A Comprehensive Guide to Coaching Values

Coaching values guide the coaching process of every coach. Coaching values help the coaches to connect their actions with their purpose.

In the absence of coaching values, the coaches may feel unhappy and dissatisfied even after performing well.

Coaching values help the coaches to identify the core values of their clients.

Every coach follows some coaching values knowingly or unknowingly. It is important to clearly define the coaching values and use them in the daily coaching process.

Coaching values helps the coach to set priorities and deal with difficult situations in the right manner. Taking complex decisions and traveling on difficult paths becomes easy once a coach chooses to adhere to their coaching values.

Coaching values make an important part of a coaching philosophy. A coaching philosophy in turn helps the coach to distinguish themselves from others.

Do you know what are the different coaching values?

Do you have clearly defined coaching values?

Do you want to know how can coaching values guide your coaching process?

Yes, That’s great!

In this article, we will cover a lot of things around coaching values.

So, let’s start first by understanding the importance of coaching values.

What is the Importance of Coaching Values?

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There are times when our lives go out of control. Situations might take an abrupt turn and demand a lot of patience. We may face stress and difficulties. It is very likely to feel powerless during this time. This is where values are important.

Values help people to connect to what really matters to them. Our values are our anchors. Values help us to not get swayed away by the circumstances by providing a center. Like a compass, our values help us to navigate forward even when the water becomes choppy.

The clarity in coaching values is the first step to help clients who are stuck. Clear coaching values help the coach to assist clients in finding their true purpose.

Coaching values also help the coach to build a strong client-coachee relationship. When the clients can connect to the values of the coach, it bulbs mutual trust. Coaching values show what matters to the coach as a person. Clients are more likely to hire a coach whose coaching values to resonate best with their own values and purpose.

What is a Values-Based Coaching?

Suppose a client comes to you and she says:

“I have set a career goal and it has been 3 years but I‘ve never met it.”

Many clients approach coaches with such frustration. They seem confident in their actions but are unable to find what is going wrong.

Coaches may set the right action plan for their clients and provide full support. Yes. at the last instead of celebrating the achievement what they find is they are figuring out reasons why the strategies didn’t work.

So, what’s missing?

Often the disconnect comes down to our values. Either we don’t follow our values or unknowingly our actions aren’t aligned with our coaching values.

The best coaches are the ones that can connect their clients with their core values. When clients gain clarity and realize their purpose, everything becomes easier. It becomes easy to make result-proof decisions, choose the next steps, and realize sooner when clients are getting off-track.

It is very important to conduct the values clarification early in a coaching partnership. In this way, clients can connect the dots to meet success more clearly. Also, this allows the coach to coach the clients as per the clients’ values.

There are various value-clarification exercises that allow the clients to clarify their values.

Once the clients realize their core values, the coach should encourage the clients to try them.

Values clarification can become a defining factor in the clients’ goal.

Let’s consider the example at the start of the section.

The client who was unable to achieve her career goal may, later on, find that she was behind money and not satisfaction. Through coaching, she can redefine her goals and line it up with her values. As a result, she will land the best job and achieve her goal.

How to Define Your Coaching Values?

Values are the link between our purpose and our actions. Our purpose guides our values and our values guide our actions.

Knowingly or unknowingly all of us follow a certain set of values.

A coach already has a set of coaching values while coaching clients. It may happen that the coach has not clearly defined the values.

For instance,

Maintaining confidentiality while dealing with the personal lives of the clients is a coaching value. A coach may unknowingly follow this value as part of this/her coaching process.

Now the questions arise – “What is the need for clearly defining the coaching values?”

When coaches define their coaching values, they can focus on them better. It becomes easy to ensure that they are following their core coaching values while coaching.

Clearly defined values not only guide the coaching actions but also help the coaches to set priorities. Only when the coaches themselves have their coaching values clearly defined, they can help clients to connect with their own values.

A value-driven approach guides the coaching process. It helps the coach to build a strong coaching philosophy.

You can try the following activities to cleary define your coaching values.

Identify your role model

coaching values
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Do you have any coach or mentor as your role model?

Who is the person that you admire the most?

Did a name just click your mind?

That’s great!

List the qualities that you admire about this person. Pick the top 4-5 qualities that you think are the best. This way you will have 4-5 core values clearly defined for yourself.

What drives you crazy?

What are the things that you don’t like in others or yourself?

What kind of people do you hate the most? People, who are dishonest or ungrateful?

What upsets you the most?

