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Top 10 Best Negotiation Coach Certifications

You can become the best negotiated if you know how to make a perfect deal and it is according to your wish. If you know how to negotiate, you can get better value, products, and even the job that you wish for. Do you know that there are even best negotiation coach certificates as well? By completing these certifications, you can become a better negotiator and practice new tactics that will greatly help you. 

Top 10 Best Negotiation Coach Certifications Best Negotiation Coach Certifications
In Brief : Top 10 Best Negotiation Coach Certifications
  • Certified Negotiation Professional (CNP™) – SkillFront – SkillFront’s CNP™ course not only provides mastery in negotiation but also enhances conflict resolution and communication skills, equipping professionals to navigate diverse situations effectively.
  • INSEAD Certificates In Negotiation – INSEAD offers comprehensive negotiation certificates, emphasizing practical cross-cultural experience, strategic negotiation systems, and flexibility in completing the course over two years.
  • Negotiation Skills For Coaches – UNH Professional Development – UNH Professional Development’s negotiation certification, tailored for coaches and professionals, offers specialized workshops in procurement contracts, sales, and cross-cultural negotiations through customized onsite or public training formats.
  • Train-The-Trainer | RED BEAR Negotiation Company – RED BEAR’s negotiation courses, conducted by the largest negotiation company globally, focus on training individuals to become trainers, fostering a learning environment and helping businesses achieve goals through improved negotiation skills.
  • Train Negotiation Leaders, Coaching Negotiation Skills – This course not only imparts negotiation skills but also trains leaders, offering workshops for participants to learn from experts, enhance negotiation performance, and provide in-company training.
  • Negotiation | Success COACHING – SUCCESS COACHING’s negotiation certification emphasizes understanding options and capabilities, learning negotiation techniques in-depth, and addressing escalation, providing on-job learning for success in negotiations.
  • Negotiation Experts – Classroom & Online Negotiation Training – This top-ranked course provides sales and procurement negotiation training, including a 2-day skill training, a negotiation simulation game, and personalized advance training, enhancing negotiation confidence and capabilities.
  • Northwestern University – Kellogg’s High-Performance Negotiation Skills – Northwestern University’s course focuses on high-performance negotiation skills, teaching participants to navigate proposals and counterproposals effectively in various negotiation scenarios.
  • Harvard – Negotiation Workshop – Harvard’s negotiation workshop offers powerful investment in self-assurance for sales negotiation skills, preparing professionals for future negotiations and helping them handle unforeseen situations more gracefully.
  • Coursera – Introduction To Negotiation – Coursera’s series of negotiation courses teach essential skills applicable across careers, including objective listening, good judgment, and clear, persuasive expression, making negotiations in various contexts more effective.

What is negotiation coaching?

The main question that everyone asks is what exactly is negotiation coaching. Basically, it is a one-to-one process where you learn how to improve your persuasion and communication skills through experienced coaches. 

Negotiation is basically a process through which you can agree or even compromise upon any statement. If even any disagreement occurs, there is always a goal or aim to achieve behind it. It all depends upon the negotiation skills. In short, negotiation means meeting desirable outcomes by talking and dialogue.

What are the benefits of negotiation coaching?

Before we tell you about top negotiation certifications, you must know about the benefits of negotiation coaching. The business leaders, entrepreneurs, and teams can prepare themselves through negotiation coaching to interact better and also know the answers to questions. Below are the benefits of negotiation coaching:

It will help you in negotiation and identify where negotiation is needed:

The most essential part of negotiation coaching is getting yourself prepared for any kind of negotiation when needed. But it is quite hard to know exactly where you will need to negotiate. Doing a perfect negotiation course training will help you recognize the negotiation skills and where you need them exactly. 

Whenever you will know what type of negotiation needs to take place or is taking place, you can easily use your skills and experience so you can successfully and efficiently navigate. It will also help you interact with others by using your communication skills. It is one of the critical skills that you need to learn. 

Prepare yourself for information, then probe:

If you want to do successful negotiation, then the most important step is preparation. After preparation, you will need to probe the information. It is quite important. If you want to Negotiate successfully, then you must know all the information on which you are going to negotiate. It would help if you covered all aspects of the subject on which you are going to negotiate even before discussing it with the other party. 

Basically, there are two main ways in which probing of information occurs, these are:

  • Firstly, you will gather information all by yourself before negotiation. 
  • Secondly, you will discover further information while you are negotiating. 

