How to Be a Successful Instagram Coach in 2021?

Instagram coaches are experts who help businesses across different industries for marketing their products and services. Social media is a very important tool for business promotion and Instagram is one of them.

How can one use Instagram for scaling their business?

How should they create an effective Instagram profile?

Who can help businesses in understanding the strategies of using Instagram?

An expert, right? So, the Instagram coach is an expert who can guide anyone for being successful on Instagram.

Are you thinking, how you can be one?

Are you a passionate digital marketing professional?

Are you an Instagram influencer?

Do you know all the tips and tricks for being successful on Instagram?

Do you keep yourself updated with all the new strategies of Instagram?

Have you helped people with a page set up on Instagram?

Yes? Then you can be a successful Instagram coach.

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Who Is an Instagram Coach?

An Instagram coach is an expert who guides clients for achieving skyrocketing growth on Instagram.

The coach works upon:

  • New ideas on getting likes or followers
  • Plans the strategies for creating new posts
  • Works on effective content for increasing engagement
  • Tracks and analyses the progress of clients
  • Guides clients for using the Instagram tools in the right manner

An Instagram coach makes clients aware of the objectives of Instagram promotion. The coach can study the outcome of a post and profile reach. He or she knows how the first-timers can grow their business through it.

A lot of businesses do not get results while doing it on their own. They can take help from an Instagram coach. The coach gives coaching training in areas that need improvement. A coach can guide on how one can comment or use hashtags. He can analyze clients’ reach and guide in increasing engagement.

An Instagram coaching business involves guiding clients with techniques and tools of Instagram. A coach is updated with new tools and can teach his clients strategies for Instagram growth.

A coach helps clients in creating an attractive presence on Instagram. Clients get an idea of how they can post the best photos matching their brand, how they can engage with an online audience. This helps them boost their profile on social media.

The coach tells clients what people expect from their page. Your clients should know how an Instagram post is doing. It is helping or hurting their business or image. A coach keeps a check of the client’s image and works for improving it.

An Instagram coach supports clients in building the right marketing strategies. This is because a coach knows ongoing trends and tools on Instagram. Hence, an expert can guide clients in marketing their products and services.

As an expert, your coaching training can let clients figure out what can work for them and what cannot.

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Who Are Your Prospective Clients as an Instagram Coach?

A lot of businesses need an Instagram coach for brand awareness. There are different groups of people or clients who may need your help. You may find how a lot of brands or companies fail in Instagram marketing. As a coach, you can guide them with the right coaching tools for promoting their business.

Let’s see who can be your prospective clients-


Companies who are new in the market look for business promotion ideas. Their brand is unknown and so is their image. They should build an online presence. Instagram helps advertise startups. But companies do not know where they should start.

As an Instagram coach, you can provide the right coaching tools that can guide them to be successful online. You can show them what will work at the initial stage and how they can grow.


You must have seen how celebrities handle their social media pages. It is either about their personal or professional life. They may not always do it right. Also, it may affect their image if things go wrong. Hence, they need guidance for upgrading their Instagram page. For instance, today Instagram has started with the Reel tool. But a celebrity will not know what should be shared through it. Thus, an Instagram coach can give suggestions on how the tool works.

Celebrities indeed influence people. A coach along with the team of a celebrity can work on creating good content. This way the page gets effective followers. Celebrities get a lot of fans’ comments. How should they deal with it? As a coach, you can guide them on what kind of replies they can give on Instagram comments.

Business manufactures and suppliers

Do manufacturers and suppliers have time for managing the Instagram profile? Do they have skills for posting valuable content? Not much. They need training in finding techniques for putting creative posts on Instagram. For example, a business owner runs a boutique. He or she may need guidance in displaying the designs on Instagram.

How should they take videos of their dresses? What information should they share about their designs?

Should they go for paid ad campaigns on Instagram? For all such queries, an Instagram coach is required. As a coach, your coaching tools can help them in meeting the competition in the market. They can get more clients and increase revenue. Your coaching can help them move in the right direction.


They are novices in managing Instagram profiles. They are not aware of using the right hashtags. Also, they need guidance on using filters and the right timing of the posts. What should they highlight on Instagram stories? How can they organize the stories? As an Instagram coach, you are an expert and teach them all these skills. You can help them in creating relatable posts. Tell them what IGTV, stories, and highlighting posts are.


Coaches also use Instagram for developing their business. A life coach may not know how an Instagram page works. How should they connect with their clients on Instagram? What are the tools which can work for them? What new things they should do in getting more clients? Hence, as an Instagram coach, you can guide your fellow coaches and make them understand the techniques of Instagram.


