How to Succeed as a Family Coach: Everything You Need to Know!

Family Coach- Is it your career choice?

Do you have a deep insight into family dynamics?

Can people benefit from your coaching skills and improve their family relations?



Family Coaching is relatively new as a separate coaching niche. Family coaching is one of the most interesting niches in life coaching.

As a family coach, you get a chance to navigate deeper. There are various types of families:

  • Nuclear family
  • single-parent family
  • step-family
  • extended family etc.

Each has its own structure. Along with this the attitudes and behavior of different family members differ.

A family coach helps in creating conditions so that the transformation evolves organically.

If you are a family coach or aspiring to become one, there are certain things that you must be aware of. Often I see coaches boasting about their coaching sessions and overlooking the basics. As a coach, knowing how to sell your packages in important. But being aware of the basics of the coaching niche is equally important.

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Today, we will look at some points that will crystal-clear your understandings about family coaching.

By the end of this article, you will achieve some more insights to become a successful family coach.

What is Family Coaching and what does a Family Coach do?

First of all, ask yourself-

What are your thoughts about family coaching?

Suppose that someone who has no idea about the same, asks you this question.

How would you answer?

If you start by explaining your coaching program, strategies, etc. that would just portray you as a greedy salesman.

As a coach, your first target should be to take the prospect in confidence. This has nothing to do either with YOU or YOUR COACHING PACKAGE.

The first step is to make the client realize how can he/she benefit from coaching (not YOUR coaching).

You can answer this only when you yourself are aware of all the aspects revolving around it.

So now ask yourself one more time:

What is Family Coaching?

Did you answer it? Yes? Great!

Let me answer this as well. See if you can add some more points.

A short answer would be:

Family Coaching deals with improving family dynamics with the help of a family coach. A family coach improves family interactions and the way family members function as a whole.

Family coaching involves understanding the needs and expectations of each of the family members.

There are corporate coaches who help people to achieve professional goals. There are health coaches who help people to achieve their health-related goals. Similarly, Family coaches help different members of the family to achieve individual goals. It also involves creating a conducive environment to achieve common goals as a family.

Different family members influence family dynamics in their own ways. Many times it becomes difficult to ensure that each member is having his/her say. Situations may differ according to the structure. Discussions may turn into arguments, members may lose trust in each other and bonds may break. Family coaching involves a process to understand the dynamics as closely as possible. This includes understanding all the internal and external factors in the picture.

A family coach can help in solving complex family matters. There are various benefits of family coaching. Some of them are:

  • Empowerment of each family member
  • Stronger relationship bonds
  • Balanced family structure
  • Improved communication hence fewer misunderstandings
  • Conflict resolution
  • A joyful environment which gives rise to a peaceful day-to-day living
  • Increased respect and confidence
  • Increased tolerance of the individuality of all family members
  • Improved ability to make decisions
  • Better upbringing of children
  • Work-Life balance

Top Qualities that a family coach must have

Specialized training is not sufficient. As a family coach, you must have certain qualities for being successful. Some of them include:

  1. An impartial attitude
  2. Empathy to feel someone’s pain
  3. Intuition
  4. Negotiation and conflict resolution skills
  5. Experience to deal with different family dynamics
  6. Creativity
  7. A practical approach
  8. Compassion and politeness
  9. Respect for people of all generations
  10. Patience
  11. Deep insight into human psychology
  12. Excellent questioning and listening skills

Some reasons why people seek a family coach

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Let’s have a look at why do people hire a family coach.

  • To resolve marital problems
  • To strike a work-life balance
  • To Deal with life after separation or divorce
  • To solve Parenting issues- this may involve dealing with teenagers or bringing up children
  • To solve Issues regarding families involving stepmothers/stepfathers/stepchildren etc.
  • To solve issues in Joint/nuclear families where the generation gap is the main cause of problems.

The list doesn’t limit here. There can be various other reasons. I am sure you have some of them popping up in your mind right now! Why not mention them in the comment section below and augment the list!? 😉

Under which situations can a Family Coach help?

This is the key question that you must prepare beforehand. Many of your prospects will be skeptical about it.

After all, just think for a moment:

Why would a family head want to include a third party in his/her own family matters?

People seldom shy from sharing family-related stuff to even relatives and close friends. They fear that others will judge them. How will you convince such prospects? How will you make them realize your worth as a family coach?

Don’t worry!

It is a bit challenging but not impossible.

