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How to Become a Travel Coach?

There are several work niches with different job descriptions and impacts on individuals on society at large. If you are pondering choosing a lucrative career that helps individuals, then becoming a Travel coach is a career to consider.

A Travel coach is vested with the full responsibility of discovering travel motivations and personal goals; how a client’s travel experience will solely depend on the efforts put in by a travel coach. 

How to Become a Travel Coach? travel coach

In the world of tourism, there are several destinations that people can visit. The sole aim of a Travel coach is to select from the array of destinations to suit the traveler’s intention. 

In brevity, a Travel Coach is a guide. In being successful in this niche, and intending travel coach must have a well-detailed understanding of travel coaches and how to become one.

What is Travel Coaching?

Travel Coaching is conducted in a classroom setting to review the process of discovering a trip, planning a trip, reserving a trip, and assessing the person’s level of comfort and ability to participate in the journey. 

The Travel Coach can identify areas of discomfort and provide answers to questions by walking the client through the steps of the trip. Travel Coaching is conducted entirely in a classroom setting and does not include any hands-on training in travel.

The Travel Coach may refer the participant to more structured services that provide in-field instruction, such as Group Travel Orientation, which can be found on the Travel Coach website.

Travel coaches are employed by a variety of non-profit and human service organizations in the area, including but not limited to:

  • Social Workers  
  • Mobility Managers  
  • Administrative Staff  
  • Health Care Workers  
  • Other Staff

In most cases, traveling is a secondary or tertiary responsibility of this staff member, who only performs traveling on an as-needed basis and only when requested. A Travel coach does not receive extensive training outside the training provided.

Also, it should be noted that a travel coach is not the same as a travel agent in this context. There is often misunderstanding what a travel agent is responsible for, but they are generally in charge of booking trips, making reservations, and organizing itineraries. On the other hand, a travel coach does none of these things and instead focuses on providing you with the tools to discover the deeper purpose of your trip and how you can best prepare for it. Instead of concentrating on a specific destination, a travel coach assists you, in determining why you want to travel in the first place before determining the where and how of your journey to that destination.

It may be necessary for travel agencies and travel coaches to work together to provide a comprehensive package of services for a particular type of traveler. On the other hand, Travel coaches can empower travelers to take complete control over their travels by providing them with the tools they need to become more independent and confident when planning their itineraries. In addition, some travel agents are certified to provide coaching services and their other services, or vice versa. Travel coaches can include their booking credentials on their resumes.

What Does a Travel Coach do?

Depending on one’s requirements, one can find a coach who can assist them in their journey to their destination. Travel coaches typically assist travelers in concentrating on their well-being, mentality and having individually tailored transformative travel experiences. However, there are many  niches within the travel coaching industry. Within the travel coaching industry, popular niches include: corporate/ex-pat and business travel, solo travel, family travel, responsible tourism, local travel, and wellness travel, to name a few.

Some travel coaches concentrate on the more practical aspects of a trip, such as trip planning, finances, and travel hacking. In contrast, others incorporate mindset and personal development, well-being, or a more spiritual approach into their work with clients.

There are a variety of reasons why you might want to work with a travel coach, including receiving assistance with gaining clarity on your next steps in life, seeking to connect with yourself or with your loved ones, healing from trauma, or improving (mental) health issues, discovering methods to use travel as a tool for self-empowerment and self-development, taking a break from work to make better use of your annual leave days through travel, or enhancing your well-being and work/life balance.

Travel Coach is a company that specializes in assisting ex-pats and other travelers who are relocating to a new country. Coaching can greatly assist the preparation for moving abroad and transitioning into a new country. This does not only include assisting them in figuring out the practical aspects of relocating, such as visas, housing, shipping, finances, etc. Also, by focusing on mindset, the mental and emotional aspects are important aspects of the process, including addressing problem-solving skills, ownership, and self-growth.

Aside from that, travel coaches assist ex-pats and other travelers in transforming their personal and professional lives through their travel experiences and adventures.

What are the benefits of becoming a Travel coach?