The more you will practice, the more you will know how you can achieve the desired goals and answers to your questions on time. 

Increases listening powers:

The most important thing in the subject of negotiation is having listening power. The more you will listen, the more you will know how you can tackle the other person accordingly. First, listen, then speak after concluding the results in your mind. 

Due to listening more, you can conclude upon which point you can ask them to negotiate. So, negotiation classes play a vital role in all this process. 

Improvement of personal skills:

The negotiation certification and courses can also improve your skills, which is a hurdle whenever you are negotiating. The whole process of negotiation starts by sending a proposal. After this, the other party responds and accepts or rejects the offer. Even another step is that they can reach agreeable terms and bring the conversation forward. 

By taking negotiation classes, you will get to know a lot about terms and conditions that are suitable for the proposal and how you can make the other person agree to it.

Top Ten Coaching Certifications for Becoming a Negotiation Coach

Many companies require your certification or degree in communications or negotiation. For this purpose, coaching certificates of negotiation can help you even better. Even there are many fields in which you are taught about negotiation. Especially if you have a degree in Mass Communication, Social Sciences, or Psychology. 

If you are looking for a perfect course to take negotiation certification, then below are these:

1. Certified Negotiation Professional (CNP™) – SkillFront:

SkillFront offers the Certified Negotiation Professional (CNP™). It is the top-recommended course, and it will help you master Conflict Resolution skills as well. There are professionals in SkillFront that give an in-depth study about the negotiation and how you can become an expert in it. 

Through this certification, you will know how you can make the deal that favors your point even if it is completely in others’ favor. Not only this, but it will also help you increase the communication skills that can help you manage an unwanted situation. 

2. INSEAD Certificates in Negotiation:

For becoming an expert negotiator, here is another best platform for you. INSEAD provides the best certificates in negotiation. It will offer you a great opportunity so you can become a professional negotiator. 

You will not only gain knowledge, but you will also learn a lot through practice. The coaches will help you in practicing negotiation science. You will also practice practical cross-cultural. The professionals will tell you about the strategic negotiation system.  After this course, you will be able to take on challenges confidently. 

There are two courses offered, one is Online Certification and the other one is Advanced Negotiation certification. 

Below are the benefits that you will get through negotiation courses:

  • A piece of detailed knowledge about how to negotiate by 3 professionals.
  • Creating a business mindset as there will be practical in the classes and during programs. 
  • Additionally, it will also offer flexibility in which you will get 2 years of flexibility to complete the course, and you can choose sessions from the multiple sessions offered. 
  • Not only this, but you will get a negotiation certificate from top business schools in the world. 

3. Negotiation Skills for Coaches – UNH Professional Development:

UNH Professional Development offers another negotiation certification that you can go for. It is recommended for those who are already coaching or in the professional fields where they want advanced guidelines. 

There are specialized workshops that you will be offered regarding Procurement Contracts, sales, and Cross-Cultural Negotiations. You will be provided training in different formats. Below are those:

  • Either you can take a customized onsite training in groups. 
  • There are also public pieces of training offered for small groups or individuals. 

Through these workshops, you will know how to negotiate professionally and what are the key factors that must be considered. 

4. Train-the-Trainer | RED BEAR Negotiation Company:

The fourth on our list is taking negotiation courses by RED BEAR. It is itself the biggest negotiation company. The global performance it offers helps in the improvement of firms and businesses. Many firms have benefited and increased their profitability by negotiating with partners, suppliers, and even customers. 

Through this course, a trainee will be trained, and it will give training to other trainers. Mostly a group of individuals is taken, and they are taught the skills. Then those individuals teach everything to other groups. As a result, a learning environment is created. You can learn a lot of things through this certification, like how to drive better internal alignment, expand cross-cultural expertise, cost reduction, accelerate growth and achieve goals. 

You will eventually meet the desired business goals through this certification and course. 

5. Train Negotiation Leaders, Coaching Negotiation Skills:

The next one we have here is the best course that will give you skills, and also know-how about the surroundings in the business world. It will also provide you with training on how to keep the negotiators at the top of the game. There is a proper workshop in this certification where you will learn from other experts, participants, and also aspirants. You will learn how to increase the negotiation performance.

It is not only for beginners, but it also is designed to train the leaders, and even you will be given in-company training. 

6. Negotiation | Success COACHING:

SUCCESS COACHING is another best platform through which you can get a perfect negotiation certification. If you want to become successful and develop the best negotiation skills. Then this course is preferred for you. You can also get on-job learning through this coaching. 

