How to Become A Successful Blogging Coach in 2021

Today blogging is ruling the internet and so are blogging coaches. Blogging websites are in the need of traffic for their websites. A lot of people feel that their blog traffic is getting stalled. They do not know the ways of implementing SEO strategies into their blog post.

A lot of brands need guidance for enhancing their blogs. This is because it is easy to start a blog but difficult to grow it successfully. A lot of times, people do not get great results even after a lot of effort. They fail as they lack direction as well as motivation.

Who can help them out?

A blogging coach.

A blogging mentor is one who can give professional advice and tools to grow a blog and make a living.

Are you passionate about blogging?

Do you know how to engage the audience?

Do you love generating web traffic through your blogs?

Have you worked as a blogger before? Do you own a blogging website?

Do you think blogging can improve the business?

Yes? Then you must take your talent to the next level and become a successful blogging coach.

Blogging coaching is a fulfilling career with lots of opportunities. Let’s start by understanding who is a blogging coach.

Who Is a Blogging Coach?

A blogging coach is one who helps his clients to gain clarity and vision in their blogs. As a coach, you will guide your clients to find out new ideas that can increase the audience of the blog. An increase in web traffic will help your clients grow their online income.

As a coach, you need to provide step by step strategies for building a successful blog. Share new ways with your clients that can help attract readers or engage them.

A coach has expertise in converting readers into customers. One can get consulting and training on all aspects of blog development. It includes search engine optimization, social media marketing, and more.

Your job as a blogging expert is to ascertain the potential of your clients and inspire them to achieve their goals in their blogging journey. Be your clients’ cheerleader.

Bloggers can get various unique solutions from a coach. The professional advice of a coach is always required to earn profits. One cannot grow the blog through online free courses. It may disappoint people or make them feel like a failure. Therefore, a successful blogging coach is a must for developing a blog.

A coach uses the right tools and does not let the client go off the track. During the blog creation process, the coach stays with the client. A blogging coach can give a vision to the blog and help it develop completely.

Who Are Your Prospective Clients as a Blogging Coach?

A lot of people need coaching for blogs. But a lot of them do not realize the need for it. They may go for online courses or try on their own. In the end, they may fail. Also, there are different categories of clients for whom blogging is important. These are the ones who can be your prospective clients. Your guidance can do wonders for them.

So who are these prospective clients?

New bloggers

New bloggers do not know much about the quality of blogging. This is because they lack experience. They are curious to start their blog page and want to go ahead without committing any blunder. As a coach, you can guide them at an initial stage. You can teach them professional tools and tricks of blogging. Once they get results, then you can become their permanent coach.

Experienced bloggers

Existing bloggers whose sites have become stagnant due to lack of inspiration need experts to guide them. They constantly look for new results without knowing the tricks and tools of blogging. The results which they want are too high. This disappoints the bloggers and demotivates them to think of new ideas.

As a coach, you can give them the techniques for developing an already running blog. You can inspire them and give them some new ideas that can grow their blog.

Hobby bloggers

Hobby bloggers blog as a hobby but they are also interested in monetizing their site. They do not know how this is done. A blogging coach can suggest ways of earning a meaningful income via blogs.

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Journalists are eager for taking their portfolio to the next level. They are ready for revamping their blog. Hence, they are interested in turning as an actual blogger. As a coach, you can give them training in professional blogging.


Professionals also need a blog for supporting their own business. For example, a designer may need a blog page sharing new design collections. It helps them in boosting up their business. They do not have skills for managing a blog. A blogging coach can teach them the right methods of creating and developing a blog.


A lot of companies need guidance in developing a blog for their products and services. As a coach, you can guide them in creating one. This will help them increase their online traffic which in turn can generate more sales for them.

There is a huge demand for blogging coaches and I am sure you can make a mark as a coach in the world of blogging.

Do You Require Any Qualification to Be a Blogging Coach?

There is no specific qualification required for becoming a blogging coach. But, a lot of coaches do attend short blogging courses. The major qualification which can help is the success of your blog. If you have been successful in developing your blog then you can guide your clients with your expertise and experience.

