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10 Powerful Couples Therapy Exercises

Many couples find themselves in therapy at some point in their relationship. Often, it is because they are struggling to communicate effectively. Couples therapy can help to improve communication by providing a safe space for both partners to express themselves without fear of judgment. In therapy, couples can learn new ways to express their needs and wants, and they can learn how to resolve conflict healthily.

10 Powerful Couples Therapy Exercises Couples Therapy Exercises

Often, simply having objective third-party mediate conversations can make a huge difference in the quality of a relationship. 

Importance of Couples Therapy Exercises

Couples therapy exercises can be incredibly helpful for couples who are struggling with communication or other issues. One of the benefits of these exercises is that they can provide a structured way for couples to communicate about difficult topics. In addition, therapy exercises can help couples to learn new skills, such as active listening and conflict resolution. Furthermore, therapy exercises can also help to build trust and intimacy within a relationship. 

While some couples may feel apprehensive about participating in therapy exercises, it is important to remember that these exercises are designed to help improve relationships.

10 Couples Therapy Exercises

One of the most important things that couples can do to improve their relationship is to participate in therapy exercises together. These exercises can help couples to better communication and conflict resolution skills, as well as to build trust and intimacy. While there are many different therapy exercises that couples can do, some of the most popular include role-playing, journaling, and breathing exercises. 

No matter what type of exercise couples choose to do, the important thing is that they are committed to working together to improve their relationship. With a little effort, couples can use therapy exercises to overcome even the most difficult challenges in their relationship.

Reflective Listening

One way to improve communication in a relationship is to practice reflective listening. This involves really listening to what your partner is saying and then responding in a way that shows that you understand. It can be tempting to try to fix the problem or offer advice, but sometimes just being there to listen is all that’s needed. 

If you’re not sure what your partner is saying, it’s ok to ask questions for clarification. The important thing is to be present and engaged in the conversation. Couples who make a habit of reflective listening often find that their relationships improve as a result.

Narrative Therapy

As a couples therapist, I often assign couples exercises to help them explore their relationship and work on improving communication. One of my favorite exercises is narrative therapy. This exercise involves each partner taking turns telling a story about their relationship from their point of view. It can be a story about a happy memory, a tough moment, or anything in between. 

The important thing is that the story is told honestly and with as much detail as possible. This exercise can help couples to understand each other’s perspectives and to build empathy for one another. It can also be a fun way to reminisce about the good times and to laugh together.

The Gottman Method

The Gottman Method is a research-based approach to couple’s therapy that is highly effective. The method is based on the work of Dr. John Gottman, who has studied couples for over four decades. The Gottman Method focuses on building trust and intimacy, managing conflict, and strengthening the relationship. Couples who participate in therapy using the Gottman Method report feeling more satisfied with their relationship and more confident in their ability to manage conflict. 

If you are considering therapy for your relationship, consider finding a therapist who specializes in the Gottman Method. You and your partner will likely find that it is a valuable investment in your relationship.

Imago Relationship Therapy

Imago Relationship Therapy is a type of couples therapy that emphasizes the importance of communication and understanding in a relationship. The therapy was created by Dr. Harville Hendrix, and it is based on the idea that we are attracted to our partners because they have the qualities that we are looking for. However, over time, these qualities can become irritating, and we can start to take our partners for granted. Imago Relationship Therapy helps couples to understand these patterns and to learn how to communicate more effectively. 

The therapy includes exercises such as “mirroring,” in which couples take turns reflecting on what their partner has said, and “validation,” in which couples affirm their partner’s feelings. These exercises can help couples to improve their communication and understanding, and ultimately, strengthen their relationship.

Solution Focused Therapy

Solution-focused therapy is a type of cognitive behavioral therapy that is focused on helping couples identify and achieve their goals. The therapist will work with the couple to identify areas of disagreement and then help them find ways to resolve these issues. Solution-focused therapy is based on the premise that most couples have the ability to resolve their own problems if they are given the right tools. 

One of the key goals of solution-focused therapy is to help couples develop communication and problem-solving skills. This type of therapy can be very beneficial for couples who are struggling with communication or who have difficulty resolving conflict. If you are interested in trying solution-focused therapy, talk to your therapist about whether it might be a good fit for you.

