  • Assessment and evaluation skills

Basic knowledge of psychology is necessary to evaluate the behavior, motivation, and attitudes of the client. So, the method to assess and evaluate the behavior of a person is essential to the success of coaching.

 Questions to consider when looking for a work-life balance coaching certification

Whenever you choose counseling or coaching, it is necessary to understand some queries regarding the profession. What is the scope of Life-balance coaching? Who hires the life coaches? Why should you choose Work-life balance coaching?

Every certification program undoubtedly increases the skills, potential, and knowledge of a specific field. Similarly, a Work-life balance coaching certification will improve your communication abilities and organize a session more professionally. So, seek for an accredited university or institute before getting enrolled.


In the race of status co and status upgradation, people are more stressed on jobs. Consequently, they are less concerned and involved in the family matters and society events. Work-life balance is a dynamic approach that helps the individuals to accomplish work goals and spend healthy time with families and friends. Work-life balance coach certificates

Frequently asked questions

1. What are the benefits of getting a work-life balance coach certification?

Work-life balance coach certification increases the worth of your CV. You can get known by the corporate sector. If you want to increase the prospects of coaching, it is necessary to get certified by an accredited university.   Furthermore, you can get a standard job at well-known organizations.

2. How much does a work-life balance coach certification cost?

A work-life balance coach certification cost varies. It depends upon
The length of the course
The online or offline course
Accredited institute or reputation of the institute
Area of interest in life caching
A rough estimate says that a work-life balance coach certification cost ranges from $2000 to $15000. However, the cost of coach certification may also vary from state to state.

3. How do you choose the right work-life balance coach certification for you and your needs?

To choose the right work-life balance coach program, you need to evaluate your interest and see your career choice. Further, you can research different domains of Work-life balance coach certification. You can have a look at course outlines and other academic details. It will help you explore your area of interest. 

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