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The Top Principal Coaches

A principal coach is a school administrator who provides support and guidance to principals and other school leaders. The principal coach typically has a deep understanding of the education system and how it works. They use this knowledge to help principals navigate the challenges of their job and improve their effectiveness. In addition, principal coaches often provide mentorship and support to new and aspiring principals.

The Top Principal Coaches principal coach

This can involve everything from helping them develop their leadership skills to providing advice on dealing with difficult situations. By offering this level of support, principal coaches can play a vital role in ensuring that principals are successful in their roles.

A principal coach is someone who works with school principals to help them improve their leadership skills. In many cases, principal coaches are former principals themselves and can offer invaluable advice and guidance. In other cases, they may be educational consultants with a deep understanding of best practices in school leadership. Principal coaches help them to develop action plans for improving student outcomes, identify areas where they need to grow as leaders, and provide ongoing accountability to ensure that progress is being made.

Each Principal coaches, each with their unique style trying to help the clients, and asked them what’s extraordinary about their coaching and what has endorsed their massive success.

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In Brief : The Top Principle Coaches
  • Eva Benesova – Through her work as a principal coach, Eva Benesova encounters clients who may appear successful outwardly but feel emotionally depleted inside.
  • Dr. Keith Stephenson – With over two decades of experience in educational leadership, Dr. Keith Stephenson has dedicated himself to transforming schools into high-performing learning environments.
  • Kim Wood – As an ICF certified coach and seasoned leader in health and community services, Kim Wood is committed to nurturing new leaders dedicated to positive change.
  • Janet McDowell – With a decade of experience as a leadership professional, Janet McDowell emphasizes the importance of maintaining a positive mindset and fostering partnerships with purpose.
  • Sophocles Karakovounis – With extensive experience in coaching mindset and leadership, including affiliations with prestigious institutions like Cornell University and Harvard Medical School, Sophocles Karakovounis brings a wealth of expertise to his coaching practice.

Eva Benesova

I feel like butter, thinly spread across a large slice of bread,” said one of my clients during our first meeting. I must underscore that this client appeared successful in all observable aspects: career, personal life, family, parenting, and relationships—and at first glance, appeared content. He had all he could ask for, his life goals fulfilled in just 42 years, and it seemed he could not complain about anything. Except for an inner feeling that brought him to me.

The Top Principal Coaches principal coach
The Top Principal Coaches principal coach

Dr. Keith Stephenson

KSLC was founded by Dr. Keith Stephenson – an educator who, for over 21 years, has dedicated his life to improving the educational experience for students. With the unique track record of serving as a “turnaround school leader” of both charter and public schools, he has effectively led elementary, middle and high schools.

The Top Principal Coaches principal coach

In each of his leadership roles, Dr. Stephenson has transformed troubled schools into high-performing learning environments. Believing that the principal plays the most critical role in the success of a school, Dr. Stephenson has worked closely with both principals and charter school boards in states across the country. Through his company, he works to transform every principal into a high-performing school leader. Dr. Stephenson is looking to reform our educational system by transforming one leader at a time.

Kim Wood

I’m an International Coach Federation certified coach with 20 years’ leadership experience in health and community services based in Melbourne, Australia. I’m a passionate supporter of new and aspiring leaders and managers committed to positive change in their workplace and community.

The Top Principal Coaches principal coach

I love to work with people who want to see a change in the world and who are doing something about it – in their work, their community, their life. I believe you can change the world and have fun at the same time! I’ve found that many people underestimate the power of their own inner resources – their innate strength and wisdom. I help people to call on these resources (and develop new ones) to establish a strong, values-based foundation for life and leadership.

The Top Principal Coaches principal coach

Janet McDowell

I’ve been a Leadership Professional since 2010. I believe in maintaining a positive mindset, creating partnerships with a purpose, and always striving for significant outcomes. When you work with me, you should expect mutual respect, empowerment, and a supportive environment that allows you to thrive as an individual and leader.

The Top Principal Coaches principal coach
The Top Principal Coaches principal coach

Sophocles Karakovounis

Coaching Mindset & Leadership, Cornell University USA. Fellow of the Institute of Coaching. Mc lean, Affiliate of Harvard Medical School.
EEA Business Mentor & Coaching Methodology Trainer Athenian Champer of Tradesmen, Mentors’ Trainer Fellow of the Institute of Leadership & Management, UK
850+ Hours of tangible results.

The Top Principal Coaches principal coach
The Top Principal Coaches principal coach


There you have it, you’ve just read about the industry’s top Principal coaches.

What has been your biggest takeaway from this?

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It’s massively inspiring to see these coaches achieving so much; living a life of abundance and freedom while making a positive contribution to the lives of countless people. 

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