If you have enough reasons to prove your worth, you will be able to convey this to your prospects as well.

You must first know the different ways in which you as a family coach help people and earn a living for yourself. Let’s have a look at some of the key issues in which a family coach can come handy.

Issues where the behavior of children/teenagers is the problem

Families need a family coach because of the destructive behavior of children/teenagers. Family coaches can help in improving such behaviors.


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Children are the most important members of the family. The discipline strategies of the parents may not be working. In some cases, the behavior of the children may affect school performance and social life.

A family coach studies what is the main cause of such a behavior of the children. Peer-group may be influencing them. The coach improves communication lines and introduces various methods. This helps in gaining the confidence of the child and achieving a transformation. As a family coach, you must know how to control children especially the naughty ones!


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Teenagers experience most of the mood swings and have a plethora of expectations. Hormonal changes, school stress, peer pressure etc.can bring changes in a teenager. Teenage is a delicate stage. Misunderstandings are easily possible here between teenagers and parents.

If parents are constantly keeping an eye on the teenagers or talking with rage, things can go even worse. A family coach is a right person to contact when situations go out of control. He can make the parents realize certain points which they themselves can’t see. The coach works together to develop mutual respect, create boundaries and clear misunderstandings. The coach coaches the family members to see life with each others’ view which leads to a better solution. The coach guides the family with useful tips to solve teenagers’ problems.

Issues related to Relationships

There are various cases in which people lose track of relationships. They may find it difficult to continue with the situation. Conflicts and arguments are common in relationships and partnerships. Seldom there is a need for a middleman to bridge the gap and reintroduce perspectives. Let’s have a look at some such conditions where a family coach may come handy.

Affairs and cheating

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It can be difficult to digest that someone whom you loved so dearly as cheated on you. Betrayal can have different forms:

  • Cheating and affairs
  • Gambling
  • Som major hidden secret which could impact the members
  • Secret debt etc.

Some people may choose separation after finding out that they were cheated on. Others may choose to stay together because of their families. Some may be just left confused about what steps to take next.

Some close family friends and relatives can help but not always. Those may provide advice based on their own limited experience. It may also happen that their advice might be partial towards one of the partners.

That’s when the need for a family coach arises.

The coach has seen similar and many other conditions in his/her journey. He/she knows about affairs and cheating. Thus it becomes easy for him/her to find the root cause and fulfill the needs. Coaching is different than therapy. Family coaching doesn’t rest on the past and causes. The efforts of a family coach are in the direction of taking action steps in the present. This helps to achieve the future goals of the prospects. A family coach can be a great help in restoring trust bonds and helping families to recover from a big shake-up.

Loss of a loved one

Family coaching is extremely beneficial when family members experience a transition. The hardest transition is to lose a loved one. This is the time when a lot of support is required. Losing a close family member may plunge the family members into grief. A family coach may help the whole family with the must-needed support and help in reinventing the life cycle.

Healing from a disease or accident

Each day isn’t rosy. There can be cases when a family member may come in grip of some fatal disease. An unfortunate accident can cause great harm to the entire family. In such cases, a family coach can provide much needed mental strength to the members. For the recovery of the victim, it is important that other family members stay and appear strong. The coach can build the right environment for the victim to recover soon by directing the other family members.

Parenting issues

The times of having a child are indeed great transitions in the lives of the partners. There are new responsibilities that are introduced. The upbringing of the children demands great efforts and time. At the same time, parents need to take care that the external factors are not influencing your teachings.

Sometimes it may feel that landing on this stage has made life less enjoyable. This is so not true. A family coach can help you with many ways to inject fun and excitement.

As a family coach, you need to make your client realize that hiring a coach doesn’t mean that he/she isn’t fulfilling as a parent. Rather, it means that he/she is doing the best to provide his/her children the best.

Work-Life Balance

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Kick-starting a family life doesn’t mean sacrificing career goals. There is just a need to strike the right Work-Life balance. A family coach knows the right techniques to apply for achieving professional goals. He/she can shower the right tips for striking a work-life balance. At the same time, he/she can teach you the best to handle family relations as well.

How long is the Family coaching process?

There would be times when your clients will need immediate results. A relationship might be on the verge of break-up. If you as a family coach will need four or six months as your coaching program duration, your prospects might not feel the need of hiring you.

So, what’s the solution for this?