NGOs need followers who can help in volunteering or donation work. The Instagram page is a great way of showcasing what an NGO does. But for better impact, they need help from an Instagram coach. As a coach, you can help them in their promotional activities.

Multinational companies

Most of the multinational companies need experts for their digital marketing division. As an Instagram coach, you can be part of the digital marketing team of MNCs. As a coach, your expertise and knowledge can guide the team in the right direction and help them achieve company goals.

In today’s digital world prospective clients list doesn’t end here. As an Instagram coach, you have ample opportunities for gaining clients.

Gaining a deep understanding the problems that customers face is how you build products that provide value and grow. It all starts with a conversation. You have to let go of your assumptions so you can listen with an open mind and understand what’s actually important to them. That way you can build something that makes their life better. Something they actually want to buy.
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How Can You Guide Your Clients as an Instagram Coach?

Today, people use blogs, newsletters, websites, and social media for growing their business. Instagram is the most important platform which can help them a lot. As a coach, you can share great Instagram marketing strategies with your clients.

How can your client benefit?

Here are the major ones.

Guide your clients in converting followers to customers

As a coach, you can help your clients convert followers to customers. How? By sharing information, benefits of products and services of the brand. Guide your clients in connecting with followers. This will help them convert the followers as their customers.

Teach your clients in creating attractive and engaging posts. Assist them in using right hashtags that can attract more followers for their page.

Help clients in understanding engagement analytics

Have you seen how people fail in getting followers or likes? Their page becomes a flop as they post content which no one needs. As a coach, you can guide your clients in checking and understanding engagement analytics. This tells a lot about what kind of post people follow. Their number of comments and likes shows the success of the post.

Guide your clients for using Instagram hashtags in the best possible way

As an Instagram coach, guide your clients in using relevant hashtags. The benefit of these hashtags is they match with the type of viewer your client focuses on. Teach your clients how they can research hashtags. This is because your client may use too many unwanted hashtags. Train them in adding the right ones. It helps in increasing the reach of the page.

Provide training on direct messaging

As a coach, you can teach your clients new tactics like using direct messaging. How can your client share coupon code or gifts with new followers? Direct messaging is a tool. A coach teaches ways of giving personal touch in the direct message. They teach clients how one can engage with loyal followers. This proves useful in building brand loyalty.

Help in using other features of Instagram

IG stories are a useful feature for sharing client feedback. A coach helps businesses in using the tools. This helps businesses in getting potential clients. Also, it requires skills for creating these stories which a coach has.

Guide on optimizing bio

A lot of people do not know how bio space on Instagram works. This can be explained by you as an Instagram coach. You can ask your clients for sharing their job profiles in bio. Also, for better promotion, you can ask them for adding a website link in the bio. This will help in generating traffic for their website.

Build interest among followers

As a coach, you can guide clients on doing a mental checklist before posting. This way they will get answers to various questions. For example, how can posts add value to an audience’s life? Will the audience care about the post? How will they react? Hence, coaches make clients aware of these questions. It is beneficial in creating interesting posts.

As an Instagram coach, you can help your clients achieve skyrocketing growth on Instagram. This will help them grow brand reach and expand their business.

How Much Can You Earn as an Instagram Coach?

An Instagram coach can make around $35,000 yearly. But with coaching certifications and expertise, one can earn more than $100,000. There is a great possibility of earning high.

You can earn a good monthly income if you work in MNCs as an expert. MNC’s experience will also help in building your coaching business. The cash flow is consistent and this will help you grow consistently.

As a coach, your income will vary. The factors that can affect your earnings are your skills and types of clients. For example, if you are coaching corporates, your fees will be high. But if there is a startup company the fees cannot be much.

As a coach, your earnings will increase with your experience. An experienced Instagram coach can earn around $63,294 per year. Those who have a good number of clients can earn around $97000 per year.

Your earnings can improve if you put together several coaching products. This can involve basic and premium membership packages. You can also add e-books or webinars for increasing the earnings.

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Best Social Media Marketing Courses for Becoming an Instagram Coach

You don’t need a professional course or certification for starting your career as an Instagram coach. However, doing a course can help you understand Instagram coaching business better. A lot of people may take you as a regular Instagram user. But with your coaching certifications, people will take an interest in your strategies. For this, you can even choose a lot of free online courses. These courses can provide you the secret of the coaching business.

Here are the ones which can help you in getting success.

Fundamentals of digital marketing

Fundamentals of digital marketing course is available for free on Google Digital Garage. It provides you with SEO knowledge and a digital certificate. There are courses for social media marketing, SEO, mobile marketing, and Web optimization. You can share the certificate on LinkedIn so that people can know your achievements.

