How to Become a Successful Wellness Coach in 2021

Wellness coaching is the need of the hour. Why? Look around and you will see people struggling to live a happy life. Wellness coaching involves a conscious process to achieve holistic well being. The coach encourages clients to achieve a satisfying lifestyle.

Are you a wellness expert?

Do people turn to you for help on wellness issues?

Do you encourage people to attain well being?

Then you are in the right place.

This article will give a detailed analysis of wellness coaching and how to be successful.

As per the new research released by the Global Wellness Institute, the future of the $4.2 trillion wellness industry is magnificent. So, your career graph in the wellness industry can also grow at a skyrocketing pace.

Have you planned your career path?

Are you confused and wondering how to carve your career graph?

Don’t worry. Just be patient and follow this article. I have added all possible areas that can guide you to be successful.

Let us look in-depth about the wellness coaching field.

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Who is a Wellness Coach?

People want to deal with their emotional and physical problems. A coach can help them achieve their proper well-being. He can assess people’s mental and physical state and guide them towards holistic wellness. A coach forms a plan of action that can bring changes in mentees’ lives.

A wellness coach will identify the strengths and weaknesses of people. Later, based on it he will create long term wellness strategies. These plans inspire and empower people in achieving their overall health and well-being.

In this whole process, a coach focuses on people’s unique skills. The main objective of a wellness coach is to transform the wishes of people into realistic goals. This is done with an effective action plan.

A coach performs motivational interviews with the solution-centric approach. An interview is done to understand the psychology of the client. This is done to bring positive change in their life.

For better results, a coach connects with the clients and give them personalized help. For instance, there is a client who is not clear about his or her well-being. As a wellness coach, you can give them a vision. You make them develop healthy habits. This way the client builds a healthy mindset. It is important for reaching the goals. You may have different specializations as a wellness coach. You may be good at nutrition counseling or mental health. Hence, your skills should match with your approach.

A wellness coach often takes one to one sessions. Coaches use tools during the sessions. This is for achieving the wellness of the client. These can bring lasting changes in the client’s life.

As a coach, you work as a key motivator and help your clients stay on track. Throughout the process, you provide guidance and support. Clients are encouraged to take baby steps.

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How is a wellness coach different from a health coach?

Many people use health and wellness coaches together. But these are two different specializations. So how do they differ?

A wellness coach focuses on the person in a holistic way. He or she does not focus only on fitness or emotions. People may have an issue about weight, stress or nutrition. A coach deals with such people too. During that time, they uncover their other areas too. Such as a client having stress may have relationship issues. This is resolved through a wellness coach. They not only deal with nutrition but also career, spirituality, and other areas too.

As a wellness coach, you focus on their total well-being. This is because if you solve health issues other causes will remain as it is.

The health coach overlooks those areas. They have qualifications in the health field. People having illnesses may get help from a health coach. But for other issues, there is a wellness coach. They help people beyond health issues.

Both health and wellness coach may have the same skills. But there will be differences in their techniques. Health coaches are naturopaths, physiotherapists, yoga experts.

Wellness coach has developed due to the idea of making people happy. This is not so in the case of a health coach. Hence, both professions have a different approach.

The wellness coach also works with people who are in a good position in life. But these people are not satisfied yet. They may need something more from life. Thus, the wellness coach also takes care of the emotional well being of the people.

People are eager about changing their lifestyle. For motivating them a wellness coach comes into the picture. A health coach is available when people are facing health-related challenges.

Also, there are various areas included in wellness coaching but not in health coaching. These include life purpose, sleep habits, meditation and much more. The wellness coach deals with complex issues of life. They focus on improving all areas of personal wellness. In contrast, the health coach works upon specific health conditions. They find the cause of illness and treat it.

Who are your prospective clients as a wellness coach?

Wellness coaches work in different fields. Hence, this is the reason they have clients from various sectors. People can approach wellness coaches for various reasons. This is why you can have a huge bucket of clients. Below is the kind of people who seek the help of a professional wellness coach.

Hospitals need wellness coaches for patients

Hospitals nowadays work on the holistic development of patients. They do not need you for medical treatment but for a holistic approach in healing patients. Hence, you can approach them. Your ways can help them overcome problems.

Schools focus on the holistic wellness of kids

Kids are the foundation of our future. Schools are working with wellness coaches to achieve overall well- being of kids. They need proper training in wellness. Hence, you can associate with different schools for promoting wellness.

