How to Be a Successful Social Media Coach in 2021?

Over time I have gathered a pretty big following in the personal development space – close to 6 million followers on Facebook, co-owning the 3rd largest business meetup group. I also manage LinkedIn pages with over 200,000 members consisting of coaches, speakers, and authors. In this article, I have shared all the details to be a successful social media coach.

Social media has become part of everyone’s life. Social media marketing is a huge marketing tool for different businesses. Platforms like Facebook and Instagram are used for brand awareness and business development.

Now the problem is which one to choose as each platform has its own rules. There are different tricks that people are unaware of.

In all this confusion, one needs help from an expert. Who can help businesses to understand social media marketing? Yes, you are right, a social media coach is an expert who guides businesses to establish their brands on different social media platforms.

Are you passionate about different social media platforms?

Are you good at creating engaging content for your audience?

Do you have a lot of followers on social media platforms?

Do you influence your audience through your posts?

Have you used social media marketing tools for a business?

Is your answer yes to most of the questions?

Then you should be a social media coach.

Who Is a Social Media Coach?

A social media coach is one who guides the marketing team to handle business on different social media platforms. A coach plays an important role in building brands on social media platforms.

A coach performs different functions like:

● Provides training

● Plans social media strategies

● Develops engaging content

● Monitors the page progress

A social media coach provides clarity about the benefits of different social media platforms. A coach shares strategies for achieving the right results for the business. The client gets full support in technical areas. Also, the coach makes sure that the client saves time and makes more money.

A lot of times business owners may feel that their efforts have not given fruitful results. They may be stuck even after putting in a lot of energy and money into marketing. During this phase, a coach can only give the right guidance to them. A coach can help them in avoiding costly mistakes.

Social media coaches help clients to achieve business goals through social media marketing. A coach checks whether social media activities are in line with clients’ goals.

A social media coach will help clients understand the purpose of marketing. The coach looks at the results and tells clients if the activities are proving beneficial or not. This includes measuring the percentage increase in client engagement. The coach also checks if there is growth in the target audience or not.

An effective social media coach works upon the quality of posts and not quantity. Hence, the major focus of a coach is on posting meaningful and mindful posts.

A social media coach breaks the marketing strategy into steps. This makes it easy for clients in implementing them. It helps clients in moving forward and keeping on track.

The role of a social media coach is to make social media efficient. He or she streamlines all the activities. The coach prepares the content plan. There are a lot of tools and services available online. A coach teaches the client which one is helpful for the client’s business. Clients must know where the target audience is. Thus, the coach helps in figuring out that.

Another point is that a social media coach provides regular training. He or she knows different ways of utilizing social media accounts. Also, the coach stays up to date with ongoing trends and changes. Thus, a coach has skill in making adjustments in the existing plan.

A social media coach is a navigator. A coach teaches all the tricks and hacks required for social media marketing. This results in building the right marketing strategy.

Who Are Your Prospective Clients as a Social Media Coach?

A lot of people need social media coaches for brand awareness. There are different types of clients who may need your help. Below are some prospective clients whom you can coach.

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Business owners

In every business, marketing is important. Today competition is increasing and so are the brands. For achieving more customers and revenue they need social media. But business owners do not have time and skills for marketing on social media. It becomes frustrating for them if they do not use the right tools. They may have in-house teams but they are not efficient enough. They need a social media coach that can guide the team. As a coach, you can help them move in the right direction once you know their business well.


Celebrities have to market themselves on every platform. But some are novices and the others want to upgrade their pages. People also judge them through their social media presence. They want to get noticed or create their brand. A social media coach can help them in all the scenarios. As a coach, you can help them in influencing people using various tools. It can be about sharing trending videos or upcoming events. A lot of celebrities want to learn different social media tools. As a coach, you can train them in the process.


The coaches use digital marketing strategies for developing their business. A lot of them do not know how social media works. They may fail in connecting with the clients on these platforms. They do not know which tools can increase their client base. Hence, as a coach, you can guide them in creating and using social media accounts. They may need your help in getting effective results.


A lot of startups want to create brand awareness. They are unknown to people. Their main aim is to increase the reach of the business. For instance, they can use the Facebook page for showcasing their products or services. But a lot of times, they are not skilled in using the platforms. Your social media coaching can show them various opportunities on social media platforms.

Different Types of Social Media Coach

Social media has different platforms and clients can find a coach for every platform. All fall under social media coach. Thus, below are the three categories.

