An Ultimate Guide to Organizational Coaching

 Sai Blackbyrn/ 3rd October 2022


An organizational coach provides sustainable guidance to develop and grow the organization in the right direction.

Are you keen to transform organizations through your organizational coaching abilities?

Can you help organizations achieve their goals?

Great! It sounds interesting. If you are still in doubt, there are answers for you in this section.  

Organizations are always looking for experts to guide them. You can use your knowledge and passion to be one.

Have you done all your research?

Or, do you have a few questions?

Do you want to know your responsibilities as an organizational coach?

Are you wondering how you can get well-paying clients?

Are you looking for the secrets to build a thriving coaching practice?

Don’t worry I will answer all your questions.

If you look around, you will find many organizations that face challenges on a daily basis.

Have you met managers who cannot solve their organization’s problems? Did you find any organization that has experienced operational loss?

There are many such organizations or companies, isn’t it?

Do you think they require proper coaching?

Do you feel they need to bring change in the organizational culture? What are the ways to help an enterprise achieve its goals?

I will tell you how.

If you are curious about what challenges an organization faces, wear the shoes of an organizational coach and solve them.

But before that one should know some basics. So here we go.

Who is an organizational coach?

An organizational coach is someone who fosters positive, systemic transformation within organizations. One who enhances leadership capability and creates a culture change in the organization.

Why is organizational coaching needed?

For the simple reason, that with such an enhancement process, an organization can achieve its objectives. This is the requirement of many enterprises.

I have seen how without proper strategies, many organizations fail.

You as an organizational coach can scale-up change across the enterprise.

Unlike executive or leadership coaching, you target the broader needs of an organization. 

A company consists of different levels of employees based on hierarchy.

How to make sure that the action plan of top levels is in sync with the middle-level employees?

What steps are needed to bring things in place?

As an organization coach, you can guide the whole team. You can help improve the organization system for the future.

For, this you can develop certain skills.

Top skills to be a successful organizational coach

Do you think skills are important in today’s digital world?

Many have different skills but they do not identify it.

You need an eye to find those skills. 

It is hidden from you. Explore the hidden you and carve a new path for yourself.

Look for it within yourself. 

Be a good listener as an organizational coach                                                    

I believe it is the most essential skill.

People do not use it much. In my coaching career, I always take action post-listening.

That is the actual way.

Is it possible to solve the problem of an organization without listening?

No, it is like working for something without knowing the purpose.

Effective listening is a must, to build an organization.

You have to listen to the issues of people in an organization.

People want someone with whom they can open up.

I absorb what employees say. They feel comfortable and build trust.

I sincerely show interest in their problems. Or else how could I know what they are lacking?

Effective listening helps people to share their feelings and thoughts.

With many clients, I try to identify the non-verbal signals. This is what listening skill requires. You need to observe the body language of your clients.

There may be groups who do not like the culture of the organization. They may not show through their words but may express through their expressions.

It took time for me to develop this skill. But soon I developed it to know the strengths and weaknesses of my clients.

Find out alternatives

Do you think people in an organization are stuck to a particular perspective?

Are there organizations that do not know where to go?

I have seen some enterprises that don’t have a vision.

They become stagnant.

As an organizational coach, you need to find out better alternatives for them.

For example, people in the organization are not able to generate enough sales.

How to show them a different perspective? What is it that they can do to increase revenue?

You need to help them explore new ways.

Ask questions or clarify

If you are listening to people, you also need to ask questions.

Questions should be short, powerful and open-ended. 

When people tell me their issues, I ask them:

Why are you worried?

What is essential for you?

What do you want to achieve?

The same applies to an organization. You need to make the enterprise move towards its goals through such questions.

Manage emotional intelligence

Can you manage your emotions?

Can you manage stress?

If you can do that, understanding the feelings of others is easy.

Empathize with the thoughts of people in an organization. This will help you manage the emotional intelligence of your clients.

It is a rare quality which you can develop with experience.

Once you do that, share the business plan with your clients.

People will move in the direction which you have chosen.

If you are guiding a huge team, every individual will have different feedback.

You have to consider all the feedback and find a solution.

This skill helps in learning what the team wants.

You need to find out-

What are their backgrounds?

How serious they are about work?

Is your approach matching with their emotions? How can you do things differently?

All this will help you find a perfect business approach for the organization.

Make people aware and train them

What do people lack in an organization? Observe the employees and find out their weaknesses.

Guide them overcome their weaknesses. You can help them to work on it.

For example, I have coached a few of my clients where they did not know how to sell. I taught them the basics.

I could do that as for my business I have done that several times.

Sometimes letting your employees know about the strategies does not work.

