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The .Coach Blog was created to share useful and valuable knowledge with coaches everywhere so that they grow, become more successful and touch more lives in the world.

We welcome you to pitch an article to us if you feel it would be of value to coaches using the form below.

Important Points:

  • Ensure your pitch is well-thought-out and well researched.
  • Ensure your article is relevant and valuable for coaches as a target audience to read and not generic.
  • We expect you to research and suggest keywords that you can write on which are relevant for coaches.
  • Ensure the keyword volume for your proposed keywords is not less than 300 searches per month
  • When you propose keywords, we will confirm that we do not rank for that keyword already
  • The final article should be at least 2500 words.
  • Ensure your article is not plagiarized or similar to any other content existing online.
  • Ensure your submission is in English and does not use overly complex or incomprehensible language. (Hemmingway Score of Grade 7 or less on https://www.hemingwayapp.com/ )
  • Ensure you break up your content into appropriate SEO friendly headings (h1, h2, etc. )
  • We use images to add value to our content and break it up for better readability. So please add images to your article wherever possible and relevant.
  • Ensure the images used in the article are not copyrighted and can be used commercially.
  • It’s highly encouraged to have infographics as part of the submission.
  • Submitted infographics should not have been used anywhere else before. If they have been used before, ensure that they can be reused commercially.
  • Custom created infographics for the submission should have the Sai.Coach branding (Download the logo here)
  • To get an idea of what we like writing about and the tone we use in our articles please see some of our most popular blog posts.
  • Irrespective of any agreement, we have the right to reject the article if it does not meet our set standards .
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