Website design for coaches: How to get the best website for your business in 2021

 Sai Blackbyrn 10th June 2021

While good web design is important for any business, website design for coaches needs to be very specific to do the job required.

Within 10 seconds of landing on your website, your visitors should get a crystal clear understanding about you and your coaching services.

Who are you? What is your motto? What is your offering? How would you help them? – all these questions should be answered.

The ideal website design for coaches will help you to provide your visitors with an enriching experience and build a thriving coaching practice.

You must articulate your ideas well to the audience. They should be able to navigate through the pages easily to ensure smooth user experience.

It is highly likely that you are so engrossed in your coaching business that you forget to give due attention to the details. Now the time has come!

So, what are the key features that you should have for an ideal website design?

Below I will be unveiling some quick helpful tips that would guide you on the path.

Let’s explore.

Key features for creating an ideal website design for coaches

Pick a simple and professional domain name

A domain is anything which follows “www.”. This acts as the prime face of your online presence. The domain name is a crucial component for an ideal website design for coaches since it adds professionalism to your website.

You can have your domain as your own name- In this case, make sure that your name is easy to spell otherwise it can be tough for your visitors to reach on your site.

Your domain name can also revolve around your coaching business. For instance,

Or you can have a mixture of the two. Like the one which I have – Sai.Coach. I feel that this is the best way through which you can not only reflect about your profession but also assert your individuality.

You need not restrain yourself to a single domain name. You can have multiple domains pointing towards your main address.

For instance, can also be reached by typing if the latter redirects to your main site. This makes it easier for your visitors to reach you. You can employ sites like Godaddy to find an available domain.

How to Design Your Coaching Website

Your audience has an attention timespan of just 8 seconds. Thus you must articulate only the main point across to have an indelible impact for your first impression.

Below are some important things to take care of when you are designing your coaching website.


Create content that is appealing to the audience and is sectioned by clear headers. Review your content and make sure that it doesn’t contain ambiguous language. Keep it short and simple so that your audience has to spend fewer efforts to relate with it. Avoid using vague words which don’t really mean anything or add value like groundbreaking, cutting-edge etc.


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Simple and effective website design for coaches is extremely powerful. There should be no more than 3-5 pages with an easy layout and eye-catchy colour scheme.

Avoid using too many call-to-action buttons and pop-ups on every page. Focus your attention on making it a cakewalk for your visitors for the finding of you, your pages and signing up for your services.

Lengthy paragraphs, too many images, videos, banners, pop up windows can overwhelm your visitors. Also, these give the impression that you are more oriented towards selling your services rather than helping. This would easily make them abandon your website and switch to your competitors.

Remove complicated animations, content that is too long and devoid of rich media and images.

Also, avoid third party advertisements. These distract your users from what’s important – YOU!

Make your website easy to navigate. All the important information – rates, experience, contact info, pricing and packages, referrals etc. should be easily reachable. This way you can enhance the user experience and convert potential visitors into paying clients.

Include a Welcome Message

A welcome message on your homepage is the best way that can build trust in your audience. A short “About me” section is a must so that you can add a touch of personalism on your website.

You can have a short intro video on your website which gives a glimpse of your life, your aims and your coaching services. This should build curiosity in the visitors to know you more and desire to collaborate with you for fulfilling their needs.

Thereafter make sure that your experiences and contact info etc. are well provided so that they can contact you to take the discussions forward.

I offer free webinars and at the starting, I introduce myself and share some very important phases in my life with my audience. This builds a sense of connection between both of us.

When your visitors trust you from the moment they land on your website, there are high chances that they would convert into potential customers.

Make it easy for Visitors to Subscribe

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I am sure you want your audience to subscribe to your offerings. Right? Then what should you do? Simple, just make it easy for your visitors to do so.

Always display “SUBSCRIBE” call-to-action in an easy to understand way. Keep the icon on every page of your website. You never know which page of yours can inculcate in the users the desire to subscribe to your offerings.

Additionally, make sure to link your email address to your website’s domain name. This will avoid confusion in your recipients who can otherwise send your emails to their spam folders.

This way you can easily build your email list and convert prospects into clients. To make the process simpler you can employ some advance email solutions after registering for your domain.

Include Social Share and Follow Buttons

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You are writing phenomenal blogs that are adding a lot of value to your audience. Great!, but your blog posts are lacking the social media buttons and hence aren’t shareable on the major social media platforms.

