How to Get Clients as an Image Coach in 2021

Image coaches are in high demand and image coaching is one of the happening fields in the coaching industry. Why? The obsession to have a powerful personality is growing day by day. Everyone around is conscious to create the right image to impress.

Do you have a knack to improve the images of people around?

Are you excited to bring the best in others?

Do you love changing the inner and outer image of your friends, colleagues?

Are you an upcoming image coach?

Are you wondering how you can be a successful image coach?

Yes? Then this article is the right fit for you.

I am here to guide you on your journey of image coaching.

If you look at the current world, the image of people has taken a front seat. Starting from self-confidence to interaction with others everything comes under the umbrella of image building. All these things help in creating an excellent professional and personal success.

As an image coach, you have an opportunity to bring a positive change in people’s lives. Go for it.

Who is an image coach?

An image coach is a professional who helps people make a better version of themselves. The main aim of the coach is to improve the image professionally as well as personally. The coach can bring overall improvement in communication, appearance, and behavior of his clients.

As an image coach, you need a lot of patience to groom people to improve their image. Make sure you first do an overall evaluation of your clients and find out the improvement area.

As a coach, always try to bring out the true inner self of your clients. This can be achieved by giving continuous training to your clients. Image coaching is not a one session game, it requires regular sessions to bring a positive change.

How is the image coach different from a transformational coach?

A transformational coach helps you in achieving your dreams. They are the ones who work closely with clients to solve their problems.

Starting from a relationship to financial problems, a transformational coach helps solve all the clients’ problems.

In the case of an image coach, they help in improving the behavior, appearance, and way of presentation. This shows how both are different and what they do.

A lot of people get confused between the two and choose the wrong coach. When they go for the wrong coach, they too don’t get the right advice.

As an image coach, I will suggest doing research. When you research your clients, you can get a wide range of ideas to make the image change.

A transformational coach helps you in achieving your personal and professional goals. At the same time, an image coach helps you to groom your inner quality.

As a coach of images, it is always important to keep this point in mind. I still recommend the aspirants for this position to keep the above point in mind. You are responsible for grooming them and not for helping them in achieving professional goals.

Top skills required to be a successful image coach

As an image coach, you need to make sure that you get the right things in place. A coach must get the ability to use the senses, tactile, smell, visual as well as hearing in an excellent way.

The things mentioned above will surely help you start in a proper way. If you want to test yourself, then you can visit other experts. As an expert in the coaching field, I can say that it is the best idea.

The idea is said to be best as it helps you to know your issue. When I was new in the coaching industry, I met experts. I learned a lot from the experts.

You can always have a good idea about these things from the experts as the experience increases, the techniques to detect it too improves. They also give useful advice which helps you in improving things.

If you want to become an image coach, then you need to have some excellent skills. These skills are here, which you need to have within yourself.

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Develop your observation skill as an image coach

Firstly, you need to have observation skills. The skills help you in learning the real image by sensing the activities of the person. It is an important thing you need to learn in this profession.

If you are new, then you can improve it by improving the observation skills. As an experienced coach, I always observe my client for a long time. From that, I can make out what kind of issue is there within them.

Assess the minute details of your clients

Secondly, always go for the details of your client. From dressing to perfumes, whatever client uses can help you know the client in a better way. For that, you need to always go for the detailing work on your client.

In this matter, I always asses the details minutely. With that, it helps me learn about themselves deeply. After that, I can help them as per that and can improve their image. So, do it in a perfect way and take time for it.

Build relationships with your clients as an image coach

Thirdly, you need to learn about how to make the relationship work. If you can’t create a relationship with your client, then it is no use. Without relation, you can’t help your client in any way.

When your client visits you, they come with an expectation that you will help them. Connect with your clients and build confidence in them.

Learn management skills as an image coach

Fourth, you need to have management skills. These skills are hard to achieve and needs time to excel in it. In this skill, as a coach, you need to make sure to use space, people, and time effectively.

To do everything in the right way, you need to learn management. For that, you can visit an expert image coach. As a coach, I always suggest all the new coaches should learn from expert coaches.

When you go to them, you can see how they manage things in the right way. They have to fix everything as per time, and in that way, they control the resources effectively. If you are new to this profession, you can take assistance from an expert image coach.

Acquire marketing skills

The last thing that you need to have is marketing. In the current world, marketing is everything by which you can increase your popularity. You can hire a marketing professional for this role. Learn the skills from a professional and apply it in the real-world to see the growth.

Marketing can reap high benefits for you. If it is done in the right way then you can get a huge client base.

Who are the prospective clients of an image coach?

As an image coach,  you must be knowing that there is a huge demand to improve images personally and professionally as well. As a coach, you need to identify your clients and reach them to market your coaching services.

If you look at this profession, the basic question asked to us is who are your prospective clients? Well, for image coaching anyone can be your client as almost everyone wants to improve their image.

I am in the coaching industry for the last decade, and till now, I got numerous clients. The clients that I deal with are from all backgrounds. From normal person to professional to celebrities.

It is so important to have the right image. Without a good image, none of us can have a good personality. As a coach, embrace your clients’ faults and improve it. So, always keep in mind that you are a coach, and people look to you for improvement.

