Top 10 Must Read Books on ADHD Coaching

ADHD Coaching is proactive and results-oriented. Coaching for ADHD fosters empowerment, education, and teamwork. Coaching relationships are built on mutual trust with the goal of assisting clients in creating more structure, concentration, and purpose in their lives. Adults with ADHD are imaginative, vivacious, and able to swiftly switch their attention to other projects. You have numerous strengths if you have adult ADHD. You can use ADHD books to discover your abilities.

There are numerous books for ADHD accessible to provide you with some direction, whether you’re the parent of a child who has recently been diagnosed with ADHD or an adult looking for new techniques for managing ADHD symptoms.

Top 10 Must Read Books on ADHD Coaching ADHD Coaching Books

If you’re seeking guidance on controlling your own ADHD or ways to connect with your ADHD kid, we’ve compiled a list of the best 10  books for ADHD below that will help you.

In Brief : Top 10 Must Read Books On ADHD Coaching
  • Driven To Distraction – Edward Hallowell and John Ratey: A comprehensive guide to ADHD by Hallowell, offering insights, coping mechanisms, and guidance; cost not provided.
  • Thriving With ADHD Workbook For Kids – A 2018 workbook with exercises to help children with ADHD thrive at home, school, and beyond; cost not provided.
  • Understanding Girls With ADHD – Ellen Littman, and Patricia Quinn: A 2018 revised edition exploring ADHD complexity in girls and women across life spheres; cost not provided.
  • A Radical Guide For Women With ADHD – A 2019 guide combining traditional ADHD therapy with innovative approaches; cost not provided.
  • Taking Charge Of ADHD, Second Edition – Barkley, PhD: A 2021 guide with updated ADHD information, offering science-based guidance and expanded sections; cost not
  • What Your ADHD Child Wishes You Knew – A 2018 strategy guide for parents to help ADHD children succeed; cost not provided.
  • HyperHealing – A 2021 intervention guide for parents of ADHD children, emphasizing health and community support; cost not provided.
  • The ADHD Effect On Marriage – A 2010 book addressing ADHD’s impact on marriages, offering advice and measures for overcoming challenges; cost not provided.
  • A Dragon With ADHD – A 2021 children’s book using a dragon character to teach kids about ADHD in a fun and colorful way; cost not provided.
  • Organizing Solutions For People With ADHD – A 2006 practical guide tailored to individuals with ADD and ADHD; cost not provided.

How ADHD Coaching Books Help a Coach?

We enjoy learning about the brain and self-improvement as coaches. The minds of their customers can be reprogrammed with the help of books, podcasts, and other resources that coaches are constantly looking for. It might be difficult to keep up with all the material and new studies, despite the fact that coaches are highly interested in the most recent research on how the mind works.

An ADHD coach is a qualified person who works with you to develop strategies for managing the obligations and pursuits that your ADHD symptoms make more difficult. You can combine coaching with medication and other ADHD therapies to help you organize yourself and accomplish your objectives.

We’re talking about some key points here about how a coach can benefit from these books since ADHD books feature several techniques to assist coaches who can assist customers.

The following are the key points:

  • Books about ADHD coaching are fact-based works that teach coaches how to inspire and manage others.
  • These books are intended to help coaches provide their clients with better advice in all conceivable situations.
  • Children, adolescents, and adults can all benefit from the knowledge a coach gains from ADHD literature in order to become their greatest selves.
  • These publications can teach a coach too much about how to bring about and manage change.

10 Books for Every ADHD Coach

If you’re the parent of a child or an adult there are many books on ADHD available to provide you  with some direction. Given the abundance of information available on Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, it can be challenging to decide who or what to believe. As a result, we’ve put together a fantastic top 10 list of ADHD books that is both varied and loaded with useful information.

Continue reading to see our picks for the best 10 books on coaching for ADHD.

1. Driven to Distraction

Top 10 Must Read Books on ADHD Coaching ADHD Coaching Books

Edward Hallowell and John Ratey’s book Attention Deficit Disorder was published in 1994. People with attention deficit disorder (ADHD) should read this book. They will gain a better understanding of their problem and acquire coping mechanisms as a result. It was authored by Harvard-trained psychiatrist Edward M. Hallowell, who offers to work both his professional and personal expertise in the identification and management of ADD patients. This book is fantastic! Dr Hallowell has done a fantastic job of clearly and concisely describing ADD. It is absolutely worthwhile to read this book if you have ADD or know someone who does.

It Offers:

  • It offers a thorough examination of ADD from childhood through adulthood.
  • It provides methods for identifying and managing ADD.
  • It offers guidance on how to maximize the benefits of treatment.
Top 10 Must Read Books on ADHD Coaching ADHD Coaching Books

2. Thriving with ADHD Workbook for Kids

Top 10 Must Read Books on ADHD Coaching ADHD Coaching Books

Kelli Miller first published this on June 26, 2018. Thriving with ADHD is full of simple exercises to help your child with the many aspects of ADHD, from self-control and organization to getting things done and making new friends so they can thrive at home, school, and beyond. 

