7 Best Coaching Books All New Coaches Should Read

7 Best Coaching Books All New Coaches Should Read successful people habits

Well, to begin with, a coach needs a source of inspiration and direction. He/She could be at the beginning of their journey or might have reached a point of saturation. There are questions that need answering and the mind needs guidance, along with clarity. Life coaching books help you get there. Coaches generally have a … Read more

What is Laissez-Faire Leadership?

What is Laissez-Faire Leadership? successful people habits

Laissez-Faire leadership is a leadership style in which leaders remain hands-off and delegate decision-making to group members. Laissez-Faire literally means ‘leave it alone’ or ‘let it be’(translated from French). Much like its translation, this leadership style prioritizes trust as a foundational factor in building a good team. In practice, this implies that leaders entrust their … Read more