How to Start a Relation Coaching Business in 2021

Relation coaching- Does it interest you?


Relation coaching is one of the most profitable among life coaching niches.

Conflicts are increasing in different kinds of relationships today. Lack of proper interpersonal skills is leading to the weakening of bonds.

Individuals pay for solutions to their relationship problems than other coaching services. This is the reason that the demand of relationship coaches is increasing.

Relation coaches help people to achieve personal and relationship goals. Coaching can help to fix problems in personal and business relationships.

But what does relation coaching involves?

Motivation and advice?


There is much more.

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Relation coaching lets individuals realize the true essence of their relationship. It includes discovering the loopholes and following an action plan to bring happiness in a relation.

Are you capable of understanding relationship dynamics?

Do people feel comfortable sharing their relationship struggles with you?

Do you think that you can bring the attitude and behavioral transformation?


Then why not choose relation coaching as your profession!

Curious to know how to build a relation coaching business?

This blog will cover all the aspects related to it. So keep reading!

Relation coaching specialties

There are different relation coaching sub-niches that you can choose from.


According to, 44% of US adults are singles. Out of these 27% live alone.

All the singles are not alike. Many don’t fit in the stereotype of being desperate for a relationship. It is important to know them before coaching them for successful relationships.

Let’s have a look at the different types of singles to understand better.

Temporary single: One who is looking to get into a relationship

Divorced or widowed: One who is recovering for loss. They are not prepared for getting into a relationship now.

Frustrated single: One who longs for a partner but isn’t getting a match.

Passive single: Who wants to get into a relationship but isn’t searching actively.

Single but “Not available”: Who wants a lasting relationship but “hooking up” for now.

Busy single: One who doesn’t have time or desire for a partner due to a busy schedule.

Single by choice: One who has no desire to get into a relationship.

You might be thinking what’s the need to understand the types, right?

Indeed, there is!

If you want to coach someone for relations, it is important that you know their psychology. Only then you would be able to think from your customer’s perspective.

Each type of these singles has its own challenges and goals. Your job as a relation coach is to identify them. Make sure that your clients achieve relationship success. This requires specialized skills and expertise rather than advice-driven approaches.

Couples coaching

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You can also have couples as your target audience. Like singles not all couples are alike.

Dating couples

“Friends with benefits” is another term used for dating couples. This involves individuals who call themselves as singles but are into a relationship. Such couples need relation coaching for taking their relationship to the next level.

Pre-committed couples

Such couples are no more dating each other. They have entered into an exclusive relationship. What lacks is a long-term commitment.

These couples are at the stage of testing their relationship for long-term compatibility. Such couples need relation coaching to make them feel confident about long-term commitment.

Pre-marital couples

These are the couples who are into a commitment. What they fear is formalizing their commitment. They are aware of the challenges in a long-term relationship. Such couples seek relation coaching to overcome such challenges and get themselves prepared.

Family coaching

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The next type of subset in relation coaching is family coaching. The family dynamics in the USA have gone a sea change in the past few decades.

Coaching different relations in the family can be a great choice. In this case, your environment may consist of nuclear or extended families. You may also need to understand co-housing arrangements and family business relations.

Business relationship coaching

If you are more inclined towards a corporate setting then this type is the most suitable. There are various business relationships:

  • Employee to manager
  • Peer to Peer
  • Between corporate divisions
  • Customer-vendor
  • HR-employees
  • Between team members etc.

Any business that wants to prosper and bring productive outcomes need healthy relations.

As a relation coach, you can make that happen with smart tactics and strategies. It would be good to learn from the strategies of top executive coaches.

Which kind of relationship coaching is the best?

Out of the different kinds that I discussed with you, each has its own benefits. Fixing your target audience is not that difficult. Do proper introspection and market research before choosing your ideal clients.

Ask the following questions to yourself before finalizing your target audience.

Which group are you the most comfortable with?

Did you have any past experiences in coaching any of the groups?

Which of the group’s dynamics would be the easiest for you to understand?

What does market demand?

What is the psychology and strategy of your competitors?

No matter whatever kind you pick up, your main aim would remain the same and that is:

“To help people to find the right actions to create love and passion in their relationships.”