This ADHD workbook for kids contains: 

  • Teach about common symptoms. 
  • Different ADHD types
  • How ADHD can be an advantage.
  • Skill-building workouts key executive functioning skills, like managing anger and getting things done.

This helpful workbook will help you show your child how to utilize their own special abilities and live life to the fullest despite having ADHD. 

Top 10 Must Read Books on ADHD Coaching ADHD Coaching Books

3. Understanding Girls with ADHD: How They Feel and Why They Do What They Do

Top 10 Must Read Books on ADHD Coaching ADHD Coaching Books

Understanding Girls with ADHD was first published in 1999, and the latest edition is better than before. It was released on November 29, 2018. In this revised and updated edition, Kathleen Nadeau, Ellen Littman, and Patricia Quinn rise to the challenge and produce a thorough, current, and readable book that sheds light on the complexity of ADHD in girls and women across the lifespan and across various spheres of life (such as, for example, school, relationships, and employment, homes, schools, places of employment, and intimate friendships). 

The authors reveal the origins of ADHD in females during the preschool years, as well as summarizing relevant causal factors, and display the highly individualized journeys through childhood, adolescence, and adulthood that these girls and women face by fusing clinical examples, case material, and a masterful synthesis of research findings from around the world.

Top 10 Must Read Books on ADHD Coaching ADHD Coaching Books

4. A Radical Guide for Women with ADHD

Top 10 Must Read Books on ADHD Coaching ADHD Coaching Books

The authors of this book are Sari Solden, Michelle Frank, and New Harbinger Publications released the book on July 1st, 2019, with a foreword by Ellen Littman. This revolutionary manual will teach you how to develop your unique talents, respect your neurodiversity, and improve your communication skills.

In this special book, you’ll discover a ground-breaking strategy that combines conventional ADHD therapy with cutting-edge approaches, like acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), to help you free yourself from the mental blocks that have prevented you from realizing your potential.

This step-by-step workbook will show you how to establish a strong, brave, and confident sense of who you are, accept your distinctive brain-based characteristics, and develop your personal strengths.

Top 10 Must Read Books on ADHD Coaching ADHD Coaching Books

5. Taking Charge of ADHD, Second Edition: The Complete, Authoritative Guide for Parents, by Russell A. Barkley, PhD

Top 10 Must Read Books on ADHD Coaching ADHD Coaching Books

The Guilford Press published Taking Charge of ADHD, Second Edition on November 3rd, 2021.

 The following is a brief summary of this book:

  • If you are one of the millions of individuals who suffer from attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), you need to know the most recent information regarding the disorder and its treatment. 
  • You need real ways to help you build your strengths and achieve your goals, whether at work, in your family, or in your personal life.
  • This is the book for you, written by famous ADHD researcher/clinician Russell A. Barkley. Dr Barkley walks you through the process of obtaining professional help, answers frequently asked questions regarding drugs and other therapies, and provides a wealth of science-based guidance and ideas.
  • The revised and updated second edition includes new or expanded sections on mindfulness, emotional self-control, time management, developing a successful profession, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and other topics.
  • Finally, a reliable one-stop shop to help you reclaim your life from ADHD.
Top 10 Must Read Books on ADHD Coaching ADHD Coaching Books

6. What Your ADHD Child Wishes You Knew

Top 10 Must Read Books on ADHD Coaching ADHD Coaching Books

What Your ADHD Child Wishes You Knew was published on August 07, 2018, by Penguin Publishing Group. A seasoned psychologist offers a tried-and-true strategy for helping ADHD children achieve in school and in life.

What if you could work with your child, inspiring and involving them in the process, to effect lasting positive change? Veteran psychologist Sharon Saline discusses the words and inner battles of children and teens living with ADHD in this informative and practical book—as well as a strategy for achieving long-term success through collaboration.

Dr Saline’s guidance and real-world examples demonstrate how parents can shift the dynamic and actually help their children achieve, based on her more than 25 years of experience counseling young people and their families. Topics covered include:

  • Establishing shared goals that promote cooperation
  • Reducing academic difficulties
  • Overcoming everyday problems, such as tantrums and backtalk, as well as staying organized and making friendships.
Top 10 Must Read Books on ADHD Coaching ADHD Coaching Books

7. HyperHealing: The Empowered Parent’s Complete Guide to Raising a Healthy Child with ADHD Symptoms, by Avigail Gimpel

Top 10 Must Read Books on ADHD Coaching ADHD Coaching Books

This book was released on  May 27, 2021. Avigail Gimpel is the author. Avigail’s approach to ADHD is as straightforward and intuitive as it is pioneering. This book is astounding in its scale and impassioned in its goals. A must-read for every parent or educator who has confronted the issue of ADHD. Toby Greenwald, Editor-in-Chief of Why so many? Do you KNOW your child is healthy but wish you had additional tools to help her thrive other than stimulant drugs? Do you find yourself constantly bursting with rage at your difficult child?

