Top Ways to Build the Best Coaching Process [2021 Edition]

Every coach follows one or the other coaching process. A coaching process includes all the steps and measures that a coach takes to crack clients and skyrocket their growth. Only a robust coaching process can help the coach to create a phenomenal coaching business.

There are many coaches who aren’t able to crack clients even after investing heavily. What could be a probable reason? The reason behind this is that the coaching process which the coach follows might have certain loopholes. These loopholes can vary. It may happen that the coach’s approach or style needs improvement. There could be a need for planning the coaching sessions in a better way. Improper awareness of the coaching industry or one’s competitors can be the hurdle.

It takes great time and energy to set a robust coaching process into place. The coaching process creates the foundation of the coaching business of any coach. Once set right, it can help the coach to excel in every aspect of the coaching business and get their ideal clients fast.

Do you want to establish the best coaching process for yourself?

Do you want to know the steps you should take to create the best coaching process?

Yes? That’s great! You are at the right place!

This article covers everything that you must know to establish the best coaching process. By the end, you will learn the strategies to build the best coaching process and gear up your coaching business.


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Your coaching process starts with YOU. Before knowing your clients you must know yourself and your situation perfectly. Self-awareness is the first step for creating a coaching process. It helps one to analyze themselves, their aspirations, and their goals better. This, in turn, brings clarity that improves the coaching process.

Below are some of the questions that a coach must ask during this stage.

Why do you want to be a coach?

Why do you think coaching interests you? Why not any other profession?

You might wonder how will this question improve your coaching process. The reality is that the coaching process is filled with many hurdles and obstacles. Only if coaching is your passion and a dream job, you will be able to excel.

If later on, you realize that coaching is not something that you want to continue, the half-heartedness can kill your coaching process. So it is better to discover your true desires. If you are passionate about coaching, you will automatically find ways to fix the issues that come while executing your coaching process.

Which coaching niche interests you and why?

So, by now, you are clear that you want to be a coach, great!

The next step is to choose your coaching niche. Your coaching process will greatly depend on your coaching niche.

Let me explain this with an example.

The health coaching process may involve exercises such as meditation, maintaining a strict diet plan, etc.

On the other hand, budget coaching may involve exercises around debt management, creating a balance between savings and expenditures, etc.

So, the coaching process for different coaching niches differs to a great extent.

Discovering the right coaching niche according to your interest, skills, and experience will help you to set the coaching process right.

Are you financially, mentally, and emotionally ready to become a coach?

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Your coaching process greatly depends on your current situation. If you are not sure to start a full-fledged coaching business then you can begin as a freelancer. Freelance coaching will help you to understand the coaching industry and gain experience. It will also help you to earn client testimonies which will benefit you once you start your coaching business. You can enhance your coaching process with your freelancing experience once you decide to kick-start your coaching business.

Financial stability should also be considered. The coaching process will require investment in certain areas. These can include infrastructure, marketing, etc. You should know where do you stand financially. Later on, you can divert the funds according to the situation.

For e.g.

If you are unable to heavily invest in the beginning you can concentrate on organic digital marketing. As you scale, in the second phase, you can also invest in paid marketing.

What skills do you have to establish an amazing coaching process?

Your coaching process will revolve around you and your client. The end goal is to achieve the determined goals and bring transformation in the client. Are you aware of all the skills that would be needed for this? Do you have the required skills?

A good coach continuously imbibes the top coaching skills and qualities of successful coaches. If you lack them it will definitely impact your coaching process and its outcomes.

SWOT analysis

You might have heard of SWOT analysis very often but have you done it ever? If not, it is the right time. Take a pen and paper and do a SWOT analysis for yourself.

Not sure how would it help you to build your coaching process? It will help you in the following ways:

  • When you identify your strengths, you know how you can leverage it to enhance the coaching process.
  • When you know your weaknesses, you know what you lack. You should improve it so that your coaching process is not hampered.
  • When you identify opportunities, you are well prepared to make the full use of them.
  • When you identify the threats, you discover what can ruin your coaching process and can prepare for such challenges.

Build Comprehensive Knowledge of Coaching

US coaching industry is not well-regulated yet, this leads to a lot of coaches boasting themselves as the best coach. Since there are not many benchmarks set, anyone can claim to be the best in the industry.

Don’t just claim to be the best, prove that you are the best. But, how will you do that?

The solution is simple by understanding different aspects of coaching. For having the best coaching process, get your basics right. You must be updated with all the recent trends and changes that are happening around the US coaching industry.

Below are a few topics that you must know to create a solid coaching process.