Understanding the basics of digital advertising

It is a free course offered by Hubspot Academy. You can opt for single-topic courses or full-length courses. There is a certificate given once you complete the full-length courses. Through this course, you can guide your clients about advertising on Instagram. They can know about ways of creating stunning advertising videos. You can take the course anytime when you are free. It shares the technique of using ads and getting results.

Social media marketing

The social media marketing course by Udemy is priced at around $19.99. But the best part is you can avail the course for a lifetime. It has both beginners as well as advanced levels. It shares with you about how one can use unique features of Instagram. The content of the course keeps updating. Hence, you can learn about new trends whenever you start the course.

Social media marketing course by Hootsuite Academy

You can enroll in this course for free. Here you can get training at the beginner level. You can create a full social media strategy after doing this course. The duration of the course is six hours. The course helps you in brushing up your skills and learning new options.

Social media 101 Training

Boot Camp Digital offers this course at a price of around $97. Also, this course has a duration of six hours. You can get hands-on digital marketing basics through video tutorials. The good thing is you get a digital tool course as a bonus with this course. A lot of industries prefer in buying this course. An individual can also achieve great learning through it.

Check out the above courses and see which one fits your requirements. Hope the above courses help you gain knowledge and expertise for Instagram coaching.

Skills Required for Becoming an Instagram Coach

The role of an Instagram coach is for garnering new traffic for clients. As a coach, you should have skills in generating leads or improving sales for the business. As a coach, you must know ways of preparing the right coaching business plan for being successful.

Instagram serves as an important platform for creating impact. Among all social media channels, it develops good customer engagement. As an Instagram coach, train your clients in building a successful strategy. This is one of the major qualities of a successful coach. As a coach, develop creative ideas that can work for your clients.

Below are some of the skills of an Instagram coach which you must develop for being successful.

Storytelling skills

As an Instagram coach, you must have ideas that are centered on storytelling. Storytelling works from a business perspective and creates a connection for brands. Telling an interesting story is a great way for creating an emotional connection. Customers can relate with concepts and connect well.

Hashtag knowledge

As a coach, you should be good at doing hashtag research which can benefit your clients. Right hashtag usage is the best way for growing on Instagram. As a coach, you must know which hashtags can give results. You must use them for connecting with the right people. It helps in increasing the post reach.

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Creative skills

As a coach, be creative as that will help you make your clients creative in designing posts, content, videos. Instagram gives instant opportunities for engaging with the community at large. As a coach, help your clients in engaging with followers by publishing photos and videos of the products on Instagram. As a coach, you should know what can create good connections. This also requires skills of expressing through creativity.

Constructive mindset

As a coach, acknowledge the hard work of your clients and give constructive feedback on any failure. Give useful feedback and insights to your clients that can motivate them in improving their Insta game. Also, tell your clients what went wrong and how they can improve.

Track competition

A coach has the quality of keeping an eye on the competitors. Coach shows how one can learn from other brands or profile pages. One must follow activities and see how competitors interact with their community. What content do they post? When? How often? How do they engage with their followers? Do they have an Instagram contest running? How do the common interests conflict? The coach can answer all these queries. So as a coach, you can build a definite strategy for your clients keeping all the above points in mind.

Technical skills

The digital industry keeps on changing. Hence one should constantly develop their technical skills. As a coach, be familiar with the most commonly used software and tools.

As a coach, be a tech-savvy person. Instagram is a technology-driven platform. Thus as a coach, you should have a decent grip on the technology. Also, with that, you should learn new tools with speed and ease.

Videography skills

Instagram coaches should not know everything about video production. But they should know how a quick intro video can be created. It helps in boosting the page. People trust the brand more. As a coach, you should know what kind of video can create impact.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is essential for all levels of digital marketing. Anyone coaching for Instagram must have at least a basic idea of it. Using it you can guide the clients about page optimization.

Content marketing

Content is the core of marketing on Instagram. It is a crucial part of the game. As a coach, you should understand how high-quality content can be created. You should know how audiences will engage with the video or image.

Data analytics knowledge

Data analytics is always important for building the right Instagram page. Monitoring and reporting the data are simple for understanding. The only tricky part is how one can gather and use that information for learning more about followers. Why do they like a post? What kind of post do they like? How do they react to a post? How many comments is the post getting? As a coach, you need to understand and analyze the data for boosting traffic and conversions.

Hope the above points can help you in becoming an expert Instagram coach. All you need is connecting with the right people and using your skills.

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