Thus, rather than reaching to thousands of users (which your blog is worthy of!), you are just limiting it to some viewers.

In this digital era, the amount of traffic that you can attract from social media platforms is terrific! Knowing the right marketing tips becomes really crucial.

The social media buttons act as the non-pushy tools which allow you to share your content on the social media channels of your choice. These buttons are an inevitable choice for an ideal website design for coaches.

Call To Action Buttons

How would your visitors understand what to do next after they land on your site? You must give them some directions. This is the reason why the call-to-action buttons are a must for an ideal website design for coaches.

Not only having the call-to-action buttons is important but using them accurately also matters.

Don’t spam your website with the usual call-to-action buttons on each page- demo/trial/consultation etc.

Your call-to-action should directly complement the needs and pain points of your visitors. If you will provide them with the materials that educate them, they would be more interested in taking coaching from you personally.

Some examples are:

  1. Click here for more information
  2. Watch the video
  3. Sign up for my free webinar
  4. Download the free e-book etc.

Proper placing and usage of the call-to-action buttons can help you in converting prospects into high-end paying clients. Check out this!

Smooth Navigation

If you are looking for building such a website design for coaches that can render a rich user experience to your visitors then easy navigation is a must. Your visitors should be able to move from page to page in a hassle-free manner and easily get what they are looking for.

Keep the content streamlined. Include proper navigation hierarchy. Switch to a responsive design so that the experience is uniform in both desktop and mobile.

Navigation of your website is actually the map of it which defines the core places that users can visit and procure information from.

If users face problem in navigating then they would be left with no other option but to switch to your competitors’ site. Something which you really don’t want, right?

Here are some tips to enhance the navigation of your website.

Mobile Optimization

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80% of internet users are using smartphones today. You don’t want to lose potential clients by not being able to provide them with an enchanting mobile-friendly experience. Don’t you?

Google reveals that 61% of the users are unlikely to return to a website that they had trouble accessing at the first place. 40% of those visit a competitor’s site instead.

A mobile-optimized site can increase your chance to drive more traffic to your website and entertain a large customer base.

Here are a few ways by which you can build a mobile-optimized website

Leverage SEO strategies

No matter how good your website is, if your target audience cannot find you on the internet, all your efforts go in vain. And for this to happen your website must rank well in the SERPs.

SEO plays an important role in the same. You need to focus on both the on-page SEO and Off-page SEO so that your website can easily rank. Several metrics should work if not perfect but at least better than your competitors.

Proper keywords research, building a robust internal and external linking structure, site loading speed etc. are some of the very crucial components of a strong SEO strategy. You may write an awesome piece of content but if it is not search-engine-optimized then people won’t be able to find you.

Keep it simple

I know that you are desperate to build a unique website design. A design which is catchy and grabbing, right? That’s really good that you are looking to differentiate yourself from the rest. The problem arises when in the quest of differentiating your design you make it complex for your users.

The reality is that people are accustomed to certain elements and structures. Too much of unique elements can leave them confused. The more complex your design the less beautiful it appears to your visitors.

Many websites are switching from the sidebar to single-column design as it puts focus clearly on the content.

Additionally, you should stick to standard design layouts. People like familiarity and non-standard layouts may appear weird to them. You can try to add the quirky touch in some other way but as far as design layout are concerned, standardize it.

Apart from that stick to one major goal per page. Reduce the menu items. Limit form fields. Display social buttons only for the platforms that you are active on.

Remove Broken Links

If your site has been alive for some time around then there are high chances that it would certainly have broken links. These broken links not only contribute to negative user experience but also deteriorates your ranking ability.

The ideal website design for coaches is one which is devoid of broken links. It’s time to reevaluate your site and get rid of all the 404 errors. Once you do the site audit you will find that there would be various landing pages that are unpublished or external links that take your visitors to an erroneous page.

You can use free tools such as Broken link checker and Google webmaster tools to find broken links and abandon them.

Keep Updating your Content

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The market trends are changing rapidly and so are the strategies of the current industry leaders. If you have a blog post that explains the top coaching trends which date back to 2012 nobody would bother to read that.

Thus it is very important that along with curating fresh content for your website, you also keep revising your past content according to the recent market demands.

For instance,

Case 1: How to become an executive coach?

Case 2: How to become an executive coach [2021 edition]

The second case highlights what actions should the user take at present to become an executive coach.

