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Top 10 Best Cognitive Behavioral Coach Certifications

 Psychologists and counselors often use Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). CBT can treat anxiety, depression, uncontrolled thoughts, and other psychological issues. Cognitive-Behavioral life coaching certification improves the effectiveness of coaching and counseling. We have listed some top cognitive-behavioral coach certifications. Before moving to the topic, let us briefly introduce cognitive-behavioral coaching.

Top 10 Best Cognitive Behavioral Coach Certifications Cognitive Behavioral Coach Certifications
In Brief : Top 10 Best Cognitive Behavioral Coach Certifications
  • CBT Cognitive Behavior Life Coach Certification: Accredited – Joeel & Natalie Rivera’s globally available program, accredited by the International Professional Development Standard Agency, offers 15 CPD/CEU credits; costs not specified.
  • CBT Cognitive Behavior Therapy Life Coaching Certification – Patrick Howell and Debbie Lyn Toomey’s 16-hour program, suitable for various professionals, focuses on controlling thoughts, improving communication, and setting life goals; costs not specified.
  • Online Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Life Coaching – Accredited Coaching Courses provides an internationally recognized online diploma with 10 credit hours, teaching evidence-based coaching skills and professional practices; costs not specified.
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) Associate Life Coach – An online paid program for beginners provides downloadable materials, handouts, and resources, enhancing coaching skills to address issues like anxiety, stress, and relationship problems; costs not specified.
  • CBT Certifications For Non-Mental Health Professionals – Designed by the National Association of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapists, this program is for non-mental health professionals, requiring only a high school diploma; costs not specified.
  • Cognitive Behavioral Coaching (CBC) – The Institute for Life Coach Training’s 10-credit-hour online CBC program offers collaborative work between clients and coaches, focusing on exploring potential, overcoming barriers, and preventing procrastination; costs not specified.
  • Diploma In Cognitive Coaching And Mentoring – The Institute of Counselling’s diploma prepares coaches to work in organizational environments, providing insights into CBT coaching techniques and mentoring skills through online or distance learning; costs not specified.
  • Certified Cognitive Coach – Nordic Coach & NLP Academy – NONCA’s professional cognitive coach training incorporates psychological theories and practices, teaching coaches to implement cognitive coaching techniques and address health challenges; costs not specified.
  • CBT Cognitive Behavioral Life Coach Certification – Transformation Academy’s online program, accredited by the Continuing Professional Development Standards Agency, equips students with coaching skills to address fears, anxiety, and depressive thoughts; costs not specified.
  • CBT-Fitness Health Coach Certification Course – This fitness coach certification combines psychology and sociology, providing practical experience, 1-to-1 sessions, workshops, seminars, and dynamic lectures; costs not specified.

What is cognitive-behavioral coaching?

 Cognitive-behavioral coaching (CBC) is a technique to develop better cognition and productive behavior. CBC is based on the psychological models of Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) and Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy (REBT). The clients can develop specific skills to attain their personal or professional goals. Furthermore, CBC is a superb source to overcome mental health challenges as well.

What are the benefits of cognitive-behavioral coaching?

Cognitive-behavioral coaching is an evidence-based approach. CBC holds enormous benefits for the clients. We have listed how CBC contributes to bringing positive changes in lives.

Improves effective communication

Procrastination or hesitation is a common problem in self-management issues. CBC improves language and dialogue to avoid procrastination.

Empowers decision-making ability

Many clients are often confused or feel anxious while taking any decision. Even they are unable to perform routine tasks and activities. CBC enhances the decision-making ability using several techniques.

Enhances resilience

Several factors can trigger anxiety and depression in our lives. Low tolerance causes self-management issues and may affect the professional and personal life. Cognitive-behavioral techniques change the mindset, modify the cognitions, and help the client to see the world from new perspectives.

Explore more meaningful life

A cognitive-behavioral coach helps the clients to find new meanings in life. Cognitive reappraisal is a technique that helps the client to reinterpret a situation with new cognitions. 

Why do coaches like to get certified in Cognitive behavioral therapy coaching? The answer is simple. Its enormous benefits make it popular among trainers, coaches, and therapists. 

Top Ten Coaching Certifications for Becoming a Cognitive Behavioral Coach

If you are interested in becoming a cognitive-behavioral coach, it is wiser to get certified. Have a look at top coaching certification programs:  

1. CBT Cognitive Behavior Life Coach Certification: Accredited

Joeel & Natalie Rivera – developers of the certification program- have been serving for 20 years in the CBT coaching. CBT caching certification is available globally in nearly 195 countries. Internationally recognized professional Development Standard Agency accredits the program with 15 CPD/CEU credits.  