You can work from home or from anywhere else that has access to the internet

Being a travel coach means you don’t get to work with an organization or a travel agency. You get to speak with your clients directly and remotely, offering your areas of expertise all at the comfort of your home or a coffee shop, drinking a latte. There’s no better feeling than knowing your paycheck isn’t tied to someone else but you! All you have to do is wake up, do your thing as a travel coach and enjoy the rest of your day.

Travel around the world while doing the job you love

You became a traveling coach because you want to see the world and advise people on how to enjoy it too. Just as much as you did. There are no barriers whatsoever not to do that to your heart’s content. As a travel coach, you travel the world and meet new people who know all about your adventures and expertise in travel. The word goes out, and they won’t stop talking.

Guiding others who are interested in traveling

As a certified travel coach, people see you as a credible source and begin to trust you with their vacations and sabbaticals. You tell them about a place you just visited next, and they’ll stick it in their calendars as the next place they must visit. You keep delivering and showing them ways to enjoy themselves better and explore the countryside, making them happy.

Earn money and at the same time travel the world

The best part is you earn the effort you put into recommending your services to travel enthusiasts to make a living, traveling worldwide. They see you’re credible and able to deliver; they wouldn’t mind opening their wallets to you. Now, who doesn’t like that very much?

How to Become a Travel Coach?

Before and after coming across this post, are you interested in becoming a travel coach? Either your interest is in educating and inspiring people on traveling with a purpose, using traveling experience to change people’s lives positively, assisting individuals in realizing their travel goals and aspirations, being an aspiration for others, or turning your passion for traveling into a career, then becoming a travel coach is a good option.

You can set out on your journey by becoming a member of the Travel Coach Network and completing a certification program. The program will equip you with the necessary skills and expertise to set a good career becoming a Travel Coach.

With the acquired skills, you can now assist people in having a more meaningful, authentic, and good traveling experience.

This program offers everything you need to start an online travel business for business and networking. Because of this, the Certification Program is one-of-a-kind and will help you achieve your goals. Furthermore, it’s THE ONLY program of its kind in the world to offer Travel Coach Certification.

Hence, the reason why I can’t suggest this enough! Travel Coach Network is a great way to combine your love of travel with your desire to start your own business.

What qualifications are needed to become a Travel coach?

A career in Travel Coaching is one of those parts that are not demographic factors determined. This implies no restriction on gender, educational qualification, and more. Not having a bachelor’s degree in hospitality and tourism is not a hindrance to becoming a Travel Coach. In preparation, your passion must be for the job. If you desire to be a travel coach to places where the language is different from yours, you should endeavor to have a little proficiency in the language. It can be through a college course, certification, apprenticeship, working towards the goal, etc.

What skills are required to be successful as a Travel coach?

You need to demonstrate some skills to become a sought-after Travel Coach. The skills are:

Excellent communication and Negotiation skills

 Impeccable communication and negotiation skills are vital skills that a Travel Coach must possess. Verbal communication is a daily activity for travel coaches. For a Travel Coach to be successful, then excellent verbal communication and negotiation skills are pertinent as that is how the goals of the customer will be known.

Friendly and Pleasing personality

A Travel coach compulsorily must be friendly as that is what will assist the customer in getting convenient and cool around the travel coach and the location. A pleasing personality speaks well for a travel coach, aiding good communication. A friendly personality can be brought to be through active listening skills, which come with patience, and an intending travel coach with a full success mindset should have the ability to listen actively to customers.

Strong sales and interpersonal skills

Strong sales and interpersonal skills enable the enterprise’s continuity and smooth running. Good sales skills will be targeted towards getting more customers, while interpersonal skills will be shown towards the customers.

Strong problem-solving skills 

The problem is an occurring thing. A travel coach must be capable of providing fast and effective solutions to problems whenever it ensues.

Detail-oriented and highly organized

A Travel coach must analyze details with in-depth knowledge and attention.

