How To Master NLP Coaching in 2021

 Sai Blackbyrn/ 10th June 2021

NLP Coaching is a radically different and useful approach of transforming your life.

When people seek change, they need to look within. That’s where NLP coaching comes in.

Igniting change in anybody’s life needs a trigger, and your skills can help your clients to achieve this.

So, do you want to know more about NLP coaching? Keep scrolling.

What Is NLP Coaching

Does the idea of coaching make you feel fulfilled? Do people reach out to you constantly and ask for your advice? Have you been told that your words make a difference and inspire people?

Then you have everything that it takes to become an amazing coach!

Have you heard of NLP coaching, and you want to know more?

This article to NLP coaching will reveal what exactly NLP coaching is.

It will also provide you a guide on how to get started on your journey as an NLP coach. You’re only a short step away from building and sustaining a successful NLP coaching career.

So, go ahead and explore the dynamic field of NLP coaching.

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What does NLP mean?

NLP stands for Neuro Linguistic Programming. This method might seem like a recent additional to the world of coaching. And that’s because it is.

It is among the top coaching niches in the world today, and you can read my article about it here.

It is a technique developed in the 1970s. The people behind it were John Grinder and Richard Bandler.

They wanted to learn more about why some people succeeded and delivered the best. And how other people can do the same.

Since then, it has only grown in great waves. Many coaches call it revolutionary.

You can hear about the story and growth of NLP in BBC’s special podcast titled Power to Persuade: The Story of NLP.

NLP is the science of changing your thinking patterns.

NLP is unique in its approach. It looks at personal development, psychotherapy and communication skills. In all, it covers all major factors of any individual’s personality.

NLP coaching draws connections between the neurological functions of the brain and social aspects. In simpler terms, it connects your thought processes to the way you behave.

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Nuts and Bolts of NLP coaching

So far, you’ve understood the basic essence of NLP coaching. But let’s go deeper.

NLP coaching has an effect on the way people think and behave. If you change the way you think, it will naturally reflect in your behavior.

A change in thought patterns can make way for great improvements in a person’s day-to-day life.

If your thoughts are constantly being programmed and questioned, then it can make room for positive change.

Impact and Benefits of NLP coaching

How does NLP coaching benefit somebody?

NLP is an extremely powerful tool that changes negative patterns and social problems. NLP coaching concentrates on words, thoughts, and body language.

Many NLP coaches have a long list of clients who have tasted success after undergoing NLP coaching.

When a person is feeling good, confident, and upbeat, they can get more done. They also want to be in this state more often because it provides a thrill and makes a positive impact.

NLP coaching allows them to reach this state. NLP coaches fine tunes the thought processes of their clients into recognizing their triggers and thought patterns.

There are many proven stories and case studies around the world about NLP’s benefits. You can ready BBC’s report on how NLP coaching changed the life of many veterans here.

What does an NLP coach do?

Now, you know all about the goodness of NLP coaching and its popularity. As a coach, you are now curious about your role.

What exactly does an NLP coach do?

How can they bring about this change in people? How do they address cognitive patterns? What are the day-to-day tasks?

Well, let’s make it easier by focusing on the techniques used by the most successful NLP coaches around the world.

Five basic NLP coaching techniques

So, here are the most popular techniques used by NLP coaches all over the world. We have briefly described each of these techniques.


Rapport talks about how well you can empathize with others. This is crucial because your client’s rapport with his peers is very important to his well-being.

A person who has a good rapport with others can connect easily and have healthy relationships. By focusing on rapport, you can help your client improve their relationships with others.


Whenever something goes wrong, people react immediately. These negative events trigger negative responses. This leads to stress, depression, and negative emotions.

How can you address in NLP coaching?

Dissociation aims to cut the link between the negative state of mind and the event. It helps the client respond in a better manner. It allows for a positive way of dealing with difficult situations.

When events are disassociate from reactions, your clients can better understand their emotions.

Content Reframe

One of the most popular techniques is content reframing. It is a visual technique. Here, NLP coaches ask their clients to reimagine situations where they felt helpless. But they need to think about this in a new light.

So, when clients view traumatic experiences in a new light, it can lead to positive outcomes. It can also build resilience and fundamentally change their lives.


Anchoring focuses on the positive side of thing. NLP coaches ask their clients to elicit a regular, positive response to a specific word or stimulus.

For example, an NLP coach may teach you how to smile every time somebody taps on your shoulder.

It might seem simple, but it as powerful method to changing the way a person feels. NLP coaching builds many anchors, so that clients have instant ‘pick-me-ups’.

Belief Change

NLP coaching addresses the assumptions and beliefs held by their clients. These unknowing, subconscious thoughts affect daily lives. But they are rarely questioned.

NLP coaching challenges these core beliefs. NLP addresses whether these deeply ingrained behavior limits a client’s worldview.

After analyzing this, NLP coaching offers a re-programming of the client’s beliefs to better suit their personality and life.

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What can NLP coaching help with?

NLP coaching helps clients with recognizing patterns. It focuses more on the process than on content.

So, as a powerful NLP coach, you will provide a model of how your client can communicate—both with themselves and others.

It is a tool that can transform your client’s life and make them lead a more fulfilling life.

So, if your client is unhappy, if they are stressed or depressed, your experience in NLP coaching can help them out. Most situations benefit from the use of NLP coaching.

How can NLP coaching help people?

So far, we’ve already listed the various benefits of NLP coaching. But how can it make a difference in an individual’s life?

The issues faced by your clients can be as diverse as the clients themselves.

Your very first client could bring anything from financial worries to family or health concerns to the table.

Let’s find out.

First and foremost, as an NLP coach, you will train your clients to make decisions that are not based on value judgements. You will address their value systems and explain how it is affecting their current behavior.