Answering questions like this will help you to identify what aspects do you value the most.

In this way, you would be able to identify your core coaching values.

Recite your values

Recite your coaching values each day. Ask yourself – “How can I execute my coaching values today?”

Each morning, start your day by reminding yourself of your coaching values. Plan your day in accordance with your coaching values. Plan which value will you choose to deal with a specific situation.

For example:

You may have a coaching session scheduled with one of the most difficult clients. Patience might be one of your coaching values that you can decide to focus on while dealing.

Reflect on your values

Reflect whether your values governed your actions. For example, in a moment of conflict did you model love and effort?

What are the Core Coaching Values?

There are some coaching values that are a must for every coach. If you want to excel in your coaching process, ensure that you have the following coaching values.


Empathy is a must in your set of coaching values. A coach that lacks empathy will find it very difficult to connect with clients.

Empathy help coaches to understand the situation of the clients. No doubt that the clients are lacking a solid support system and so they are visiting you. Only when they get a welcoming environment they can open up. Empathy helps to build mutual trust which drives the client-coachee relationship.

An empathetic coach attracts clients who are in need of coaching. Empathy will help you communicate with the clients with the least efforts. It will build an aura around the coach that is comforting for others to be in.


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Do you feel good when others treat you with respect?

Yes, right?

Similarly, clients also feel good when they receive respectful treatment. Your clients may have committed a lot of mistakes in the past. They may even fail to follow your action steps. What should you do in such situations?

Will you shout at them and help them responsible for the failure?

No, you shouldn’t do this.

You might have the right intentions as a coach but the way also needs to be correct. You must take care that you are treating your clients with respect.

Your language and choice of words can have a great impact. Your body language and gestures will be important as well. You should help the clients accountable but take care that you don’t go bossy or rude in the process. Even while giving feedback make sure that you respect the client and don’t hurt their personal values.


Your list of coaching values will be incomplete if you don’t include Trust. Most beautiful client-coachee relationships rest on trust. When your coachee trusts you they will be sure of the coaching process. They will be confident that whatever action steps you are directing are for their betterment.

As a result, they will follow you with the utmost dedication and responsibility. This will bring them closer to their goals and make the coaching process a lot easier.


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Leadership is the value that a coach should always have. Only a good leader can show the right path to the clients. A good leader offers immense support and knows exactly what it takes for the follower to succeed.

Coaches who are solid leaders can guide the clients on the right path. They know the right methods to bring the clients on track if they get lost somewhere. They are completely aware of the strengths and weaknesses of their clients and direct the clients accordingly. Leadership is the coaching value that makes the best coaches.


There are a lot of coaches in the US coaching industry. What makes you different from others?

Do you think that you are creative in your coaching approach?

Will you prefer playing safe or experimenting with new things?

Creativity is a coaching value that helps you to distinguish yourself from other coaches in your niche.

You can be creative in your coaching style, marketing efforts, or coaching philosophy. Keep in mind that to look different you will have to be different. Creativity will give you an edge over others and help you to build a phenomenal coaching business.


Your client and you are a team. The coaching process needs to be teamwork. Teamwork is a coaching value that is a must for every coach.

You will get clients that are difficult to handle. There are clients who would be in their own ride and blame you for the negative outcomes. As a coach, you must build an environment in which the clients realize the importance of teamwork.

Only when your client realizes that both of you make a team, they will feel comfortable. They will be more open to tell you their pain points. In this way, you can provide them with much-needed support. Trust and support build the foundation of teamwork.

Positive Attitude

Coaching is a challenging profession. It is full of uncertainty and unpredictability. You may face financial or personal challenges.

There will be times when you won’t realize why you are not getting clients.

You may be applying the right coaching strategies and marketing methods but may find yourself failing.

Amongst all the coaching values the one which will help you the most is a positive attitude.

A positive attitude helps the coach to see opportunities in all the hurdles. It gives the coach the confidence to rise above obstacles and create new paths.

A positive and pragmatic attitude is also important while dealing with clients. Achieving the coaching goals isn’t easy. Building an action plan has its own challenges. Constant failures of the client can be a cause of concern. All this needs the coach to have a positive mindset to everything around.


Honesty is one of the most valuable coaching values. A coach needs to be honest in their purpose, approach, and methods.

As it is right quoted – What goes around comes around.

If the coach isn’t honest it is rare to get clients who value honesty. As a result, you will get clients that are frustrating.

Honesty may not give immediate results but on a long-term basis, it will surely help the coach to excel.

