How to Excel as a Soul Coach: A Complete Guide [2022 Edition]

 Sai Blackbyrn/ 9th April 2022

Soul coach aims to align inner spiritual life with the outer life. A lot of times people get confused on how to tackle various situations in life. They do not know what are they doing and why?

There is clutter in minds due to emotional attachments or too much information. In such a situation the soul coach plays a vital role. The coach builds the ability to see things with the correct perspective.

One can find clarity about the purpose of life through soul coaching. It is about not what the world wants but what a person wants. Hence, the word SOUL is attached to this kind of coaching.

Due to external or internal noise, people are unable to listen to what they need. To make the people aware of their inner strength, a soul coach is required.

Soul coaching helps in rebuilding the energy levels of people. You must know that a soul coach has the power to understand the spiritual side of people. You can later merge it with their goal.

Soul coaching is inspiring people to live a more meaningful life. Know more about soul coach through my article if you want to awaken your clients. You can let them discover how one can live life with a purpose.

Who is a soul coach?

Soul coach is a coach that develops inner as well the outer well being of people. Soul coaching is an emerging concept. It involves coach along with spiritual teachings.

Soul coaching helps people understand the process of overcoming fear or misconceptions.

As a soul coach, you can make your clients realize how to see things. Coachees need to learn to express themselves well in different areas of life. Thus, the soul coach works upon developing those inner skills among coachees.

soul coach lets clients find out what is essential to them and what they can do. You need to help them find the inner light. There are various kinds of blockages in the mind known as emotional clutter.

Soul coach helps in clearing those clutter so that people can hear the messages from within. It is through soul coaching one finds the purpose of life and works towards it.

Soul Coaching functions at a deep soul level. The external factors affecting life are studied. But the coaching sessions also consider the internal landscape of the person.

The root cause of problems is found which can go beyond personality, ego or mind. It is to find the highest potential of people. These qualities are identified and later on demonstrated in their life.

A soul coach can bring the person into reality and overcome their myths.

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How is soul coach different from a spiritual coach?

Soul coach works with individuals who are eager to achieve their goals. They help them in enhancing various aspects of their life. Their techniques involve connecting with the perspective of people’s souls.

A spiritual coach works on individuals. This is for those who want to connect with their spiritual selves. They should have a spiritual background which is not required for a soul coach.

Soul coach focuses on what a person wants in the future and thus, works towards it.

Spiritual coaches do not focus so much on goal but more on inner well being and stress in life. They help people connect with the wisdom and works on transformation.

The soul coach works on solutions practically. The coach forms holistic strategies towards managing the mind, the body as well as the soul of people.

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Who are your prospective clients as a Soul Coach?

Soul coach is for someone who is looking for clarity in their lives. People who want joy and peace in life also seek help from soul coach. The prospective clients are:

  • People at the retirement stage need help and guidance. Once they get retired from work, they always have questions about what next. You as a soul coach can guide them about their next goal.
  • Job seekers who do not have clarity about their career or keep changing jobs can opt for soul coach. As a soul coach, you can guide them on the right path.
  • Married couples or singles, who are moving into a new phase of the relationship need help. These can also be the ones who want some change in their relationship. As a soul coach, you can understand their requirements and guide them.
  • Business owners or entrepreneurs with a busy schedule need mentoring. Those who have enough money but still do not find peace of mind can take the help of a soul coach. It is because they may want to understand new things they can do to change their lifestyle.

Do you need certification to be a soul coach?

It is not necessary to have a certificate for soul coaching. But, a certificate may be required for credibility. The certified program provides you knowledge about various theories associated with it.

There are various kinds of practical tools. These can help you in the future for transforming the minds of people. Certification enables you to grow your coaching business and build trust among people.

You can set yourself apart from all other business through exceptional learning.

The coach certification provides an experience that is crucial for soul coaches. It is not mandated but accepted in the industry. You can choose various institutes for programs.

One of the institutes is the International Coach Federation (ICF). It is an organization with a membership of trained coaches. You can get an independent certification here. Also, there are accredited programs which means it consists of coach-specific training.

Certification provides soul coaches a leg up over those who don’t. This is because many people prefer to work with someone who is certified. To get certified by ICF, you need to undergo the following sessions :

  • Coach skills training
  • Mentor coaching
  • Ethics training
  • Session observation
  • Final exam
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How much can you earn as a soul coach?

As per my research, you have to invest a lot in getting a certificate. So, it is obvious that you need to recoup your investment. How is that possible? It all depends upon your skills and confidence.

In starting you may earn less but with time the earnings will increase.

On average a soul coach charges $231 for an hourly coaching session. But, the fees for an hour session will depend on your experience.

For example, a soul coach with 10+ years may charge $321 per hour. Whereas, coaches with experience less than 1 year can earn $128 per hour.

Check out the article How to price and package your coaching services to skyrocket your income.