Eye Gazing

For couples who are looking to improve communication and intimacy, eye gazing can be a helpful exercise. The exercise is simple: both partners sit facing each other and look into each other’s eyes for a set period, without speaking. The key is to maintain eye contact the entire time, even if it feels awkward or uncomfortable. 

This can be difficult at first, but with practice, it can help couples to develop a deeper connection. By looking into each other’s eyes, they are able to see each other in a new way and share unspoken thoughts and feelings. As a result, eye gazing can help couples to create a stronger bond and to better understand each other’s needs.

The Trust Fall

The trust fall is a classic couples therapy exercise that can help to build trust and communication in a relationship. The exercise is simple: one partner falls back into the arms of the other, blindly trusting that their partner will catch them. This can be a very powerful exercise For many couples, as it requires a great deal of vulnerability and faith. However, it can also be a fun way to build intimacy and connection. In order to make the most of this exercise, it is important to set clear boundaries and intentions beforehand. Both partners should feel comfortable with the level of trust being established. The trust fall can be an excellent way to build trust in a relationship, provided that it is done with care and mutual respect.


One popular exercise used in couples therapy is the icebreaker. This exercise is designed to help partners get to know each other better and to start the communication process. To begin, each partner takes turns sharing something about themselves that the other person may not know. This can be anything from a childhood memory to a favorite food. The important thing is that it is something personal that will help the other person to understand them better. 

Once both partners have had a chance to share, the therapist will encourage them to discuss what they have learned about each other. This exercise can be used at the beginning of therapy to help couples get started on the path to communication and understanding.

The 5 Love Languages

In order to have a healthy and successful relationship, couples need to be able to effectively communicate with one another. However, this can be difficult to do if you and your partner have different “love languages.” The 5 Love Languages is a popular couples therapy exercise that can help you to better understand how your partner expresses and experiences love. 

The 5 Love Languages are: 

  • Words of Affirmation 
  • Quality Time 
  • Receiving Gifts 
  • Acts of Service
  • Physical Touch 

By taking the time to learn your partner’s love language, you can dramatically improve the quality of your relationship.

Express Appreciation

One way to build a healthy relationship is to express appreciation for your partner. In this exercise, couples will take turns expressing appreciation for one another. Each person will start by saying something they appreciate about their partner, followed by a specific example. For instance, you might say, “I appreciate that you’re a great listener. I really felt heard when we talked about my day.” 

This exercise can help couples to feel closer to one another and build a foundation of trust and respect. It can also be a way to learn more about your partner’s needs and what makes them feel loved and valued. Couples who regularly express appreciation for one another tend to have happier, more lasting relationships.


Couple therapy is an extremely intricate topic, especially for those who have been in the industry for many years like us! I hope you found this couples therapy exercise list useful in your research and that you can use some of these questions in your own life! 

If you’re looking for couples therapy exercises, look no further. These ten exercises are a great place to start and should help get your relationship back on track. Give them a try!

Frequently asked questions

What is couples therapy?

Couples therapy is a type of psychotherapy that is designed to help couples improve their relationship. The therapist works with the couple to identify and address the issues that are causing difficulty in the relationship. Couples therapy can be used to address a wide range of issues, such as communication problems, conflict resolution, infidelity, and financial stress. The therapist will work with the couple to help them develop new skills and ways of communicating that can improve their relationship. 

What are the benefits of couples therapy? What are the benefits of couples therapy?

Couples therapy can provide a safe and supportive space for couples to explore the challenges in their relationship. Through therapy, couples can learn new ways of communicating and resolving conflict. In addition, therapy can help couples to understand and accept each other’s differences. In some cases, therapy can also help couples to identify and address underlying issues, such as trust or intimacy issues. Ultimately, couples therapy can help to strengthen the bonds between partners and improve the overall quality of the relationship.

What are some of the most common couples therapy issues?

Trust issues are often at the root of problems in romantic relationships. When one partner feels like they can’t trust their partner, it can lead to feelings of insecurity, jealousy, and even anger. If left unresolved, trust issues can threaten the very foundation of a relationship. However, couples therapy can help partners to rebuild trust by communicating openly and honestly about their feelings. Infidelity is another common issue that brings couples into therapy. While it’s not always possible to repair the damage caused by infidelity, couples therapy can help partners to forgive and move on. Therapy can also help couples to communicate more effectively, constructively resolve conflict, and develop a deeper level of intimacy. 

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