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Top 10 Best Sleep Coach Certifications

Sleep is the human body’s most effective mechanism that regulates your body’s mental health and makes it work effectively. These days you can find a coach for nearly anything. You name it, and boom! A coach is there to help you out. From business to health, performance, or life, there are hundreds of coaches for every profession. 

Top 10 Best Sleep Coach Certifications Sleep Coach Certifications

But have you come across a sleep coach? 

Sleep coaches play an important role in helping those who struggle to resume their regular sleep and for those people who can not sleep appropriately despite being tired from daily work. 

In Brief: Top 10 Best Sleep Coach Certifications
  • Coach Certification Program  – This program focuses on addressing sleep issues like anxiety, insomnia, and chronic pain, and provides access to recorded sessions and instructor support.
  • Sleep Science Coach Certification – Designed for those interested in sleep coaching, this course explores the connection between memory, dreaming, and sleep; available for $197.
  • Becoming Certified – Udemy – Udemy offers an introductory course in sleep coaching for $19.99, covering health, wellness, and their relationship to sleep.
  • Top Sleep Courses Online  – This course helps individuals improve their sleep quality and overall well-being.
  • Association Of Professional Sleep Consultants  – This comprehensive program includes 80 hours of training, 50 in-class hours, 30 for independent research, and 12 assignments.
  • The University Of North Carolina – Part of a health coaching curriculum, this course covers sleep modules and provides insights into sleep disorders.
  • The University Of Michigan  – This stand-alone course emphasizes the importance of sleep, focusing on the biological, societal, and individual aspects of sleep.
  • London School Of Childcare Studies  – This course includes live sessions, eLearning materials, assignments, and grading to earn the qualification.
  • Reed.Co.Uk – Reed offers a sleep coaching course focusing on Techniques for Better Sleep.
  • Become A Sleep Expert  – A comprehensive program covering newborn sleeping patterns, offered at a cost of $1797, with a flexible self-paced schedule and various learning methods.

What Is Sleep Coaching, And What Does a Sleep Coach Do? 

Sleep coaches play a vital role in a variety of functions. Every sleep coach will typically have a consultation with a client through a phone call, video call, or in-person. They take a holistic approach and gather data from various sources to determine what might be causing the sleep issues. Then they offer support and direction to help clients improve in particular areas. Adults, as well as children or infants, can benefit from sleep coaching. A subsequent meeting will determine whether the advice has been implemented correctly and, more importantly, whether it is effective. 

Other names for sleep coaches include sleep therapists, sleep consultants, sleep trainers, and sleep practitioners. They are comparable to personal trainers who assist clients in achieving higher fitness levels.

What Are the Benefits of Sleep Coaching Certification Programs? 

There are many benefits of sleep certification programs. Some of them include:

  • Improved Body Health

A certified sleep coach helps people improve their metabolism, immune function, creativity, sports performance, memory, happiness, and over 100 other functions and behaviors. This makes sleep coaching professional a noble one that makes people’s life easy. 

  • Better Career Perspectives

A certified sleep coach has a bright future as with the advancement of technologies; we are more inclined toward our screens. And the blue light emitted from these prevents us from sleeping on time, causing us insomnia. Shortly, the demand for sleep coaches will be increased manyfold to help people get better sleep. 

Top 10 Coaching Certificates for Becoming a Sleep Coach 

Here is our list of top 10 sleep coaching certificates that will help you step up your career game.

1. Integrative Adult Sleep Coach Certification Program 

According to a study, around 50 to 70 million people on average suffer from sleep deprivation or wakefulness conditions.  Sleep deprivation is associated with health issues and dangerous outcomes, which is why people are being more crucial about their health and sleep. In this course, the trainers will let you know about anxiety, insomnia, and chronic pain that do not let people have a good night’s sleep.

You will have access to the new modules when you finish each of the previously recorded sessions, which are available when you get enrolled in the program. Other than this, you can also ask questions to your trainer through email or can join a weekly or monthly conference call with the instructor. 

2. Sleep Science Coach Certification 

This Sleep Science Coach Certification is for everyone who intends to make their career in sleep coaching. If you are going to treat or want to sleep more consistently or recover fully from insomnia, therefore this course will provide you with tools, knowledge, and resources to help people while you earn higher revenue, regardless of the sort of coaching, consulting, or training you are providing.

In this certification course, you will learn what sleep is in the first lesson during the training. This proves to be a solid course for being better informed and efficiently serving the client. You can get this course for $197 to learn more about the connection between memory, dreaming, and creation.