Hard work

coaching values
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Are you a hardworking coach?

Do you believe that no matter what but hard work pays off?

Is hard work an important component of your work ethics?

Yes, then that’s great!

Many people believe that smart work can replace hard work. That’s not true. Smart work may add to hard work but can never replace it. A hard-working coach who values patience and perseverance is bound to succeed. If you have hard work as one of the coaching values, you are going to go a long way.


Amongst all the coaching values, perseverance is the one which will be your biggest driving force. If you value it no matter what difficulties approach you will overpower all.

Enjoying the moment

Is enjoying the moment a coaching value? Of course, it is!

You must embrace the difficulties, enjoy the journey, and celebrate success. Admiring and enjoying every moment fills one with joy and satisfaction. It helps you to keep yourself rejuvenated and encourage you to proceed forward smoothly.

Other Coaching Values that a Coach Must Have

There are some other coaching values that you can choose from. Have a look at the below list and choose the ones that you can connect with the most.

  • Confidence
  • Compassion
  • Courage
  • Curiosity
  • Excellence
  • Determination
  • Kindness
  • Humour
  • Passion
  • Recognition
  • Self-esteem
  • Strength
  • Tolerance
  • Tradition
  • Unity
  • Respect
  • Productivity
  • Growth
  • Sacrifice
  • Vision
  • Wisdom

How Can a Coach Use Coaching Values as a Compass?

Coaching values help to connect clients with their core values

Anyone will feel satisfied only when they are connected with their core values. Coaching values help the coach to identify the core values of the clients.

A career coach may get a client who has been stagnant for constant years into a job. He may not be satisfied because he didn’t get a chance to move up on the career ladder. The coach identifies that growth is an important value for the client. The coach guides the client to realize that the absence of this value is the root cause of the client’s unhappiness.

The coach builds an action plan to help the client gain new skills. The client specializes in his job, sees great results, and gets promoted.

Similarly, a life coach may get a client who is quite unhappy with her life. The client tells the coach that she works 4-5 months and travels the rest of the months. The coach may soon realize that her client chooses to travel because “freedom” is one of her core values. When she doesn’t travel, she finds herself caged in her personal and professional life. That’s the reason she chooses traveling to become free like a bird.

Coaching values help the coach to feel happy

coaching values
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Just like clients feel happy once they are connected with their core values, coaches do too. If your coaching process is aligned with your coaching values, you will feel satisfied with your work.

For example:

Self-esteem is a very important coaching value. You may choose to turn an offer down which may hurt your self-esteem. Initially, you may think that a good deal was lost but later on you will realize that you chose your self-esteem over profit which matters to you more. This will make you feel very happy.

On the contrary, if you are unclear about your coaching values, you will feel burdened. You may get clients and earn well but there would always be some void. An empty space will always haunt you.

So, it is very important that your actions are aligned with the coaching values that you prioritize the most.

How to Bring Your Coaching Values from Subconscious to a Conscious Level?

You already have certain values that you use in your coaching process. These values are currently residing in your subconscious mind. Now it is time to bring them to your conscious mind.

Follow the below steps for realizing your core caching values in the best way.

Ask yourself – “What is important to me?”

Start by asking yourself what is important for you in the coaching process? Think about what you can compromise on and what is non-negotiable? Your mind may lead to “trust” and yes trust is indeed an important coaching value.

What is important than “Trust”?

You must think a little deeper now. Think for a value that can matter to you more than trust. One of such coaching values can be empathy. Repeat this process, again and again, to find if there is any other coaching value that beats what you selected first. This is how you will ultimately land on your core value. The core value is your VIP value. The value which is greater than any other value.

Select your core 5 coaching values and list them in decreasing order

Select five more values including your most important core value. Arrange them in decreasing order of importance. Now check, amongst these, which all values do you use every day. If you don’t, start doing it from now. Only when you use these values you will feel happy, fulfilled, and at peace.

When you feel unhappy, check whether any of your coaching values are missing

If you feel dejected, unhappy, or unbalanced check if any of your core coaching values are missing. There are chances that the environment around you is causing a disconnectedness with your values. Discover the elements that are causing hurdles and get rid of them.

Often our limiting beliefs are the main reason for preventing us from meeting our values. Limiting beliefs can prevent you to reach your goals. They can become the main cause of an unhealthy mindset. In such a case make sure that you replace your limiting beliefs with empowering beliefs. Never compromise with anything that holds you back from meeting your coaching values.

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