Price per session depends on how many clients you can coach at one time. If in an hour you can coach 10 clients, then you can earn fair enough.

Soul coach also fixes their session price depending upon the type of appointment. If it is a face to face session then charges are more.

World’s top 5 soul coaches you must follow

Denise Linn

Denise is the founder of soul coaching. She started her journey of soul coach after a life-changing experience. At the age of 17, she met with a near-death incident.

She had a zest for exploring the world. It is the reason why she found about healing traditions of different cultures. This included the Zulus in Bophuthatswana and her ancestors from Cherokee.

Denise has spent more than two years in the Zen Buddhist monastery. Thus, after so many years of learning, she began working in the field of self-development. Today her teachings are well-known.

Her book ‘Sacred Space’ is the bestseller. Also, she has won the award for ‘Feng Shui for the Soul,’. To know more about soul coaching you can find her documentaries.

Also, she has written books in various languages. Also, she has given various seminars as a soul coach and how to become one.

Maria McGonigal

Maria McGonigal is a soul coaching practitioner and trainer. She has designed unique programs on soul coaching. There is a mixture of sound and color healing, meditation, and yoga in her programs.

Her teachings emphasize finding the missing pieces and connecting the dots.

She has inspired people from all walks of life and provides lasting transformation. Her sessions take place at her home studio. One can find the authentic version of herself or himself after her sessions.

Robin Barros

Robin Barros is a certified soul coach. She is trained by Denise Linn. She is a medical intuitive, a healer in Integrative Manual Therapy and Reiki master.

She also practices Shaman. Before learning the techniques, she became a patient. After some time she moved into becoming a practitioner.

She has great enthusiasm. Her journey began when she saw many in her family suffering from Cancer and Heart Disease. She knew nothing and soon started helping people heal as her passion.

Her programs include one on one sessions on soul journeys and past life. Also, she organizes 28-day group sessions having 10 or fewer people in each group. There are online learning options too.

One such session is called ‘The New Moon Journey’. It includes the learning of a 28-day journey along with consultation on a private phone.

Laura Carucci

Laura Carucci is a soul coaching practitioner. Her services focus on providing a unique mixture of Reiki and feng shui. Her soul coaching program aims to create a balance in one’s life.

She has tailored made services to empower people for achieving their goals in life.

Laura has also got a certification of Soul Coaching Oracle Card Reader from Denise Linn. Through the Soul Coaching Oracle Cards, Laura supports people. She gives them clarity about how to reach their goals.

Her sessions include topics such as Reiki I, II, III and Master courses. Also, there are topics related to creating Sacred Spaces, Feng Shui and Chakra courses.

Bernie (Bernadette) Giggins

Bernie (Bernadette) Giggins is an advanced Soul & Past Life Coach. She has also conducted various programs like Inner Child Whisperer and Journey Practitioner. Her techniques have helped many traumatized souls.

She offers Skype sessions, workshops and much more to people who are lost in life. The best part about her is she can connect to anyone at the soul level. On the completion of the session, people come out of the blockages they have in mind.

Top qualities to be a successful soul coach

Be self-aware as a soul coach

This is a critical first step to become a valuable and effective soul coach. It is to understand oneself, one’s coaching style and how it is perceived and received by clients.

Self-awareness is a journey for self to know oneself better. Teach this quality to your clients too, to bring a change in their lives.

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Guide your clients to find specific and well-defined solutions

As a coach be ready to listen and understand clients’ problems. Guide your clients to find well-defined solutions. Well defined solutions will give clarity to handle the issue.

Bring a positive change in your clients’ lives by taking appropriate steps.

Always plan your coaching sessions to get maximum results

He or she prepares for each session with ideas and examples. The coach should design a strong agenda for each session.

Coaching sessions should be scheduled in advance. The coaching session can lead to a casual conversation. There will be no real substance or direction if it isn’t framed right.

Encourage clients to give suggestions to their problems

As a coach, encourage input from your clients to carry out assignments. Coaches who are open to suggestions from their mentees can come up with better solutions.

I always respect suggestions from my clients and incorporate them to bring positive changes. This gives confidence to my clients and makes them independent thinkers.

Know the strengths and weaknesses of your clients

The soul coach knows how to tap into the strengths of clients to get the most out of them. Much like the coach of a sports team.

Also, he/she will do this to get the greatest amount of productivity from the team. It is both at a collective and individual level.

Set clear expectations for your clients

I always set clear expectations for my clients before starting the coaching session. This helps both of us achieve the target set for each session.

So, as a soul coach, set clear expectations before starting the sessions. Both you and your client must have a sense that the meeting has a distinct purpose. Both must agree on what the purpose is, for the session to proceed further.

Give enough time to discuss issues and concerns of your clients

In my coaching career, I have always given enough time to understand the problems of my clients. This always helped me guide my clients better.

As per my suggestion, always be patient to understand your clients’ problems. Don’t be in a hurry and jump to short term solutions.