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Instagram Coach

A perfect Instagram post can attract positive responses. It can help in boosting the brand. An Instagram coach can guide clients with a winning Instagram plan. You can understand the client’s business and give them matching strategies. Instagram captions and hashtags make the posts popular.

An Instagram coach knows about all the trending hashtags and captions. Hence, with the coach’s help, one can create relatable posts. Also, every Instagram follower can become a potential customer. Hence, the Instagram coach helps clients in increasing their followers. This includes promoting the Instagram profile and posts.

The coach teaches new tools like the current favorite of all is IGTV. It has helped in increasing the reach of the page. Other tools are sharing stories and creating contests. Thus, a coach tells you ways of using these tools for client engagement.

Facebook Coach

Another type of social media coach is a Facebook coach. You must know all Facebook features. It includes Facebook campaigns and ads. The coach here lets the client explain that posting is not enough. He or she helps in creating Facebook ads. It depends upon the demographics and behavior of people.

A coach teaches his clients about ways of increasing website traffic through Facebook posts. Other areas are increasing the Facebook page likes and followers. Facebook has the provision of creating events. The coach knows ways of marketing events through Facebook. Also, the Facebook coach has skills in preparing webinars or live videos on Facebook. This creates more brand awareness and helps the brand to connect to its audiences.

Influencer Coach

Influencer Coach provides coaching to celebrities, influencers. An influencer coach knows how influencers can connect with their audiences and different brands. An influencer coach can guide influencers on handling social media pages. He also helps in getting more followers for that page. A coach helps influencers and celebrities to create their brand. Also, guides on how to influence their audience through their content.

These are the top social media coaches trending in the social media marketing industry. As a social media coach, you can focus on one of the platforms and make a mark in it.

Qualities of a Social Media Coach

Products and services are growing at a fast pace. Online communities are also increasing very fast. Companies are exploring social media for growing their business. Companies’ brand presence on social media is becoming very important. Hence, an expert social media coach is the need of the hour. As a coach, you can guide your clients towards effective social media marketing practices.

But for using social media strategies one should have good knowledge and expertise. The person requires a grip on analytics. Accumulating data and using it for gaining audiences is the major skill of a social media coach. The coach becomes successful if he or she possesses certain qualities. Some important ones are as follows:

● Have a degree or formal education in communications or marketing

● Must be well versed in different industries

● Know the tools of media and technologies

● Ready to learn and adapt newer methods, ideas or concepts

● Be comfortable working and learning on your own

● Demonstrate good time management skills

Apart from above, there are other qualities that a social media coach should have.


A social media coach works upon a lot of writing work. He or she takes care of dozens of posts each day. Hence, the coach understands the need for each social network platform. This is because each one requires a different style of writing. For instance, Linkedin needs a professional tone. Facebook posts are fun-based. The coach also has SEO copywriting knowledge. The coach with such skills can guide clients in creating effective messages. He or she knows which kind of content attracts the audience. It helps in promoting a positive image for the brand. The coach has different writing skills. He or she can help clients in preparing engaging introductions. The coach can tell clients about effective headline writing.

Expert in research

A social media coach must be aware of changes in the social media or digital world. He or she must know the new measurement tools trending in the market. Also, the coach checks the post of competitors. This way he or she can bring in new ideas. Also, the coach must research in detail about using the hashtags.

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Knowledge about SEO

SEO is a separate department but still influences social media. The coach uses SEO skills for creating social media strategy. It helps in optimizing the content. Also, the coach guides how SEO can attract a larger audience. This skill helps in getting potential customers. SEO can help in promoting blogs on social media and is the best way for increasing web traffic.

Social media expertise

A social media coach should know about social media skills. He or she does proper research and experimentation. The coach should know about content planning. He or she must have skill in engaging an audience through social media posts.

Customer service skills

A lot of customers look for social media as their customer care option. They may have queries about products and services. A social media coach guides business about ways of answering the client’s questions.

Visual Intelligence

On social media both written and visual content is important. The coach knows what kind of images can create an impact. He or she should have a general knowledge of design. This can help marketers in creating appealing graphics. It is for completing the post. Video is also part of this and the coach must have expertise in this area.


A social media coach is flexible. He or she keeps on changing the strategies as per the requirements. A coach adapts new features and tests new ideas. It helps in deciding what will work and whatnot. Also, every business needs new plans. A social media coach should know which plan will be suitable for the business. If the results are not achieved, the coach should be flexible enough to change it.

