How to Become the Best Speech Coach in 2021?

Confident communication can take you places, regardless of which career you pursue. It is no surprise then that speech coaches are high in demand across all sectors and industries!

Being perceived as a dynamic, inspiring, and persuasive communicator is a matter of business life and death, says Patricia Fripp, an executive speech coach. While that is a rather dramatic statement, I cannot disagree that effective communication is vital. And this is what a good speech coach can help clients with.

Are you ready to take on this all-important role of a speech coach?

How to Become the Best Speech Coach in 2021? speech coach
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Which Areas Can A Speech Coach Impact?

What are the aspects that speech coaches can help with?

A speech coach is usually asked to help a client:

  • Overcome a fear of public speaking
  • Increase self confidence
  • Learn the art of effective communication (which ensures results)
  • Learn presentation skills and powerful delivery techniques

As you can see, these are more visible in business settings but are not limited only to executive level leaders. So the question is who needs a speech coach?

How to Become the Best Speech Coach in 2021? speech coach
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Who Hires a Speech Coach?

Can you think of some examples of people who are constantly in the public eye? These are people who need solid communication skills regularly.

All the following people could be potential clients for a speech coach.

  • How about the priest in a local church? Although a spiritual coach can help a client delve into philosophical questions, he may or may not be best placed to help a priest getting ready to give his first sermon in front of hundreds of people.
  • Don’t forget your popular celebrity! Although one can be a successful performer, he/she may falter when it comes to facing his audience. A success coach can help overcome mental barriers in such cases. However, a speech coach is best able to help such a client overcome stage fright!
How to Become the Best Speech Coach in 2021? speech coach
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Businesses can use speech coaches to improve presentation abilities of say a marketing team leader. And schools often employ a speech coach for the students’ benefit!

Why am I pointing out the advantage of a speech coach above others? Well, I am not.

All I am saying is that a speech coach can help clients with a very specific need and this is related to building confidence, self love and bettering communication.

Current Speech Coach Job Opportunities

The best part of being a speech coach is that there is no age limit for your clients! As a speech coach, you are in a position to help everyone!

Your clients can include the dean of a college or a student participating in a national-level contest!

A simple search on LinkedIn or revealed a lot of current vacancies for speech coaches, so get started on your career soon!

As a first step, check out my free webinar to find out how you can begin your coaching career as a speech coach. The details are in the last segment of this blog.

Speech Coach: Breaking Down Basics

The coaching sector is getting increasingly crowded as more and more players join the bandwagon. How will you find clients and convince them to hire you?

In short, how will you be heard?

How to Become the Best Speech Coach in 2021? speech coach
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If these, and other, questions have bothered you, then stop right here.

You have reached the right place as I will be answering all these questions in this blog. All the tips listed below are bound to help you in your career as a speech coach.

Let us start with the basic question.

What Does A Speech Coach Do?

Essentially, speech coaches do what most other coaches also work on.

They help clients to achieve their personal and professional goals.

The difference is in the process by which a speech coach achieves this.

A Speech Coach Helps Clients

  • Improve their confidence and self perception
  • Better their public speaking and communication skills
  • Brush up their negotiation skills by being able to express more effectively
  • Become better versions of themselves by helping them overcome whatever is holding them back in their professional or personal lives

In essence a speech coach addresses the most common desire of every human being: to be successful in their personal and professional lives.

In this context, I recommend a podcast by Harvard Business Review called What Can Coaches Do for You?. Although the discussion is about executive coaching, the podcast and article is relevant to speech coaches too.

An ideal client for a speech coach is someone focused on the end result. Change is hard work and a client that who approaches you certainly has one attribute: determination!

You can find some relevant pointers of how you can help the client in my blog on self esteem coaching. The name of the blog is Self-Esteem Coaching: How to Become a Self-Esteem Coach and Get High-End Clients.

Marketing Tips for a Speech Coach

Do you need marketing as a speech coach?

In my blog Is Marketing Crucial to My Coaching Business, I have addressed this question in some detail.

What is marketing? Why do you need it as a speech coach?

How to Become the Best Speech Coach in 2021? speech coach
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A 2018 article states that “two-thirds of adults in the United States (US) say that trust in a brand has a great deal (31%) or a lot (37%) of influence on their decision when making a big purchase, reports Survey Monkey. Adults in the United States are not alone in the importance they place on trust: a majority of respondents in the United Kingdom (57%) and Canada (69%) also say that trust in a brand has a great deal or a lot of impact on their decision-making.

