The Ultimate Guide to Become a Potent Personality Coach [2021 Edition]

Personality coaches are professionals who specialize in helping clients modify personality.

A lot of people have become conscious of their personality and want modification. But they do not know about their key personality and need guidance.

Who can help them?

A personality coach can provide the right guidance.

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Who Is a Personality Coach?

A personality coach is one who studies the client’s personality and gives insight for improvement. The coach observes the behavior of clients and guides them in discovering different patterns of their personalities. These patterns can be fixed or keep changing with time.

Personality is the reflection of what clients believe in. This is what a personality coach explains.

A personality coach provides coaching training in various areas.

A coach guides on the interaction of personality with all kinds of surroundings.

The coach lets the client know the origin of a personality style. He or she tells clients how a style can affect decision making. How quality of life is having a link with personality? What actions does the client take depending upon his or her personality?

A personality coach teaches his clients about the personal and professional front of communication. This helps in developing the personality of a client.

A coach gives knowledge about the client’s future through his or her personality. The client may have weaknesses in his or her personality. Who can help him to overcome his weaknesses? A personality coach can help in strengthening the areas where the client is weak.

As a coach, you let your clients know about ways of finding power. This involves the full use of the client’s personality. Also, teach them the definition of personality.

As a coach, your coaching business can include different sessions on empowering the client. This will help them get an understanding of themselves in depth. Through your coaching, clients can be aware of his or her possibilities. Clients can come to know what they are capable of.

The personality of an individual keeps on changing. It grows with time. As a personality coach, you can train clients for these changes. You can guide in overcoming the barriers in the client’s path. This leads clients towards a limitless experience.

After the coaching training, clients find a new version of their own. He or she accepts the new personal style and follows it. As a coach, you can guide in improving the communication and attitude of your clients. This will help them achieve their target growth fast.

The role of a personality coach is very important as they can instill the right qualities in their clients to develop their identity.

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What Can a Coach Include in a Personality Coaching Package?

Coaching packages are an important part of coaching. A well planned and structured coaching package can be a great plus for you and your clients. It can save you time and energy. It can also give better results for both you and your clients. Let’s see what you can include in your coaching package.

Online personality assessment

Online personality assessment focuses on the client’s personality traits and it’s unique challenges. As a coach, you can assess the personality of your clients and find the loopholes. The assessment can be done through one on one or group sessions. You can also give 360-degree feedback through this tool. As a coach, you analyze the personality of clients and train them accordingly.

Online E-course on personality type

As a coach, you can include online E-course as per clients’ personalities. It can include different courses on developing the personality. Here you can share about the complex factors which make the personality of people. The course can include a detailed study on personality and ways to improve it with the right methods.

A 90-minute coaching session via video conferencing

The coaching package can include an intensive coaching session of 90 minutes. Here you can uncover the needs of the client. If they are stuck anywhere you can guide them at that moment. With a 90-minute session, you can add a 15 minutes introduction call free of cost. In the video session, you can provide different coaching tools to your clients which can help them improve their personalities.

A follow-up summary

Include a follow-up summary in your coaching package. Give clients tools to use on their own and share about the outcomes. This will help your clients focus on sustainable success post your coaching sessions.

A well-planned coaching package can help you gain a lot of clients and can also benefit your clients.

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Why Are Personality Coaches in Demand?

In today’s competitive world a lot of people are conscious of improving their personalities. They need guidance and support from an expert. This constant requirement of guidance and support is causing the demand for personality coaches.

There are a lot of other reasons why there is a demand for a personality coach. Here are the reasons.

Improving the soft skills

A lot of people want a great partner but they are not able to find one. Others want a good social life but not getting one. What is lacking? It is the soft skills which they need. A lot of them have these skills but are hidden inside them. A personality coach can bring those skills out.

As a coach, you can teach them about body language and creating a strong impression. How a person should present himself or herself is where you can guide your clients. This demand is never going to stop. This is because people will need your support at every stage.

Building strong connections

A lot of people indeed face issues at work and in personal life. Their relationships are not strong. They do not have great connections with colleagues. As a coach, you can coach these people and give them direction. Your task is making them introspect themselves. This helps them in creating bonds using their personality.