You have to guide them on how to use those strategies. Hence, you have to give them training for the same.

After the training, ask them to deal with the situation on their own.

This is what a coach does. Even in sports, you may have seen how the coach asks the team to play on their own.

Once they fail, the coach guides them. The same applies to organizational coaching.

Advice and counsel as an organizational coach

You may find people stuck in taking tough decisions. Guide them.

I counsel each team member on a one-on-one basis.

People may not listen to you as a team.

On counseling individually, everyone is taken care of. This lets you build a team.

Develop intuition as an organizational coach

Can you sense if something is not right?

Are you often going through such a nagging feeling?

It is a soft skill which I am talking about. To keep it simple, it is our GPS. 

Many people do not use their gut feelings, though they know about it.

As an organizational coach, you need to develop this wisdom.

It comes with experience.

Recollect your past experiences.

Find out the instances where you had gone against the intuition.

This way you can develop an intuitive skill.

What problems may an organization face? How to deal with it? All these questions are answered through your intuition.

What is the result?

You can, in the end, make better decisions as a coach.

Skill to empower team

Do you feel it is right to spoon-feed the team for the task given to them?

No. They will never learn how to do the job on their own.

Hence, you must have the skill to empower the team.

What does it mean?

All you need to do is give your team a basic idea of the task.

Next, give the team the responsibility to complete the job.

I ask the team to make decisions.

It helps.

If not empower the team. Give them proper guidelines. If they get stuck, you are always there to help.

This skill will help your team build their approach. Your half work will be done.

Focus on what team needs

As a coach, you need to put all your focus on the client’s needs. What is the agenda of the organization?

Why they need you? What best you can do for them?

It means you should keep your agenda aside and work for the team with full devotion and commitment.

I have seen coaches moving away from their actual role. This is wrong when you are working as an organizational coach.

Focus can help you achieve organizational goals in a set time period.

Challenge your clients

I help my clients but at the same time give them a challenging task.

Do you want to keep the coaching simple?


Hence, do not restrain yourself from giving tough tasks to your clients.

How to keep the balance? You need to learn that skill. Don’t worry, once you know your team well you will know how to challenge them.

Challenges will help your clients gain confidence and clarity in their work.

Create interest among your clients

Why this skill is essential?

It helps you in sharing strategies with the organization. How can you do this?

Build relationships in the enterprise through various examples or presentations.

Share stories.

Speak at the level which the team can understand.

For this, your listening and learning skills should be good.

I share real-life stories that my clients can relate to. They find the whole process interesting and learn a lot from it.

Try with your clients and see the difference.

Motivate and give support

The team can give up. They may fail and would not go ahead.

Your motivational skills in such situations can prove helpful.

What more can you do?

Try to acknowledge people. Give them support.

Let them know how they can move ahead and why failure is important?

Motivation can help your clients to work on their failures and this can lead to success in the future.

Use creative skills

This skill works along with other skills. Are you planning to make your team open-minded?

Hence, your creative thoughts and tools are required.

For example, team building or HR activity regularly can lead to engagement.

There are various other methods, tools or different processes that you can use.

Use your creative skills to make the coaching programs interesting and engaging.

Who are your prospective clients as an organizational coach?

Are you aware of your prospective clients?


It is very important to know who are your prospective clients.

Whom do you want to support?

Are these small or large organizations?

Are they local or international clients?

You have to make a list as per your experience. Then find out which organizations fit in your criteria.

I have coached successful start-ups as well as big companies now part of Fortune 500.

Many times, clients approach me at a seminar. So, people coming at workshops, business meets or any other social meets are your prospective clients.

Startups, small and big multinational companies, local and international companies are your prospective clients. Companies from different domains like- automobiles, real estate, hospitality, technology, finance, and many others can be your top clients.

You have to identify your interest and then make a list to contact them. The market is huge for organizational coaches, you just need to knock the right door.

Isn’t a great opportunity lying ahead of you?

Do approach them and be part of the success stories of your prospective clients.

Do you need certification to be an organizational coach? 

Your job as an organizational coach is to motivate the team of an enterprise.

Is any certificate required for that? What kind of certificate do you need?

Do you have such questions?

You do not need any certificate to start your organizational coach venture. But, you can go for certification to upgrade your skills and business.

It is suggested to acquire training in certain fields for giving better coaching. This, in turn, can help you earn certain certificates.

Special certification programs for organizational coach

You can apply for human resource management, teaching and consulting courses to become a successful organizational coach.

Such programs are essential as they teach you:

-Communication skills

-Motivation techniques

How to set goals for the organization?

Do you want to know what are the ways to develop a relationship with your clients?

Such programs can help you learn that.

Do you need certification even if you have coaching skills?