Avigail Gimpel, mother of six, special educator, college lecturer, and parenting specialist,  will:

  • Ascertain that your youngster is truly healthy.
  • assist you in sorting out the ADHD diagnosis
  • Present a comprehensive, step-by-step intervention technique that will transform you into a ninja parent and bring your troubled child back on track.
  • Investigate how scientific research is utilized to support medication.
  • Accept you into the HyperHealing community, a learning and support network for all parents of struggling children.

All of your ADHD coaching needs are covered in HyperHealing, a book that also serves as a parenting manual.

Top 10 Must Read Books on ADHD Coaching ADHD Coaching Books

8. The ADHD Effect on Marriage

Top 10 Must Read Books on ADHD Coaching ADHD Coaching Books

Specialty Press/A.D.D. Warehouse published it on January 9, 2010. This authoritative book encourages struggling spouses towards an understanding and appreciation for the problems and triumphs of a relationship affected by Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), and to integrate ADHD into their relationship in a more positive and less disruptive way. Beyond traditional marriage counseling, which frequently dismisses the impact of ADHD, this discussion offers advice based on the author’s personal experience and years of research and identifies patterns of behavior that can harm marriages, such as nagging, intimacy problems, sudden anger, and memory issues, through the use of descriptions of actual couples and their ADHD struggles and solutions.

  • The first part of the book is devoted to assisting couples in determining how ADHD affects their relationship. 
  • The second two-thirds of the book presents a precise set of measures couples can take to overcome their hurt and anger, build loving ways to communicate with each other again and rediscover the joy they’ve lost in their troubles.
  • This book urges both spouses to take an active role in improving their marriage.
Top 10 Must Read Books on ADHD Coaching ADHD Coaching Books

9. A Dragon With ADHD: A Children’s Story About ADHD. A Cute Book to Help Kids Get Organized, Focus, and Succeed, by Steve Herman

Top 10 Must Read Books on ADHD Coaching ADHD Coaching Books

The publication date for this book is March 9, 2021. Having a pet dragon can be entertaining. But what if your dragon speaks a lot and speaks quickly? What if he has trouble focusing and staying on task? What if your dragon is suffering from ADHD? What are your options? You can assist him in understanding ADHD! You can tell him that ADHD is not a “fault” and that, with the correct attitude and assistance, it can be an asset!

  • This is a must-have book for children, parents, and educators to teach youngsters about ADHD and how to get organized, focused, and achieve in life. 
  • It is fun, adorable, and amusing, with colorful drawings.
Top 10 Must Read Books on ADHD Coaching ADHD Coaching Books

10. Organizing Solutions for People with ADHD

Top 10 Must Read Books on ADHD Coaching ADHD Coaching Books

Organizing Solutions for People with ADHD was published in 2006. Pinsky provides real-world experience to her subject. She is not just a professional organizer and member of the National Association of Professional Organizers, but she is also the mother of an ADHD child (ADD). As a result of these two jobs, she developed streamlined organizing methods tailored to the needs of persons with ADD. The first half of the book describes her organizational skills; the second focuses on specific places, rooms, or activities that are common to practically everyone and can be difficult to manage and maintain.

Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) are common in today’s society, affecting around 4.4% of the adult population, or more than 13 million Americans. Four out of every five adults are unaware that they have ADD.

The chapters, which are grouped by room or work, contain practical organizational ideas for people with ADD:

  • Prioritization, time management, and document organization at work
  • At home, this includes paying bills on time, decluttering your home, and scheduling and keeping appointments.
  • Driving children to various activities, food shopping and dinner preparation, laundry, babysitters, drawer and closet organization
  • And you, scheduling time for your social life, gym, and a variety of other hobbies and activities.

This book is simple to read, and the illustrations accurately portray the appearance of the organization. All public libraries should have this book. 

Top 10 Must Read Books on ADHD Coaching ADHD Coaching Books


So far, these ten books are the greatest in the business. Because these books cover various facets of ADHD, they benefit everyone. So, if you consider these top ten books, ADHD Coaching can be a success. You can now use this information to benefit yourself as much as you want.

Frequently asked questions

1. Which is the best overall book to read on ADHD coaching?

Driven To Distraction: Recognizing and Coping with Attention Deficit Disorder from Childhood to Adulthood, by Edward Hallowell and John Ratey, is the best ADHD Coaching book out of the ten listed.

2. How does reading books help in strengthening concepts of ADHD coaching?

People with ADHD enjoy reading by imagining scenes such as movies or flashbacks. They may fall into a trance of delight by re-reading passages to discover hidden meanings and connections. Understanding how to do this can result in a significant increase in reading comprehension.

3. Techniques to effectively practice the theoretical knowledge on clients

There are numerous ways to put theoretical knowledge into practice, including acknowledging the challenge, limiting the scope, committing time, leveraging tools and materials in the program, forming practice partnerships, and considering coaching. Coaches lead practice sessions, add intentionality, and follow-up to improve “absorption, mastery, and skill maintenance.”


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