After completing this course, coaches can help the clients to

  • Put off negative thoughts
  • Leave the procrastination behind
  • Prevent negative thinking
  • Manage stress, anxiety, and anger
  • Become an optimistic personality
  • Empower the decision-making ability

The coaches who desire to change the lives of people will find the certification best. Accredited Cognitive Behavior Life Coach Certification is an online program that equips the coaches with life coaching skills and techniques.

2. CBT Cognitive Behavior Therapy Life Coaching Certification

Patrick Howell and Debbie Lyn Toomey are the creators and researchers of this certification program. It is of 16 continuing professional development credit hours. The program is designed for counselors, therapists, life coaches, teachers, social workers, leaders, organizational managers, parents, and wellness workers. Anyone who wants to start a coaching career or has experience in the field can get the accredited program.

The coaches after CBT life coaching certification learn:

  • The strategies to control thoughts and emotions
  • Skills to communicate better with oneself and others
  • Reconditioning of mind for integrating happiness in the client’s life
  • Strategies to set and attain life goals
  • Techniques to avoid self-criticism
  • Having better self-control and managing stressors

3. Online Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Life Coaching

Accredited Coaching Courses (ACC) offers Online Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Life Coaching. This life coaching diploma with CPD/ CEU/CE 10 credit hours is recognized internationally. Anyone can join the program who is interested in Cognitive behavioral therapy coaching. Thus, coaches can learn:

  • Evidence-based coaching skills
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy coaching as a life healing model
  • Professional practices with the CBT coaching

ACC supports the students 24/7. You can get help round the clock. The most appealing feature of the diploma is that you can create successful career pathways. Accreditation is enough to get desired jobs. Another application of a Diploma is that you can establish your setup. Thus, you can help clients to come out of miseries and problems. 

4. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) Associate Life Coach

Associate Life Coach Certification is an online paid program. The Cognitive-behavioral coaches can get handouts, downloadable material, resource material, PDF exercises, guides, workbooks, and all supportive content from the website.  It is designed for beginners who want to start a life coaching career with Cognitive-behavioral therapy. CBT – an ideal approach- enhances coaching skills and techniques.

CBT life caches can deal with:

  • Phobias & anxiety
  • Depression
  • Workplace issues
  • Pain attacks
  • Anger & stress management
  • Relationship issues
  • Problems faced by couples
  • Uncontrolled emotions and thoughts

Additionally, the course content teaches coaching strategies and techniques. It helps the coaches to practice effective coaching and bring positive changes in people. 

5. CBT Certifications for Non-Mental Health Professionals

The National Association of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapists designed the CBT certifications for non-mental health professionals. Health professionals who do not have an academic background in mental health can join the program. CBT life coaching certification requires a high school diploma only.

The program offers a detailed manual to the students, study material, books, and audio and video lectures. CBT certified program is basically for beginners.  However, the curse content is enough to make professional coaches.  

6. Cognitive Behavioral Coaching (CBC)

The Institute for Life Coach training offers Cognitive Behavioral Coaching. The course consists of 10 credit hours only. This online class can help you with books, downloadable material, and audio and video support.  The maximum duration for the study is 1 year. The CBC program offers the client and coaches the to work collaboratively. A Cognitive-Behavioral coach can learn to:

  • Explore the full potential of an individual
  • Understand the barriers to achieving the personal and professional goals
  • Prevent the procrastination
  • Workplace problems

The institute is reliable and accredits life coaches. This course uses the psychological background in the therapies making the sessions more practical and effective. 

7. Diploma in Cognitive Coaching and Mentoring

Institute of Counselling offers the Diploma in Cognitive coaching and mentoring. With a diploma in CBT coaching, coaches can work with executives, managers, career developers, and others in an organizational environment. Organizations frequently call the coaches to help the managerial hierarchy. Similarly, mentoring is necessary to attain personal and professional goals.

The coaches can learn insight into the CBT coaching techniques and mentoring skills.

The course offers online or distance learning. Coaches can get study material, guides, marked assignments, lessons, and tutor video lessons.  

8. Certified Cognitive Coach – Nordic Coach & NLP Academy

NONCA (Nordic Coach & NLP Academy) aims to provide professional cognitive coach training. The program uses psychological theories and practice.  The coaches can learn:

  • To implement the cognitive coaching techniques successfully
  • A basic introduction to the Cognitive behavioral therapy and coaching
  • Coaching techniques to alter the negative mindset
  • Practically dealing the health problems and other life challenges

The certified cognitive coach program offers online study. So, the students can get training in the comfort of home. 