3. Introduction to Sleep Coaching and Becoming Certified – Udemy

The Introduction to Sleep Coaching is another sleep coaching program offered by Udemy. This course teaches you to become a licensed healer or sleep coach to assist your clients with their sleeplessness. Also, by the end of this course, you will be able to help people get their sleeping patterns back to routine, all while earning bucks and starting a fulfilling career. 

By the end of this course which will cost you around $19.99, you will get a certificate that will improve your credibility in becoming a sleep coach. It will teach you about health and wellness, sleep and nutrition, and how this is related to good health, which ultimately brings out good nighttime sleep.

4. Top Sleep Courses Online – Updated [June 2022] | Udemy 

With this course, you can discover tried and true methods to fall asleep quickly, awaken feeling refreshed, and enhance your health and mood. This course will help you recognize the value of sleep and how it functions. If you are someone who wishes to maximize their sleep time but is preoccupied, or you desire to relax your mind and get a good night’s sleep, then this course is for you. 

It will teach you to find how to lead a life that will improve your sleep quality and discover methods that aid in falling asleep. Other than this, it will boost your general well-being and disposition. 

5. Approved Programs – Association of Professional Sleep Consultants 

Approved Programs offers this course for sleep consultants, and after completing this course, anyone can start their journey as a certified sleep coach. It offers 80 hours of program training, of which 50 hours are spent in classroom instruction and 30 hours on independent research and application. Also, to get a certificate for this course, you will have to complete 12 assignments that track and evaluate your progress. And at last, a final project evaluates your complete journey on this course and keeps track of the 50 practicum hours that you have spent. 

6. The University Of North Carolina

This university offers health coaching programs that include thorough sleep modules that cover chronic disease, sleep wellness, and sleep hygiene. It is a component of the larger health coaching curriculum. This could be a beneficial course of study to enroll in if you are interested in honing your abilities and understanding as a sleep coach.

It will help you to list the signs of sleep disorders and problems associated with inadequate sleep. By the end of this module, you will understand what should be advised to adults and babies regarding their good sleep. 

The course goes cohesively, and each lesson is built upon the one before it. Therefore, this course is meant to be finished in the order specified. 

7. The University of Michigan 

It is one of the stand-alone sleep courses offered by the University of Michigan. It can support the abilities and education necessary to work as a sleep coach. The importance of sleep for individuals and society is the main topic of this course. 

Also, this course is focused on providing students with the most recent knowledge on the biological, societal, and individual significance of sleep. The fact that the quality of the previous night’s sleep is the strongest predictor of performance throughout the daytime emphasizes the importance of personal relevance. The first half of the course provides an overview of the neurological underpinnings of sleep control, which are actively generated by the brain.

8. London School of Childcare Studies 

These courses are made up of a taught portion and various assignments. The theoretical component consists of a series of live sessions held once a week for ten weeks. These also feature recaps and question and answer sessions, where students can ask questions in a group setting in addition to the preparation sessions. 

Also, the students will receive complete access to the eLearning materials that supplement the course. In addition to these, students must do several assignments that are graded to earn the qualification. 

9. Reed.Co.Uk 

Another course offered by reputable course supplier Reed for sleep coaching is for those seeking to enhance their sleep or assist others through expert coaching. These are perfect for a coach who wants to specialize in sleep coaching and earn a degree in the subject. 

To help you get the most out of your sleep, this course will teach you a variety of Techniques for Better Sleep. You’ll be able to fall asleep more easily and wake up feeling thoroughly rested as a result of this course.

10. Sleep Consultant Certification – Become A Sleep Expert 

This course will help you to examine the theories and research with supporting data in the complicated field of newborn sleeping patterns. Normally, it will take about 4 to 6 months to complete this consultant program. However, you can finish it whenever you want as it is completely self-paced. 

Role-playing, coursework, reading, being exposed to challenges, and case studies are all part of the learning process. Though it is a pricer and will cost you around $1797, the quality of knowledge they are providing for this price is unmatched. 

What Are the Career Prospects for Someone with A Sleep Coaching Certificate? 

When you become a certified sleep coach, you can earn around £15 to £30 per hour, and some charge more with their exceptional skills. The majority of sleep practitioners sell packages rather than charge by the hour. When you are certified, this means you are your boss, and being self-employed allows you to structure your business according to your liking. 

A sleep coach has the option of working remotely, locally, from their home, or when traveling; there are no restrictions. From temporary bookings or postings, it is possible to travel and grow one’s clientele abroad. 