This article also supports my advice. It answers the simple question about why one needs marketing right from the start.

“Building your brand is a crucial part of building your business. Questions you need to consider to build the foundation of both your business and brand include:

  • What are the needs of your target customers?
  • How do your competitors meet the needs of your target customers?
  • How can you help your target customers understand why your product or service is better than, or different from, the competition?”

My marketing related blogs here and Becoming A Facebook Yoda will also help you understand how you can market your brand as a speech coach.

Salary of a Speech Coach

Now let us address the all important question of earning. Will you earn enough to give your family a comfortable lifestyle as a speech coach?

This website provides details on how much speech coaches can earn.

It says the payment is usually in the range of $2,000-10,000. But this varies by market and based on the presentation coach’s experience. Some coaches charge per day, others by the presentation, and some charge a monthly rate. Regions like the Northeast United States and in major metro areas like San Francisco and Chicago, things cost more for coaching. Many presentations coaches will charge by the half- or full-day sessions and pricing may range from $2,500-$5,000 (plus travel).

According to ZipRecruiter, the average annual pay for a speech coach is $70,209 currently.

How to Become the Best Speech Coach in 2021? speech coach
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Is there Enough Demand for A Speech Coach?

Coaching is a growing industry.

Let us look at some facts and figures. I have mentioned the following statistics in my earlier blog posts as well. But this sets the context in terms of what you can expect to earn as a speech coach.

This post claims that the life coaching industry has crossed the $1 billion dollar mark.

  • The International Coach Federation boasts 53,300 members. It has a steady growth trend.
  • Average income for life coaches ranges from $27,100 to $73,100. Specialty coaches can charge more than $100,000 annually.
  • Growth projections for the life coaching industry are an estimated 6.7%. This would take revenues to $1.34 billion by 2022.
  • 92% of life coaches remain active in the field.
  • In Asia, there were around 3,700 coaches. They contributed $113 million in total annual revenue.
  • More and more corporations are hiring life coaches instead of mental health counsellors to work with employees (no stigma).
  • Life coaches remain unregulated. There are no state licensing requirements. This suggests freedom of practice, but also raises concerns about quality.
  • Executive coaches can earn a handsome salary too. Salaries start at $150 and can go up to $350 for most coaches. Executive coaches can also charge $1,000 per session.
How to Become the Best Speech Coach in 2021? speech coach
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Are people really happy with the results of coaching?

This news report from the 2017 ICF Global Consumer Awareness Study claims that they are! The research was also conducted by PwC Research. It stated:

  • 89% people in India are aware of life coaching
  • 59% have partnered with a life coach at some time
  • 97% expressed satisfaction with the experience

Since you have chosen a very specific niche as a speech coach, tap into this enormous market. You may want to read more about niches in my blog The Ultimate Guide To Finding Your Coaching Niche.

The other common question I hear is this: How you will one get the brand name noticed? The market is evolving and growing. But the competition is also getting tougher. You may want to refer to my blog How to promote your life coaching business? for tips on this.

What Are the Qualities Needed For Speech Coaching?

What are the qualities of a good speech coach?

All good coaches, irrespective of a niche, share some common traits. I have written about these in detail in a few blogs. In my previous blog Top 10 Coaching Skills You Must Have as a Life Coach, I have mentioned several qualities. The top three relevant qualities for you as a speech coach are:

  • Understanding: Listen attentively, understand the client’s specific challenges and build a realistic plan. Every client will face different hurdles. There is no one size fits all theory in coaching. Hence tap into your common sense and use innovative ways to help a client face and overcome his/her challenges. I urge you to read my blog 5 Powerful Coaching Questions to Ask Your Clients Based on Your Coaching Niche.
  • Being non-judgemental: Withhold judgement. Understand both strengths and weaknesses but focus on the positives in order to motivate your client. This is not your journey, so do not get personal. Sometimes a personal trauma may have led to mental health issues (caused by personal illness, accident or burnout in career or personal life). This may have led to fear of public speaking.
  • Objectivity: Some clients may achieve success easily. Others may struggle. Both deserve your unwavering faith, support and a rock-solid action plan. If you set your goals in the beginning of your coaching session, both the client and you will know the way forward. Mark and celebrate successes but also be prepared for challenges and failures on the way.
  • Accountability: This is what it boils down to. Are your clients capable of delivering against mutually set goals? If not, this is where you step in. Not only will you help with their public speaking challenges, you will also have to prepare them for facing crowds in future. Work on eradicating the fear!