Most of the coaches go for intimate relations coaching. Many also go for coaching people with personal challenges. This can include coaching for self-esteem, communication, overcoming societal boundaries, etc.

You can also go for coaching many kinds. In this case, take care that you don’t end sacrificing your uniqueness. I always suggest specialization over becoming a “Jack of all trades”.

The most successful relation coaches are one who helps others with specific challenges. Still, remember that at the end of the day, you are your own boss!

Let’s kick-start your relation coaching business

It’s time to understand how can you start your relation coaching business. There are some points that you must take care of before you start. Below I have discussed them step-by-step. I am sure that it will help you to get a crystal-clear understanding.

Decide the sub-niche of your relation coaching

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Above we have already discussed many kinds of relations that you can base your coaching on. The first step for starting your relation coaching business is to fix your ideal clients.

You may choose to work with either family relationships or business groups. The choice of your sub-group would determine your approach.

You may also decide to specialize in the LGBT family. Other things that you consider to incorporate can be communication, interpersonal or finance skills.

You can use your personal/work/ life experience to tailor your specialization.

Understand your daily commitment

Get ready to deal with clients having a variety of relationship problems. As a relation coach, You may help your clients to solve problems or disputes. Your clients may also need your guidance to set goals. One of your main commitments would be to make your clients more assertive.

The daily commitments in relation coaching will include (but aren’t limited to):

  • Helping the clients to develop goal-setting skills and follow through.
  • Building accountability in the clients. Meeting with clients and confirming that they are on track.
  • Identifying and analyzing the problems of your clients. Building problem-solving skills in the clients.
  • Showing your clients the mirror. Coaching them to recognize their strengths. Making them realize their mistakes. Holding them responsible for actions taken and helping them to make better choices.
  • Bringing a behavioral transformation wherever there is a need.
  • Coaching clients for time-management skills, leadership skills, coping skills, etc.
  • Becoming a solid support system for your clients.
  • Providing clients with resources, test-assessments, and exercises

Learn how to coach

Relation coaching is not limited to giving good pieces of advice. A relation may be on the verge of the end. Your job as a relationship coach is to find that ray of hope. You must be able to convey to your client that there are still chances for a positive outcome.

Your life experiences may help but learning coaching skills and good habits is a must. This will render your professionalism.

You might be thinking:

Where should I start?

Don’t worry!

There are various ways.

You can enroll yourself in relation coaching training programs. Apart from that, there are many books revolving around relation coaching. You can pick one of your interest to understand relationship dynamics better. You can also hire a life coach to learn from his/her journey.

Let’s explore the options in detail.


Before you go for any formal training you first need to reflect on your current level of experience. People you choose relation coaching come from various backgrounds. Your current level of experience will influence the type of training that you may need.

For instance,

Case 1: You are starting out

In this case, you must go to a training program that builds your foundation.

Case 2: You are a life coach

If you are already a life coach you can add relation coaching as your specialty.

Case 3: You are a therapist or a counselor

In this case, you can expand your knowledge to add relation coaching in your expertise.

One question that hits the mind of most of the naive coaches is:

Are coaching certifications necessary?

In one word, the answer is – NO!

There are no requirements to meet before entering the field. You can claim yourself as a relation coach without any prior degrees or experiences.

Now, if coaching certifications aren’t a necessity, why are people behind them?

Certifications build confidence in your coaching practice! A certified coach appears more credible and knowledgeable for some clients.

Ask yourself:

Do you want to join any professional organizations?

Do you want to list your name in coaching databases?

Then it’s better to get certified.

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International Coaching Federation (ICF) accredits and approves relation coaching programs.

Vist it’s website to choose the most suitable program for yourself.

Read relation coaching books

You can go for books of your choice depending on your coaching niche. One of the best books in this genre is:

“Relationship Coaching: The theory and practice of coaching with singles, couples, and parents”.

Apart from this here are 10 best books for improving your relationships.

Hire a life coach as a mentor

Hiring a life coach as your mentor has many advantages. By looking at their work profile you can confirm whether this is what you would like to do. Also, Life coaches can inspire you with their coaching styles and approach. You can learn how to plan coaching sessions, deal with different types of clients, etc.

Decide your coaching model and build your business plan

What kind of coaching program do you want to run?

What services and products will you include making money?