Other qualifications which can help you are:

Degree in communications or English

One should have good writing experience. You should have in-depth knowledge about a specific field or topic of interest.

The skills in research and communication are a must as these can help in efficiently developing a blog. A degree in communication or English can help you start your career in blogging.

Creative thought process

As a coach, you should also have a creative thought process as that can give you out of the box ideas. You should also have a strong understanding of current industry trends as that will help you keep your blog updated.

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Computer skills

Computer skills are very important to be successful in the blogging world. These include knowledge of content management software and social media platforms. Also one should have a good hold over MS Office, SEO keywords, and HTML coding. In case you are not so good at technical software then you can hire a techie for all this purpose.

Being successful is not rocket science. You should have passion, interest, and willingness to learn to be successful in any field.

What Are the Core Traits of a Blogging Coach?

Blogging coaches can be successful without a professional degree also. What is more important than a professional degree are core traits. Build your core traits to be a successful blogging coach. Here are a few core traits of a blogging coach that you can learn.

Know inside-out of blogging

As a blogging coach, learn the techniques of blogging in depth. This way you can mentor other bloggers and marketers. You will be considered competent if they understand the basics of blogging. As a coach, study various posts and follow the top blogs of a particular niche.

You should be confident in taking action as per your acquired knowledge about blogging. The major skill of a blogging coach is having confidence in building a successful blog.

Have great observation skills

Good coaches are experts in observing things. As a coach, you should be able to identify the problems of your clients. Once you identify the problems then formulate the solutions for your clients. This can reduce the struggle of your clients.

For instance, a client may have issues with low profits. Others may have slow web traffic. Your job is going through their blog and finding the root cause of the issue. An expert coach has a practice of spotting the issues.

Be compassionate

Successful blogging coaches place themselves in the client’s shoes. This is the best way for understanding a client’s needs. The idea is to be compassionate with the client. With compassion, you can make out what the client is facing.

As a coach, you understand the pain of various readers. Hence, you can give solutions from the reader’s point of view too. A good blogging coach always looks at things from different perspectives. This helps in finding better solutions for your clients.

Have good questioning skills

There are no rules for running a coaching session. Hence, a good blogging coach creates the session more interactive. The coaching program should not be monotonous. As a coach, ask questions to your clients. Asking questions means you are grabbing the attention of your clients. It creates good bonding with them. A blogging coach uses this skill for achieving valuable insight about clients through questions.

What Can You Offer Your Clients as a Blogging Coach?

A blog is created for sharing ideas and information. A lot of people do not have the skill in creating blogs. Some are good at writing and some at marketing. But for taking the benefit of both the world one must hire a blogging coach.

Here are a few things that you can offer as a blogging coach.

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Make your clients familiar with different blogging platforms

A blogger may not be an experienced blogger. There are various techniques and tools that one should know for developing a blog. Upcoming bloggers can learn these from an expert coach. A good blogging coach can take the clients through that process.

As a coach, you can make your clients familiar with different platforms in less time. There are a lot of options like WordPress, Blogger, and Tumblr which your clients can use. It is not everyone’s cup of tea to use these platforms. But as a blogging coach, you can make it possible. You can teach your clients how these platforms function.

You can make your clients aware of the various features of blogging. This includes using tags and inserting images. You can also teach how to schedule blogs, advanced, and useful features that can make developing blogs easy for your clients.

Help your clients to identify their target audience

Suppose a client is a business blogger. He or she should know the purpose of creating a blog. A particular audience reads a business blog depending upon his or her need. Business blogs are for educating readers about business developments. But business bloggers may not understand the target audience of their blog. This ignorance can create problems in creating an engaging blog.

As a blogging coach, you can help your clients identify the right target audience. This will improve the number of visitors. The blog will reach the search engines and social network audience.

Also, as a coach, you can give guidance on converting the readers into customers. This holds for business as well as personal bloggers.

Guide your clients about different blogging practices

Writing and posting are the basics of blogging. But with that comes advanced techniques which a blogger should know. An expert blogging coach teaches those techniques and trains clients. Using those techniques one can make a successful blog. The techniques do not include only do’s and don’ts of blogging but also involves major blogging practices.

