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Coaching CRM:

Are you a coach seeking help in managing your coaching business and keeping track of client data? is an industry-leading CRM that provides all the tools you need to easily manage workflows.This article will be quite helpful for you if you want to learn more about this helpful CRM!

Coaching CRM:

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What is (previously known as CoachLogix) is an online platform founded by Alex Pascal that helps organizations create and manage a coaching culture. is revolutionizing the way organizations cultivate a supportive coaching culture. is transforming how coaches and employees work together by providing comprehensive, effective software tools to streamline collaboration. offers an array of modules to easily track progress, measure performance and ensure the successful implementation of key coaching programs. With robust tracking and reporting capabilities, users get a better overall view of their program’s success in real-time. 

An exceptional feature of is its emphasis on scalability, ensuring a smooth transition whether you are growing or downsizing. This makes it a great choice for any organization looking to foster an engaged, productive learning environment. is the go-to Coaching CRM (Customer Relation Management) for organizations looking to take their coaching initiatives to the next level. offers a comprehensive set of features and resources, including an intuitive system design, management tools for coaches and employees, tailored assessment methods to measure success, and access to a team of seasoned professionals who can provide guidance during implementation. 

With on your side, you will have everything needed for more effective long-term coaching strategies!

How works allows users to access interactive video-based lessons, assessments and tracking tools that make every training session feel more like a one-on-one conversation than a slideshow. 

By providing measured feedback and clearly defined goals, it helps employees reach their maximum potential without having to pursue expensive traditional certifications. 

It’s not just an efficient way to coach either; data collected from the process show that employee morale is improving along with competency levels! With easily scalable content, makes creating a positive workplace culture easy, efficient, measurable and cost-effective.

Through, users can: 

  • Measure engagement levels with real-time data analysis
  • Create targeted courses tailored to specific audiences by unlocking rapid-paced microlearning
  • facilitate virtual coaching sessions to help bridge the gap between personalized development plans and remote working scenarios
  • Analyze digital skills gaps with gamified assessments
  • Automate onboarding workflows with automated online learning paths; and much more! 

With its powerful digital capabilities, provides organizations with the agility they need to stay competitive. 

Key features gives coaches the tools to succeed! With features like Customized Coaching Platform, Communication Tools and Goal Setting, you’ll be able to reach new heights in no time.

Customized Coaching Platform’s comprehensive platform is a game-changer for coaches, equipping them with all the essential tools necessary to provide unparalleled services. 

From custom dashboard designs and performance tracking capabilities to easy client profile access and appointment scheduling – helps optimize coaching results so that clients get the best experience possible.

Communication Tools 

With, coaches can effortlessly stay in touch with their clients by making use of its practical communication tools. These include an internal messaging system that allows real-time engagement between the coach and client; automated emailing for scheduled check-ins at a predetermined interval and integrated video conferencing capabilities to maximize visual contact across long distances.

Data and Analytics helps coaches to look over and track their client’s growth. With the help of automated reports, graphs and charts, coaches gain valuable insight into their clients’ progress enabling them to fine-tune coaching strategies for maximum effect.

Goal Setting

With the help of automated reports, graphs and charts, coaches gain valuable insight into their clients’ progress enabling them to fine-tune coaching strategies for maximum effect.

To discover ways to bring your clients’ vision to reality, check out my blog about helping clients set up attainable goals

Ease of Use is intended to be simple to use and navigate. Coaches can set up their accounts quickly and easily, manage their clients, and access data and analytics. This allows coaches to concentrate on providing the best service possible to their clients.

Well, this isn’t it. Coaching CRM offers a lot of other benefits for coaches. Check out this video to explore more benefits of coaching CRM!

cost provides users with an array of plan options, from the cost-friendly Free package to the comprehensive Pro subscription. Whichever option you choose, has your back for anything coaching and training related!

  • Free: $0
  • Standard: $49 per month (2 months free on annual billing, $490 per year)
  • Pro: $99 per month (2 months free on annual billing, $990 per year)

Note: Business and individual users will enjoy exclusive benefits such as special pricing discounts!

pros offers many advantages to coaches looking to streamline their business. By using this platform, you can enjoy increased efficiency and productivity while taking your coaching operations to the next level!

Seamless Onboarding

With, onboarding coaches is an effortless process! Streamline paperwork and forms with automation in just a few clicks. Ensure fast yet secure document completion to help your coaching staff get ready for their next big challenge.

Client Scheduling offers an effortless way for coaches to arrange and keep track of their client meetings. With its comprehensive and user-friendly scheduling tool, it’s easier than ever for coaches to ensure that nothing slips through the cracks.

Secure File Sharing

With, coaches can effortlessly share important documents with confidence and security. Say goodbye to cumbersome file transfers and hello to effortless collaboration!

Automated Payment Processing

With, coaches can offer their clients an effortless payment option – giving you the convenience of automated processing and taking away any stress!

Reporting & Analytics provides powerful performance-tracking tools that allow coaches to gain valuable insight into their client’s progress and accurately measure results. Utilizing these analytics, coaches can ensure each individual is getting the most out of their coaching experience.


While provides many great benefits for coaches, there are drawbacks that should be considered.

Limited Platform offers cloud-based coaching, with the convenience of accessibility on any device. However, if coaches need specialized features to take their business further – such as custom analytics or detailed reporting capabilities – you may need an additional platform to make that happen.

Limited Support

With, you may find yourself in a lurch if you run into any hiccups – customer support is limited and navigating it can be tricky.

Complex Setup 

With, users have access to an expansive and powerful platform. However, the set-up process can be a challenge for those just starting out – but with some practice, anyone can become an expert!


To sum it up, is a well-rounded coaching CRM that can be relied upon to help coaches stay organized while continuing to build meaningful relationships with their athletes. The personal profile feature is extremely helpful and allows users to store all of the relevant player details in one place. 

Plus, coach schedules are available for those who don’t want or need a full-service CRM package but still crave the convenience of automated appointment booking. 

Did this article pique your interest? Or did it miss anything? Share your thoughts in the comments and let me know what you think was done well, or if there’s anything else I should’ve included. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is used for? is revolutionizing the corporate coaching world, making it easy for organizations to cultivate a supportive and effective culture. By providing comprehensive software tools that streamline collaboration between coaches and employees, they are transforming how businesses foster growth and development within their teams. With leading the way, companies can now become workplaces of opportunity where everyone thrives!

Is free?

Yes, provides a free plan for its users. However, other plans are also available such as the standard plan and pro plan which costs you subscription money. 

Who is best for? is a great resource for anyone in the field of coaching, whether it’s life coaches helping clients reach their fullest potential or sports coaches guiding athletes toward victory. 

With innovative tools to help elevate your practice and make you even more successful, can take any coach up another notch!