Customer service skills

Attending to clients in a very good manner is an essential skill that a Travel Coach needs to succeed. The customers are the compulsory part of a Travel Coach’s description. A good customer skill is an observable skill that will succeed in the career.

Administration skills

 A travel coach must have good administration skills. This is mandatory for the daily running of the business.

What are the certifications to become a Travel coach?

You can enroll at the travel coach network or the wandering spoons travel to become a certified travel coach. You get to take on a travel certification program of 68 CCE accredited hours through the International Coach Federation (ICF) and receive lifetime access to the travel coach certification program. Also included will be 9 modules of video training, developmental and learning resources and tools, an International Travel Coach certificate, Ongoing continuing education sessions on hot topics in business and the tourism industry, lifetime access to a database of training, monthly live Q&A group coaching sessions, monthly modules discussions. Ongoing direct help from the founder, 1 required private 1-hour coaching session with the founder of TCN, connection to the exclusive Travel Coach Entrepreneurs community, and the opportunity to list your business on the TCN website and be hired by companies and travelers.

All these incentives are placed to show you the benefits of delving into a career as a travel coach.

Through the certification program, you’ll learn how your travel expertise will impact the future of tourism, become the go-to expert, learn business guidance and support, gain momentum and clients, become recognized for your travel expertise, and find a community that truly understands the importance of travel.

All you need is to enroll today, begin when you’re ready, go at your own pace, choose your payment option and combine your passion for travel with your desire to impact lives by creating a travel business that you’ve always envisioned.

How much does a Travel coach earn?

As a traveling coach, you can earn as much as 75,909 dollars per year. A traveling coach can average 32,000 dollars to 50,000 dollars, with Sahara Rose’s net worth averaging 70 million dollars.

Tips for becoming a good Travel coach

Affixing the client’s trip to a conscious emotion

Being a Travel coach isn’t that hard. You’ve visited a place that resonated well with you, and you want everyone else to experience that richness, which is a good thing! All you have to do for that client of yours is to help make that trip even more enjoyable for them, removing whatever hassle you faced earlier because, let’s face it, that’s why they need your advice in the first place.

Making client’s travel planned and not exhausting

Traveling to a country as a Travel coach helps you find friends that can help your client’s experiences in that country even more pleasurable. As a Travel coach, you help them during their travels, and they pay you for your troubles! Except this trouble is no trouble at all!

Make client’s travel comforting and cheaper

As a Travel coach giving advice, your client’s budget should always be considered. You should help the client experience the travel in a comforting and cheaper way. Otherwise, your advice wouldn’t be all that good.

Provide them their privacy and make strong bonds

Provide your client with the advice they need and know when to back away for them to enjoy their travels. This way, they know you respect them, and they’ll give you their trust. No one likes their space intruded even if you’re their Travel coach.

How is a professional journey planner different from a Travel coach?

A Travel coach is not like a professional journey planner that helps you find easy and convenient ways to plan a journey, giving you different options and approximate journey time. A Travel coach is much more than that, able to give you satisfaction and enjoyment in your travel as they think of your budgets. They also put your interests at heart when they think of convenience. Their advice is a real-life saver since they’ve been there before and know all you’d expect in your travels.


Travel coaches are the hot new trends in helping people get to destinations they never thought possible. As a Travel coach, you experience the travel for yourself and others, enriching lives and experiences. Next time you go on that journey as a travel coach, take a journal or diary to remember those moments.

Frequently asked questions

What does a Travel coach do?

A Travel coach helps you in your travels by giving advice based on your budget and time.

What are the benefits of becoming a Travel coach?

There are a lot of benefits to becoming a Travel coach. One is, you get to travel around the world, helping people experience the joy of a holiday or vacation. Another is that work from home without the need to get an office and also earning while traveling the world

What are the advantages and disadvantages of becoming a travel coach?

There are tons of advantages to being a Travel coach, like helping people be happier traveling. I can’t think of any disadvantages whatsoever; traveling is always fun.

How much does a Travel coach earn?

A Travel coach can earn as much as 70,000 dollars per year and an average of 30,000 to 50,000 dollars annually.

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