An expert coach prepares the clients to apply those practices. This helps clients to understand which all things are important for blogging. One such technique is improving writing skills. As a coach, you can guide your clients on the quality and quantity of the blog. SEO is also a very important blogging practice that can optimize a blog. Guide your clients on how to write an SEO based article.

Another blogging tip is including an image in the blog. But one should know why and which image will fit in the post. As a blogging coach, you can guide your clients to select better images. It should match the specific blog post.

Images also help in catching the reader’s attention. Hence, it is always good that one chooses interesting and engaging images. A blogging coach helps clients understand the importance of images.

Provide constant feedback

Blogging is a continuous process. With each blog post, your clients can become better. This is only possible if you as a coach give constant reviews. The feedback from a coach helps in making improvements. Feedback is different from what the readers give. They comment only on your content. But a blogging coach will tell the clients the major facts. For example, whether the post covers the business objectives or not. How can your client improve for the next post? The coach suggests a marketing mindset. He or she gives a big picture of the blog. It is not only about the content but more than that.

Provide target-oriented coaching

A blogging coach helps clients in achieving the desired result. Hence, the major role of a coach is motivating clients to give their best. This helps clients apply their complete focus on their blog. One must know that blogging is not a simple task. Provide your clients with target-based coaching as this will help them get maximum benefits.

As a coach, make sure that your clients do not give up or fail. The main aim of you as a coach should be that the clients stay on their target!

Digital Marketing Strategies for a Blogging Coach to Get Clients Fast

There are different digital marketing strategies that you will hear these days. Also, you will see that your peers are giving you a lot of competition. How can you stand out in the market and get more clients?

Which are the digital marketing techniques for attracting the clients?

Here are some of the marketing strategies which you can try.

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Create an online network using LinkedIn

Today one can grow business through online networking. As a blogging coach, you can create a LinkedIn profile. It should contain all the information about your coaching business. It is good if you share your coaching videos and articles. This should include events and seminars which you are part of. For reaching more people you must import your contacts. You can even connect with friends of friends or any other person whom you have met in some event.

The purpose of LinkedIn is to build a huge network. These are the people with whom you can share your website, blogs, or any other content. There is also an option for posting content directly on the LinkedIn news feed. You can post about how bloggers can improve their skills. You can also find LinkedIn groups. For instance, you can join blogging related groups. All these steps will help you in finding your prospective clients. As a coach, you can also solve queries of people in your connection and turn them into clients.

Use Facebook for advertising

First, as a coach, you should have an interesting Facebook page. Next, Facebook provides an option of advertising based on the target audience.

You can promote your coaching session through these promotional tools. For example, you can share about your upcoming webinar. Next, send it among various bloggers in your city. This strategy can help you in getting new clients. People may approach you on your Facebook page. Also, some of them may call you after the webinar gets over. It is a good way of marketing yourself as a blogging coach.

Create a YouTube channel

YouTube has become popular these days. A lot of times YouTube is used in the form of a vlog. Coaches from every field are using it. You can make your channel and share the links among your contacts. This is an amazing way of teaching bloggers about the new techniques of blogging. You must aim of getting more followers. This is because your reach will increase as the subscribers’ increase. The videos should connect with the audience. The content which you choose must create a great impact. The video should have good quality. The focus should be on getting new clients and not profit-making.

Other strategies that you can use are podcasting and emails. You can use any of the above strategies and apply them to your coaching business.

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How Much Can a Blogging Coach Earn?

A blogging coach can set his or her prices. This is one of the major benefits of being a coach. You can charge generously. It means you can earn profits if there are generous rates. The earnings can become six figures depending upon your skill and experience.

Coaches have starting rates at $100 or $200. This applies in case you are a beginner. This is for a session of an hour or so. Once you get hold of the coaching, the dollar amount starts increasing. A lot of coaches charge $300 to $500 or higher. It is for detailed reports which a coach prepares to give the clients. A lot of time goes into creating a comprehensive report. You can earn a high income here.

Thus, there is a great opportunity for a blogging coach where he or she can earn $1000 a week. Monthly you can earn around $4000 and more depending on your network of clients.

You can also earn more through group coaching or seminars. This way you deal with more people at the same time and still earn high.

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