Looking for a new change or taking a new step

A lot of young professionals are looking to start their careers. A lot of them are not selected for their dream job because of personality issues. As a coach, your coaching can help them. You can guide them in developing their personality and help them land their first dream job.

There is a demand for personality coaches in different fields. As a coach, you are required in assisting people in gaining self-confidence and developing the right personality.

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How Can a Coach Market a Personality Coaching Package?

The world has become competitive. To be a successful coach you must reach more people to offer your great service. The secret of a coaching business is smart marketing and networking. It helps in getting a good number of clients for your coaching business. Your earnings increase and may reach the 7 figures.

As a coach, you must have effective marketing strategies and plans to put in place to be a successful coach. Here are major marketing strategies that can help in streamlining your coaching business.

Create a website and drive traffic on it

Everything is becoming digital. For a strong online presence, you must have an effective website. Your website must show up on google searches. This will help in the growth of the audience. Hence, you must have a proper website on personality coaching. The audience will know more about you and your work. They will trust your expertise through your work on the website. You can share coaching tools, videos, and testimonials for promoting your coaching package.

Also, you can mention the social media links on the webpage. This will help in building credibility. A professional-looking website creates a huge impact.

Important elements you should consider for your website:


SEO stands for search engine optimization. It works as a signpost through which web traffic moves on your website. Your website must be compatible with it on all the devices. The content on the website should be of high quality. You must take care of the keywords which are SEO based. Keep using metatags for improving the ranking on search engines. You can take the help of experts too.

Catchy design and look

Make your website effective with a simple user interface. People who are looking for coaching packages would find it attractive. It helps in creating a first impression. The navigation should be easy and smooth.


The website should provide a compelling call to action option. This means people should become eager to buy your coaching package. For example, you can invite clients to subscribe to your channel. You can join the webinar too. Other options are form filling or attending one on one sessions. Through forms, you can get an email list of prospects. It can help in lead generation.


You must represent yourself as an expert coach. For this, you must prepare good content in the form of blogs and publish them. Focus 20% on writing the blogs and 80% on marketing it. This is one of the best marketing strategies for showcasing your coaching packages. You can share blogs and vlogs on Facebook, Linkedin, etc.

Create the email list of prospects

As a coach, you can share a campaign about your coaching packages through email. Those who are subscribing to your website can get these emails. But keep a check on spams. This is because it may lead to losing a client. Set the schedule for posting the email. Also, prepare the content well in advance.

Share newsletters

First, build up your email list. After that, you can send newsletters to your prospective clients. It can help in promoting your coaching package and coaching business. This can help your prospects to know about the blogs on your personality coaching. They can also avail exclusive offers or get updates on the upcoming webinars or events.

Newsletters work as a reminder. The client will know what kind of work you do. It will stay in their mind for a long time. A client will recall your coaching tools and may approach you when the coaching need is there. It helps in showing your expertise and that your coaching packages are in sync with the trend.

Build coaching podcasts

This is another marketing strategy for clients to know about your coaching business. You can try coaching podcasts. But if you are not confident at first, you can join other podcasting channels. This way people will listen to your ideas on personality coaching.

You can follow the below tips for a coaching podcast.

Place yourself on different networks

As a coach, you can start by posting podcasts on social media platforms. Update that you want to feature as a guest on the podcast channels. Mention the topics which you will cover. It will tell you about what value you can add through your podcast.

Podcast swap

It is a great option if you have your podcast. If not, swap it with the host by giving him or her something in return.

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Market on social media platforms

A lot of people spend more than 2 hours on social media platforms. Also, you can find 3.2 billion social media users. A lot of coaches and marketers believe that social media is a great platform for marketing. It can help in growing your coaching business.

As a coach, you can choose different methods for connecting on social media. These can be short videos, informative posts, and small webinars. Facebook also provides you the option of taking live webinars. This helps you in sharing your coaching package among the target audience.

But you must have a proper plan for your social media marketing strategy. You should have clarity on what you are looking to achieve after each step. Are you planning to expand your influence? Do you want a great connection with your target audience? Do you aim at increasing conversion rates? Are you looking for an increase in leads?