How to Become the Best Speech Coach in 2021? speech coach

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These qualities are common for coaches across all coaching models.

There are several other qualities that make for a good coach. You may want to refer to my blog on 21 Coaching Skills Every Successful Coach Needs and Top Qualities Of A Successful Coach.

These qualities mentioned are helpful for all coaches, including speech coaches.

Top Qualifications Required in a Speech Coach

Are there certain specific degrees needed to practise as a speech coach?

All good coaches have some of the traits I have mentioned above. However, the most important trait is a desire to help people.

I say this often. Invest in yourself before asking others to invest in you. Look for training courses that will give you a head start in your career as a speech coach.

In some cases, relevant sector experience helps. For example, a speech coach who specializes in dialogue delivery typically has a background in acting. Such speech coaches can help with gestures, vocal variety, and body gestures. Some also help with accent reduction.

Sometimes, a job description may have specific requirements. One such offer is here

Do You Need Certification to Be A Speech Coach?

No, you do not!

I have written about this in my blog Do you need Coaching Certification in 2021?

Till now, the coaching industry is unregulated. This means anyone can claim to be a coach. Your experience, marketing skills and good client recommendations will decide how successful your coaching practice can be. If you are still learning how to become a coach, you can take some training courses to understand the industry better and to make connections.

Watch my free webinar, build a strong online presence and let it help you grow your business.

Adding Value as A Speech Coach

Are you switching careers to pursue your dream of becoming a speech coach? Or are you starting out in your career as a speech coach? Either way, you may have asked yourselves the following questions.

  1. How will I get clients?
  2. How can I get noticed in a crowded market?
  3. How will I advertise my services?
  4. Will I earn enough money?

Can you relate to these concerns? If these are some of the questions you have asked yourself, then hopefully you have found the answers in this blog.

Now, I will tell you how you can differentiate yourself in the market from other speech coaches.

Top Tips for a Speech Coach

At a time when the world is facing global economic challenges, there are a few simple things you can do to offer more value to your clients.

I have earlier listed some tips on how coaches can make higher profits. In my blog, Coaching Products 2021: All You Need to Know, I have mentioned some great products.

In this blog, I will share some tips on how you can take this further.

  • Offer different packages. This helps clients immensely. They can choose the services that best meet their needs. For example, if a client is looking for help with arranging their PowerPoint presentation or writing the first draft of the script, they do not need you in their office. This is something that can be arranged over a Skype call. Doing so would reduce travel costs and be beneficial for both you and the client! If you have more time on your hands, you will be able to focus on other aspects of your career that need attention!
  • Work out a fee structure that does not drain all your client’s resources. Pace out the investment that the client is going to make. For example, if the client is preparing to go for a pitch, you may consider including a bonus as a part of your agreement.
  • Offer help beyond your coaching agreement at a reduced fee. As a coach, you should support your ex-client within reasonable limits. Now, package that support into a bundle of services that can be offered for say 6 months after the coaching engagement.
  • Work out a killer elevator pitch! Show the value that a client will get after a coaching session with you. Working with a presentation coach helps to refine the client’s oratory skills, which is an asset for life.
How to Become the Best Speech Coach in 2021? speech coach
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This website offers a few informative links for your clients. Feel free to share with them.

Showcase the value that the client will get by hiring you as a speech coach. And throw in a few wisely selected services as freebies. After all, who does not like free gifts? It sweetens all deals!

Resources to Boost Your Career as a Speech Coach

Did you know that LinkedIn now allows users to connect with the top speech coaches in their locality? Check out

This is why I say learning should never stop. Even when you have become an experienced speech coach, keep reading up the latest research and developments to keep yourself updated. And keep an eye out for how technology can help you in your career as a speech coach.

A simple Google search will show you several books and podcasts online. As a speech coach, you may want to look up some of these.

How to Become the Best Speech Coach in 2021? speech coach
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Books to Read As A Speech Coach

There are several books for you, if you are a speech coach. I recommend you look through some of the titles and see which one is a good read for you. Some common books clients look up are listed here. Another popular choice among readers seems to be The Speaker’s Coach: 60 secrets to make your talk, speech or presentation amazing by Graham Shaw. And here is a list of 6 books every public speaking guru has read.

A search on GoodReads will offer a list of books for a speech coach to read and learn from.

Some popular coaching books are also listed here.

Podcasts and Videos for A Speech Coach

There are several YouTube videos and podcasts relevant for you as a speech coach.

I have listed some of them below.

Some podcasts are available here and here.


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