Are you ready for a full-time commitment or would you like to start as a freelancer?

You must answer such questions before starting out.

Learn how to build an effective coaching business plan. This will help you to rank your efforts. Also, you can make sure that you are applying the right strategies while investing your money.

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Next, you must choose a coaching model for your relation coaching business. There are various coaching models that you can choose from. These models make sure that your coaching sessions are meaningful and smooth.

You must decide the best setting for your coaching sessions.

Do you want to go for one-to-one coaching sessions?

Are you prepared to handle group coaching sessions?

Will Relationship workshops and seminars help you to get your ideal clients fast?

Do you want to build a relation coaching online course?

There are various approaches that you can choose from. Don’t narrow down your choices by getting swayed away from your competitors. Do your research well and choose what your heart says!


Marketing is the best way to publicize yourself. Create a buzz. Let people realize your worth.

And how will you do that?

Begin by starting your website. Choose one of the most professional and enchanting coaching website designs. List your coaching philosophy/ sessions/ certifications and client testimonies on your website.

The best way to make yourself famous online is to craft content tailored to popular searches. Make sure that your website appears in top rankings when anyone googles related bits.

Some ways through which you can start are:

Leverage social media

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Do you want to build network and professional connections?

Do you want to differentiate your brand?

Do you want to build a phenomenal relation coaching business?


Then start leveraging the power of social media sites today!

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc, are the best way to get recognized. Facebook advertisements can help you propagate to the masses.

Encourage family, friends, and acquaintances to share your word. You may also find relationship coaching events and other opportunities through these sites.

Use professional social media sites like Linkedin to connect with other professionals.

Join groups and forums

This is a great way to learn more bout the problems that your market is facing. Answering queries and solving issues will help to mark a solid presence in your niche. Try to engage with your stakeholders more and establish yourself as an expert.

Build a client list

Lead generation has to be on your priority. Email marketing and list building are some of the most effective marketing tactics. Think for strategies to convert your prospects into paying clients fast.

For instance,

[GUIDE]: Beginners guide to overcome heart-breaks

[Ebook]: 5 reasons that your relationship may break soon and ways that you can save it.

[Video]: How to get back on love again after an argument with your partner?

Make sure to manage and update your client list well. Go for follow-ups but at the same time don’t trouble clients with repeated calls.

Another great way to augment your client list is to build a solid referral program. Make sure that your current clients are happy so that they refer your services to others.

Pricing and packaging your coaching sessions

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How should you price and package your coaching session?

This is a very important question. Generally, relation coaches charge from $60- $150 for their coaching sessions. The amount that you charge for your sessions may depend on various factors.

  • If you are a new coach then you can start from a low price and increase it later.
  • If your target audience is “Singles”, then you can charge less than families or couples.
  • The length of the sessions can influence your rates. Some sessions may run for 30 minutes for an hour or so. You can charge more for longer sessions.

Market research and competitor analysis is a must before fixing your rates.

Don’t give up if you aren’t getting your ideal clients

Don’t worry if it takes some weeks or months before you crack your ideal clients.

Remember that Rome wasn’t built in a day!

Keep advertising on social media and focus on building your client list.

Offer reduced rates for your first clients. Provide free content and/or webinars to the first ten people who sign up. Go for free seminars or introductory sessions. This will help people who are hesitant or are new to such a setting.

Final Thoughts

Quality time spent together, right?

I hope that this blog helped you to add to your learnings. Each point that we discussed will help you at some time in your journey.

There are changes that you would like to add to the list. If you have any suggestions I request to please drop a comment and share your thoughts.

Relation coaching is getting very popular in today’s time. If you are thinking to begin your career as a relation coach there are a lot of opportunities.

At the same time relation coaching also brings many challenges. It is important that you take time to develop a deep insight into human psychology.

Read blogs to understand the struggles that people belonging to your sub-niche undergo. Step into their shoes. Understand different relationship problems and ways to solve them. Talk with people who are into different relationships. Understand what works and what not.

Discover yourself. Think about how your capabilities can help people to save their precious relationships. Think about how can you enlighten that spark again. Build a process to help your clients meet their relationship goals.

If you face any problem midway you know that I am always there! Drop me a message any time and I will be there to help you out.



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