After getting this certification, you will know about several important things. Below are the things that you will know:

  • The first thing that you will know is about the options you have and your capabilities. The thing you will learn is how much you can negotiate and what are the other alternatives for you. 
  • The second thing you will know is how negotiation techniques will work. You will learn and practice techniques in depth. 
  • You will also learn how will you escalate and when is the time to escalate. This thing will help you a lot. 

7.  Negotiation Experts – Classroom & Online Negotiation Training

 It is one of the top-ranked courses where you will know about sales and get procurement negotiation training as well. There are 2 days of skill training that will boost your confidence and skills by doing this course. You will also know about  Negotiation Simulation Game. Not only this but you will also be offered in-depth personalized advance training for negotiation. q

8. Northwestern University – Kellogg’s High-Performance Negotiation Skills

By this course you will start negotiating with a proposal, which the responding group can reject, accept, or counter with their own terms.

These Negotiation classes can teach you how to write better contribute to better and navigate the back-and-forth proposals that are common in many types of negotiations. You will get the classes from experienced professionals and will be able to ask any questions you want to.

9. Harvard – Negotiation Workshop

Harvard offers many workshops that will help you in your professional life. Amongst them, the negotiation course is best. These classes will help you in becoming self-assured in sales negotiation skills. These negotiation classes can be an incredibly powerful investment that helps you prepare for the future, and also handle unforeseen negotiation situations more gracefully. You will also achieve more positive outcomes in the future through professional negotiations.

10. Coursera – Introduction To Negotiation

Coursera includes a series of negotiation courses that are beneficial for you. You will learn about negotiation skills that are useful in a variety of careers including independent objective listening, good judgment, and clear, persuasive expression.

In the business world, negotiations are essential for reaching financial agreements. Lawyers, who play an important role in resolving both financial and legal disputes, rely heavily on negotiation as well. Management positions in all industries, particularly CEOs and human resources managers (HR), depend heavily on negotiation skills to achieve salary contracts with the teams and fix other conflicts in the workplace.

What are the career prospects of someone with a negotiation coach certification?

If you will get a negotiation certification, you will get different jobs in which you can apply and then pursue your career. The jobs like law, marketing, customer service, real estate, management, and sales all need the best negotiator that knows how to convince the other person. Let’s now talk about the job positions in depth so you can know how you can pursue your career and in which field you may go:

1. Career Success Coach:

You can become a career success coach. It can be an onsite job or a remote job. Such positions are mostly vacant in big cities where people are given different jobs. If you want to do a part-time job as a coach, you can be paid almost $20 to 40 dollars per hour, depending upon your expertise.

The responsibilities that will be given to you will include adding cover letter reviews, going through resumes, performing mock interviews, deciding salary, and many other relevant things.

2. Customer Service Representative:

You can also become a CVS where you can perform full-time, part-time, onsite, or online jobs. They are mostly offered in industrial areas. The pay can range from $50 to even $500, depending upon the niche you work. 

 Strong negotiation, communication, and collaboration skills will be needed in such jobs, and You will convince the customers to some point. 

3. Manager, Customer Success in Ecommerce:

The e-commerce field is vast, and there are many digital platforms where a Virtual Assistant is needed. It is mostly a remote job, and you have to work on platforms like eBay, Alibaba, Etsy, and Amazon. You will need to handle the clients in this, and the salary can range from  $120,000 – $200,000 yearly. 

In this job, you will have to know how to plan, create an opportunity, communicate and reach the desired goals by negotiation. 

4. Executive Leadership Coach:

Another job that you can be offered is becoming an executive leadership coach. These jobs are mostly remote, and the estimated payment you will get each year is between $80K – $120K. It is a full-time job. 

You will be needed to serve as a mentor for the employees who want to take coaching certification. You will also convince them to take coaching classes to improve their skills. 

5. Market Development Associate:

The job offered as a market development associate is mostly onsite, and the salary ranges from almost $60,000 – $70,000 each year. 

The skills that will be required from you are influencing, excellent communication, negotiation, follow-up skills, and storytelling. 

6. Human Resources Executive:

You can also become an online, onsite, or remote Human Resources Executive. The estimated salary you will get is almost $52.3K – $66.3K in a year. 

You will be needed to coach the employees and also do management. You must have great negotiation skills and interpersonal skills to fill up the job. 