As per my experience, it is not necessary. You can do a certification to enhance your skills. You can also asses them.

You can join the International Association of Coaching, IAC, and International Coach Federation, ICF for such programs. 

How much can you earn as an organizational coach?

Many coaches have asked me, ‘how much does an organizational coach make in a year?’

They are eager to jump on the path of organizational coaching.

Various factors are considered to earn well.

Your skills, expertise, and experience help you get good clients.

Now your earnings depend on-

How much the enterprises and companies are ready to pay you?

According to my experience:

Organizations on average pay organizational coaches $500 per session. This is the same at all levels of the organization.

The coaching period is of 3 to 12 months on average. Hence, the overall revenue which an organizational coach can earn is between $12,500 to $25,000 in a year.

Somewhere many coaches even charge fee-ranging between $13,000 to $30,000 annually. This is possible if engagement is for six months and also if you are an expert.

Top strategies to get coaching clients fast as an organizational coach

Strategies act like guidelines that you need to follow.

Am I right?

For the past few years, I have trained many coaches to achieve success.

They had similar questions as you have.

How to get the clients? What are the strategies one needs to have to acquire new clients?

Are you feeling lost?

Do not worry it is quite normal.

Let me solve your confusion with the following strategies.

Build offline network as an organizational coach

Are you part of any networking platforms like associations or clubs?

If not start engaging.

To begin with, it can be a hit or a miss.

Many times, it will be a miss.

You need to work out which events can give you clients.

I have seen in such events people don’t come to listen to others. They look for someone who can listen to them or help them.

Such people are more likely to hire you as an organizational coach. They may also refer you to someone else who can benefit from your skills.

Public Speaking is vital for organizational coaches

What is the quick way to get clients?

How to get potential clients? Talk in front of them about their needs on a public forum.

Organizations always need the coaches to fill the spot.

Earlier I worked for free or took nominal fees.

That worked as marketing opportunities.


Your little talks can create interest in people.

But you may ask isn’t this time-consuming? Will it work?

I would say choose the correct venue. You can pick up the right clients.

What if you become good at public speaking?

It can become your side income too.

Guest post with some amazing information

Can sharing information or guest posting get you, clients?

If you target a few things like high Google page rank and clients with high profile, you can earn a good number of clients. Why?

This is because you get benefits of SEO. You are sharing the message directly with your ideal clients.

Try to write the maximum number of posts.

Grab new clients and new subscribers using this strategy.

Conduct or give interviews as an organizational coach

How many interviews you should give?

You can give and take two to three interviews.

Never turn them down.

Podcast interviews are looked upon by many organizations.

Do you feel nobody would listen to you?

So, what should you do?

Become the interviewer.

You would be amazed at how many people, even famous people, would agree to let you

interview them.

Later, you can partner with them and start giving interviews. This way your pearl of wisdom is shared.

Social media is an important tool for organizational coaches

Organizations can search you easily on social media.

Create your page. Stick to your potential clients and then move ahead.

Engagement with people works. Apart from networking offline, present yourself online too. Get connected with large organizations.

Use Google keywords for your rescue

People look for coaches on google. You must try the right keywords. There are high chances people will find you.

Use the keywords in your post so that people can locate you on top.

Are you ready to become an organizational coach?

If yes then why wait?

I think I have shared enough points.

Try the above strategies. Check out the benefits of organizational coaching and apply it to achieve success.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is organizational coaching?

Organizational coaching is a process of identifying the necessary skill sets of the team for future success, identifying gaps in those skill sets and developing solutions. This is done by both the coach and the team itself by assessing the strengths and weaknesses of the various members, detailing their goals and attempting to ascertain a path forward. 

What skills make a successful organizational coach?

Skills like listening, patience, and the ability to provide constructive feedback are paramount in making a successful organizational coach. In addition, specialized coaching skills like understanding teamwork are also required. 

What are the 3 core coaching skills?

The 3 core coaching skills are time management, interpersonal skills, and facilitation skills. The ultimate goal of a coach is to help those they are coaching become more successful, or perform better. Successful coaches come from a variety of fields, all relating to performance in some way. 

Do you need certification to be an organizational coach?

Certification is not required to be an organizational coach, but it does help improve your skill set. Without certification, an individual coach may know everything there is to know about this profession, but without the proper credentials, there is no guarantee of competency. If you are interested in improving your skill set and knowledge on organizational coaching, becoming certified will help fill some of the gaps. 

How much can you earn as an organizational coach?

With adequate skills, organizational coaches can make anywhere from £44, 000 up to over £250, 000 annually.
Organizational coaches are individuals who work with organizations to analyze organizational dynamics, diagnose corporate failures, and develop solutions to confront these issues.


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