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Life coach jobs sins #3: Not delegating.


Life Coach Jobs sins: Imagine the amount of free time you will get now

This is Sai Blackbyrn reporting from the beautiful and gorgeous Komodo Island!

The island has been named one of the New 7 Wonders of Nature…. And for good reason!!

So anyway I sat down to meditate at the hull of our boat as we were island hunting around Komodo.

There really is no way to put it..

Meditating with the whole sea in front of you is orgasmic…to say the least!!

It has been such a valuable tool…it really has.

In all of my programs I stress heavily on the importance of a personal daily ritual. I can’t overstate the importance of taking some time out for your life coach jobs just for yourself where you can do some tasks every day.

And meditation should ABSOLUTELY be a part of that schedule. Nothing clears your mind and body like a good meditative session.


The funny thing is though… just a few years back.. I didn’t even have the time to meditate properly…I was soo knee deep in my life coach jobs.

Hell, forget meditating… I didn’t even have the time to take even a few minutes for myself.

You see, if you have been following my articles, you would know that I used certain Facebook hacks to generate clients.


Something happened as soon as I did that.

My method was successful!!

Well… that’s not really the best way to put it…let me try again.

My method was way too successful….suddenly I had way more life coach jobs than I could handle.

Now…I am not patting my own back here… grossly underestimating or overestimating your goals are both absolutely fatal.

If you don’t have a follow up plan then you are preparing yourself for failure.

Anyway…because of that…guess what?

I didn’t have the time to deal with the amount of clients that I was getting!!

Before I continue let me tell you something about myself…that I am already sure you are aware of.

I have two HUGE passions in life.

Travelling and Coaching.


And while I was able to accomplish one half of my passions..the other part of my passion was not getting fulfilled at all.

And that stung.. because I am pretty sure that all of you have multiple goals and passions that you want to achieve.

And you wouldn’t be satisfied until you actively work towards achieving them right?

So as my clientele increased..I had more people to help and interact with.

And don’t get me wrong….I absolutely love that..

But… I just didn’t have anytime to invest into myself anymore!!

Day in and day out I was sitting in front of my laptop… writing emails.. answering the emails.. working on the advertisements..conducting surveys and yadda yadda yadda.

Now because of this two things happened:

1. Because so much time was wasted on repetitive menial tasks, I couldn’t spend any time on expanding my coaching program.

2. My mental and physical health suffered.. because the aforementioned repetitive tasks were so taxing.

Not a single companies that hire life coaches state that in disclaimers!

So one day, while I was visiting my mum, she saw the bags underneath my eyes and my general irritable behavior and she asked me what was going on.

Mums are mums after all.. can’t hide anything from them!


 (My mum, my source of love, my backbone. Love her :))

So I told her about my situation…and she said: “You need to start delegating work. This way you are going to kill yourself.”

Now.. the thought of delegation did cross my mind before..but I was too apprehensive about letting others do my work!!

It was like telling someone else to take care of my baby!

So after a lot of research and reading some reviews… I came across Elance, now called Upwork.

Upwork is an online community of freelancers… very professional freelancers who do a very very good job for a very fair price.

After talking to some customers and some freelancers.. I was sold. I decided to try this out for a bit.

Now in case you are wondering…I am not getting a single penny from Elance for mentioning their name in this article.

I am just giving credit where its due…they deserve it..they absolutely do.

Because of them I got myself a very able group of strong and able freelancers.

 I wouldn’t have been able to start my life coach companies without them.

Not only did it help me automate my business but, more importantly, it helped me to grow as a leader and an organiser.

And well…thanks to that I got the time and freedom that I desperately needed.

As I sit here in my boat looking at views like this:


I realised.. that this was all possible.. because I took that first step towards work delegation.

Moral Of The Story: Sometimes you just have to trust people to do a good job for you!

And when they are qualified freelancers.. especially from sites like .. you can close your eyes and trust them blindly!!

Since those early days I have moved onto opening my own company.. which is aimed at helping you with your Coaching Programs and other life coach jobs.

Now I have a very capable team around which helps me to delegate work to capable hands..AND help me live the lifestyle that I crave to live!!!

Trust me…its such a relief to not constantly worry about my life coach jobs all the time!

Plus working with a team and interacting with them is just plain fun!! I love having my own team and I am pretty sure you will too!!

Anyway…Komodo awaits!!! I will connect with you soon!

In the next article I will talk about how you can start with your program.. what is that one thing that you do before you even make your program?

Cya later delegator!!

(Ouch that was lame! :’( )

See you on the next edition of the Life Coach Jobs sins series.

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