There are several other job positions available for which you can apply as a negotiation coach. All you will need is to have the proper experience and know-how about the field.

Skills needed for becoming a negotiation coach

Taking a coaching certificate is not the only thing you will need to do. You must also have the proper skills so you can become an effective negotiation coach. Let us discuss them in detail:

  1. Being Adaptable:

The first thing you need to do when becoming a negotiation coach is more adaptable. How? The first thing is that you must know how to communicate effectively with different people. The more quickly you will adapt to any situation, the more chances are there for better negotiation. 

  1. Listening and Communicating:

The next important thing that you must have is good communication skills, and you can listen to others as well. The more you will try to communicate, the more you will know what the other person wants. But do not overspeak. Let the other person speak. So, you will get the point that you can raise, and it will help you in further negotiation. 

  1. Be Patient:

You must be more patient and listen to what the other person wants to explain. Losing your temper can conclude results against you. Even you can lose the deal that was completely in your favor. So try to be more patient and don’t get hyper. Sometimes, you are also in hustle and make a deal quickly. Try to avoid the hustle and make a deal thinking from every perspective.

  1. Questioning:

Most of us do not question it as we think that it will bother the other person. To become a perfect negotiator, you must know how to ask questions. The more questions you will ask, the better you will understand the subject that is under negotiation. But do not ask any lame questions. 

  1. Trust Your Abilities:

Trusting your abilities can make you a better negotiator. You must trust yourself and have the courage and capability to raise the point in front of others. But make sure to respect the other person’s opinion first.

Questions to consider when looking for a negotiation coaching certification

If you go for the best and most professional negotiation training, you can deduce the best result. It will make you make the deals at points that you never thought of before. Similarly, it will help you improve your legal and financial results. It will also make you more productive and efficient, and you can deduce results accordingly. 

But before choosing a negotiation course, you must keep some questions in mind. So, they will help you choose the most perfect negotiation course. Below are the important questions that you must ask before enrolling in any training related to negotiation:

How do configure solutions to specific problems that occur while negotiating, and what other challenges are faced?

As we know that negotiation is the main pillar to closing any deals, and it helps overcome problems and hurdles. There are many pieces of training offered that will give you an assessment of types of negotiation, what challenges are there, and how to get rid of issues and problems. 

The answers to these questions are quite easy but still conceptual. So, before getting into any course, you must ask them these questions. This will give you an insight into where the certification will take you and how will it help you. 

What research will you do to perform negotiation?

Although many people offer negotiation courses, a few know about the interdisciplinary research that is performed to negotiate. So, make sure that the one you are enrolling with knows about interdisciplinary areas as well. The most important fields that are needed to be covered include decision science, economics, psychology, business, law, game theory, and many other relevant fields as well. 

What happens if the other side is uncooperative?

You must also ask the question, what if the other person includes harsh behaviors or the other side is not co-operating. The best coaching class will tell you how to negotiate in such situations without even hurting anyone’s sentiments and even breaking the relationship while negotiating.

You can also ask other questions about negotiation, including the following ones:

  • What courses are further best to set in an organization?
  • How do we negotiate if there are no chances?
  • What if the person tries to back out?

The soon they will answer these questions, the more you will know about them and their professionalism. As a result, you can enroll in the area you want.


From daily life bargaining to the biggest business deals, negotiation plays a significant role. If you want to build your future or want a dream job relevant to management, sales or coaching, or any other relevant service, you must go for negotiation certifications first. They will help you a lot.

Frequently asked questions

What are the benefits of getting a negotiation coach certification?

There are a lot of benefits while taking negotiation coach certification, including:
1.Improves the Reputation
2.Get closer to higher value
3.Make favorable deals
4.Resolves Conflicts
5.Prevents Problems
6.Self Confidence
7.Builds Respect

How much does a negotiation coach certification cost?

Depending upon which type of training you want to take, the cost for negotiation certification ranges. It can start from almost $50 and goes up to $500 and even more. Some courses also offer premium classes where you perform practicals with professionals. So, it depends upon the course you are enrolling in. The more you will pay, the better certifications and practice you will get.

How do you choose the right negotiation coach certification for you and your needs?

The main role of any negotiation training program is to help you avoid falling into the trap and taking wrong turns. So, before enrolling, check the roadmap of how they will teach you or guide you. 
The best negotiation courses will give you know-how about:
1.Power of anchoring
2.Setting Boundaries
3.Concession strategies
4.Target position

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