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Be patient and constructive as a soul coach

As a coach, be patient to understand your clients’ problems. Have a constructive attitude towards issues. This will help clients to build confidence in you.

The right attitude can encourage and motivate your clients to achieve set goals.

In the coaching field, it is very important to build the right qualities as that can be the motivating factor for you and your clients.

So, what are you thinking about? Do you have the above qualities? If not then starting developing them. The above qualities have helped me come so far. Start today to see the change!!

Top marketing strategies to get coaching clients fast as a soul coach

You have just started as a soul coach. But you want to know how to get coaching clients using the best marketing strategies. It is true that without the client coaching business is meaningless.

I know it is difficult to get clients at the beginning of coaching career. A lot of coaches feel stuck. They do not know how to stand apart from the already existing coaches.

As a coach, you need to build different strategies to connect with your clients. Due to competition, getting clients is becoming tough.

Thankfully, various tested marketing strategies can help you get the first few clients.

Get noticed as a soul coach

As a soul coach, you do not need to keep a low profile. It is the major mistake a lot of coaches do. For attracting a large number of people, you need to put yourself out there.

People should notice you. You may hesitate at first but to stand out this is a must. For this, you need to get out and interact with a large audience.

It is good to show your passion for soul coaching to your prospective clients Tell the people how you can help them. The best way is to conduct free seminars or workshops.

Do not stick to one to one coaching, offer more

Although one to one coaching is a great tool it is not the only tool. You should consider other options too.

A lot of clients cannot come for one to one coaching. Hence, you need to offer group sessions at a low cost. This way you can address a greater number of people.

Group coaching or workshops create more impact. Another option is to go for online coaching and teleclasses. However, you need to keep in mind that the topic of the session is of common interest to your clients.

Start soul coaching informative groups on social media platforms

It is the most useful marketing strategy for getting new clients. I have built a fan base of 5.6million in the personal development space on Facebook.

Are you wondering how did I build such a huge fan base? How the group has become such a successful online coaching community? You need to engage with the audience and tag them often.

To keep the group active, you need to post three to four times a day. Keep the content informative and engaging. This way the audience will learn a lot from your group.

To add value, you can post short video training sessions. You can put limited free content so that the audience is eager to subscribe to your complete training sessions.

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Do guest blogging as a soul coach

This is the marketing strategy used by many coaches. It is when you share your content on other websites. For instance, you can tie up with life coaching websites and post about how soul coach can transform life.

People will think you as a helpful expert and start connecting with you.

Ask for referrals from your clients

If you have followed the above strategies, this step will become easy. Once you have already shared how great a soul coach you are, getting new references becomes smooth.

You can give your clients a referral fee for bringing new people into your coaching sessions. It will not be easy to ask for referrals at the beginning. Build yourself as a problem solver and a responsible coach.

Show your passion to your clients through your commitment to coaching. Your qualities as a coach will help you get more referrals from clients.

Use advertising as a marketing strategy

Last but not least, this strategy has worked for decades. Many new services such as Facebook Ads and Google AdWords have come up to support new businesses.

The major benefit of the above tools is that you can target a specific audience. Hence, getting clients is quick and systematic. You only have to pay for the ad which is for a specified group of people. This, in turn, gives you quality leads. You can, later on, convert them into paying clients.

Are you still confused? I hope not. I am sure my suggestions will definitely give you positive growth in your coaching business. Apply the strategies and see the difference.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a soul coach?

A soul coach is a professional who helps you to find balance in your life and direction in your future. A soul coach will help you to identify your soul-level desires and then to take action to realize them. A soul coach will help you to live a life that you love and that is meaningful. A soul coach will help you to discover your own strengths and abilities and to learn to apply them to create a more fulfilling life. A soul coach will help you to do more of what you love and less of what you don’t love, so that you spend your time doing more of what is meaningful to you. A soul coach will help you to overcome your fears and take the necessary steps appropriate to achieving your goals. A soul coach will help you understand that your heart is the place where your future is born, and then to develop a plan for bringing your dreams into reality.

What does a soul coach do?

A soul coach is one who helps people discover who they really are. A soul coach helps people listen to their inner voices and prune the negative ones out of the way. A soul coach helps people see the beauty in themselves and helps them see the beauty in everyone around them. A soul coach helps people recognize the things that make them feel good about themselves. A soul coach helps people to discover passions and talents that lay hidden deep within their hearts.

How is a soul coach different from a spiritual coach?

A soul coach is more personal, and more focused on your soul, your life purpose, and your deepest values. A spiritual coach is more general and may have a wider purview, including helping you with general growth, which may or may not involve your soul.

How much can you earn as a soul coach?

You can earn as much as you want. If you want to start your own business and work for yourself, it will depend on your commitment, passion and mindset. If you want a million dollars a year, you need to work for a million dollars a year.

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