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How to become a Reiki Coach?

To become a Reiki coach there is a set of skills and some essential qualifications that you must have. This article will help you understand all about Reiki coaching, what it is, and a real-life example for better understanding. Moreover, we will also share the necessary skills, qualifications, certifications, step-by-step process, and benefits related to Reiki coaching. At the end of the article, we also have some great tips for you to add more to your Reiki coaching experience. 

How to become a Reiki Coach? reiki coach

What is Reiki Coaching?

Reiki coaching is a medicine alternative that uses natural energy healing power for relieving stress and curing stress-related ailments (What is Reiki, and Does it Really Work?). It is a Japanese invention in which the practitioner improves the physical and emotional healing of the client by transferring his healing energy via his palms.

An example of Reiki coaching can be the use of natural healing energy for curing insomnia instead of taking medicated sleeping pills.

What does a Reiki coach do?

The different things covered under the work of a Reiki coach is (Reiki Healer):

  • Healing the client 
  • Treating mental stress
  • Improving the client’s lifestyle 
  • Curing headache by offering mental relief
  • Transferring positive healing energy 
  • Improve the sleep cycle of the client

What are the benefits of becoming a Reiki coach?

Reiki coaching leaves you with multiple benefits and opportunities. Some of the major advantages of Reiki coaching are:   

  1. Take your health and wellbeing into your own hands

You can make yourself responsible for your own wellbeing and health. Reiki coaching allows you to gather loads of positive energy and healing power. You can use these elements for your own good also.

  1. Maintain an active presence of healers in every community

People need your help to heal their minds these days. This is where being a Reiki coach will benefit you. It will allow you to maintain an active presence of positive energy healers in every area and community.

  1. Become healthier and live positively    

Being a Reiki coach will improve your health and lifestyle. It will allow you to be more calm and positive. With the help of the healing energy, you will be able to keep your mind relaxed, ultimately improving your mental health. 

  1. Directly heal your immediate friends, family, and neighbors    

You never want to see your close ones in stress and grief. With the help of Reiki coaching, you will be able to directly heal your immediate friends, family, and neighbors keeping them mentally calm and relaxed. 

  1. To join with other natural healers around the world

Becoming a Reiki coach is also beneficial as it allows you to connect with other natural healers present all around the world. This leads to the exchange of healing strategies and modern concepts for improving and promoting natural healing sessions.

How to become a Reiki coach?

If you have inherited this skill from your ancestors that’s great. But if you are completely new to Reiki coaching and want to master it, then this step-by-step guide will help you a lot. 

To become a Reiki coach, follow these steps:

  • Aim first, incorporate the skills and set your target for becoming a Reiki coach. 
  • Get yourself enrolled in a Reiki course offered by a well-recognized institution. 
  • Pass all three levels of Reiki learning.
  • Practice Reiki coaching under a master’s supervision first and then start practicing it on your own.

What qualifications are needed to become a Reiki coach?

You should have passed three levels of training to become a Reiki coach. These levels are:

Level 1:

It may last from 2 days to hundreds of hours. At this basic level, you are taught about the main 8 energy zones and self-practice. 

Level 2:

This level involves understanding the knowledge of psychology, anatomy and kinesiology, and meditation. 

Level 3:

For this, you have to study personally with a Reiki master for about 1 year. After this level, you are allowed to practice Reiki openly.

What skills are required to be successful as a Reiki coach?

There are some essential skills like great customer service, excellent demeanor, etc that you must have to be a successful Reiki coach (Reiki Healer Job Description). In this part, we will be covering some of these skills shortly.  

  1. Patience and serenity                

You must be patient enough to ensure that you are spending sufficient time in providing proper and adequate healing energy to your client for his complete healing and relaxation. You should also be calm enough to understand your client’s state and coordinate level. 

  1. Open-mindedness and positivity        

Positivity and open-mindedness are also important for proper Reiki coaching. You have to be close to your client for building a strong connection but this should only be followed by positivity. You must make sure that your client is feeling comfortable and relaxed in your presence. 

  1. Empathetic and resilience            

Moreover, you should be empathic and resilient towards your Reiki skills and training in order to offer maximum benefit to your client. Being honest with your work will help you bring the best relaxation and mind-calming results to your client. 

  1. Communication and interpersonal skills    

You have to build a strong connection with your client in order to deliver him the healing energy properly. For this, you should know how your client is feeling if your energy is being delivered to him properly and what changes he wants in your practice. To know all this you should have great communication and interpersonal skills.

What are the certifications to become a Reiki coach?

For becoming a Reiki coach there are 3 important certifications that you must consider (Top 7 Coaching Certifications Important To Become A Reiki Coach). A short description of each of these certifications is given below. 

Reiki Level I, II, And Master Certification

In the Usui method this Reiki Level I, II, and Master Certification let you go through all three levels of the Reiki session. The best thing about this certification is that it does not come with any prerequisite requirements. It consists of some videos and articles and by the end of the training, you get a personalized certificate. 