Fitness Center and Spas require wellness coaches for clients

Gyms or fitness clubs have many clients who want to stay fit in a comprehensive way. You as a wellness coach can understand their goals and help them out. You can help people quit smoking or lose weight as a wellness coach.

People love to relax in Spas. A wellness coach has tools for making people calm and composed. Spa clients are the ones whom you can guide towards wellness. You can suggest meditation and yoga.

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Old age homes provide wellness coaching to senior citizens

As a wellness coach, you can guide senior citizens in dealing with everyday issues. They need peace of mind. As a wellness coach, you can make them feel relaxed.

Apart from the above people are diagnosed with various medical conditions. These must change in lifestyle. For example, people who are having diabetes need proper exercise. Doctors are suggesting a wellness coach in these cases.

Multinational companies need wellness coaches for their employees

Multinational companies are working with wellness coaches to provide complete well being to their employees. Employees well being can improve the overall growth of the company. Also, a coach can help employees under stress or depression.

Individuals who are not associated with the above organizations

Individuals who are healthy but want a better quality of life. They want help from a coach for implementing self-care. They may also want improvement in their relationships. Moderately healthy individuals need a coach for specific health goals. People with acute illness need proper guidance and support from a coach.

Do you need certification to be a wellness coach?

A lot of people choose certificate programs as it enhances the credibility of a coach. According to me, it is not important, as a certificate does not determine your skills.

As a coach, you help people through your wellness coaching skills. They may have several issues like mental health or stress. During this time they will look at your experience and not your certificates.

Yes, during the initial stage of your coaching you may need certification. But as you grow, people will approach you based on your experience and recommendations.

You can achieve success as a wellness coach with or without a certificate. This is because it all depends on how well you have established yourself. It also includes your soft skills. You can gain confidence with knowledge. Certification is only a document that cannot measure your skills.

There are various options to become a wellness coach other than certification. You can build your network and connect with them. Also, look for other senior coaches who can guide you. They may teach you the necessary skills for building your coaching career. Hence, certificates help for gaining trust. But, for growth, you need better skills and experience.

How much does a Wellness Coach earn in 2021?

As per my research, the average salary for a wellness coach is approximately $48,558 a year. But this is not fixed. Many factors affect your earnings. You can earn more or less. This depends upon background and your goals.

As a coach, earnings depend upon how many clients you have. You can charge more for higher earnings. Another option for more income is by adding skills in your portfolio. For example, you can become a dietician along with a wellness coach. This way you can charge a premium price.

Wellness coaches with a personal training background can also earn more. This can help you in getting a higher income. If you have specific marketing skills it can benefit you more. For instance, good selling skills can gain you more business.

As a wellness coach, you have to decide on your client base. This also impacts your earnings.

If you are working with corporates, you can earn a competitive salary. Also, there are other benefits attached to it. This is a great opportunity for wellness coaches looking for a high-level job. As a coach, you can increase your earning power if you work directly with a health care operation.

The best wellness coaching option is to stay self-employed. You can earn more provided you have great marketing skills. Your revenue will grow with experience and skills. With time you can earn in the range of $30 to over $200 an hour. You can see that pricing is variable. Hence, you can start with a lower price and gradually increase it.

Try different business models that can help you earn more. For example- add an additional fee for an online personal coaching session. Different packages with different pricing options can work wonders. As a coach, add additional price for additional service or product.

Top qualities you should own to become a wellness coach

A wellness coach develops the inner personality of people. As a coach, provide a new outlook for them. A coaching job is not easy therefore you should possess certain qualities for guiding people in the right direction.

Here are some of the qualities that a wellness coach must possess-

Motivate your clients to achieve their goals

A wellness coach must have the ability to make people focus on their goals. They push people forward. Motivation help clients achieve their goals. Give challenges to your clients and reward them for achieving their targets. This will further motivate them to do better.

Stay determined as a wellness coach

As a coach, you should be determined to achieve your goals. Self-determination helps achieve greater heights in the coaching business. Teach this quality to your clients too. You should not let your client give up. It is important to encourage them more and more.

Even if clients face bad experiences, you should motivate them to keep working. This will help them stay determined on their plans.

Always provide support to your clients

As a coach, stay with your client until the process ends. For this, you should have great supportive skills. This can help in achieving the desired goals.

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Excellent communication skills can build a client base

A wellness coach should efficiently communicate with clients. One can help the client if they can convey the solutions effectively. Communication and presentation skills are the core qualities required to run the business.