Not only this there might be some changes in laws and legislation, training and certificates, stats and figures. All the parts of your existing content should be revised in such a way that you accommodate every change. This is the only way that users will trust you and you will easily emerge as a thoughtful leader in your niche.

All your efforts and time in disseminating fresh knowledge would be rewarded by a long collaboration of your clients.


Offerings to attract visitors to provide you with their email address is a great way to build your email list and convert clients. Now the problem is that there is already much noise in the market. If your offerings are the same as that of your competitors, you can just be lost in the sea. Thus your offerings must be a step ahead than your competitors.

Suppose, you are a health coach and your competitor is offering a free e-book on 30 recipes that would lead to a healthy body. Now you can think of a video series rather than an e-book as this can be more grabbing and enchanting to go for. Additionally, rather than 30 recipes for a healthy body, you can go for 30 recipes that help you fight 30 different kinds of common diseases/malfunctioning in the body.

Always think from the client perspective. Think about what would they like the most. Here are ways that would help you to build a client-oriented perspective.

What I want to convey here is that your offerings should be so different from your competitors that your visitors are left with no choice but to choose you over them. If you find it difficult to create one then you can quickly go and find templates that are not much available and promote the same.

Prioritize Scrolling over Clicking

I understand that you have much information to provide your users. You have trimmed the content enough and you cannot curtal the same beyond a certain limit. Now, either you can distribute this content across your website pages and ask your users to click and reach the different parts. Or you can make a single long page that gives away all the information by scrolling.

A case study by crazy eggs reveals the following:

They converted a single short sales page to one which was 20 times longer. And the result was- 30% hike in the rate of conversion! Pretty cool, right?

It seems that users like to scroll more than clicking on the pages. Thus if you are spreading the content of your coaching services in different parts of the website, think twice!

Use People in Pictures

People like to connect with other humans in the real world and similarly on the web too. Having photographs of real people on your website can be an attention-grabbing feature of an ideal website design for coaches that can help you to convert visitors.

A case study by Basecamp reveals how they manage to increase their conversions by 102.5% by changing the text-based landing page to one with the image of a human in the background.

At the same time, avoid using stock images in the background. Every third coach in the industry is doing the same in your niche. Try to include real photographs of yours, your customers, seminars, conferences, coaching sessions etc.

This way you not only connect the audience with your real-world but also build credibility for yourself.

White Space

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White space, also called negative space, is an area which lacks content or visual elements on your website. It is an essential element in design which helps in enhancing the readability of your website content. Too much of whitespace may not appeal to the users but if used properly it can help a lot in content prioritization and positioning of design elements.

Even if you need to trim some part of your content to make space for the whitespaces that would be an ideal investment. Thereafter make sure that the content is finely grouped to distinguish it for a clear understanding of the users.

Ensure Good Readability

Below are some of the points that you must take care to enhance the readability of your website:

Contrast is Key

Build a proper contrast between the colour of the text and the colour of the background. You can choose colours which are a part of your brand identity. Also, you need not restrict yourself with two or three colours. Don’t sacrifice creativity for readability.

Font Size

Ideal font size is a must to make the content readable. Earlier 12 pts was very common. Soon people realized that this was too small to be clearly visible on a 24 inches screen. The average size now that most people tell around on the internet is 16 pts. But again this depends much on what font style you are using.

Font Style

Many consider Sans Serif as the best font style for online text. You can choose one which appears better to you.

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Strike a balance between simple and complex.

I would suggest focussing on what would appeal to your users rather you. For instance, script fonts are really cool with all those fancy curves but your users’ eyes need a break!

Never Stop Testing

To be certain that your pages are performing the way you intended, it is important to test your webpages. What are your users clicking, bounce rate, which is the most visited pages etc.- you should evaluate all these from time to time.

This way you would understand what do the pages lack and what needs to be done to uplift them. A slight tweak in the design or changes in the colour/font style of the headers or the buttons or updating the content may result in a tremendous increase in the performance.

You can take help of tools like Google Analytics to keep a track of the performance of each page and make changes in the website design accordingly.


There are a lot of factors that go into making a great life coaching website and it’s easy to get overwhelmed. 

Get the basics right and remember not to get stuck forever in trying to get your website to perfection.

It’s just a vehicle. It’s more important to put yourself out there, get feedback, build coaching packages and test, test, test.


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