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Top 10 Best Self-Esteem Coach Certifications

Confidence and self-esteem coaching is a rapidly growing career, thanks to the results achieved by the trainees over the years. This is the reason why employers worldwide spent on average 1,308 U.S. dollars per worker on learning and development, as of 2019, and even more in the following years.

Becoming a self-esteem coach is a decent career choice if you are gifted with high self-confidence and self-esteem.

Top 10 Best Self-Esteem Coach Certifications Self-Esteem Coach Certifications

We will discuss this later on in the article. This article will also highlight some of the best self-esteem coach certifications available in the market, and how you can be a successful self-esteem coach. And in the final part of the article, we will answer some common questions that self-esteem coach aspirants have.

Enough of the teasing, let’s get right into the business and learn a thing or a few about self-esteem coach training.

What is a Self-esteem Coach?

A self-esteem coach is hired to bring the most out of the individuals and to increase their overall productivity. They start with teaching to challenge the inner critic and coaching the trainees to treat themselves with compassion. It is a branch of life coaching and employs talk-listen therapy, in which the coach communicates with the trainee to try and remove their mental obstacles.

Self-esteem is built through breaking old patterns of thought and behavior that you’ve picked up from your prior experiences. Becoming a self-esteem coach has also become common among mentors and teachers as they are considered the profession for people with high self-esteem and confidence.

In simpler terms, a self-esteem coach is someone who helps others in increasing their belief in their own self-worth and talents. Working with self-esteem coaches is a great way for people with low self-esteem to identify their own negative thoughts, behaviors, and attitudes.

What are the Benefits of a Self-esteem Coach Certification?

Self-esteem coaches are not just random individuals who just thought one day that this will be my career path from now on. In fact, a self-esteem coach is a person with the tools and knowledge required to enable the best in others. 

There are several opportunities for growth as a self-esteem Coach once you have finished your training and certification.

The certifications we have selected in this article are also from renowned trainers and institutions and will add a career-changing experience and certificate to your CV.

A core benefit of self-esteem coach certification is that you further get to polish your talent with the help of an industry leader and learn their methods as well.

Self-esteem coaching is also a flexible career choice in terms of working hours and project selection. You can choose to work from the office, at home, or by phone, just what suits you and your client.

It also allows the trainer to learn about ongoing psychological and societal trends and stay up-to-date in order to help their clients.

Top 10 Coaching Certifications for Becoming a Self-esteem Coach

It doesn’t matter whether your profession has been teaching, mentorship, or if you have been associated with psychology or a similar field of study. We have set up a list of self-esteem coach certifications that can help you well be the self-esteem coach you aspire to be.

Without further ado, here are the top 10 Coaching certifications for becoming a self-esteem coach:

1. Self-Esteem Life Coach Certification2 Training

Self-Esteem Life Coach Certification2 Training is one of the most popular self-esteem coach certifications on Udemy. With its 3.6 out of 5 ratings, rated by 243 students, it has an up-to-date training methodology with 9+ hours of interactive video tutorials.

The course is compiled and delivered by Empowerment Coach Academy which in itself is a renowned Life Coach Training Academy.

Taking the Self-Esteem Life Coach Certification2 Training is a great step if you have decided to pursue a career in life or self-esteem coaching. Its course content is modern and as per the latest trends, yet so simple and easy to grasp.

2. Confidence Coaching Certification CGRCC Confidence Coaching

Confidence Coaching Certification CGRCC Confidence Coaching is another course available on Udemy, which is compiled and delivered by one of the top-notch Management Coaching academies, “Get Results Coach Academy”. 

If you really want to differentiate yourself in the highly competitive self-esteem coaching market, this is the right course for you. This statement is backed by the course’s 4.4 out of 5 rating by 547 happy students.

The course consists of 10.5 hours of training videos with several downloadable course resources. 

This course is equally effective for beginners as well as someone who took a self-esteem course but still feels unprepared for jumping into the practical market.

3. Girl’s Self-Esteem Coach™ Dual Certification Program

The Case Institute’s female-only Girl’s Self-Esteem Coach™ Dual Certification Program is a popular self-esteem coach training for women aspiring to be a self-esteem coaches.