Coaching vs Therapy

As I said, the basics are very important. You may think that you know all about coaching but someday someone may prove you wrong.

One of the most important differences that you must know is that between coaching and therapy.

Therapy deals with the past and helps people for mental well-being. Therapists give support and guidance to people to feel and function better. They increase self-awareness by identifying the roots of the problems.

Coaching deals primarily with the present and the future. Coaches help people to achieve their goals and dream transformation. Like therapy, coaching also focuses on support and guidance. But coaching places great emphasis on building accountability and motivating people to rise above their potential.

Knowing the difference between the two will ensure that your coaching process doesn’t incline towards therapy. In case you get clients that are struggling with mental health, you must know when to refer them to therapists.

To get a more clear idea, read the difference between a Life coach and Therapist.

Different coaching niches

Your coaching process revolves around your coaching niche. If you have not finalized your coaching niche yet explore the coaching niches around you. The choice of your coaching niche will depend a lot on your interest, skill, and experience.

The ultimate guide to finding your coaching niche will help you to choose the best coaching niche for yourself.

You must also explore other coaching niches apart from yours. Look in what aspects does one differs from the other.

For e.g.

Financial coaching, Money coaching, Budget coaching, and Wealth coaching differ from each other. Though all have a common factor – money, they have different coaching processes and targets.

Explore the top life coaching niches that can make you successful in 2021.

Top coaching trends

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Coaching trends are extremely important to enhance your coaching process. US coaching industry has seen a sea change. The recent top coaching trends will have an impact on the future of the coaching industry. To make your coaching process future-proof, you must know the recent top coaching trends and try to include them in your coaching practice. Some of these trends include:

  • Digital Marketing and social media marketing
  • Oversees client dealing with leveraging technologies
  • Coaching tools to improve the coaching process
  • Focus on experience and qualifications of the coach
  • Measurable coaching results etc.

Here are the top 30 coaching trends that you must know and should be on par with.

Coaching techniques

Coaching strategies and techniques are other vital ingredients for a wonderful coaching process.

Ask yourself:

What techniques do you employ in your coaching process?

How will you rate each technique based on the feedback of your clients?

What do your friends/family consider the best out of all our coaching techniques?

How does your coaching technique differ from the other coaches in your niche?

To know the best coaching techniques, you must be a frequent reader. Read blogs and articles. Observe the techniques that other coaches are applying to gain benefits.

Join online communities and forums. These can expand your knowledge to a great extent. Hear success stories of coaches, it will help you to gain deep insights and choose the right techniques and strategies.

Once you have the correct coaching techniques in place you can confidently head towards a brilliant coaching process.

Also, remember that you can always tweak your techniques to suit your clients and situation. Keep yourself updated, always.

Here are 7 coaching techniques to boost your business.

US coaching industry

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Your coaching process must be aligned to the US coaching market and industry norms. To ensure this, you must research and learn about the US coaching industry and market trends.

You can start by the following:

  • Growth and impact of the coaching industry in 2021
  • The market size of your coaching niche
  • Data, trends, and statistics of your coaching niche (You can also explore other niches as well).
  • Training and coaching companies
  • Top institutes for coaching certificates
  • Coaching events and conferences in 2021 etc.

Read insightful content like inside the coaching industry. This will help to broaden your knowledge and think creatively to build a coaching process that matches the current market trends.

Set the Goals

Who will be your target audience? How many clients are you planning to crack within the next four months? What metrics will determine that your marketing strategies are up to the mark?

Your coaching process must be directed towards SMART (Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Relatable, Time-bound) goals. When you have the goals in place, you can streamline the coaching process accordingly. It is similar to the arrow and target game, only when you have a clearly defined target in front of you, you would be able to decide the process to hit it.


This is the most important stage that will determine the success of your coaching process. Now, it is time for some action!

Preparing well will give you an edge over others. But, what all should you be prepared with for the best coaching process?

Below are some of the coaching essentials that will help you to set the right coaching process.

Create a coaching business plan

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Start by creating a sold coaching business plan. A coaching business plan helps you to gain clarity about your purpose, finances, and coaching strategies. From your mission to business expenses, coaching business plan consists of everything that you need. A business plan act as a blueprint for your coaching process and keeps you on track during your coaching journey.

Here is the ultimate guide to creating an amazing coaching business plan.

Decide a coaching model

A coaching model acts as a framework for your coaching process. Depending on your model, your coaching process will differ to a great extent.

For e.g.

When you choose the GROW model, your coaching process would be more goal-oriented. On the other hand, when you choose the OSKAR model your coaching process would be more solution-oriented.