Give and take regular feedback as a wellness coach

A wellness coach should not just share the targets. But with that, you must give feedback to your clients. You should check the progress. This is to know whether your plans are paying off or not. Hence, you should keep on tracking the client’s performance.

Are they improving? Are they stuck somewhere? This can help in finding the level at which the client has reached. Also, you should take clients’ feedback for your sessions. This will help you improve your workshops, sessions.

Follow the plan to achieve maximum results

A wellness coach must follow a plan. They should stay committed to the plan until the program ends. This will make the client stay on course as well. Let’s say if your client wants to lose weight. You as a wellness coach should let them follow a routine until they do not achieve their goal.

Acquire skills in overcoming challenges

It may happen that your client will not like your program. They may feel dissatisfied. Hence, you as a wellness coach should deal with such challenges.

As a wellness coach, your role is finding the area where people’s lives are out of balance. You can bring back their life in balance if you have a skill of taking challenges. Check out the article- The 3 Skills Every Coach Must Have to know more.

Don’t be judgemental of your clients

A wellness coach should display sound judgment. It is not right if you judge clients based on your thoughts. Be non-judgemental and let your clients confide in you without being judged. This will go a long way in building relationships with clients.

Being patient as a wellness coach is the key

Not everyone learns at the same pace. Some clients may learn fast and some will not. As a wellness coach, you should keep patience with all the clients. Those who react slow need time. Hence, let them take some time for growth.

Learn the art of developing positive relationships

For getting business as a wellness coach, building relationships is a must. Doctors will recommend your work to their patients. This will enable you in gaining more clients. Hence, for a successful coach, it is crucial to keep a positive relationship with everyone around. You may work in a spa or wellness center. Here also your positive vibes will help in gaining new clients.

Have a passion for wellness as a coach

One can inspire others if one is full of passion. Thus, a wellness coach should have that passion. You should love improving the health and lifestyle of people. Passion for wellness should reflect in your coaching. This will help you make your clients a better version of themselves.

Top marketing strategies to get coaching clients fast as a wellness coach

Marketing as a wellness coach doesn’t have to be complicated. You can use the below thorough guide for getting coaching clients for your business.

There are endless ways of building your market as a wellness coach. But this guide will let you know different ways for more marketing and promotion. It will not affect your schedule. For detailed marketing strategies check out How to get coaching clients fast.

Offer different wellness coaching packages to your clients

Plan different coaching packages. As a coach, you can have 6-month, 3-month or 1-month coaching programs. Do a survey with your prospective clients and understand the requirements and time frame. This will help you plan better packages for your clients.

As a coach, you can also plan offline and online packages. Different offers will add clients to your list. The more people you help, the more satisfied you will be with your work. Also, there would be more people referring you to other potential clients.

Plan “post-coaching” monthly support group

There would be some clients whose coaching sessions and the program will be over. Still, they would need additional guidance. Such people might not want to sign up for another 1/3/6 months of coaching. You can offer them a support system, where they can pay a fixed amount and that can access you via social media or email. This is another marketing strategy and a way of earning.

Be a speaker at different events

As a coach, you can be guest speakers at local events. This will set you apart as a wellness coach. This also will make you stand out as an expert. You would likely get clients from those speaking engagements as well. You can conduct conferences and workshops on wellness coaching.

Plan and join other wellness coaches as a partner on an online or in-person wellness course together. With that, you both can agree to refer clients to one another’s coaching services.

Create more personalized training coaching

There might be a condition wherein you don’t want to abandon one to one coaching. But you wish to charge more for your time. You are eager to increase the value of your clients. This you could get from your sessions. Thus here is another way to promote yourself more and it’s easy.

Offer a more highly-customized service. You can fit it within your actual session time. Let’s say, for instance, meet your clients personally. You can join them in activities that can benefit their lifestyle.

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Be active online and market your wellness coaching programs

Make sure you have monthly blogs that are published on your website, this will generate traffic for you. Be active on social media by sharing your blogs, posts, videos so that your prospective clients are attracted by engaging content. You can create campaigns at a low budget. This is for testing purposes. It can help you check the reach of your page.

As a coach, you can also make short videos that focus on your expertise. For example, you can post daily tips on wellness. Your goal of creating ads on social media is to get more leads. Posting topics which are of people’s interest can increase the flow on your page. You can even ask someone to check your website for review.

Building a wellness coaching business needs dedication. You need knowledge of growing your client base. It is for establishing a target market. You may feel that marketing is not your cup of tea. But with little effort, you can create wonders. It will help in building the foundation for you as a wellness coach.

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