It is correct that it takes time to get the members on track. You can be frank enough in even telling this to your prospects. But at the same time, you also must show how by collaborating with you they will continuously progress. How they will feel transformation each day, week and month, which will eventually take them closer to the ultimate goal.

There are coaches who take fix durations sessions ( five 30 mins sessions for 6 months). Others charge an hourly rate ($150 per hour) and continue the sessions until the need is met. Either of the models will have a great impact on your prospects. Pricing and packaging your coaching services well is very important.

Family issues are very sensitive. Your prospect will think thrice before deciding to collaborate with a 3rd party. You can convert prospects into high-end paying clients only when you build trust and confidence in them. One way for the same can be- giving one or two free sessions in the beginning.

Also, you must make sure that the coaching process is aligned with the client’s daily routine. You can have an ideal length of sessions and customize it a bit to suit the client’s requirements.

In a nutshell, your target should be taking the prospect into confidence. For this to happen, you need to find a way in which your coaching process can be best tailored to your client’s needs. At the same time, it should not hurt your coaching business as well.

How much should you charge as a Family Coach?

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There are various ways in which you can charge for your coaching services. Before you reach any conclusion it is important that you are aware of the recent coaching trends and do a proper market analysis.

Research a bit about your competitors’ strategies. Try to figure out how and what are they charging. At the same time remember that your target audience’s affordability rates must be taken care of while fixing your rates.

You can choose one of the three models below for pricing your coaching packages.

Charging on Hourly-basis

Most coaches charge between $50 to $200. The price that a family coach charges depends much on his/her experience and previous client testimonies. A fixed-month coaching program may limit the coaches. Charging on an hourly basis gives a chance to conduct sessions according to the requirements. At the same time, you must also be aware of certain disadvantages of charging on an hourly basis.

Binding your coaching services in Monthly packages

There are several coaches who resort to monthly packages. The benefit of such an approach is that you can bind the client for a long commitment. This also means that you as a coach can be sure of certain fixed income when the duration ends.

Family coaching involves strengthening bonds and tackling some difficult emotions which take time. Restoring family peace or reinventing family dynamics is not just a matter of a day. Monthly packages give proper time to figure out and take necessary steps in the direction to achieve the goals.

An ongoing relationship aimed at achieving goals is seldom beneficial. The best way to define the rate for a monthly package is to evaluate your sessions for an hourly rate.

Suppose you think that your hourly session is worth $100. Now you want to bind your sessions into a monthly package that includes 3 sessions per week for four months. This is equivalent to $4800. So you can price your monthly package somewhere around $5000.

This is one of many ways. You can also raise the prices if you feel that you have additional stuff to offer. If you are a newbie, you can start with low prices. Slowly when you start getting your ideal clients you can increase the rates.

Some of the offerings that a family coach can include in his/her monthly package are:

  • One-to-one coaching sessions
  • Text and Email support
  • Extempore calls and meetings when required
  • Free resources in the form of audios or texts
  • Online tools for goal tracking, accountability, etc. (You can have a look at some great coaching tools to fasten the pace of your coaching process.)

If you are opting for monthly packages, as a family coach you can generate an average income between $200 to $1000 per month.

Long-term commitment

Some family coaches opt for a long-term commitment. The reason for the same is because they want to assure that the clients would be committed to the action plans and will take accountability.

Family coaches can show the right direction to the clients but clients still need to be responsible for the transformation that they desire.

You can go for a six or twelve months commitment and charge accordingly. Be very sure before engaging in such a commitment. Know the clients’ expectations well. A long-term commitment works well since it provides the coach with a fixed client for a said period resulting in a long-term fix income.

Final Thoughts

Today managing family relations and leading a peaceful and happy family life has become difficult. Different members have different expectations and it becomes difficult to fulfill everyone’s needs. Conflict resolution at the right time and in the right way is very important to save relations and restore trust.

How can the people who are themselves responsible for the cause lead to solutions?

This is where the services of a family coach may prove worthy. As a family coach, not only you will earn a phenomenal income but also lead a satisfying life. Watching an entire family happy because of your efforts and direction indeed gives great pleasure.

If you want to kick-start your career as a family coach, begin today.

Fix your target audience. Create your coaching business plan. Build effective marketing strategies and start looking for your ideal clients.

I am sure this piece of writing would have helped you to understand family coaching and family coaches better.

I am always eager to lend a helping hand to you in case you need me in any part of your journey.

Why delay then?

Let’s get cracking!

All the best 🙂

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