Head Of Marketing – Coach Foundation


Coach Foundation was founded in 2015, with a single mission: to build world-class credibility, solid financial foundations, and freedom for all coaches on a mission to leave a lasting contribution.

In short, we help aspiring coaches establish credible brands and wildly successful businesses. To do this, we looked at what had never been done before at scale in our industry.

At that time (and even now) most competitors teach ‘how to’s’ (how to build a marketing funnel, how to design a high ticket program, how to run facebook ads), but these programs have typically less than a 1% result rate (in terms of client’s successfully building their businesses), and typically a Net Promoter Score of less than 4 out of 10.

The challenge is, that most people that get into coaching, really only want to coach and make a difference in others’ lives They want the business side to be done for them.

So what we decided to embark on, was to build a program, which not only taught them how to build a world-class business but did 80% of the ‘leg work’ for them.

We call this program our Coach Accelerator.

It’s designed in three parts:

Part 1: Becoming A Best Selling Author – We work with these coaches to create a world-class book, we then promote these books to become bestsellers.

Part 2: Getting Featured In The Press – We give our clients their very own PR team to get them guaranteed placements in the media.

Part 3: Business Building – We build their business systems, marketing, and sales funnels for them.

All in all, they get to do what they love, make a difference in other people’s lives, we do the rest for them.


We are looking for someone to head our marketing department. You’ll be responsible for making sure that we hit our lead generation targets of a 300% year on year growth rate, for 2 consecutive years, and maintaining it for an additional 2.

This would involve marketing funnel strategy, development and optimisation, traffic growth strategy development, and branding strategy development.

Here are your targets:

1 Take qualified sales leads from what we're projecting to be 1800/year for 2021 to 3200/year by December 2021, whilst maintaining (and improving on our lead to close rates)
2 Take qualified sales leads from 3200/ year to 11000/year by December 2022 whilst maintaining (and improving) on our lead to close rates.
3 Maintain A Cost of Marketing of 30% Of Gross Revenue Or Less
4 Maintain a minimum 11000 leads a year through to 2024
5 Developing and executing a strategy for vertical integration - for example, should we choose to develop/acquire a coach certification school or (more likely) develop coaching as a business opportunity for consumers


Target-Based Equity – Providing you reach and maintain your targets above, we’ll be giving you an equity stake in the company.

End of Year Dividend Payouts – This will be based on your equity payouts, hitting your targets = a greater dividend payout at the end of the year.

Ability to Liquidate Your Equity Within 2 – 3 YearsAbility to Liquidate Your Equity Within 2 – 3 Years – Our aim is for you to be able to sell your equity (should you choose) within the next 2 – 3 years, for a large payout.

Choose Your Own Base Salary – Our aim is not to incentivise you based on the base salary, but based on your ownership stake in the company. We want you to feel comfortable with the base but truly work for the equity stake.


Small Company Effect Part 1Small Company Effect Part 1 – What you do here matters, as we are a smaller company, you’ll have the ability to greatly influence company culture and decision making. In our company, we do not make decisions based on bureaucracy or hierarchy, we make them based on which decision will be the most effective. If your ideas appear to be far more effective than anyone else (including the CEO’s) they will be actioned.

Small Company Effect Part 2Hitting your targets has a profound effect on the rest of your teammates, it’ll allow for greater bonuses, salary increases, incentives for everyone. It’ll allow us to be there financially if (God forbid) one of our teammates family gets sick and we choose to finance their medical bills. What you’ll be doing will greatly influence the company’s ability to do this.

Working On Your Own Terms – Trust is the cornerstone of how this company was built. You will not be micromanaged every hour, nor will you be asked what you did at the end of the day. You can mostly choose when, how and what you’re working on, the only exception will be Head of Department meetings. Ultimately, you’ll have autonomy over your decisions, and you’ll be held accountable for reaching your targets. That’s what matters to us, not the number of hours you work.

Remote Working – While this was once a unique characteristic, we acknowledge that due to 2020, this is more of normality now. However, even when lockdown rules change, our remote work policy will not. You can work from anywhere, whether it’s New York City, or Bali, as previously mentioned, you’ll be accountable for reaching your targets.

Continuous Learning And Development We have a policy in this company. We’ll finance 100% of anything you choose to do (workshops/seminars/courses), which you feel is doing to benefit your department. We’ll finance 50% of all personal development programs (the 50% is to make sure that you also have a stake in any personal development you take on – we’ve found this to be much more impactful than financing 100%)


Developing Effective Marketing Funnels – You’ll be accountable for developing and optimising marketing funnels to produce the lowest cost per lead.

Using Data Analytics To Drive Marketing Decisions – You’ll need to be able to make sense of data and drive effective decisions from it.

Developing Your Marketing Team – Building your marketing team (whether that be media buyers, a copywriter, branding experts etc…) will be critical to you reaching your targets.

Managing Your Marketing Team – You will be accountable for managing everyone in your team, to work together to achieve the end targets.

Managing Financial Targets – Growing the marketing department based on KPI metrics (cost per lead, and cost per sale) is critical.

Working Closely With The Head Of Sales –In this business, marketing and sales go hand in hand. You’ll be working closely with our Head of Sales to make sure leads generated in marketing are sales qualified before any of our sales team speaks to them.

Leading By Example – The most effective people in our company are not always the smartest (infact seldom are), they are the ones whose teammates will go to the end of the earth for them. Your effectiveness will be largely driven by how effective your team under you are. It’s important to be a strong leader, who understands the ‘sports team culture’.


Digital Lead Generation – Experience in generating qualified leads, who have trust and intent.

Marketing Digital Goods – We use lower ticket digital goods (such as ebooks, physical books, quizzes etc…) to help liquidate our advertising spend.

Mastering the Value of Data – Come with an understanding and experience in building value around multiple types of data (customers, traffic, social-web intel, industry usage).

Data Analytics, Attribution, Reports –Lead the company culture around tracking, reporting, analyzing, testing, optimizing. Manage ROI of campaigns and audiences.

Content Marketing & Audience Building – Target, attract, engage, capture/convert target audiences leveraging influencers, thought leaders and the social web.

Content, Education, Video Sales – Models where content, expertise contribute to the value for the customer. From TED talks to TV shows to infomercials.

Show up for yourself – Have a personal growth and personal development practice that helps you show up as your highest-vibration self.



Your interview will be taken by our Head of Operations, our Head of Sales and our CEO

Step 1:

Send your resume to: [email protected] with the email title “Marketing Legend”

Step 2:

Include a cover letter with links to your 

– LinkedIn Profile
– Facebook Profile

Step 3:

Record a 2 – 5 minute video answering the following questions

1. What makes you confident that you will be able to reach the targets set for this position? 

2. Why is this position appealing to you?

3. What do you love most about digital marketing

4. What value can you bring to the company

5. What do you expect from the company

NB: If your email doesn’t include the Title “Marketing Legend”, a cover letter and a link to the video, you will not be considered for this position.