Other than this, sleep coaches can also charge £80 to £100 for a sleep consultation and an extra £50 to £80 for home visits or £450 for a week’s worth of assistance. 

How To Become a Certified Sleep Coach? 

One of the best ways to become a certified sleep coach is to get enrolled in one of the above-mentioned certification programs. These programs will teach you the basics of sleeping patterns and the knowledge about how to get a good night’s sleep.

This is the perfect profession if you enjoy assisting and guiding others and want to feel fulfilled by your work. It can be a fulfilling position as you are assisting someone in achieving something vital to life: sleep.

Though specific previous knowledge is not necessary for sleep coaching, additional training to specialize in this field of work is essential to become a skilled sleep coach.

Books And Resources for Becoming a Sleep Coach

Anyone who wants to develop their career as a sleep coach can get information from a wide variety of books. Your work as a sleep coach will benefit from the techniques and advice they give. Here are some of the books which will help you to be a better coach: 

1. The Self-Empowering Sleep Book: Solutions Gained From Experience – Delbert Curtis

This easy-to-read book offers a three-step process for improving sleep within four to five weeks. It covers various realistic strategies, some of which are straightforward and quick to put into practice, which ultimately helps to enhance the general quality of sleep.

2. The Sleep Book: How to Sleep Well Every Night – Dr. Guy Meadows

It is another book that will help you to be a better sleep coach. The author of this book is a leader of a company called The Sleep School, which has allowed him to gather extension information and awareness of the sleep issues people face and how to help a customer get a good night’s sleep. Anyone interested in sleep coaching can use the concepts in the book, which have been tried and tested by the author himself. 

3. Sleep: Redefine Your Rest, For Success In Work, Sport, And Life – Nick Littlehales

This book was written for sportsmen and sportspeople by a renowned sleep expert. It has an approachable format and fascinating information about how technology and modern living have harmed sleep. 

The book dispels various myths about sleep. As a beginner sleep coach, the knowledge offered in this book can give you insight and practical advice to advance your career. 

Questions To Consider When Looking for A Sleep Coaching Certification

Before beginning a sleep coaching certificate, it is essential to ask yourself the following questions:

1. What is covered in the training program, and how long is it?

On average, the amount of time spent in class during these training sessions should range from 8 hours to 65+ hours. Some classes will only require you to attend the class, whether in person or online, while others will involve homework assignments. 

2. Who is the instructor, and what are their qualifications?

A skilled trainer should have at least ten years of working experience in the field. He must have been teaching for a long time and should have good records of maintaining healthy relationships among the students. 

3. How will the course prepare you for your career?

Before starting any sleep coaching certificate program, you should look into what you will learn in the section to know what will be the outcome of this program or will it assist you in advancing your career. 

Is It Necessary to Obtain A Sleep Certification For Practice As A Sleep Coach?

There is not currently a predetermined industry qualification that makes you eligible to work as a sleep consultant. This implies that you might potentially refer to yourself as a sleep coach, sleep nanny, or sleep consultant after completing any sleep course. 


Though sleep coaching is not that much popular among people right now, it has the potential to grow many folds in the coming year. A customer may be worn out and in need when they get in touch with a sleep coach. Sleep coaching can help and direct them to get a restful night’s sleep that significantly enhances one’s physical and emotional well-being. The above-mentioned courses will help you ace your career as a sleeping coach. Since these courses are customizable and there are many training possibilities, they will help you to get better knowledge and treat people to prevent their anxiety and insomnia.

Frequently asked questions

1. What Is Sleep Coaching? 

Sleep coaching is a program that creates sleep plans and provides guidance and support as necessary through prescribed or customized sleep packages to their patients. Families seek help from sleep coaches when they are having trouble falling asleep or when they want to create good sleep habits.

2. What Are the Benefits of Sleep Coaching Certification Programs?

When you become a sleep coach, you become your boss, and you will have flexible working hours. Not only this but making a difference in people’s lives and a child’s development is a rewarding job.

3. How to Become A Certified Sleep Coach? 

To become a certified coach, you can get enrolled in the above-mentioned courses, which will provide you with a certificate in the end. This certificate will help you win clients and improve your credibility.

4. Is It Necessary to Obtain A Sleep Certification For Practicing As A Sleep Coach? 

Though it is not necessary to have a degree to practice as a sleep practitioner as this field is unregulated. But many people won’t hire someone if they can not show that they have the knowledge and skills to assist them, so it is more viable to have the certificates in the first place.


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