The course consists of video lectures and state-state-of-art content, which is designed to help trainees stand apart from their competition.

Remember, this is a girl-only certification and only girls are eligible to enroll in this certification program. So if in case you are one of our female readers and want to pursue a career as a self-esteem coach, congratulations, this could be the only course you will need to make your dream a reality.

4. Confidence Life Coach Certification & Confidence Blueprint

Confidence Life Coach Certification & Confidence Blueprint is one of the highest-rated courses on the entire Udemy website with its staggering 4.8 out of 5 rating given by 1,383 students.

It is without a doubt one of the most complete life coach certifications out there with 6 hours of on-demand video lessons.

The course is delivered by instructors Joeel and Natalie Rivera who are also professional trainers, coaches, and speakers.

If you are someone looking for tools and techniques to boost confidence and develop self-esteem, this should be the final stop for you. 

Confidence Life Coach Certification & Confidence Blueprint has a long module on confidence-boosting tools, which is very helpful for boosting your self-confidence as well as that of your clients.

5. Certified Self-Confidence

Joe Rubino’s Self Confidence Coaching Certification is another honorable mention in the list of top self-esteem coach training certifications available online.

No matter if you want to increase your own level of unstoppable self-confidence, pass on these concepts to your own children, grandkids, or other family members and friends, or go out into the world and earn a handsome career as a self-esteem or confidence coach, this course is for you.

The course is quite detailed, yet not too boring or lengthy, making it a great choice for professionals busy with a job or a business, and wanting to pursue a career as a life coach.

This course consists of a video, 3 e-books, 11 reports, 2 workbooks, and 25 affirmation exercises aimed at helping the trainer in becoming a more confident individual.

6. Confidence Coaching Certification

Confidence Coaching Certification by American Confidence Institute is beginner-friendly confidence coaching certification with an emphasis on real-world experience and a confidence tool kit.

Completing this course will get you featured on American Confidence Institute’s website for potential coaching referrals, apart from the printable ACI Certificate you will get after the completion.

The course is very highly rated and has been completed by over 400 individuals and businesses around the world.

It has around 4 hours of video lessons after which the trainee will have to pass the American Confidence Institute’s Certification exam and a 3-hour Zoom Group Practica.

Another great thing about this certification is that you can also display your online ACI badge on your LinkedIn profile after the completion of training.

7. She Coaches Confidence Coach Certification

She Coaches Confidence is a Confidence Coach Certification by Lucy Baker on her website She Coaches Confidence.

It is a six-week long course with a 1-hour interactive class, also being recorded for trainees’ use after the course.

The enrollment in the course comes with the addition of a WhatsApp group with the trainer and other course colleagues, where all the answers of the trainees can be entertained post-class.

Trainees can also take a one-hour private session with Lucy Baker during the course, which comes at £150, other than the price of the course.

This coach also has an installment plan for the aspiring confidence coaches who want to achieve their coaching dreams but are also short on cash.

8. Confidence Coach Certification and a Growth Mindset

Confidence Coach Certification and a Growth Mindset by Transformation Academy is an approximately 15-hour long course consisting of video lectures and worksheets.

The course is delivered by instructors Joeel and Natalie Rivera who are also professional trainers, coaches, and speakers.

This course will take you on a ride on everything behind self-confidence psychology and how you can master the science of confidence.

The course is also self-paced, meaning that the trainee can finish it as per their schedule.

The reviews on their website are self-explanatory on why this is one of the best confidence coach certifications out there and how it has helped hundreds of people be the confidence coaches they always wanted to become.

9. Women, Power & Body Esteem Coaching Certification Program 

Rita Hovakimian’s Women, Power & Body Esteem Coaching Certification Program is confidence and health-boosting coaching certification for women, with over 2,000 participants completing the program to date.

Everything needed to help women alter their connection with their bodies is included in this certification, which is based on over 20 years of practical business and research expertise.

Hundreds of testimonials on their website can be read before taking the course and you will be furthermore interested in taking this course.

