The Best Guide to Integrative Coaching [2021]

Integrative coaching applies life coaching techniques on five levels to achieve all-round positive changes in life. The five levels include mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, and interpersonal wellness that helps propel life forward.

In today’s competitive era people want to redefine their purpose in life and achieve wellbeing at all levels. The motive is to ensure that every element of life is in alignment.

Can a person achieve wellbeing at all levels alone?

Do you think a person needs guidance from an experienced person to achieve positive changes in all the areas?

Is it easy to align all the areas of life alone? Is it so simple?

It is not simple and a person needs guidance to achieve alignment in all the areas of life.

How can people achieve overall development in their lives?

Integrative coaching is one such method to bring changes in people’s lives at all five levels.

Are you a wellness or health coach?

Do you have experience in the coaching industry?

Do you want to take your coaching one step further?

Then you can apply integrative coaching methods and achieve progress in physical, mental, spiritual, interpersonal, emotional wellbeing.

Are you curious about what kind of tasks fall under integrative coaching?

Do you want to support people through it?

Here is an in-depth knowledge of the same.

What is integrative coaching?

Coaching has various niches and one of the niches is integrative coaching.

Integrative coaching focuses on all aspects of life improvement. Integrative coaching’s major purpose is to make people live a happy life by bringing positive changes at five levels. These five levels are mental, physical, emotional, interpersonal, spiritual well being.

It encourages clients to break their barriers at all five levels so that they can achieve the desired outcome in each context. As a coach, you can support people at all stages of their lives. The coach plays a great role to guide and empower clients. The coach works on the client’s overall well-being.

As an integrative coach you:

– Try to balance the life of your clients

– Understand their goals

– Define ways to achieve them

– Help them gain confidence

– Help people meet professional challenges

– Make them prosper in their personal lives

– Let them overcome the stress and anxiety

– Encourage them to find their actual potential

– Develop creativity among clients

– Ask clients to build healthy habits

– Check the choices of your clients

– Rework on the old thoughts

Integrative coaching motivates clients to find new paths in all the stages of life. A coach provides the client with techniques and strategies that help them achieve desired results at all levels. It guides clients to turn problems into opportunities.

The coaching involves personal and professional development plans. During the coaching session, you as a coach examine all parts of a clients’ problem. The main idea is to give a unified solution. Integrative coaching is about helping clients cut negative thinking patterns.

A coach makes clients aware of their destructive behaviors. This way their eyes open up to create things they have dreamt of. Clients get in touch with their power and work towards their passion which helps them make conscious choices in their life.

Integrative coaching is a unique coaching field as it brings positive change in all the areas of clients’ life.

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How is integrative coaching different from life coaching?

Integrative coaching deals in five-level wellness i.e, mental, emotional, physical, interpersonal, and spiritual wellness. It is about making positive changes in all areas of life.

Life coaching is about people’s discovery of themselves. The coach makes the person find out who they are. It is more about finding inner gifts, talents, and dreams. A lot of people bury their desires inside them. It can be due to emotional trauma and mental stress. Hence, life coaching guides people to identify the real meaning of life by focussing on one level.

Integrative coaching empowers people to bring positive change in their lives at all five levels. It is more about training people to unlock their potential in all the areas. A person can create their best version by improving all five levels.

This coaching is about leading the individuals and organizations towards a long-lasting change. For example, by changing their lifestyle they can have satisfying careers. Here both areas are being taken care of which is lifestyle and career.

Integrative coaching makes people gain freedom from the past. As a coach, you help them overcome problems at all levels. But life coaching is finding new opportunities. It is about getting good results from them.

An integrative coaching technique involves modifications at all levels. You as a coach change the patterns of clients for mental, physical, interpersonal, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing. It helps them get success at all levels. The life coaching technique involves creating new ideas for one level. Here a coach inspires people to develop new skills at one level.

Who are your prospective clients for integrative coaching?

As a coach, you can get clients depending upon your skills. A lot of people want to discover their potential.

Here are few:


A lot of people working in companies go through a tight schedule. As an integrative coach, you can give them a new approach. For instance, you can share some ideas on how they can enhance their working style.


In today’s time, a lot of people don’t have peace of mind. A lot of people are always competing to achieve something. Through your effective action plans, they can overcome stress. You can develop their emotional as well as mental well being. These clients have certain physiological needs. Being an integrative coach you can understand that well.