The above traits are very important to make a mark in social media marketing. As a coach, you can build these traits through self-learning.

Digital Marketing Strategies for Social Media Coach to Get Clients Fast

This is easy for you. It is because you are aware of which platforms are useful for digital marketing. Below are the major marketing strategies that can help in getting clients fast.

SEO on all platforms

The SEO process helps improve the visibility of your website. There are a lot of social media coaches. But people should approach you first. As a coach, you can try increasing your ranking on search engines like Google and Bing. As a coach, your target audience is the ones looking for coaching. Thus, with proper SEO you can achieve more traffic to your website. The other thing you can do is create a website through an expert. This is because web developers are more aware of SEO. They help you in creating engaging websites. Also, you can use your copywriting skills for developing the right content. This will help the search engines to locate your business on Google.

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Email marketing

Trust is an important part of getting clients. As a coach, you can do so by nurturing the relationship with your clients. The strategy which you can apply is effective email marketing. This will help people sign up and read your content. But the crucial thing is creating an email that can grab attention. So, as a coach, create an interesting Email marketing strategy to attract your clients. It also involves sharing newsletters. A newsletter is part of digital marketing but acts as a communication tool for your clients.

Be active on Twitter

Twitter is the place where a lot of talks and discussions happen. If you are active on Twitter then a lot of people will be interested in your coaching business. Share useful information with your audience on Twitter. Once you start conversations, people will start following your tweets. In no time, you may start getting new clients.

Facebook marketing

Fix a like button on your website through the developer. Ask questions on Facebook. Chat with people who are in need. Post blog links on Facebook for driving more web traffic. Make the ‘About Us’ page on your website more creative and interesting. Also, posting videos and creating events are other options. These are useful for getting clients through digital mode.

Other methods are to create guest blogs, connect with well-known bloggers, build connections through Linkedin. All these also help in creating a client base. A lot of coaches create YouTube channels. It is important to create a buzz in the market. As a coach, you can increase your online presence and create your coaching brand image.

How Much Can a Social Media Coach Earn?

A social media coach can make $35,609 yearly. But an expert can earn $110,216 yearly. This is as per the reports given by payscale. The range is wide and you can find your place with the experience.

Social media coaches prefer monthly income. It’s because through that you can build a team. Also, there is consistent, predictable cash flow.

Monthly fees for a social media coach can vary. It depends on what services you are rendering. A lot of social media coaches provide services ranging between $399-$5,000+ per month. The monthly rate can even reach much higher. It depends on your experience level. For example, you may charge high if you are offering agency-level service.

As a coach, you can also have different earnings depending upon the country. In the US, there’s a different outlook. The average salary of a social media coach is around $45K per year. It ranges between from $31,653 to $74,450. But, the US figures also include annual bonuses and profit sharing. This would account for more than $16K in exceptional cases.

Apart from this, a lot of coaches have strategic planning skills. An experienced social media coach can earn an average salary of around $63,294 per year. Those who are top earners can earn around $97K.

As a coach, you can also earn well by putting together several packages. This ranges from basic to full-service. The coach can decide that. Another factor is how well you can sell yourself to your clients. Social media coaches can also charge projectwise. Here you can expect good earnings.

Hence, experience and efforts can affect your earnings.

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Top Online Courses to Be a Social Media Coach

How will you show the first client you are an expert in social media? People may think you are a regular Facebook user. Hence, you can share the courses which you have done. Some of the beneficial courses are:

Social Media Training for Beginners

It is free of cost and is for beginners. You can find it on Constant Contact. It is a video-based social media training. There are blog post references that you can refer to after the training. It teaches you ways of integrating email with social media marketing. You can also learn about Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn.

Social Media Marketing Course by Udemy

It is available at $19.99 approximately. There is lifetime access to this course. It has beginners and advanced levels. You can learn the unique features of different platforms. There are strategy building guidelines that you can apply to your clients.

Hootsuite Academy- Social Media Marketing Training

The duration of the course is six hours. It includes videos and texts. You learn about content marketing and setting goals. Also, there are modules on social media advertising. The course is free but for the certification exam, there is a fee.

Check out a few of the above courses and become an expert social media coach. It is a trending career that may never lack demand. The earnings are high if you follow proper techniques.

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