Advanced Reiki Training (Art) And Master/Teacher Training

For Advanced Reiki Training (Art) And Master/Teacher Training, you must have a prior Reiki training experience of the first two stages. The best part of this training is that it guides you in detail regarding the master level of Reiki training along with some practical demonstrations. 

The Complete Accredited Reiki Master / Teacher Certification

The Complete Accredited Reiki Master / Teacher Certification guides you through the entire Reiki training process covering all three major Reiki learning levels. A pro of this certification is that it uses colors to better explain the Reiki lessons.

How much does a Reiki coach earn?

In the opinion of many health practitioners, Reiki is combined with other disciplines like acupuncture and massage. This is why the earning of a Reiki practitioner varies with the services he is offering in his practice. Major factors that are responsible for affecting the salary of a Reiki practitioner include:

  • Your experience in Reiki training 
  • The level of your training 
  • The demand of Reiki practice in your place 
  • The competition of Reiki practice in your area

The average salary for a Reiki practitioner is somewhere between $30 to $75 (Becoming a Reiki Practitioner) on an hourly basis.

Tips for becoming and staying a Reiki coach

We have figured out some great tips to help you become and stay a successful Reiki coach. These include:

Relax and reflect your healing style

Your Reiki session must help your client know your healing style. You should be relaxed in order to help your client relax by the end of the session. A reflection of your healing style in the Reiki session will help your client know your connection with your skills and practice. 

Become comfortable and integrate your Reiki energy    

You should feel comfortable when giving a Reiki session to properly integrate your Reiki energy into your client. A failure to properly deliver your healing energy will lack to offer the required relaxing and stress relieving benefits to your client.

Ask your clients for valuable feedback and testimonials    

Make sure to ask your client about their experience with your Reiki session. For this, you can leave them an open option to give their honest feedback and reviews to your services. Testimonials are also very helpful for analyzing your Reiki coaching skills. Do not take any critical suggestions or bad reviews negatively. Take them as a source for bringing improvement in your Reiki practice. 

Build strong networking and pay visits to the reiki community

Another most important thing for becoming a great Reiki coach is to build a strong network and pay visits to the Reiki community. This will help you understand more about the needs and demands of people related to Reiki sessions. Moreover, it will also keep you updated with the new and modern Reiki coaching strategies being brought to the world with time.

How a Reiki coach is different from a meditation coach?

Many people mistakenly consider Reiki and meditation coach to be the same. But there are significant differences that must be considered when comparing both these coaches (Reiki and Meditation – Similarities and Differences). Some of the main differences between a Reiki and a meditation coach are discussed below:

Use of strategy

The strategy used by different Reiki coaches is the same. It is a specific technique that must be followed the same way throughout the world. Whereas the strategy used by different meditation coaches varies significantly from person to person and area to area. 

Being dependent 

In a Reiki session, you have to depend on a Reiki coach who helps you relax and relieves your stress. Whereas in meditation there is no such requirement of a meditation master; you can simply meditate all by yourself. 

Environment difference

In Reiki sessions, you must be in an environment that is calm and relaxed. You have to lie down and allow the Reiki practitioner to help you relax. Whereas for meditation there are no such specific environment requirements. You can meditate even while walking slowly on beech or passing by crowded railway tracks.


This was all about Reiki coaching and sessions. We tried our best to help you understand the basis of Reiki training, its benefits, and how it is different from meditation sessions. In the end, we have also discussed some great tips to improve your Reiki experience. When opting for a Reiki session make sure to look for the best practitioner for getting the best results. In case you want to practice Reiki training yourself, you must get proper classes and experience.

frequently asked questions

What does a Reiki coach do?

With the use of his hands a Reiki coach delivers energy to your body. This is a healing technique practiced in Japan for improving the balance and flow of your energy.

What are the benefits of becoming a Reiki coach?

The benefits of becoming a Reiki coach include taking your wellbeing and health into your own hands practically. It also helps you connect with other natural healers practicing worldwide for a healthier worldly environment.

How do Reiki coaches get more clients?

You have to learn a new and modern Reiki marketing strategy for getting more clients (Get More Reiki Clients). Attracting a larger audience via voucher placement is also another option. You can also get more clients by understanding the proper knowledge of landing pages and websites.

Which level of reiki training has to be completed for practicing reiki coaching?

Passing any of the three levels of Reiki coaching you get allowed to practice it. But for remote practicing, you must pass the 2nd level at least. And for teaching Reiki to another person you should pass the highest Reiki coaching level and be a Reiki master.

What to expect from a reiki coach?

Consider your Reiki coach to be a non-invasive, gentle, and safe energy-based healer that will help you reduce stress and relax. A Reiki coach will never make you uncomfortable by touching your body inappropriately.


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