Patients suffer different kinds of diseases and other issues. They also want to overcome their health issues. As a coach, you can train these people by listening to their worries. They need someone to tell them why and how things can be fine. As an integrative coach, you can guide them.

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Celebrities and leaders

Celebrities and leaders are role models so they need integrative coaching to achieve wellbeing at mental, physical, interpersonal, spiritual, and emotional levels. Integrative coaching can help them achieve the desired outcome for all the levels of life.

Integrative coaching can help anyone establish potential on all levels and in all contexts.

Core traits required for integrative coaching

Through integrative coaching, a coach helps people overcome various issues in their life. You as a coach can show them the new outlook about life. Hence, your qualities should be such that people get influenced by them.

Here are some of the skills which you must have as an integrative coach:

Stick to the plan

The coach follows a perfect plan for providing unique solutions. Hence, as an integrative coach, you stay committed to the plan. This will help you in achieving effective results. This will also keep the client on track.

Let’s say if your client wants a balance between personal and professional life then you can help them follow a proper routine. He or she should not disagree too much with your strategies. Your sessions should not turn into a general discussion. Stick to the plan during sessions as this help your clients achieve maximum growth.


For any coach, this skill is a must. As an integrative coach, your patience will help you in dealing with the clients. You should avoid jumping to conclusions. Patience will help in getting the right solutions. It also requires time to understand what the client needs. You need to give proper time to every client.

Build rapport with the client

As a coach, your client must trust you. Hence, as a coach, you need to develop a good connection with your client. A good connection will make your client feel confident. This will make your clients comfortable to share anything with you.

Be open-minded

As a coach, you should not judge your clients. An integrative coach is curious but at the same time non-judgemental. The good quality of a coach is to consider others’ points of view. As a coach, do not make your clients feel low. This way you can give better feedback to your clients.

Give constructive feedback

One of the most useful things for your client is valuable feedback. An expert integrative coach has a talent for noticing a client’s weaknesses. As a coach, you should have the skill to observe people and find their weaknesses.

As a coach, you can give your clients the right feedback. Constructive feedback will motivate your clients to overcome their weaknesses.

Be energetic

As a coach, you can turn your prospective clients into actual ones through your attitude. For that, you need full energy and enthusiasm. For example, a fitness trainer passes the energy to the people in the gym. You can see how the atmosphere of the fitness studio changes. Similarly, your energy can help your clients to deal with their fears.

As a coach, your positive attitude and energy can influence and motivate your clients to achieve the desired outcome at all stages of life.

Benefits of integrative coaching

By now you may have realized how beneficial integrative coaching is for people. Here are some major advantages:

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Save time

An integrative coaching session can take place online or on-premises. Hence, clients can save a lot of time. Clients can work on five levels i.e. mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, and interpersonal wellbeing. This will help them save time and energy.

Save money

In the case of integrative coaching clients get an opportunity to achieve desired results in five different levels. This helps them save money. Clients achieve mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, and interpersonal wellbeing at the price of one.

Involves research

Integrative coaching involves proper research. The coach does client research and then plans the coaching sessions. Hence, people can have trial sessions before execution. They can understand well what integrative coaching is all about.

Identifies clients’ capabilities

In some integrative coaching programs, the coach conducts extracurricular activities. This leads to the all-round development of the client. It helps in identifying factors that can influence clients’ capabilities.

Gain confidence

Clients gain self-confidence through integrative coaching. This is because today integrative coaching covers all the areas of life. It makes people believe in themselves. They know their skills. It also charges up their energy. Integrative coaching has become a need. It’s because people have a lot of doubt and confusion. With the help of integrative coaching clients can clear all their doubts at all the stages of life.

Build new perspectives

This is one of the main benefits of integrative coaching. As a coach, you can share new perspectives with the clients. You can even suggest alternative plans. This is something that your client may have never thought of. It makes clients feel more positive. They can deal with problems better if they have alternatives.

Helps clients face fears

The stress of clients becomes less after coaching sessions. It is tough for people to escape the fear. Integrative coaching helps in handling it. It helps in facing fears. This can provide people ways to overcome the stress. They can learn new techniques for handling challenging situations. This can help them build a better future for themselves.