Before choosing one, you must be aware of the different coaching models. Here are 4 proven coaching models that you must know.

Create an amazing coaching philosophy

A coaching philosophy guides the coaching process. Your coaching philosophy underlines your values, principles, and objectives. Every coach has different sets of these three. This is the prime reason why the coaching process differs from coach to coach.

Coaching philosophy gives you a way to create a unique coaching process. Without a meaningful coaching philosophy, you will not be able to execute a satisfying and fruitful coaching process.

Here are some ways to craft an amazing coaching philosophy.

Set your marketing strategies

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Without effective marketing strategies, you won’t be able to reach your ideal clients fast. While you set your marketing strategies, take care of the following:

Online Marketing

  • Leverage social media to the fullest.
  • Linkedin Marketing and Facebook ads are currently the two main channels that are leveraged by many coaches.
  • A Coaching website with meaningful resources (blogs, e-books, Webinar’s link, etc) adds to your online presence.
  • Join online forums and communities to expand your online network. Be active and respond to queries and comments.
  • Never neglect the importance of email marketing, video marketing, and newsletters.

Offline marketing

  • Conduct free workshops and seminars for your target audience.
  • Market using pamphlets and banners.
  • Meet new coaches and leverage partnerships/collaboration.

Your marketing strategies can boost your coaching process largely. Here are 50 marketing tips for coaches that will help you.

Prepare for the coaching sessions

Coaching sessions play a great role in deciding the success of your coaching process. If the clients are satisfied, it means that your coaching process is in the right direction. If it is the other way round, then the process is lacking somewhere and there is a need to tweak the process.

Here are the top ways to nail your coaching sessions. Make sure that you have everything in place before conducting the session.

Pricing and packaging

Pricing and packaging your coaching services is an important step to get the maximum results out of your coaching process. The packaging model that you choose (hourly, fixed package, long contracts, etc.) will greatly impact your revenue and business growth. It is important to know how to price and package your coaching services well to ensure that you get maximum returns out of your coaching process.

Analyze the client’s situation

Your coaching process should be client-oriented. A good coach knows that every client is unique and so are their situations. To ensure the success of your coaching process, make sure that you are able to assess the client’s situation in-depth and appropriately.

So, how will you make sure that you analyze the clients’ situations well?

There are two ways to this:

  • Ask great coaching questions
  • Listen actively

Coaching questions will help you to dive into the deep corners of the heart of your clients. Listening to the answers will help you to understand the clients and the dynamic of the situations that they are facing. While doing the same try to build mutual trust. Be empathetic and humble in tone. Provide clients with much-needed guidance and emotional support. The clients’ satisfaction will mark the victory of your coaching process.

Find Ways to Overcome Obstacles

If you want to improve your coaching process, it is important to find what is lacking and why. No journey is always smooth. You will face ups and downs. Important is to find ways through which you can overcome obstacles.

Some of the common obstacles that most of the coaches face are:

Unable to get ideal clients fast

If you are unable to get ideal clients, something is going wrong. The correct way would be to start from the beginning. Are your goals clearly defined? Are your strategies at the place? Are you doing enough marketing? Are you failing in a one-to-one meeting with your prospects?

It is always good to get some feedback from your friends or family. They can be your initial beta testers. Even if your prospect doesn’t choose you, ask for feedback and the reasons that you couldn’t make it. This will help you to tweak your coaching process accordingly.

Clients that are difficult to handle

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You may get clients that are difficult to handle. At times, clients can be rude, arrogant and you may think that your words are falling on deaf ears. Patience and tolerance is the key here. Learn creative ways to deal with different types of personalities. Read more to understand how to handle tough coaching clients.

Not being able to make enough profits

Often coaches get clients but their growth is slow. They don’t know the best way to make the maximum profit. The biggest problem here is that of pricing and packaging. As a coach, you must do a competitive analysis to understand how other coaches in your niche are charging. Never underestimate your worth. Always question the pricing model that you have. You may realize that having an hourly model is better than a fixed package.

Assess your Performance

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How will you realize that your coaching process is actually bringing results? To do so, you need to analyze your performance. There are various ways to analyze one’s performance Some of them include:

  • Client Feedback
  • Client Testimonies
  • Suggestions from friends and family
  • Reflecting on your growth trajectory
  • Performing root cause analysis for failing of strategies

Assessing your performance will give you a closer look into the loopholes. You can identify the loopholes and make your coaching process even better.

A robust coaching process creates a way for a successful coaching business. So, if you want your coaching business to grow phenomenally, start focusing on your coaching process from today. All the best!

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