You always need to make sure that you learn about your client and the problems. Then only you can help them in the right way. So let see who can be your clients.

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Students nowadays face a lot of competition and insecurities. They are constantly judged for their image by their peers.

They can be your clients as they need guidance to face the competitive world. As a coach, you can guide them to overcome their insecurities and improve their image.


Professionals who are struggling to make a mark in their careers also need improvement in appearance, speech, and presentation. As an image coach, you can mentor them to work on their flaws.

As a coach, you have to guide them to better their image.


Celebrities are image role models. They have to keep a perfect image every time which is not at all possible without an image coach guidance.

As an image coach, you can mentor celebrities to maintain a perfect image and be a role model in society.

Are you comfortable working with everyone? If not then you can select your prospective clients and see how good you connect with them.

Do you need certification to be an image coach?

I personally feel certification is required only for credibility. If you are passionate and driven to make a mark in the coaching industry then you can start right away.

Initially, it will not be easy and smooth but all the hardships will take you closer to your dream venture. Don’t be scared, you need to give your 100%.

If you are in doubt and not confident then you can go for a certification. As per my personal experience, if you have time and money to invest then you can go for certification.

There are many certifications already in the market. Go for the ones that are accredited by ICF. Well recognized and accredited certification can add a feather to your cap.

Do your research and select the best one for yourself. If you need any help with certification programs and schools then check out the article Do you need Coaching Certification in 2021.

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How much can you earn as an image coach?

A lot of people are obsessed with how they appear in public. They are ready to pay any amount to improve their image.

As per my research, an image coach can earn a handsome amount. As an image coach, you can earn $50 to $500 per session. Annual income can be somewhere between $20,000 to $75,000. The average income can be $39,000 per year.

Coaching as a career gives financial freedom. Focus on your craft as a coach and everything will fall in place. Hard work and right marketing skills can make you a successful image coach.

Top strategies to get coaching clients fast as an image coach

As an image coach, you always need to have the right amount of clients. With more clients in your pocket, more will be your popularity.

Are you wondering how to get clients fast? There are various ways by which you can get the clients in a fast way.

As an image coach, you need to make sure that you follow the strategy. Yes, strategies play an important role and help you in the right way.

There are many strategies to follow to increase clients. Here are some of the top strategies that you need to apply in your profession.

Showcase your experience as an image coach

The first thing is to showcase your experience in the image coaching field. Clients always search for experts to handle their images. So, show your expertise as this will help clients build confidence in you.

Initially, you may not get paid clients but you can conduct free sessions or workshops to present your experience. As a coach, conduct free workshops and seminars for your prospective clients. This will give you a platform where you can connect your future clients.

Clients will also get a chance to know about your proficiencies and experiences through workshops. Have a good stage presence and through your skills, add a lot of clients.

This way a lot of people can experience your image coaching skills.

This first experience can build a huge client base for you.

Ask the right questions to your clients

Secondly, you need to make sure you ask the right questions. When you are with the client, make sure you ask the right questions related to the issue from the client.

As an image coach, you need to understand the insecurities of clients. You need to identify the real issues of your clients. This can be done by asking the right questions to your clients. Asking the right questions will give clarity to both you and your clients.

Build a good rapport with your clients and other image coaches

Always have good contact with your clients and other coaches. With that, you can get in touch with other clients, and they, too, can refer new clients to you.

If you have a good rapport with your existing clients then they can market you well. So, always maintain healthy relations with your clients and other coaches.

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Go online

As an image coach, invest in going digital. For this, you can hire a professional to develop a website, social media pages. Going online gives global reach. It opens more opportunities for you.

Start your own groups on social media platforms, write blogs, make videos and create podcasts. I know it looks difficult but if you make up your mind then you can do it.

Find your niche and market

It is very important to find the niche and market to your target audience. Finding a niche sets you apart from your competitors and helps you specialize in your business.

I know finding a niche is not an easy task. As a coach, conduct a few workshops to know which clients you prefer to work with. This will roughly give you an idea of your target clients.

Keep exploring as an image coach

As a coach, keep exploring new methods and new techniques to connect to your clients. Have the spirit to learn new things. Apply new techniques in your sessions. This will add a new experience for you and your client.

Clients will appreciate if you keep updating yourself. This will encourage them to recommend you to their contacts.

Set up a space for your sessions

When you start your career as an image coach, make sure you set-up space for your sessions. The coaching sessions can be conducted at your home or at a rented studio. Make sure the space at your home looks like an official set rather than a casual room.

Proper space for coaching sessions gives positive vibes to both you and your clients. Working in a perfect set up will be more effective and help you gain more clients.

So, here are the ways that you can follow to get some best clients for yourself. Not only that, but you can also have an excellent grooming session with them too.

As an experienced professional,  I always ask my followers to get these things right. It is because these things affect your clients and your popularity.

So, to get noticed among hundreds of image coaches, you need to follow the right strategies. By going for it, your way of coaching can improve, and clients will ask for you.

Have the best grooming session with your clients and make things look good.

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