Clients can benefit a lot from integrative coaching. Once they develop trust in coaching methods then their performance will show positive results.

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How much can you earn in your integrative coaching venture?

As a coach, you must be worrying about your earnings. Right?

Don’t worry you have great options to increase your earning as an integrative coach.

On average an integrative coach can earn $50,000 a year. But the figure may vary depending upon various factors. This includes your experience, the amount of time you give to your coaching, and other things.

There is a lot of flexibility in integrative coaching. People who want to earn more prefer to work full time.

Also, you have greater chances of earning well if you are working with corporates.

A lot of coaches who have regular clients are earning well.

Initially, you can earn between $150 to $200 per hour. This will increase with time and the number of clients.

For an extra income, you can have online coaching sessions. Here you can earn above $500 per hour.

You can also give your clients quick chat support. The rate of your three to four sessions can be around $500. If you have 8 to 10 clients, the earnings can increase.

The trick is to choose the business model which can help you earn more.

Top digital marketing strategies for integrative coaching venture to get clients fast

Have you started thinking about earning high after knowing the above earning options? Yes?

So, now the important thing is to get clients. You need to note down the marketing strategies for it.

At an initial stage, you may fail or get confused. But, with the right strategies and hard work you can get results.

There would be some questions in your mind like:

What strategies should you develop? How much benefit will you get from the strategies?

Here are the strategies which you can apply for your integrative coaching venture:

Create videos to get clients attention

Videos are a great way to create a buzz among prospective clients. A lot of people these days follow a lot of youtube videos. It is good to create videos. The best thing is to feature yourself in it. This will add credibility to your sessions.

The information which you share should be authentic. Keep the videos short and show how your clients can benefit through your coaching. This can help you convert your prospective clients into long term customers.

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Grow your social media engagement

It is important to have a digital presence. You can get clients fast. This is because these days people are online most of the time. You need to be present where your clients are. Hence, you need to create your social media page and group. You can choose options like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

This can let you use ideas to convert your potential prospects into paying customers. This is where you can post-webinar sessions or share your articles. The reviews and comments of people can help you in engaging with them. A lot of people who are not aware of integrative coaching can learn about it.

Send cold emails

A lot of people fear to share such mails. But it is one of the most effective strategies. You need to begin with your research. What does that mean? You need to find your potential clients. This you can get from your old contact list or social media contacts.

The next thing is to find out who needs your guidance. You can sort out the people who can become your clients in the future. After creating the list, you can start sending emails to them. You can send personalized emails to them. Your email should be attractive enough that people cannot ignore it.

In the email, you can share the link to your website. This is where they can see your work profile and skills. You may receive a few replies. But those will help you start your coaching practices. It will create an amazing collaboration.

Be active on platforms like Quora

It is not a direct marketing strategy but useful for getting leads. But you need to spend a good amount of time on such sites. People here share a lot of questions. Your job is to answer those queries. You can share your experience or any other valuable information related to the query. People will check out your profile or search your website if they like your views.

Once you have established yourself on these platforms, you can start mentioning your coaching practices.

Publish guest blogs

A lot of coaches apply this strategy. They write and publish guest posts on different blogs or websites. You can write an in-depth article on how integrative coaching works. In the end, you can mention how you help people. In the blog, you can add a point of contact. This is the best way to show yourself as an expert coach.

Your blogs having illustrations can make a huge difference in getting clients. You can even add real-life stories. The name of your blog should also be catchy. This can help you attract more readers.

Create a presentation

It is like guest blogging. You have to upload your presentation on SlideShare and such platforms. You can write on 10 ways in which integrative coaching can change people’s lives.

It is important to create an engaging presentation. This will help in bringing more traffic.

People will share your presentations on other platforms and this will grow your clients.

Use SEO strategy

Is building a website enough for the business? No. As a coach, you need to drive in more people towards your website. Thus, a search engine optimization tool can help you out. It is a great long-term strategy for getting web traffic. The results are not achieved so soon. But with proper strategy, you can get the clients in some time.

Integrative coaching is a good option. But the success depends upon your skills and expertise. For getting good results, pure dedication is a must. You cannot get the clients overnight. But with the above strategies, things can turn fruitful. The right time is to start soon. You need to get a good hold on integrative coaching skills. All you need to do is build a great partnership with your clients. This will help find great results soon.

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