Unlike other courses on this list, this course focuses more on women’s bodies and the connection of healthy bodies with the brain, and how it boosts self-esteem.

This course can do wonders for your own self-esteem and psychological growth and later on the same for your clients.

10. Certified Self-Esteem Life Coach Directory

Certified Self-Esteem Life Coach Directory by Empowerment Coach Academy is a renowned self-esteem coach training delivered by the instructor Louise Anne Maurice.

It is a 20+ hour certification, upon completion of which the trainees are added to the Empowerment Coach Academy’s directory of the Life Coaches.

The coach also includes hands-on coaching fieldwork, where they are supposed to coach real clients, giving the practical experience along with the certification and training. The fieldwork is assessed and verified by the Empowerment Coach Academy for accreditation.

There are several life and confidence coach training certifications available on Empowerment Coach Academy’s website, which are affordable as well as effective in learning the core concepts of confidence and self-esteem coaching.

What are the career prospects of someone with a self-esteem coach certification?

Someone with a self-esteem coach certification can choose a whole lot of career paths. This first and foremost includes being the self-esteem coach.

You can also opt for career coaching for the high school kids who mostly lack self-confidence and need guidance on career selection.

Self-esteem coach certification can also help you in becoming a corporate and business coach, where you will be responsible for the confidence-boosting of the executives helping them make the most out of their working capacity.

For religious people, religious and spiritual coaching can also be a career prospect if they have enough religious knowledge.

Time management coaching is another popular coaching path, coaches are taking these days. Many executives are hiring time management coaches in order to bring out more utility out of the available time.

Skills needed for becoming a self-esteem coach

Although there are no mandatory prerequisites for the self-esteem coach training, there are certainly a few skills that can come in handy if you are aspiring to be a self-esteem coach. Here is a quick list of the skills which if you possess; you can be a top self-esteem coach:

1. Self Confidence

2. Time Management

3. Effective Communication Skills

4. Patience

5. Listening Skills

6. Empathy

7. Psychological know-how

8. Objectivity

9. Curiosity

10. Confidentiality

As already mentioned, there are no prerequisites for becoming a self-esteem coach and anyone with the desire and motivation can get the job done. Above skills can also be developed later on in the career, but if you have these, you are good to go.

Questions to Consider When Looking for a Self-Esteem Coach Coaching Certification

We have shared with you the best self-esteem coach training certifications available on the internet. But you cannot take all the 10 courses, can you? You will have to choose a self-esteem coach training certification that is best for you.

Before you go out there and enroll yourself in a self-esteem coach training certification, we would like you to ask these questions from yourselves.

Do you really want a career in self-esteem coaching?

Do you have the finances for this course?

Is there a better course available for a lower price?

Is the course you are taking cover all the aspects of your desired coaching career?

Do you connect with the trainer or instructor educationally?

Have you explored the course outline of other certifications?

Is the course too basic for your expertise?

Is the course too advanced for your expertise?

If you have asked yourself these questions and answered them as well, you can finally choose the best course for your particular case and be the self-esteem coach you have always wanted to be.


Self-esteem coach training certifications are a stepping stone if you want to achieve greatness as a self-esteem coach.

You just need to choose the best course for your case. For example, if you are well aware and trained in self-esteem coaching you can choose a higher-level course for yourself. 

If you are relatively new to the concept of coaching and want to be a self-esteem coach, you should go for a detailed and beginner-friendly certification that covers all the little things about, confidence, self-esteem, and coaching.

Thanks for reading this article, we hope you got the answer to the question that brought you here and you are soon enrolling yourself in a self-esteem coach training certification.

Frequently asked questions

What are the benefits of getting a self-esteem coach certification

The certification is proof of completion of the training. Hence, you will get a higher chance of getting hired by a client if you have gotten a self-esteem coach certification from a renowned trainer.

How much does a self-esteem coach certification cost

The courses included in this article can cost you somewhere around $500 to $400. Again, you have to decide which course fits your need and which course is best for your skillset.

How do you choose the right self-esteem coach certification for you and your needs?

There are 3 very important factors that can help you choose the right self-esteem coach certification for you and your needs.
1. Budget
2. Time
3. Experience level

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