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Top Body Building Coach Certifications: A Comparison (2023 edition)

From the last few decades, health and fitness have become the center and front field more than ever in the previous years. People now are more concentrated not on becoming fit physically but gaining strength and muscle tone. The demand for Bodybuilder coaches is on the rise, and many people are looking for specialized trainers to strengthen their muscles and keep their bodies fit.

Top Body Building Coach Certifications: A Comparison (2023 edition) Body Building Coach

Bodybuilding is a competitive physical activity and is different from other sports based on aesthetic condition rather than athletic performance.

In this article we will explain about a bodybuilder coach, how he works? What characteristics should he possess? and what certifications are necessary to become a specialized bodybuilder? Also, tell you about top bodybuilding coaching certifications for 2022.

What is a bodybuilder coach?

A bodybuilder coach is a professional fitness coach who is an expert in exercise and fitness. Also known as a fitness instructor and most often their area of instruction includes aerobics, yoga instructions and sports club’s fitness training instructions. He can also be the author of fitness manuals and books.

What Does A Bodybuilding Trainer Do?

The young generation seeks advice from the internet on building muscle. How does a bodybuilder coach work? They mostly get an amalgamation of information, or that knowledge can be that of amateur fitness buffs without any certification. 

A successful bodybuilder should be certified to train their students in the fitness field. Here are a few things that a bodybuilder coach or trainer does.

  • Provides Accountability

A bodybuilder coach monitors their client’s progress whether they are sticking to their tailored plan or not. He pushes them to work harder to achieve their goals in the fitness field. A certified bodybuilder coach keeps them focused on achieving the best possible shape.

  • Provide objective training

Objective sense is crucial for any work as it omits the constant self-criticism. When clients do bodybuilding exercises by themselves, they have emotions that get in the way. A bodybuilder trainer helps them keep track of their progress and fitness aspects that may be overlooked. Their knowledge and expertise can make them successful bodybuilders.

  • Sets goals

Before starting any work, we should set goals and then work harder to achieve these goals. It is difficult for a newbie in the bodybuilding field to set goals. So, they need a bodybuilder coach to set their goals and you must always choose him based on certification and education. A fitness coach can help you get specific weights at particular times, nutrition plans, workout regimens, nutrient timing, and specific exercise.

  • Offers efficiency

A bodybuilder coach does everything according to planning. The clients have hired them for a quick answer to any question regarding physical fitness and bodybuilding. They are highly educated and provide the best methods and exercises to get them in shape.

  • Pushes their limits

With the help of a certified bodybuilder coach, you work smarter rather than work hard. A bodybuilder expert pushes them beyond their usual limitations in a skilled way. It is the utmost duty of a good bodybuilding trainer to offer such things which can make them a certified bodybuilder in the future.

How do you become a certified bodybuilding coach?

To become a successful bodybuilder coach, you should learn several things rather than certification.

  • Know how to build muscles

For a bodybuilder, it is essential to know how to build body muscles because without learning this thing, you cannot train others and get any certification in this field. 

You can get this through the experience of your bodybuilding. Building muscles follows some standard principles when it comes to fitness and nutrition. Resistance training is the key to exercise, and a fine balance is necessary between hypertrophy training and strength training.

Similarly, Nutrition plays a big role in achieving bodybuilding and weight maintenance success. To become a successful bodybuilder coach, always know about the best nutrition before tackling the role of bodybuilding training. Understanding the correct protocols for nutrition and exercise is necessary for bodybuilding coaching.

  • Determine Your Prerequisites

Prerequisites are the criteria of any work that allows entry into a certification program. To become a personal trainer, first, complete your training certification in one month; however, it depends on which certificate you want. Certification is a prerequisite of bodybuilding coaching; most certificates require you.

  • You should be at least 18 years old
  • Got high school diploma
  • Have an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) or Emergency Cardiac Care (CPR) certifications

These are basic guidelines for a personal trainer; however, requirements can vary for becoming a personal trainer. Some options for your trainer certification include

  • ISSA – International Sports Sciences Association
  • ACE – The American Council on Exercise
  • FM – Fitness Mentors
  • NASM – National Academy of Sports Medicine

Secondly, you need first aid certification in case of any emergency or risk; you should be prepared for the first-line support of your clients. As it is necessary to protect your clients from an incident.

  • Start Working with Bodybuilding Athletes

After getting certification and all your credentials lined up, now you can take the role of bodybuilding coach. Bodybuilding relies on what you can prove and who you know. 

Now start working with a bodybuilding athlete to get more experience in this field; if you are entertaining the conditioning and strength field, you will search the jobs through professional recruitment platforms and jobs classifieds for sports performance specialists. 

It means becoming a trusted coach is about having the proper credentials and personal connection to relevant community members.

When you become ready to specialize in bodybuilding, there are many options to get fitness education and become certified. Here we will explain some best bodybuilding certifications that are necessary for a successful bodybuilder coach.

  • IFBB Academy

The IFBB (International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness) is a world authority in bodybuilding training rather than certifying agency. It was established in 1946 and is the governing body of bodybuilding worldwide. This course offers you education from world champion athletes, especially those who pursue elite athlete coaching. 

IFBB degree provides knowledge on general physiology, musculoskeletal injuries, exercise physiology, skeletal muscle system, anthropometry concepts, weight training, safety, and nutrition. The cost of this certification is about $1,000 and is considered a degree with a diploma.