NLP coaches also highlight the important of non-verbal communication. In all, NLP focuses on improvement from within to achieve a high level of success.

Let’s learn how NLP coaching works at different strata.

NLP coaching at executive level

If you want to specialize as an NLP coach at an executive level, you will be dealing with top clients.

An NLP coach is equipped with a toolkit of successful techniques to help leaders navigate both personal and performance issues.

Not only will you help CEOs, top entrepreneurs, and management executives transform their lives, you will create a positive impact in the organizations they lead.

You will be the driving factor in their lives. NLP coaches help top managers fulfill their potential to the maximum.

NLP coaching at skills level

NLP coaches can also work with particular skills and focus on improvement areas solely. For example, highly skilled athletes or celebrities can contact you for NLP guidance.

These clients might just be looking for someone who can aid further in their skillset. As a powerful NLP coach, you can easily step in and make a difference.

NLP coaching at a personal level

NLP coaches are most popular with people who are looking for solutions to their daily conundrums.

Many people have trouble with everyday tasks. It can be the simplest of things like never showing up on time, finding zero motivation to get out of the house, or lacking the energy to socialize.

They might want to change their behavior, but do not know how to do it.

That’s where NLP coaching, with its proven practices, can step you. As an NLP coach, you can make a great deal of difference in their lives.

With your skills and abilities, you know how to tackle the problem head-on and find long-lasting answers.

Apart from day-to-day problems, NLP coaches also address deeper issues. Trauma, pain, depression, and anxiety have all been helped with NLP techniques.

What skills do you need to become a successful NLP coach?

You know that you are a good coach. You know the NLP coaching is for you and you have the confidence to build a business out of this.

But is that enough?

Are there more skills required to run a successful NLP coaching practice?

Yes, there are! I’m going to address two important points for you to become a master NLP coach.

You can also read my article on creating your coaching philosophy for more insights.

Let’s discuss the two key pointers.

Finding a niche audience

Finding a niche audience is something I have stressed upon repeatedly. Yet, many new coaches fail to implement this.

You cannot limit yourself to finding your coaching niche, you also have to find a niche audience that works for you.

From a marketing standpoint, it is not wise to accept all clients that come your way. It might help you in your initial days, but you will not build a flourishing coaching business at that rate.

This is why I emphasize the need for a right market.

A niche audience will boost your business and expand your network. They will build your credibility and increased your profits by tenfold.

How can you find your niche audience?

You will have to introspect a little. See what clients you have worked with best in the past. Are you more successful with professionals? Or are you looking at coaching those with personal troubles?

Once you recognize your strengths, act on it. Find a target audience that can pay you for what you are worth.

This is often not spoken about. You can be an excellent NLP coach with teenagers, but you also know they cannot pay your worth.

So, don’t start off on a wrong note. Find that target market that is waiting for you. Your competition will drastically reduce, and you can focus more.

So, what is your audience going to be?

Mastering NLP coaching

Secondly, you need to be the master of your game. There are many NLP coaching practitioners who start off well with the right clients and ambition, but they don’t get ahead of the game.

Why is that?

It’s simply because they stop aiming higher.

You need to constantly aim higher. As a high-performing NLP coach, you cannot restrict yourself to working only as a practitioner.

You can become a master. You can slowly start training others.

With several award-winning training institutions across the globe, you can easily jump the ladder after your NLP coaching business has taken off. You can master your current skills and get that tag for your business.

Your coaching style will get more effective, and you will get more clients.

Remember, you will have to unlock your potential and become even more successful.

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What is the difference between a life coach and an NLP coach?

Many people are confused between the role of a life coach and often confuse an NLP coach with a life coach. In fact, many others have asked the same question.

As an NLP coach, you need to recognize the difference between the two.

You can learn more about the role of a life coach in my article. A life coach will help clients to identify the problems troubling them from reaching a desired outcome.

An NLP coach enters with a very specific purpose. It is to change the thought patterns of their everyday life. NLP coaches look deeper into a client and identify the root cause.

With NLP techniques, these problems are addressed permanently. The pathway for success is made easy, and the transformation will last for a long time.

If you are interested to read more about the difference, you can take a look at the answers provided by various NLP practitioners on Quora.

What is the salary of an NLP coach?

According to PayScale, NLP coaches tend to make around $60 an hour during the initial stages of their coaching career. However, with time and more exposure in the field, you can charge higher per hour to your clients.

Once you start getting more clients, your coaching business will boom, and your income stream will be steady. Annually, NLP coaches tend to make around $73,000 a year.

With certifications, extensive clientele, and more public experiences, your income can reach a five-figure.

As an NLP coach, you can expand your expertise into writing, becoming a public speaker, and working as an NLP expert at an organization.

Do you need certification to become an NLP coach?

Certifications add a burnish to your reputation. But remember that your wonderful skills as an inspiring person is the main essence of becoming and establishing a coaching career.

So, no. You don’t need any certifications to build your business. They are not a must-have. They are an addition to your talent and capabilities.

Many NLP coaches around the world started off on their own without any certifications.

Thankfully, in today’s day and world, there are plenty of resources to help you get started if you’re feeling lost. Articles, interviews, and books on NLP are available in plenty.

If you want to get started off on a light note, you can listen to the Practical NLP podcast by Andy Smith.

If you’re further interested to earn a diploma or other certifications, you can check out our list of resources.

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Sources for certification

With the rising popularity of NLP coaching, many institutes and top NLP coaches around the world offer NLP certifications.

Some popular choices include:

Now you know that you have options to choose from. With the popularity of NLP coaching, there are no dearth of credible choices if you want to explore certification courses.

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