9. CBT Cognitive Behavioral Life Coach Certification

Transformation academy launches the CBT cognitive behavioral life coach certification. The online program equips students with coaching skills and techniques to root out fears, anxiety, and depressive thoughts.

The transformation Academy is a reliable source to get professional training. An internationally recognized Continuing Professional Development Standards Agency accredits the CBT coaching course.  

10. CBT-Fitness Health Coach Certification Course

The fitness coach certification course brings theories and implications from the psychology and sociology field. Fitness health coach sessions provide a practical approach to upgrading the fitness level. CBT and health phenomenons can bring happiness and mindfulness to clients’ lives. 

The appealing feature of CBT Fitness coaching is that it provides practical experience to the learners. The distinctive features of the course include:

  • Conducting 1-to-1 sessions with clients
  • Experiential guidelines
  • Opportunity to conduct and lead the workshops
  • Seminars & dynamic lectures

What are the career prospects of someone with a cognitive-behavioral coach certification?

You can seek jobs in different organizations that require counselors for the wellness of employees. Public and private institutes also hire life coaches or CBT coaches to support intact mental health. Additionally, therapists, counselors, health workers, health directors, and life coaches often like to get a certified CBT coaching course. The purpose is to widen the expertise and learn updated techniques. 

Skills needed for becoming a cognitive-behavioral coach

A cognitive-behavioral coach can change the cognition of the client. The goal is to eradicate depression, anxiety, phobias, stress, anger, and other health issues and bring an individual to a happier and more meaningful life. However, a coach should develop specific skills before starting practice like:  

  • Leadership quality

A CB coach can lead the sessions more confidently and dynamically. The leadership ability of a coach manages the goal-oriented sessions in a more organized way. 

  • Problem-solving ability

A leader can better identify the stressors and problems. From where did the problem originate in the client’s life? What is a suitable strategy to remove the stressors? A coach requires sharp problem-solving skills to run successful sessions.

  • Communication skills

Verbal and non-verbal communication matters a lot. When a client talks freely to the coach, a pat, a verbal cue, or gestures of the CB coach are encouraging. It supports the client to share and participate in the activities.

  • Creativity

Coaching requires creative scenarios and activities to get successful. The purpose is to treat the client’s problems in a non-therapeutic environment.

  • Collaboration

Using the Cognitive Behavioral approach, the coach and client require positive collaboration. It helps to understand the barriers to a happier life. 

Questions to consider when looking for a cognitive-behavioral coaching certification

A cognitive-behavioral coach often requires an academic background in sociology, social work, psychology, or other mental health studies. However, many life coaching institutes do not restrict cognitive-behavioral coaching to a specific field of study. So, you should investigate the prerequisites well before taking any step.

Additionally, students should consider the curse content, accreditation, and mode of study as well. As a professional coach, you should clear all queries. 


Cognitive-behavioral coaching certification can provide you with enormous expertise. If you want to improve your coaching skills, CBT coaching is a greater idea. Several institutes offer online short and long courses for Cognitive-behavioral coaching. With accreditation, institutes integrate skills and techniques to indulge happiness in the clients. CB coaching is beneficial to elicit uncontrolled thoughts, emotions, and depression. To conclude, be careful before getting enrolled. Investigate the accreditation, affiliation with authorized state institutes, and the mode of study.  

Frequently asked questions

1. What are the benefits of getting a cognitive-behavioral coach certification?

Cognitive-behavioral coach certification not only offers accreditation but also enormous skills. If you are facing difficulty in your life coaching practices, you need to change the mode of practice. a cognitive-behavioral coach certification can enhance your expertise and effectiveness in coaching. The program is beneficial to root out depression, phobias, anxiety, and several other mental health problems. Additionally, as a coach, you can deal with non-therapeutic problems related to personal and social life. Certified coaches with a cognitive-behavioral program develop communication skills, new dialogues to bring change, and creative ways to alter depressed thoughts. 

2. How much does a cognitive-behavioral coach certification cost?

The cognitive-behavioral coach certification cost of an online course may range between $120 to $500. This cost may also vary according to the duration of the certified program, mode of study, examination method, etc. Similarly, if you have chosen an institute-based course, it will include the institute fee, taxes, and other charges. Furthermore, certified cognitive-behavioral coaching costs also vary from state to state. So, it is better to investigate your area’s coaching institute for the exact cost. 

3. How do you choose the right cognitive-behavioral coach certification for you and your needs?

I choose the cognitive-behavioral coach certification as per my requirements. I am a professional life coach and want to increase my expertise in the cognitive-behavioral field. As a professional, I will search for an online mode of study and flexible timing for the study. Additionally, the course details and the skills that the cognitive-behavioral coach certification program will teach. 

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