Once you get the answers to the above questions, follow the below steps.

Give full support

Your audience may ask you several questions. You must answer them all. This shows how responsive you are. It is one of the most important qualities of a successful coach. It will build strong relationships with your clients. They will put trust in your coaching package. Also, people will know about your skills. They will take you seriously.

Keep track of conversations

It may happen that people will not ask you direct questions. Hence, you must start finding a path for reaching there. Find out the popular hashtags and keywords. This way you can reach the conversations. Your client will become eager to talk with you. There are different social media management tools for this purpose.

Build a profile that can influence people

For this, you must keep updating your content. You must share about current trends and standards. Also, giving live examples can create a huge difference. The secret of the coaching business is staying active on social media. It helps in knowing new ways of promoting your coaching packages.

Look for a podium

The success of a personality coach lies in his or her ability to speak among groups. People will follow your way of addressing the audience. This will help you in influencing the group. You can market your coaching packages through an eBook at a seminar. This can spread a message among the audience about how good your coaching is. This is not directly promoting yourself. But it is telling what you are sharing in your eBook. It will attract people on its own.

Video Marketing

It is found that video marketing helps in getting more than 60% lead every year. Are you confused about how to market your coaching packages? If yes, try videos. These are great tools for engaging audiences on social media platforms. The idea is to create a short video of 15-30 minutes. You can upload it on YouTube and other places.

How is this beneficial?

People are engrossed in videos that create interest. You must have appealing content. This is crucial for engaging clients.

The best thing is you can use past videos with new clients. It saves you time and money.

In the case of personality coaching packages, video creates a long-lasting impact. This is because there are sounds and visuals for grabbing attention. Here also you must use keywords in both title and description of YouTube videos. It makes your video easily available in search options.

The above marketing strategies can give you success in your coaching business. As a coach, try different marketing strategies to up your game.

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Is Certification Required for Becoming a Personality Coach?

A personality coach needs to have certain basic characteristics and skills. He or she must get the right personality for the job.

But getting a basic knowledge of these skills is not enough. You must look for more techniques and tools. Coaches also need to enjoy working with people. You must develop the personality of the client using new methods. For this, you need to have excellent communication skills and good listening capacity. Also, you must own a positive and upbeat outlook. A personality coach aims to make a positive difference in their clients’ lives.

A coach should also take care of his or her personal growth and development. Hence, there is a need for proper training. It is not mandatory to do a certification but it can help you in improving your skill set.

It is important to achieve a specific set of core competencies. It is important for building rapport with clients and gaining their trust. You must look for effective communication and demonstrate results through goal setting. This is important to become a reputable personality coach. It’s thus not so crucial and essential to go through an accredited training program. There is no mandatory requirement for gaining coaching credentials. Becoming a credentialed coach is not compulsory but can benefit you in every sense. It helps in letting your clients know about your professional standards.

For certification, you must complete a specific number of hours of direct client contact. This is under the supervision of a certified coach. At the end of the certificate program, you must complete an examination. Choose a training organization that is approved by ICF, the International Coach Federation. More than 200 institutes fall under it. A lot of coaches become “certified” just after taking a three-hour course. Also, there are other courses which last several months or years. You can choose the program depending on the desired level of expertise. The ICF offers three levels of credentialing depending upon your educational background. These are:

The Associate Certified Coach

The Professional Certified Coach

The Master Certified Coach

You can choose a coaching certificate as per your budget and requirement.

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How Much Can You Earn as a Personality Coach?

Firstly, a personality coaching career has a lot of potential financially. As a coach, you can earn anywhere between $11.42 and $122.79 an hour. With expertise, you can earn $500,000 to $600,000 per year. All you need is to use the right coaching products and services. It will take time and hard work to reach there as success cannot happen overnight.

Here are basic details about the earnings of a personality coach.

The studies show that a coach makes $27.16 an hour, $3,714 a month, and about $ 31,099 a year. Thus it’s safe to say that a personality coach career has the potential to pay well. It can be concluded that it’s the best way to earn without any certification.

If you feel a little confused about starting, make a coaching business plan for going ahead. It can help in meeting the competition and building the right strategies.

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