The International Sports Sciences Association is a top-tier certifying agency and administration certification over three decades. 

A bodybuilder coach must have this certification in the fitness field as it is one of the most robust varieties of specialization in the bodybuilding world. 

ISSA bears all the hallmarks of a good ISSA program and is endorsed by famous and successful bodybuilder Kai Greene. The cost of this certificate is $468, which can be divided into monthly installments.


This certification is the perfect option for you if you focus more on competition based clients. The American Sports & Fitness Association (ASFA) is explicitly designed for those who want to expand their knowledge in the bodybuilding field at their place. Mostly they provide credentials through online platforms to those who wish to expand their certifications. 

This course focuses on nutrition components, competitive poses and strategies, and training regimens for competitive bodybuilders. ASFA offers this certificate with a certification card at $299 with a lifetime renewal package.


The IAFS (International Association of Fitness Science) was founded on essential nutrition, weight loss, functional exercise, and human body types. These are key factors that lead to success in the bodybuilding field. 

The curriculum of IAFS UBB was approved by the IFBB (International Federation of Bodybuilding) to make it a credible program for those who wish to work with pro card physique athletes.

Is certification essential to be a bodybuilder coach?

One of the most essential factors in bodybuilding coaching is being certified. You should complete an educational program that results in official certification. Although it is not legally required, you need a certificate if you are serious about your career. 

When choosing to get certified, make a list of pros and cons; however, there are no pros. If you want to become a familiar bodybuilder coach and make a real career in the fitness industry, you need to be certified.

What qualities and traits do you need to become a bodybuilder coach?

A bodybuilder should possess a special set of qualities and traits to train the individuals. A personal trainer should be dedicated and passionate about their work and love fitness exercises, and enjoy them thoroughly. 

He should motivate their clients to learn about these exercises to fit their bodies and strengthen their muscles. 

So, a bodybuilder coach needs such characteristics that help him become a popular and successful bodybuilder in the fitness industry.

  • Good communication skills
  • Charisma
  • Passionate to learn new skills
  • Willing to learn new skills
  • Friendly personality
  • Good organizational skills
  • Adapting
  • Knowledge

A bodybuilder coach should have strong knowledge about body functions and moves. Such as human anatomy, physiology, biomechanics, nutrition, and exercise programming. As a personal trainer to their clients, you should blend knowledge and motivation. A planned exercise program helps your clients to achieve fitness goals.

Communication Skills

Communication skills are important in every field for success and to attract people. A personal trainer should have excellent communication skills to communicate with their clients. 

A good communicator helps their clients to understand better what he wants to convey. In the fitness industry, a personal trainer with excellent communication skills can enhance the health and wellbeing of clients. 

This trait of a bodybuilder coach can help him develop sales and gain and retain clients. Being in the position of a personal trainer, sell your skills to their clients to provide them with the most effective and comprehensive training and nutritional advice.


A personal trainer needs to perform as a leader with integrity. Suppose a client has unrealistic goals and cannot understand the correct motives behind the exercise programs. In that case, it is the trainer’s duty to explain to the clients about the program in a motivating way. 

The trainer should have the capability to understand client mentality and teach them according to their flexibility and communication style. A good bodybuilder coach must be a good listener and understand client opinions. The personal trainer’s positive feedback engaged the clients in his fitness program.


This trait helps the clients to succeed in responding appropriately to client needs. A bodybuilder coach must be careful to communicate the principles of the training session in a manner that is safe to the client. A good bodybuilder coach must be perceptive enough when the client lacks the necessary motivation.


Commitment is the primary need of any work to get success. Being a bodybuilder coach, committing to their goals is necessary to achieve success to get short term and long-term goals. 

If a client’s program is not working in his favor, then it is the prime duty of the bodybuilder coach to restructure the program according to the client’s needs and ability. Trainers must never be frustrated with their clients and committed to their work despite difficult times.


Energetic personality is an essential characteristic of a bodybuilder coach. To get and retain more clients, your personality should be charming for your clients. A good bodybuilder coach always saves their energy and gets motivated even after teaching several hours in a day and meeting with different clients.

They Give Clients Homework

A good bodybuilder coach should give the clients some homework to stay focused and engage with their goals because clients cannot live at the gym all the time. A little bit of exercise and healthy eating decisions can give you insight into client home activities and commitment to their goal.

How much does a bodybuilder cost?

A well-reputed and professional bodybuilder coach can cost almost $250 – $350 per month for training. The minimum time needed to shape your body is about three months. However, it depends on the individual circumstances, fitness program requirements, and the certifications he needs. Including the cost of nutritional drinks and organic food, it can cost up to $500 – $1000 per month to become an IFBB championship competitor.


Regardless of which certification you choose, you need these nationally recognized personal trainers to become a good bodybuilder coach. These personal trainers teach you proper exercise form, provide motivation, and design workout programs to achieve your goals. Besides, being a top bodybuilder coach requires more than just a CPT. You need to gain creative skills with workouts and exercises to motivate your clients. We explain some top bodybuilding coaching certifications necessary for a successful bodybuilder coach. If you are looking for a shorter timeline certification program, go for Certified Life Coach Institute’s certification. However, many reputable coaching programs train you to work with clients. Always choose according to your need as all the certifications will teach you communication techniques, relationship-building skills, and coaching skills.

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