Top ways to nail your coaching sessions (like never before)!

Top ways to nail your coaching sessions (like never before)! Coaching sessions

Coaching sessions play a major role in any coaching business. If you are unable to connect with the client in the session, then all your efforts will go in vain. It is not that easy to convince your client that he/she can undergo the much-needed transformation through a coaching session which merely lasts for an … Read more

Coaching Model: 3 Models You Must Use For Success

Coaching Model: 3 Models You Must Use For Success Coaching Model

Did you know that coaching first started in the field of sports? Now, it is helping people worldwide, in every area, to realize their potential and achieve their dreams. Today, the business of coaching has expanded. More and more people are hiring coaches to help them grow and fulfill their dreams.

With so many coaches out there, you need one thing to stand out – a sound coaching model.

Being a coach is fulfilling and rewarding, both for you and your client. You can keep your coaching practice relevant by selecting a coaching model that suits their requirements and your niche.

If you are beginning your journey of establishing yourself as a successful coach and looking to develop yourself and refine your skills, then you have come to the right page!

Now, there are many types of coaching models that you can choose. We have put together a small list of the best ones just for you!

Read Coaching Model: 4 Proven Models You Should Know

In our previous conversation, we discussed four coaching models GROW, CLEAR, OSCAR and CIGAR. Here’s a quick summary

Types of coaching models

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Can you be a Life Coach without Certification?

Can you be a Life Coach without Certification? Life coach

Can you be a life coach without certification? Yes, you can! This answer always prompts other questions: When everybody is chasing a coaching degree, why am I even validating the non-learners? Would you choose a doctor without a degree? Then why would you choose a coach without having a certificate in life coaching? Is this … Read more

Cognitive Coaching [The Definitive Guide]

Cognitive Coaching [The Definitive Guide] cognitive coaching

Idea of Metacognition Cognitive Coaching is based on the idea of Metacognition.  Metacognition is a state of mind where you are aware of your own thinking process- fostering independent thinking. Cognitive coaching uses this idea to mold you into becoming flexible, adaptable and confident in problem-solving skills, by asking reflective questions. As well as help … Read more